Extremely comfertuhbuls gerbil

I wish my bed looked like this.


Jessica H., tuck "Kitty" in!



  1. Emily Anonymous says:

    Oh, the cute little gerbil looks likes he’s smiling in his sleep. *curl up next to gerbil*

  2. I wanna snuggle in their too!
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  3. Gerbilzzzzzzzzz.

  4. ahhhhhhh so cute

  5. Now there’s a crib I can dig.

  6. Me so jealous! So snuggably comfy looking. Aaaahhhhhhhhh……..honk shu!

  7. Peg of Tilling says:

    I wonder, is Kitty’s companion gerbil Matt Dillon or Konstantin Levin?

  8. It wouldn’t be half as comfterbuls without the smiling not-moving-at-the-speed-of-gerbil

  9. “I wish my bed looked like this.”…if you mean with a smiling, snarfable, kissable gerbie – I concur.

  10. Awww…gerbil smile. I think I like gerbils when they’re sleeping. (They make me nervous when they’re twitching around, which is pretty much all the time when they’re awake.)

  11. awwww. he’s smiling, dreaming of little teensy gerbil kibble. num, num.

  12. I actually received one of these via post. I contacted the IRS about my return, and they assured me, “‘Jer bill is in the mail.”


    Hadn’t had my coffee yet.

    (Holds up pot expectently)

    Anyone care to join? Hammies can be added at your descretion.

  13. ShelleyTambo says:

    Awwwww, reminds me of one of my old gerbils. He never looked this happy, though.

  14. GERBIL!!! MORE!!
    …please? i miss mine.

    snorgles de gerbil. they purr when they’re still sleepy and you pick them up

  15. Aubrey – The IRS? Irresistable Rodent Service? No more coffee for me I guess, thanks.

  16. My gerbils love Carefresh bedding too!

  17. shanchan says:

    AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBREY!!! Ouch. Pour me a cup?

    He reminds me of that mouse with the motorcyle…

  18. That is the happiest-looking critter I’ve seen in a long time. I needed that.

  19. layla42 says:

    *beep* the widdle nosie!

  20. guys, what would you do if you found this gerbil in your box of tissues fast asleep? (I would shake his hand and congratulate him on being the CUTEST THING EVER… but that’s just me)

  21. ooOOOOOOoooo says:

    So cute!!!! Like when they fall asleep in your hand. sigh! Or when they are tired and sort of “purry” in your hand while you’re stroking their prosh little foreheads…. sigh!

  22. Suzanne says:

    I had no ideas gerbils could smile. Okay, I’m converted. Gerbils are cute. Never thought so before, but this proves it.

  23. R. Moore says:

    SMILE! Wittle baby in a comfy CareFresh bed. Gotsa good Mommy, then!

    (CareFresh is a bedding that has very few dangers to pets, unlike wood chips and other beddings. I’ve always used it, and now there are non-brand name versions that are about the same price or slightly cheaper)

  24. I had to squeak when I saw this one, because I have 2 that look exactly like this at home, and they’re NEVER this still. They sleep under a huge pile of bedding, so I never see them sleeping, but now I know what they’d look like. Massive gerbil love <3

  25. Yitzysmommie says:

    I didn’t know that gerbils either smiled or purred….this one is adorabuhls!

  26. I would like to nibble his little tail. Just a little.

  27. Awwwww – he’s smiling!

  28. Courtney says:

    Yay, a gerbil!!!

    It’s not quite a purr that gerbils do — it’s not audible. But when they are relaxed and comfortable, they vibrate a little. 🙂

  29. They purr?? If I could be guaranteed that the little guy would be all calm and just snuggle I’d love to experience the purring. He IS awfully cute, though I have a feeling my cats might like him too….for other reasons! :-O

  30. R. Moore says:

    Sad news, though.


    Apparently this little baby has since passed.

  31. floppycat says:

    Here “Kitty, Kitty.” Oh wait, YOU’RE not a kitty!

    How cute…sweet l’il kitty gerbil.

  32. pugs4me says:

    SO cute!

    I have two gerbils myself. Please remember if you are considering adding the furry goodness of Gerbies to your household, unlike Syrian Hamsters, Gerbils must be kept in pairs (same sex of course!)

    Adorable, thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Good call on the Carefresh!

  33. Peg – thanks for the laugh. I loved Gunsmoke, I got through Anna K (can’t say I love Tolstoy, though).

  34. what a wonderful shot! I love it!!! put a smile right on mah face!

  35. hooray for another happy Carefresh customer!!! My guinea pig uses areafresh and snuggles in just like this too!!!

    *beeps the nose* I wuuuuuv sleepy gerbies.

  36. He looks like he has an awesome secret or he’s laying on a Serta mattress, either or..

  37. OMG! She has a gerbil named Kitty!! I have a rat named Gato!!!

  38. nightbird says:

    Is it just my eyesight, or is this gerbie sleeping with it’s butt up in the air?

  39. acelightning says:

    Gee, for some reason I suddenly feel an overpowering desire for a nap…. zzzz….

  40. Martha in Washington says:

    That’s an ‘I’ve got a secret” smile. What’s she hiding under all that fluff?

  41. He looks so comfy. Again jealous – but would still rather be the kitty in the sock!

  42. Shannon Johnson says:

    How cute is that? almost makes me wish I had a cute gerbil like that.

  43. Andy Lee says:

    In college, I was often too lazy to sort my laundry when it was done, so I’d just dump it on the bed. Sometimes it’d be there, still warm, when I went to sleep. Very comfy. My girlfriend said I was like a hamster.

  44. I don’t know if I am extremely poitable today, but the Cute is REALLY keeling me today!



  46. it is a cartoon character

  47. OmG! my hamster loOks like that! then he got older! 🙂 his name is George!

  48. that is so cute