After a long, tiring Easter Sunday

There is only ONE thing left to do.



Disgusting, Asaciel. Serious. [Asaciel is also responsible for Buns watching TV.]



  1. The other bunny is obviously disapproving.

  2. Poor guy, he’s probably dreaming about hiding Easter eggs.

  3. lol ew

  4. Dustbunny says:

    The bunny obviously doesn’t realize that butt-kissing is a metaphor, not meant to be taken literally.

  5. guineapiggin9 says:

    HAHA!! Talk about kissin butts!!! LOL! LMAO!!! *sloppy kisses*

  6. bunny salad tossing!

  7. I wish my ‘tocks were nearly as cute.
    I wish someone that cute would snorgle my ‘tocks.

    Bunny:Do you do private gigs?

  8. “ummm, no, seriously, your fur does not make your butt look big.”

  9. He does look quite comfy spooning tocks.

  10. He does look quite comfy spooning tocks.

  11. silly willy bunnies =]

  12. Why does this make me think of a Monty Python song…?

    *singing* “Sit on my face and tell me that you love me,
    I’ll sit on your face and tell you I love you, too…”

    *ducks thrown objects and runs away laughing madly*


  13. Ha! How cute is THAT? I totally squeed(sp?). My Parents think I’m nuts They’re like: “What are you doing in there?” LOL. I love CO!

  14. The…fluff….tis fatal.

  15. It could be the other way around, the bushed bunny is being set upon by the other. ‘First to the water sip huh!? First to eat huh!? Yeah first to kiss this plump, furry behind, yah!’

  16. after all of these awesomely adorable bunnies, i’m starting to want one myself!

  17. Awww…. it’s a warm and cozy place! He obviously does not worry about what the other bunnies think. He hasvery healthy self esteem. “C’mere Bugsley, I need a warm place to crash. I am POOPED after delivering all those eggs!”

  18. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “After a long, tiring Easter Sunday”

    Don’t you mean “Easter Bunday”?

  19. SeaBreeze says:

    Easter Bunday! How cute, Fish Eye no Miko! =)

    Hmmm, what if the bunbun on the left backed up to the bunbun on the right, to warm his ‘tocks a wee bit?

  20. AliceTanzer says:


    That is EXACTLY what started playing in my head! I even did a little dance in my seat.

    It might be that The Life of Brian is playing on my TV…but..yeah.

  21. bums are warm

  22. Why is this person obsessed with bunny bums? Should we be worried? Or should we just be glad we get to see the cuteness?

  23. OMG LOL at first I didn’t realise there were TWO bunnies!

    Buntocks! Buntocks!

  24. Disapproving bun:

    “Just what I need. My holiday is nearly over, and I have to end it with a bunny stuck to my ‘tocks. Now all I need is that Asaciel character to come around with a camera…oh, GREAT.”

  25. acelightning says:

    Bunny #1: “Wow, am I exhausted! I didn’t know I *could* hop that much!” (flops down sideways)

    Bunny #2: “Yeah, me too. I’ve just *got* to sit down! – Oops! Sorry, pal!”

    I miss my bunnies…

  26. Paris Hilton says:

    OMGz I did that to Nicole once and she squeezed out a huge wet fart in my face. It smelled like ham hocks and pig’s feet.

    Totally not hot.

  27. Rhi, ya you are right. Kinda most pictures are bunny butts…I’ll better stop doing that…haha…*pondering deeply*

    non bun butts pictures are on my deviant though. LOLz…

  28. I’m a little behind,
    in wishing everybun a Happy Keester.

  29. Rabbits do not need bedding- they can be litter trained –

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Bunnehtocks. Non-toxic

  31. I imagine little cotton-tails make floofie comfy pillows…

  32. katerpie says:

    They still like to burrow, etc, kemfole. My buns like hay for bedding. Imagine, eating your bed! Mmmm!

  33. gwenchocolate says:

    Omg, I didn’t see the second bun at first…I thought it was one huge bun all flopped around at a 90 degree angle…and then I was all: ummm, sure, ok, I’ll snorgle your oddly shaped ‘tocks, you are a bun, afterall. XD

  34. Does anyone have a picture of a 5 wk old bun in the pocket of a jacket? i almost got a bun bun this weekend and i put him in my jacket pocket and he just curled up and sleept it was so cute i wish i coulda gotten a picture of him. If some one has a picture similar of this little bun situation i’d be greatful…

  35. DTD I did not realise that was Monty Python…. Thanks!

    Cozycozybunbun….. shweet!

  36. EliottM says:

    Just to be clear: There are two buntocks in this pic, and both of them are sitting on faces.

  37. Denita & Alice, right on!
    “That’s no ordinary rabbit … “

  38. suda nim says:


    Thank you so bloody much for the earworm. And the visual.

  39. Yeah – but have you seen this bun’s VIDEOS? You haven’t? Here they are:

  40. Chris B. says:

    This must be common in baby bunnies. My seven babies where at our local easter egg hunt on Saturday and were a big hit. After I got them home they all snuggled into a big pile, butts, noses and legs everywhere.

  41. pistache268 says:

    The fur looks so sooft!

  42. Lets hear it for compromising positions! New category?

  43. What a coincidence. My kitty Belle also took a nap on Easter.

  44. We gots our own bunns for Easters- A white one and a dutch one. They are named Nanny Ogg and Roxburry Jack. We keep finding our selves just watching them play with dorky squee looks on our faces. Bunns are very peaceful, and the softest thing I have ever snorgled. Their tails are amazingly cute- I can hardly believe that people could leave these babies at a shelter, they are so prosh…

  45. Shannon Johnson says:

    Well, when you got nothing else to do and you are tired on Easter, might as well, snorgle your ‘ttocks. Hey that’s what i would do if I was a tired little bun-bun. SO CUTE!

  46. darkshines says:

    Nanny Ogg is a fab name for a bun! I got a fake plastic Easter decoration bun (life size), and called it Jefferson. Well, he is a white rabbit 😉 lol!

  47. Thanks Darkshines! We figured what with the disapproval, the tendency to procreate, the redonkulousness and the white hair, Nanny was the perfect name. It’s even funnier when the kids chase her around saying c’mere Gytha!

  48. My cats were laying in this position last night (made me think of this pic.). Apparently cattocks make good pillows too…

  49. Eh, my husband does this to me all the time!

  50. montana gramma says:

    I find this purrfecty normal behavior.I have been a’tocks snorgler for yrs.It started with my husbeenWould those buns lie to us?I,for one,think not!Though I have never used my nose “4” a snorgling tool.Who knows?

  51. Snorgle your ‘tocks! Lol!

  52. pamelya williams says:

    there are days i have felt just like those bunnies!

  53. Cat Feral says:

    *sings* Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me…
    I’ll sit on your face and tell you I love you…!

  54. Forget the face… look at the paws!!!!