Thank the lo’ for foxes.

Espeshe ones that fit in your hat.

And that curl their paws.



Hélène D., Très Bien!



  1. What a beautiful little fox…

  2. that second pic makes him look like an anime character!

  3. Michele says:


  4. I want to pet his paws. So sweet.

  5. He looks kinda worried in the second pic, don’t you think?
    it’s the eyebrows…
    that’s what I love about dogs/dog-relatives/etc… the expressive eyebrows…

  6. How adorable!!! Has anyone heard of the Russian (well, it was the USSR when it started) Tame Fox breeding program? Probably still ongoing, but having funding trouble — there was talk of selling some of them as pets. I want one!!

  7. Courtney says:

    Awww… he looks so sad in that second pic.

    *kisses tips of pointy ears*

  8. I can’t help it. I’m reading the entry in the voice of Steve Martin as one of the Czech brothers from Saturday Night Live.

    Boy, that is one SWINGING FOX!

    (And, he’s so cute I think I might die.)

  9. AuntieMame says:

    Aww. What a sweetie!

    I wonder if they found *him* in a Quizno’s cooler.


  10. geekmidwinter says:

    So prosh! I want to snorgle him right in his face!

  11. Suzanne says:

    Usually I can contain my oohs and aahs internally. Not this time. What an adorable behbeh.

    AuntiMame…they released “Adrian” yesterday in a forest preserve west of Chicago. He’s now roaming what’s left of the Chicago “countryside”.

  12. OMG! He looks like a toy! I want him!

    *squeals delightedly*

    I wanna snorgle those perfect ikkle paws!

  13. sweet_jane_ says:

    I waaaaaaaaaant ooooooooooone!

  14. Do some states actually allow you to keep foxes as pets? WANT ONE.

  15. I’d love to know the story behind this little one’s “adoption”.

    It sure is beautiful!

  16. I lurve foxes. Bebeh or grown up, I think they are absolutely the cutest little things. I used to live over in Wellington County here in Ontario, and one evening while driving home from Guelph on the back roads with a friend, we spied a fox coming up out of the roadside ditch and sauntering towards the woods that were between the boundry lines of two farms. It was just before the county road we had to turn onto and we both squeed and I stopped the car so we could watch the little fellow. He actually stopped, turned around, sat down and looked right back at us.

  17. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :dies:

  18. Right now, early April, baby red North American foxes, (kits, cubs) are being born in their cozy dens. While the babies eyes are still shut, Mama only leaves the den for a drink of water. Dad brings food. The young will go off on their own late this fall/early winter.

    Russia has succesfully domesticated their silver fox. The red fox could be domesticated, but the U.S. has a rabies problem that Russia doesn’t have, and therefore, the U.S. has rabies vaccine laws, and, please correct me if this is old information, but I think there has not been a rabies vaccine approved for foxes (or coyotes, wolves, hybrids, etc.).

    They are beautiful and, while I admire their craftiness, they sure can be naughty sometimes. Kinda admire that too. 😉

  19. sorry if i sound nuffie, but i dont think its in the best interest of any wild animal to be kept as a pet.

    that being said, these bebehs are adorable. the 2nd one kinda looks “baroo?”

  20. Lady Chroe says:

    Has anyone seen that documentary Grizzly Man? If you love foxes, you *must* watch it. The foxes are like his little wild friends… they sleep near him and let him pet them, and at one point they steal his hat and run off… so cute!

    Grizzly Man is somewhat disturbing, though.

    I can’t wait until we can adopt foxes as pets. I lurve them.

  21. Awwwwwwww, what a sweet fox baby!!! Love the second pic.

  22. Rosalynde says:

    So sweet!!! The dark paws are too much. I love the way they ‘mouse’—my kitten actually reminds me of a fox . . .

  23. iwantoneiwantoneiwantoneiwantoneitwantoneitwantoneitwantone! so there. 😉

  24. leprechaun says:

    I needed that this morning. ^___^

  25. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Cute as a kitten, well, not quite, but cute.

    But I hate to be a spoilbrat but I can imagine the fox turning around and BITING YOUR FACE OFF when you try to snorgle him/her as an adult fox.

  26. that fox looks kinda sad!

  27. SeaBreeze says:

    Baroo? So cute! But … sad? Worried? Definitely not real happy looking. Cheer up lil fella!

  28. jen, judging by his size, i am betting that he was abandoned as a kit and is being raised by someone. i don’t think he is a domesticated pet.

  29. OMG foxes! He’s so cute <3

  30. heidilynn says:

    His eyes look blue–how cute!

    Pyrit–your comments on daddy fox bringing food reminds me of the Roald Dahl book “Fantastic Mr Fox”–great kids book!

  31. Man that’s cute. I would love to hear more of the story about this fox! Anybody?

  32. Is the fox older in the second pic? It looks more…foxy. Erm, in the foxlike sense.

  33. ThreeCatNight says:

    A beautiful, sweet little foxy guy. What a face! I think I’m in love!

  34. The Guy Over There says:

    Good god. That fox should hang out with the mouse in the snow. They could share sunflower seeds and destroy us all for being soooo cute together. Destroy us all! Destroy us all! Destroy us all!

  35. Shannon Johnson says:

    He is so cute! I wish I had one, (sob!) Oh well, I can only dream.

  36. he’s cute… LIKE A FOX!

  37. Aarrgg!! TOE PADS!

  38. Dang he’s a cutie pie! I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George…

    As for the fox in Chicago, the funniest thing that struck me was the line: “The officer didn’t have far to go; he was at the Dunkin’ Donuts next door.”

    But the top picture in the article was quite funny as well 😉

  39. chelonianmobile says:



    The first pic is definitely of a younger kit, whether it’s the same one as the second pic or not (is it? I can’t tell). Baby red foxes are born with greyish fur and blue eyes, and turn brown later, then reddish, while their eyes go yellowish. Pretty things, whatever their stage of development.

  40. Lookit the ears and the eyes and the paws and the little wet noses and the whiskers and the fluff and……

    *passes again…AGAIN!!!*

  41. When I was in college, a pair of foxes built their den in the “forest” behind our dormitory. In the spring the kits frolicked around in the mornings, completely oblivious to the herds of groggy college students stumbling off to their 8:00 classes. A few times, they darted right across the sidewalk in front of me.

  42. I heard that Russia had a group of people who have exploited the domestication gene in foxes and are making them very docile. Looking at this picture, I can only say, “OMG! F0X3Z! I want one!”

  43. heidilynn – Roald Dahl and his books are great.

    We were on a narrow gauge train a couple years ago, going slowly through a small town, and there was a fox, sitting right on the tracks, facing the train. It did not move. The conductor stopped the train, blew the whistle at it, then took a cigarette break. The passengers looked at the fox looking back at the people. Ten minutes went by before the fox decided to let the train go on.

  44. Sorry for the double post, but here is the link on DOMESTICATED FOXES! :head asplodes: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/02/0208_050208_foxes.html

  45. YYYESSS! I’ve been waiting for CO to show a red fox!

    Now to wait for a second bat picture.

  46. BunnyAddict says:

    Oh so cute! I wuv the little pawses!

  47. he’s foxy!

  48. with grabby hands: gimmegimmegimme this instant!

  49. Theresa says:

    Why can’t we have a pic of the coyote in the cooler? He was very cute, poor sweetie.

    Someone already did the “swingin’ foxES” joke! But these are adorabulls!

  50. mollx – sorry about the confusion. i was responding to the earlier talk about domesticating foxes, not about the pictures, of which i know no details. (except that they are durn cute!)

  51. Staring closely at this fox
    Do I see a hint of ‘tocks?
    Behind his velvet sox?
    But perhaps he only mocks?

  52. Ok…the top of my head just blew off…what a cutie!! I wish I could have him but he would eat my kitties when he grew up!

  53. OMG. He looks so serious.

  54. Squee! So cute, and such a beautiful animal!

  55. Melissa says:

    I used to have a dog that was half fox (she died two months ago). She was the best dog-fox/pet ever: sweet, gentle, smart, and dare I say it, compassionate. I miss you Cosey!

  56. layla42 says:

    Great. Now I have an earworm. The first thing I thought of was Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady”

    They make wanna get up and SQUEE! So cute!

  57. Elizabeth B. says:

    This is missing an important image. Come on, people, where is the Fox in Socks????!!!!

  58. ZOMG FOX IN SOCKS! IS DR. SUESS, no? I shvant to put little mittens on him!

  59. Fox in sox! Ha Ha-
    Here are the relevant lines:

    Now we come to ticks and tocks, sir.
    Try to say this Mr. Knox, sir….

    Clocks on fox tick.
    Clocks on Knox tock.
    Six sick bricks tick.
    Six sick chicks tock.

    Please, sir. I don’t like this trick, sir.
    My tongue isn’t quick or slick, sir.
    I get all those ticks and clocks, sir,
    mixed up with the chicks and tocks, sir.
    I can’t do it, Mr. Fox, sir.

    I’m so sorry, Mr. Knox, sir.

    I get Chicks and tocks mixed up all the time!

  60. R. Moore says:

    My sister rehabs wildlife at a local center, and they got in an adorable little red fox. Now, this was the European species, and normally they wouldn’t be able to rehab it. But this fox was going to a zoo. So not only did they get to care for it, but rather than keeping it as wild as possible they had to get it used to humans and start it’s training. It was AWESOME.

  61. Christine says:

    You are correct in that there isn’t a rabies vaccine for foxes. They are very cute and we sometimes get to rehab the little ones that are abandoned. But they do not make good pets. Respect nature and release wild animals once they are able to be back in the wild!

  62. omg i want one!!!! this little one is so cute.

  63. Squeedle says:

    @pyrit, thanks for the link! I’ve been looking for that.

    Agreed, it’s fun to imagine and talk about having cute wild animals as pets, but let’s leave it just to talk – wild animals need to stay wild for their own protection and yours.

  64. Ponygirl says:

    You know something is cute when you exclaim “Oh, oh, oh” upon seeing it and need to cover your mouth to keep more from pouring out.

    Well done little foxy, well done.

  65. lauowolf says:

    He’s all, I haven’t done anything.

  66. Christine – I’m no scientist so I don’t understand why the U.S. has no legalized rabies vaccine for wild, or hybrid, canines. Rabies is a problem in Russia too and I don’t know how they vaccinate their domesticated silver foxes for rabies. Makes me wonder if the 2 countries have diffrent rabies laws for the same disease?
    Very best wishes to you with your wildlife rehab work.

    Squeedle – I din’t posty a linky. Maybe Kit did?

    cutebabyfixsixdixiechix –
    Oryx fix? http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/03/knobbular.html


  68. acelightning says:

    Now that’s something you don’t see every day… a fox kit! Cute little thing, though.

  69. AuntieMame says:

    Elbowgeek, that line made me chuckle, too. (BTW, it was a *coyote* at Quizno’s.)

    I saw a bit on the news about it, and they showed the wildlife officer taking the coyote out of the store “kicking and screaming” all the way. He was NOT a happy coyote. =)

    But then they showed him being released again, so it was all good.

  70. Maybe it’s just me, but my WHOLE life, I thought foxes were more like a cross between cats and dogs, rather than just plain ol’ canine… think about it — their babies are called kits, and they do sort of “meow” sometimes… and look at the tummy. My kitties have such tummies!

  71. *squeal*

    it’s a moxie foxie !!!

    too kewt

  72. Yanno, ever since I started visiting this site, I wondered just what a squee sounded like. And now I know.

  73. He will steal your chickens and you will not even mind.

  74. I am of the opinion that foxes are sorely underrepresented within the realm of Cute Overload. They are wonderful because they are equal parts cat and dog. Hooray for foxes!

  75. Elizabeth says:


    And even more squee– fox on a trampoline:

  76. how could people miss the princess di eyes on the second pic? tsk tsk

  77. Miranda says:


    Foxes are so so so cute! they are the reason I fell in love with Corgis, if that makes any sense. 🙂

  78. I swear, with foxes God took the cutest bits of the cat and the cutest bits of the dog and mushed it up into one animal.

  79. I consider this animal abuse- foxes and wolves are NOT PETS! damn cute, though.

  80. Mary Ellen Wood says:

    hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but the foxes in russia were domesticated soley for the fur trade. very interesting experiment, nonetheless. I think I read once that some of the domestic foxes had flopped down ears like dogs? could be wrong. they were saying there is a link to floppy ears and domestication.

  81. M.E.W. – really? that’s so sad. i read a big article about them a few years ago (still have it somewhere) and the fur trade was never mentioned.

    and yes, they think that not only floppy ears, but also fluffy or curly coats, white blazes on the face, and curled up tails all have to do with domestication (in all mammals; dogs, cats, livestock). they know why a wild animal wouldn’t want to have these things survival-wise, but at the time of the article, they still didn’t know *why* physiologically these traits start to occur within just a few generations of tameness. i think it’s one of the most interesting things i’ve ever read.

  82. foxyfurever says:

    omg i luvvvv foxes!!!! And the second pic is sooo cute its not even funny!!!!!!!

  83. foxyfurever says:

    omg i luvvvv foxes!!!! And the second pic is sooo cute its not even funny!!!!!!!

  84. lauowolf says:

    fox on trampoline needs help with his forward roll.
    (cute too)

  85. The silver fox domestication project in Russia was started so that fur farming wouldn’t be as hazardous. They did get the tameness they wanted- but it came along with white blazes, dropped ears, curly tails, etc., which made the animals less standardized in coat and thus unsellable as furs. Apparently, the experiment is now being continued with fox pets in mind.
    Based on this experiement, some scientists speculate that the domestication of the dog probably took a lot less time than was previously hypothesized..

  86. MEW, anner – About the tameness and floppiness connection. Killer whales (orcas) in captivity (Sea World, etc.) do the same thing. The dorsal fin flops over, and never goes back up. But in the wild, the dorsal fin is upright all the time.
    It is interesting.

  87. *POIT*

  88. redbone says:

    Cute little fox! And like so many people said above, I’d love to own one.

    A friend of mine was driving down a two-lane road one night – a road near a state highway, no less – when a red fox walked right out in front of him.

    He managed to stop, then sat for a second, stunned. Then he saw the little kits, about four or five of them, he said, cross the road. Then mama carried on after them and left the road.

    Risky, to say the least, but I’ve heard of foxes trying similar behavior in the past. This is down in Georgia, by the way.

  89. Meckenzie says:

    OMG! so cute!

  90. you must release him into the forest

  91. HEE!! I just made a sound that dogs five counties away could hear! I just LOVE foxes! So smart, so full of mischief, so GORGEOUS…

    We have at least one mated pair of gray foxes that patrol our neighborhood with such regularity, you could almost set your watch by them. I get off my shift at work at 11 p.m, and it takes 30 minutes to get home. If we leave out immediately, it’s a 99% guarantee that I’ll see one of them trotting across same spot in the road, right as we pull into the entrance to our neighborhood.

    Even better, their “patrol” crosses through our yard. There’s even a well-defined path worn into the dirt! They tend to pass by around 9 to 10 in the evening. There have been cases where my son and I were roasting marshmallows at our fire pit and had one of them casually lope by less than 10 feet away from us!


  92. FOXES are the bomb diggity.
    love them
    worship them
    preserve them

  93. This fox is toooo cute!

  94. Those eyes! In the movie, he’d be played by Paul Newman!