Kamo Kitteh

At first you don’t see this kitteh, then it’s POOF—she’s right thar. Someone tell the Army—we have a new kamo kitteh weapon…


Orora fostered “Coco Chanel” (mama) and “Stila” for the summer. Ahngghn.



  1. *pets*

  2. Calliel says:

    Too cuuuute, they have the same little nose spot 😀

  3. rpennefe says:

    I’m in love! I’m in love! Gimme!

  4. *poit*

  5. oh that is pre-shuss!!
    but it makes me miss fostering kittens… sob… it’s kitten season… my first one with no babehs in the house… sob…

  6. AuntieMame says:

    Mama’s all “Don’t mess with mah baybuh, or I will EAT you…”

  7. My sister fostered a momma cat who had kittens. She ended up keeping one of the litter, and my mom kept another. The rest had homes even before they were old enough to go back to the Animal Rescue League. HORRAY for rescue cats!

  8. Ladydouji says:

    Totally Rule #7

  9. beenclawed says:

    Wowsa! Mama’s nose is quite dramatic – beeyootiful! The bebeh’s front paw on mama’s leg – gah! Wonder if she’s doing the kneading thing. And then, could the kitteh’s back foot BE any smaller? Too much. And, bebeh’s head is smaller than mama’s tummy.

  10. Excuse me while I EXPLODE from the CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!

  11. The noses! look at the cute stripey noses!

  12. Angry mother cat is ANGRY! xD

  13. Cookiepants says:

    Aww, Momma looks like my Fiona! Except my girl is cuter. I may be a bit biased, however.

  14. You do realize that there is a big government cover-up.

    Weapons grade Kamo kittehs are already in production.



  15. Suzanne says:

    behbeh’s eyes are keeeling me!

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOOO, just what I need on a Fri morning while I avoid working! Beautiful Mom with the Stare of Death and adorabuhls bebeh just asking to be snorgled.
    Happy Friday everyone.

  17. Lillith says:

    Oh Mama is not angry, that’s content kitteh face for sure. And not only do they have the same stripey nose, they also both have little white milk-chins!! It almost hurts to look at, the cuteness is so intense!!

  18. Gorgeous MamaCat looks like my June, right down to the white chest, orange nose stripe and half-closed “I love you” eyes! The little carbon copy is just the sweeetest!

  19. I’d love to foster but I’d never want to give mama or babies back.

    This baby is so precious and apparently an only “child”.

    I hope they both find loving homes and are spoiled rotten!

  20. Mini You says:

    It’s Mini Me!!!!!!

  21. ooooooOOOOOOooooo says:

    My kitteh, well when I was a little thing! She looked just like this! So did two of her bebeh kittehs! sigh!! She was da best kitteh eveh.

  22. carolina says:

    Aw, she has the same little orange “blaze” as her mommeh! Mommeh looks so content, baby is all “whuh?”

  23. I’d foster but I’d never want to give mama or babies back!

    Apparently, this precious little one is an only “child”.

    I hope they both find loving homes where they are spoiled rotten!

  24. JennFriend says:

    So sweet! Awe, for everyone out there who just wants to take them home… you can have these ones! They are in Temecula CA right now and need loving families
    (e-mail if you are interested: shimmerose@hotmail.com):




  25. oaklandcat says:

    Love mama’s inscrutable sphinx look.

  26. carolina says:

    And, oh yeah, teeny pink toesies. *nibble*

  27. Oh, golly. It’s caramel-chocolate-butterscotch-espresso-frappaccino goodness.

    This devious pair can make anyone do anything. It’s ex-torti-tion!

  28. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Momma cat isn’t mad at all.. she is just wearing the disapproving kitty look. Her ears would be back if she was ticked off.

  29. Soooooo beautiful!!! Squeeeeee!!!

    *Snorgles bebeh tortie. With mama’s approval of course.*

  30. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *poit*

  31. Two tone noses are so sofishticated. Torties are my favorite- My Nairobi gives me this look all the time, is she mad? Is she just aloof? Is she acktually jus kinda sleepy? Very inscrutable. I find it best not to try to eff the ineffable.

  32. Whoa….she lookslike one of my fuzzbutts, Shiva!! *boggles*

  33. they are so cute! what a way to start friday. Thanks!!! 🙂

  34. GOR! I love the matching stripes on their wee little schnozzes!

  35. Aww JennFriend, they are all so ADORABLE! And I used to live not far from Temecula, But now I’m in Seattle, so I guess I can’t take one….Unless there’s a kitty safe version of Federal Express? 😉

  36. lauowolf says:

    Mama cat’s all, yeah, it’s another calico, get used to it.

  37. R. Moore says:

    Sweet little baby.

    I hope they don’t use kitties as weapons though, though non lethal weaponry is always a pro, in my mind. I wonder if my brother would like a kitty to keep him company out there… I know my friend’s family would probably love it 🙂

  38. Ohhh, so cute! I love tortie kitties!

  39. spudchick says:

    EricaE; thanks for the links to the other camo-cats 🙂 one of our orange tabby’s many nicknames is “Pergo” because he blends so pefectly with our red oak flooring. Hope these sweet girls find a good home, together if possible!

  40. This looks like a Martin Leman cat portrait.

  41. OMG, what part of the country do they live?
    The mama cat looks damned close to a cat my parents rescued several years ago in Florida…

  42. I’m fostering a kitteh that looks just like this! When she loafs up, she looks like cajun toast.

  43. daisycat says:

    “loafs up” LOL…

  44. I heart kittens…little, soft, cuddly, tortie kittens.

  45. mama kittehs are so wonderful. they squint their eyes like that, all content and proud of their bebehs. such good moms!
    and that bebeh! oh lordie, cuteness!!

  46. ThreeCatNight says:

    Beautiful tortie mama and baybah. So protective, so shweet and cuddlable. That little kitteh is a dollface.


    Gah. I will have to track down Her Royal Tortieness and snorgle her. And she will give me tortietude.

    Oh, there she is, being chased by TK.

    I lofs the white chest and toesies, on HRT and these kittehs.

  48. I want to snuggle with both kitties.. -sigh-

  49. I think this is ” We are Cat’s and you are not!” AND We are beau-ti-ful…suffer

  50. My tortie has an upside down exclamation point on her nose… kinda like these two matching beauties.I just lurrrv teh torties…ahhhhn, must go snorgle my diva-kitty, its well worth the tail thwaps.

  51. I really had to look to find the kitten, so adorable.

  52. The First Noel says:

    You’re in Seattle? Well hellooooo there from your fellow Bellinghamite! Or, is it Bellinghamian? I loves me Seattle.

  53. Peg of Tilling says:

    Their camo pattern is RealSquee Advantage.

  54. I don’t see “angry” on that momma cat’s face, I think that’s more like a relaxed momma cat with eyes half closed in peaceitude. A little protective, yes, but not mad about anything.

  55. What a beautiful mama cat and what a unique coat! Gorgeous family.

    Is this the only bebe?

  56. The First Noel, my friends at Western always called themselves Bellinghamsters.

  57. constance says:

    What? no anerable file extension name? boo!

  58. My long-haired tortie is a Maine Coon cat, and she has no white on her, but her markings are otherwise very similar to the mama’s markings in the pic. She is absolutely gorgeous. I especially live the orange stripe down her nose.

  59. That’s LOVE, not live!

  60. acelightning says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the look in baby’s eyes – “Aren’t I beautiful? Don’t you want to pet me? Please?”

  61. Suzy's Mom says:

    ShawnW, I thought I was the only one to call my kitty fuzzbutt. 😀

  62. the look on Baby Kamo Kitteh’s wee face reminds me of that gorgeous 2 kitteh’s “Hold my paw, I’m skeered” pic a while back …


  63. moonstar_elf...(raven) says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww..she is too cute!!! she looks like a sassy cat, and very protective too! wow, she is definatly a burst of color..lol..(once you find her)…..

  64. moonstar_elf...(raven) says:

    hey blue1, ur right, that orange stripe definatly gives her serious attitude!

  65. P. Erasmus says:

    Oui, Oui! It’s a Wii controlled CAT!


  66. sadie_asher says:

    Kalico Kamo Kitteh!!

    (yes, I realise it’s spelled calico)

  67. The First Noel says:

    Bellinghamsters! First I’ve heard of that one! I love it! That’s too cute! LOL!

  68. Shannon Johnson says:

    Where can i get a kitten like that?

  69. caroline says:

    Beautiful mama- beautiful baby!

  70. They are weapons of MASS SEDUCTION!

    My God, I love cats!

    I particularly love these cats!

    But rilly, I just love this site beyond previous site loves. I actually believe it acts like a drug. I’m sure every time I look at something delicious here, like these pusses, my brain is flooded with endorphins and other feel-good chemicals.

    My puss is an idiot. She is very beautiful and I love her, but she hates everone save my Dad – with whom she is obsessed. Also, the only human food she will touch is Jewish festival food, liked baked marinated briskit, and Jewish style chicken.

    And on the odd occasion that Mum leaves one of her bras lying around, puss will come over all sensual and rub herself all over it in a weird and slightly distubring manner – even licking it a bit.

    It is wrong, but I don’t judge. She has a tiny head, and thus, an even tinier brain, about the size of a walnut. Even so, she is smart enough to psychically intuit the days that I think about taking her to the vet and won’t come anywhere near me then.

    Her real name is Houdini, because when she was a bebeh kit-ton, she could escape from any cage. But everyone calls her puss. Except for dad: he calls her, “dickhead” while he snorgels her in order to throw us off the scent of his deep smushy feelings of love for our silly cat.

  71. <3 <3 <3 Mom and baby tortie! So cute! I love torties and their tortietude!

  72. Alexi, your stories made my night, I giggled and woke my poor roommate up.

  73. me too alexi – laughed out loud! my torti-meezer cross is a moron too, and she does that same creepy thing with anything made from eyelash yarn 🙂

  74. Heh-heh-heh-tchoo!

  75. OMG, Alexi – too too moische! Haha! Well I hope your kitteh is having a good passover. Give her some macaroons!

  76. Hey! Thanks guys.

    I do love my cat, even if I sometimes speak ill of her. When she looks at me as though I killed her family – for no reason at all – I just remember her when he was a small, grey fluff with a white puppet-mouth (white lower jaw).

    I rememer picking her up from the shelter. She said “mi, mi” a bit, and made a bid for freedom out of her cage. Pity was, by that time we were in the car and I was driving on a busy road. She, of course, was climbing my head which did not make for good driving behaviours. I asked her, “God, who do you think you are? Houdini?” And the name stuck… on the vet records at least.

    Now, as a mature 9 year old, Puss no longer says, “mi.” It is more of a, “maw.” Or at the vet’s, “Waaaaaaow.”

    I have since left Puss in the loving care of my parents as I too have advanced in years. One night, I was visiting the folks, and we all sat together in the lounge room, chatting. All of a sudden, there was this huge noise.

    “Why is there a car alarm going off inside the lounge room?” I asked my parents.

    My parents were too stunned by the noise to argue that there were neither cars nor alarms inside the house.

    As we looked for the source of this racket, our eyes rested upon our beloved puss who indeed sounded exactly like a violated car – all, “waho waho waho…” until she barfed everywhere.

    The weird thing was that it happened a second time, and I asked again about an indoor alarm. And my mother too was similarly flummoxed. Only Dad, who truly understands puss on a deep level, got it immediately, and yelled, “SHE’S GONNA VOMIT,” before herding her outside. It was very dramatic and impressive.

    Puss also feels guilty when scratching her scratching post. To her, all scratching is illicit. Like I said: walnut brain.
    Cute, though.

  77. Awww, looks just like my adopted tortie, Snack! At some point before we got her she had kittens — now I’ve got an image to go along with that knowledge!

    alexi, our tortie is a tiny-headed moron too. Although she’s so fat she just sits around, so you don’t really realize it until she tries to do something physical. Then it becomes clear that she is both clumsy and stupid. But we love her, imbecilic tortietude and all.

  78. Alexis, heh heh. Torties are so magnificent.

    And I need to learn the art of brevity from you! Pusses are like kids. Everyone has hilarious stories about their own and some folk can just bang on and on. I am afraid that I may have become one of them.

    From the land of OZ, I bid all fellow cuteologists good night, and happy snorgling.

  79. Ha ha ha! What an ADORABLE picture and what funny stories in the comments! I just brought home a foster family yesterday from the shelter-Emerald had two fat orange boys that we named Phil and Don-the Everley Kittens.

  80. martha in mobile says:

    My long-haired torti, Eleanor Roosevelt, was a bit on the dim side, too. She would stalk pennies and broccoli stems.

  81. Heathers dead baby says:

    so after their fostered…she throws them away?

  82. my reaction to this picture before I even realized I was speaking was
    Kitt-EE-EE-EE-EE-EEs!!! like a car that wont start. I’m weird, but I just got back from Petsmart where I petted many gorgeous pupperses and am kind of on a sugar-high from it.

  83. Heather’s DB – please get a dictionary and look up the word/term “foster” ASAP.

  84. Awwwwwww, me, too, ceebs!
    I let out a HUGE aaeeeeeebbbbbasadwwnfssdlkd

    and my daughter made fun of me.

    And that is a big cat smile from happy and proud mommy cat.

  85. Yes, torties combine beauty, extreme attitude and little brainpower.

    I have oft accused HRT of being the feline manifestation of a “rich, beautiful blonde” joke.

  86. Funny – my daughter used to say she thought something was wrong w/ her (very bratty, very small) tortie. I didn’t really pay attention. She said whenever she would try to jump on somthing, she would most likely miss – crashing to the floor in humiliation. And she’s still quite young – so wasn’t like she was gettin on in yrs, or anything…. I guess it’s in the genes – ha. ( She has 4 others that SEEM to be quite normal)

  87. Brak_Silverbone says:

    These are two of the most gorgeous cats I’ve ever seen! Mama-kitty clearly knows it, too.

  88. Hmm, I’ve never heard about tortie’s being dim before. Polly is rather smart, maybe because she has thumbs she’s the more advanced type of tortie? Though she is rather neurotic, but who in NYC isn’t, at least list a little bit?

  89. That’s JUST a little bit, not list.

  90. Christine says:

    JennFriend, those are not the same cats from the Coco Chanel/Stila family. They were fostered and adopted through an agency here in Chicago. I don’t know where they went after that, but they were older than the kittens in those pics when they were adopted. And none of the kittens were gray.

  91. Ack! It’s like the bebeh is a Xerox copy of her/his momma! I wish all copiers made bebeh kitties like that!

  92. neko koneko

  93. It’s my Mama Coco and baby Stila! I squeed when I saw them up there. A friend of mine told me that they were up. Yippee! If you want the backstory and endless pictures of The Kosmetic Kittens, check out my website: http://www.geocities.com/orora/KittenPics/kittenindex.html

  94. Orora, how could you bear to give up all that beautifully colored kittenage? Squee!

  95. Mama had 4 kittens. I couldn’t choose to keep just one, so I had to give all 5 of them up. I know they all got good homes, tho. But it wasn’t easy!

  96. Sooooo cute! i luv it cuz the kitten is sooo small! It has gorgeous blue eyes!

  97. AIIEEE! A kitty and a baby kitty!!

  98. This picture got me thinkin’, “Oh-kay… I guess the cat’s fur looks a little bit like camo-oh-OH MY GOD THERE’S ANOTHER CAT.” I felt awesome.

  99. luvthekitteh says:

    My tortie has the disposition of Taz in his less benificent moods. she bit the vet twice in one session when she was a kitten. You think he would have learned the first time. They wear gloves now when she shows up. We still love her and bear the scars proudly.

  100. genevieve says:

    Coco Chanel looks almost exactly like my kitteh Veruca!