Don’t fergit to send a thank you card

Because your Mom/Sister/Whole Foods worked hard on that quiche. Send a free Passover or Eastah card here


Great idea, Kevin!



  1. Martha in Washington says:

    I’d send a GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO MEG for all her hard work keeping us peeps in squees all year long!
    And Theo too.
    Happy Easter Everyone!!

  2. Why not Happy Passover? This is really cute, honest, but I’m sick of only seeing happy Easter everywhere. Jews deserve cuteness too. =/

  3. DejaMew says:

    Happy Passover, Jill! Enjoy teh Qte!

  4. Cauliflower says:

    That rabbit looks kinda angry…not really cute..Hey Jill…the best day is not Easter, it’s the day after Easter when the candy goes on sale. 🙂

  5. Cauliflower–so true–I just sent the rabbit card to someone and esp up close it looked more as if it was thinking ‘you like a carrot to me, punk!—chomp!’

  6. Thanks for a great site, Meg. Thanks for taking care of us every day of the year.

    No matter which religious holidays we are forgetting.

  7. and Kevin, this IS an awesome idea!!!

  8. Candy is indeed an interfaith matter! TEH YUMMEH.

    =D Happy Passover! And Easter!

  9. Another Angela says:

    hmm, these are cute? or kinda tacky?

  10. Another Angela says:

    Please tell me that is not plastic garbage in the “robin’s nest” photo.

  11. The Bubbeh in WI says:

    Jill, Happy Passover! (and to all y’all, Happy Whichever You Celebrate!) Thanks, Meg, from here too.
    From a Jewish Grandma: too many chocolate bunnies and cream eggs make you feel icky – have a nice bowl Chicken Soup and Matzoh balls and call me in the morning.

  12. Tina Rhea says:

    I sent a bunch of people the bunny nose with the message: “Put your nose against the screen and wiggle it. Now don’t you feel better?”

  13. crazy sheep says:

    Did you know you have Muslim cute fans too? (See, we’re not all terrorists!)

    And we’ll go buy up all the cheapo leftover Easter candy tomorrow as well.

    Interfaith dialog,anyone?

  14. Tina Rhea says:

    Of course Easter candy (and bunnies and eggs and chicks and all that) comes from the goddess Eostre and has nothing to do with Christianity… but say, do you Jews and Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists have any holidays we should know about when chocolate goes on sale the day after…? We atheists could enjoy that kind of interfaith dialog too!

  15. R. Moore says:

    Crazy sheep, I believe it! I have friends who are Jewish, Muslim, Atheists, various pagan religious followers, Catholic, Protestant, etc. etc. And we ALL love cuteness.

    Happy whatever it is you celebrate, everyone!

  16. R. Moore says:

    Also, my family has a bunch of Jehovah’s Witness friends. We’ve started a tradition to have a bunch of them over the day after Thanksgiving for brunch. Their kids don’t feel left out from festivities, we get rid of leftover dessert, and we all have fun.

    And the sales on chocolate after major holidays ROCK.

  17. R. Moore–Does that mean I’m invited next time…? 😉

    Yes, post-holiday chocolate sales ROCK! So do post-Halloween candy corn sales…*drool* 🙂


  18. Happy Easter/ Passover/ Whichever you celebrate, everybody!

    Tina Rhea – I’m raised Hindu and chocolate is bot a big part of our festivities (except Diwali, and everybody just manages to finish it off!) But I’ll keep aside some delicious milk sweets for you at the next fest, since I don’t eat too much of them. 😉

    Crazy Sheep – do you think you could possibly ship some of that candy to India? We don’t get Easter candy here (boo hoo) coz people make traditional dishes instead.

  19. Milk sweets…? Those sound YUMMY! How are they made??


  20. Cuteness transcends all differences; all right-thinking people will agree on this.

    Now, to more important things. Speaking of chocs. Does anyone have a selection of Spring Surprise? D2D?

  21. Naw, I’m avoiding those…bad for the teeth…and gums…and tongue…and throat…and…

    How about some Crunchy Frog instead? *rummages in pockets* I might have some Jelly Babies here, too…


  22. Crunchy Frog??? Anyone else thinking of Chocolate Frogs (Harry Potter)? And now that we’re on that subject……. Jelly Babies remind me of the infamous *drumroll* (announcer voice) Ladies and Gentlemen… you’ve all heard of them, many will have had bad experiences with them. They’re– *trumpet sound* Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans!!!!!!!!! *crowd roaring* wow, what a monday……

  23. I was sending an Easter card to my mom, when my kitty Belle came up to me and said “web cards are no substitute for the real thing”. I replied “maybe you could have told me that last week”. Then she hissed at me.