Happy Easter Bun!

I love how it’s B.E.F. to B.E.F. here—looks like the bowl is painted to look like a chick-kons, and the bun is looking directly into the eyes of the bowl. Could this get more ridiculous?

B.E.F. to B.E.F.

Yes. Yes it can.

Unbelievably redonk

Lil’ lionhead "Bunny" (yes, that’s his name) hangin’ on the carpet.



  1. wow.
    just. .. . wow.

    i wanna put it in my pocket and feed it lettuce and carrots an give it all kinds of snorgles. It’s so prosh! Are we sure this lil guy isn’t a plushie?

  2. F-U-Z-Z-Y bunny! Achoo! He’s so key-ooot!!!!
    Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

  3. The floofy-ness presented here is just plain WRONG. Is such downy-softness even accpetable in SOCIETY??!!
    (omg I want one)

  4. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That is one darn fluffy fuzzy bunny-wabbit. Honestly, how can something so fuzzy-wuzzy even be real!?

  5. LY|{3 OMGZ!!1!! BU|\||\|Y R4BB17!!!!

    [like omgz bunny rabbit!]

    happy misconstued but accepted rabbit day ‘rrrbody!

  6. luckybug says:

    I thought the eye on the bowl was the rabbit’s eye. Was quite confused for a few moments.

  7. Nicolletta says:

    Ultra-super fluffy bunneh! I want to kees him!

  8. Tottaly cut! Shoulden’t there be a rule about big eyes and lots of fluff?

  9. He’s like a lil’ lion!

  10. Peg of Tilling says:

    Three days after Easter, the staring contest continues…

  11. O M G. this bunneh is ridiculously cute. this is too much. *poit*

  12. That little bunny is making me misty! I want to kiss him on his little head and feed him munchies. I’d call him Huggle!

  13. aww!! i love the first pic, it looks like his feet are slipping all over the table top!

    happy easter everyone…

  14. =D that made my easter

  15. =D that made my easter

  16. =D that made my easter

  17. [psa]
    Ahem. Of course, you shouldn’t feed chocolate eggs to bunnies–‘specially not the foil bits.

    Just in case anyone was getting any wise ideas from the pic.



  19. [inside the foil wrapper]: This chocolate egg approved by Quality Control Bun #2476.

  20. Blimey, a verry small rabbit.

    — Andy —

  21. R. Moore says:

    Holy sweet mother of rabbits.

    That’s a fuzzy little floppy bunny.

    (reaches to screen to scoop up, hitting glass with fingers repeatedly) Ow.

  22. What does B.E. F. mean??

  23. SeaBreeze says:

    Must SNORGLE with the fluffly cuteness!!!!!!!!! MUST!!!!! =)

  24. SeaBreeze says:

    bonniebanks, BEF = beady eye factor. 8)

  25. Snorgle Pup says:

    Eye didn’t know either…

  26. Snorgle Pup says:

    Hoppy Easter peeps. Snorgle somebunny today.

  27. “yes,” i said after reading the caption above the first picture, “yes it can get more ridiculous. THE DUCKY HAS BEF TOO!!!! zomg no way!! it’s a THREESOME OF BEF. top that Japan! lol Easter is good….

  28. I lurve Him!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. OMFG!! The tiny ears, the tiny feet, the tiny nose, the big dark round eyezzz… OMFG!!!

    (ahem)… I mean… um… Happy Easter!

  30. Neither of my kittehs wore extra-large ears or brought me chocolate. Being top of the food chain, they just.don’t.care about such.

    Hoppy Easter, everyone!

  31. Truly wonderful, CUTE is little lionhead bun bun , the aoft fluff, the big eyes and cute tocks. carrots and lettuce for me if you please, wiggle of the little cute nose of apprication. (sorry spelled the last one wrong)
    Happy Easter Everyone.

  32. That’s NOT real…no it’s not!. Want one anyway. Annnhhhhhhhhhhh

  33. Happy Easter! What a dorable little bunny! It’s a younger whiter version of my vbery own fluffy bunny!

  34. Words…fail…

  35. Stephers says:

    First pic: *flop*
    Second pic: “I’ve regained my composure now” *baby bunny disapproval*

    What breed of rabbit is that with the mega fluffy head?

  36. Martha in Washington says:

    This is INSANE I tell ya INSANE!! The fluffitude on that lil’ rabbit! I really wanna snorgle it and rub it up and down on my cheeks til all the hair (hare) falls off the little guy. Is that wrong?

  37. fluidstatic says:

    ‘My name is Floofy McFlooferton, and I am here to make fluid, who is having a very bad day, giggle like a three-year-old at my proshness.’

    Thank you, O floofy one. <3

  38. Lurker, same thing at my house. The kitties didn’t even get me an Easter basket or nuffin. And there’s no chocolate here either!!! *withdrawals* I would love to snorgle this little floofy bun-i-licious tho.

  39. Polly P says:

    Squeeee at the floof! And also because my lionhead is also called Bunny, although his full name is Captain Bunnypants, and now he’s famous on the interwebs. Yay! ^.^

  40. bunnymom says:

    That’s so adorable! I have a black lionhead bunny – they would be so perfect together! He is about the same size, and quite the gentleman. 😉

  41. what kind of bunny is this?
    its so cute!!

  42. omg… sooo mcshuzzzzymcpachershunish

  43. he looks a little like he lost an argument with a hairdryer 🙂

    He’s anerable!!!


  44. meowprrprr says:



    my jaw dropped and i totally lol-ed.

    ps always a good thing to SLOWLY scroll down this blog…cuz i TOTALLY did not see that one coming.

  45. in the 2nd pic it looks like a pomerian(sp?)

  46. astrogrrrl says:

    if it wasn’t for the second picture, I would’ve been convinced the bunny was a stuffed animal…

  47. LOL

  48. i wonder if being a lionhead bunny if he makes a little “rawl” sound. that would just be too much@@!!!

  49. acelightning says:

    Holy floof, this is even *CUTER* than the pet-shop bunny who just made my brain melt down like a hollow chocolate egg in the sun! Is that much floofyness even *legal*?

    *falls over again*

  50. The Royal Fluffy-ness rules the bunny empire~~~

  51. Please take bunny parenthood seriously- http://www.rabbit.org

  52. ThreeCatNight says:

    That top photo is just too much: those big black eyes and little nose getting ever closer to the tiny chocolate eggs. Arggh!
    *just fell out of chair*
    This morning it’s “Bunneh Overload!”

  53. in a gang of cartoon rabbits, the bottom pic would be the grumpy one. its catchphrase would be “hrrumph”, and it would have a Scottish brogue.

  54. There is no plush rabbit in existence that can truly capture bun-bun disapproval.

  55. Rabbit love bowl.

  56. Okay, can I just say how much I LOVE that there’s someone in addition to me who says “chickens” like “chik-kons”?

  57. Are the insides of his ears…BLUE????


  58. I have that bowl! I love that bowl! I would love it more if I had that toooooo cute bunny, though.

  59. My kitty Belle saw these pictures and she’s been bugging me ever since. Apparently she wants a pet bunny now. I keep reminding her, “the last time we got you a pet bunny, all you did was argue about religion with it until it ran away”. The last bunny we got was named Piere; he was an atheist.

  60. That’s funny Jeff- we just got 2 pet rabbits, and they are kicking our cats butts. I have never seen cats so scared. And we were worried that it would be the other way around!

  61. gigglingpear says:

    Our rabbit was named Bunny too 🙂 That was her name when we adopted her.

  62. Ridiculous. I can’t breathe. Too cute!

  63. ctotheatothet says:

    Bunny! It’s been two days, but I just *can’t* stop looking at you. You rock! Here, have a nose rub: (rubs nose). 😀

  64. Good lord. I can’t stop looking at this bunny!

  65. That’s so nice and very cute

  66. Cp trainer says:

    Thats cute hes the easter bunny