“When I saw the glinting B.E.F., I stopped the mower right away”

This little Dewd ALMOST got run over by a lawnmower but was spotted (hee, nice one check out his forehead) and saved at the last minute. Turns out the bunny warren is under the Magnolia tree in the front yard. Duh!

I wanna go back to the warren

Quick thinkin’ Bonnie K. and Purple Shorts Man!



  1. yeah why don’t you pick him up and get your scent all over him so his mother rejects him and he dies. cute!

  2. be nice. not everyone knows. no need for the sarcasm.

  3. Kallisto says:

    Ahm, okay, sure, would’ve been wayyyy better to run him over with the lawnmower, righto… I believe he moved him to get him out of harm’s way.

  4. Oh, sure…start yer (lawnmower) commentrovery engines! Better that purple shorts guy should have let the bun bun get runned over (that was on purpose, grammar nazis!)

  5. lurves you, kallisto…great minds!

  6. That rejection-of-human-scent thing is an urban legend, probably started to discourage kids from messing with animals they don’t need to mess with.


  7. little gator says:

    Sigh. We had a bunnymom dig her den just outside the chainlink fence to the dog yard. Our Coonhounds couldn’t get to them but told us *all* about it every time they were outside.

    “woof roo whine”

    “Yes dear, we know you want to kill the bunnies. We won’t ley you. Shut up.”

    “yodel whimper bark howl”

    They spent way too much time indoors that summer.

  8. genetic lemon says:

    Lol at zombie’s link:

    The best way to cause an animal to leave is to make it an uncomfortable place to nest. Play a radio loudly in your attic. Put lights on and leave them on. Usually the presence of noise and light causes the animal to seek a more peaceful location to nest.

    Squirrels = Mister Wilson 😀

  9. You beat me to it, Zombie. Mother animals will not reject their babies because of human scent. It is always best to leave them alone, but in this case, putting the bunny in a safe place until the mother returns is the right move. She and her babies will find each other and be just fine.

  10. constance says:

    That’s adorable. Yay for saving the bunny! As stated above, that’s an urban ledgend “smart” (man, is that name ever ironic).

  11. eggroll says:

    Good information on rescuing baby animals:


    The human scent thing is indeed an urban myth.

  12. We found a nest of buns in my yard a few summers ago when the grass was growing so fast that we had to mow it twice a week. So we collected all the bunnies before we mowed, put them in a box, and then let them free afterwards back at the nest. It was a regular routine for almost four weeks, and they all were healthy and NOT rejected by mom.

    The reason putting your smell on an animal can be dangerous is because most baby animals are born without a scent so predators can’t track them. Humans leave a pretty distinct smell when they touch animals. That’s also why mother deer spend as little time as possible with their fawns, because the fawns are practically untrackable by themselves.

  13. R. Moore says:

    Awww, what a tiny bun!

    The story reminds me of when my Dad and step-mum were out mowing their big, rural property, and had to stop. There were little bird nests all over the one field. Thankfully my step-mum noticed before it was too late, and the only casualties were the inevitable ones.

  14. layla42 says:

    The newest superhero in Teh Qte Universe
    Purple Shorts Man!
    Friend and Rescuer of Teeny Bunnies Everywhere!

  15. what a cute little guy!!!!!

  16. “Purple Shorts Man”… Bruce Banner? The Incredible Hulk? 🙂

    Cute bunny!

  17. R. Moore says:

    Also, this link has about every wildlife issue I can think of, at least for the Western US.

    Here are the orphan tips:

    And you can look for other rehabbers (assuming you’re not nearby this one center) through the International Wildlife Rehab. Council’s site: http://www.wildlife-international.org/EN/public/emergency/emergencyrehab.html

  18. Man, you guys are the link-masters, I just did a quickie search. 😉

    I should bookmark all those for the next time a bun gets posted – I knew what I was gonna find in the comments as soon as I saw the picture…

  19. Faster than a speeding lawnmower!
    Stronger than a whirling weed whip!
    More visible than a guy in khakis!
    Look – out on the lawn, it’s Purple Shorts Guy!
    Making spring and summer safe for wayward bun-buns.

  20. Ohhh babeh bunneh, why must you taunt me with you qte, and cause me to bonk my head on the screen trying to snorgle you?

  21. Gaaaahhh!!! *poit*

  22. Pretty much, once baby bunnies start running around on their own, they are no longer dependent upon their mom. Thus if you can catch a BEF bunny, you have the skills!

  23. ADORABLE teeny little bunette! BIG YEAHS to purple shorts guy for noticing and stopping the mower in time. May that bun grow up beeg and strong and happy!

  24. mandykw says:

    I heart behbeh bunnies

  25. zeldapie says:

    Every spring I read about bunnies getting run over by lawnmowers. It’s so sad. I’m glad PURPLE SHORTS MAN saved the day for this nest of bunbuns!

    I’m starting my third year as a volunteer at the Wildlife Rehab Center’s mammal nursery (St. Paul). Pretty soon I’ll be feeding baby squirrels and bunnies and getting peed ‘n pooped on. Can’t wait!

    Thanks all for sharing about the handling-bunnies myth. I did not know that.

  27. heidilynn says:

    Looks like a happy Easter was had by all….maybe the Easter bunny will deliver all PURPLE eggs to this house

  28. Fight the real evil here, the lawn. If you don’t water it much (or ever) and parts of it are under shade and won’t grow, no harm no foul. The bunnies run free in our shrubs and around the big scorched dead circle in the middle of our back lawn (it is green around the edges).

    Stickin’ it to bourgeois sensibilities one day at a time.

  29. my first thought was that perhaps the baby bun shouldn’t have been handled; but that doesn’t stop this from being a sweet photo – what a teeny tiny cutie bunbun! – and thank goodness the lawnmower was stopped in time!!

  30. I’ve seen this cute pic on CO before….

  31. YAY to purple shorts man and Bonnie 🙂

  32. R. Moore says:

    Hey, let’s declare this the first unofficial Wildlife Rehabber Appreciation Day!

    I’m pretty sure there are more formal days or weeks celebrating this, but if it means more saved bunny pictures, I’m all for it! What do you guys say?

  33. Chris B. says:

    Momma bunnies, squirrels, and birds don’t mind if you pick up their babies and return them to the nests. I also rehab animals and have never seen a mother throw a baby out that I put back. It is an urban myth. I always tell people if they see a baby to protect it (like putting a box over it) and call me right away or put it back in the nest themselves.

  34. methinks mini-bun heartily disapproves….of “smart”!

  35. Shannon Johnson says:

    How cute. That is one tiny bunny. TEENY TINY BUNNY!

  36. Kimmypage says:

    I wasn’t so lucky as this poster… :(.. Years ago, i ran over a bun-bun. Stopped too late, and called my sister to come get me… I’m glad this one made it.

  37. chelonianmobile says:

    The human scent thing is *especially* a myth with birds. Birds can’t actually smell ANYTHING very well, so they won’t even notice.

  38. what a little easter beauty!!

    i seem to remember there was a similar story on CO already waaaaaay back in time, or am i imagining things people!?

    oh also, did you hear some environmental group in new zealand wants the bunny BANISHED as the symbol for easter “because it’s a pest”!!?

    OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!! [Queen of Hearts voice]

    And I mean the people, not the bunnies. Naturally.

  39. HERE IT IS!!!

    I knew there was another lucky bun-bun on CO somewhere… check him out, sleeping little bunnylicious beauty!!



  40. It’s Good Friday here in Australia;

    how appropriate is this pic and the story behind it for Easter …

    the tiniest cutest BunBun, and a good deed by a good man …

    I so want this weensie BunBun AND the purple shorts …

    sigh (it’s illegal to have Buns as pets in Brisbane)

  41. aww what a teeny bun! 🙂
    the whole scent thing is false, even though im sure you’ve heard, i just thought id say it again.
    Yay purple shorts man! I have a bunny of my own u know so just wanted to say thanks for saving the lil cutie!

  42. hehe It is true about the mommy dissowning her offspring for smelling like humans! When I was little and annoying I had baby gerbils born in my home and they were too cute to not touch at that age. The mom had zero problems with it and they grew up just fine. 🙂 This picture is deadly adorable. I wants to nibble on the tiny fuzzy earzes!!!

  43. Not only do I wish I had adorable bunbuns under a Magnolia tree in my yard.. I also wish I had a lawn-mowin’ man with nice looking hands and comfertbls enough with himself to wear hot purple shorts. Sigh.

  44. SeaBreeze says:

    I want the Magnolia tree, the cute guy, the lawn, the bun-bunette, and the house that goes with all that.

  45. Thank you Purple Shorts Man!

    That is one cute bunneh.

  46. I meant to also say, this pic almost makes me miss the Evil Publishing Company I used to work at, which building was on the edge of a woods, and little buns would come out and run around in the grass while you looked out on them at lunch.
    Actually, the buns are the only thing I miss about that place. Everything else stunk!

  47. I have just never seen a cuter bunners in my entire life. I wish I lived in a place rural enough to have random bun babies in my lawn!!!

    le sigh.

  48. Opie_jeanne says:

    Ooooh! Purple shortz man, you rock!

    What a sweet little bunny. Didn’t know it was an Urban Myth… more of a Rural Myth, really, but didn’t know it wasn’t true. Glad I learned something new today.

  49. MagnoliaSouth says:

    Smart isn’t so smart. That whole scent thing is an old wives tale.

  50. Snorgle Pup says:

    I took an orphaned bird to an animal rescue shelter years ago. They had a batch of baby buns with the tips of their ears snipped by a mower. Litters of little orphans with sad stories, I’m sure. What a collection of sweet helpless cuteness.
    I squeed all the way home!

  51. Not to hijack, but I have the choice tomorrow of bringing home a very cute adult bunneh or getting a babbeh one. Either would be nice, but which should I get? How do I choose? This baby is so prosh it makes me want the baby, but the adult is already altered, trained, etc.

    And I agree with every one, the bunny is sweet but purple shorts man is so hot.

  52. Wow. That would have been horrible, had someone’s sharp eye not averted such a tragedy.

    Thankfully, we’re all still rife with the QTE.

    *bows to sensei Bonnie K.*

  53. Ooh! go for the adult bunneh! Already speutered and trained is the way to go – unless you really wanna go through the destructive “teen” months. Okay, it’s fun to do once, maybe even twice, but my vote’s for the adult.

    And also, the teeny bebe bunny made me gasp! I still can barely believe they’re almost ready to leave the nest at that size – by 4 inches in length they’re totally releasable. Rabbits are both breath-taking and so amazing!

  54. oops – i guess i shoulda said they’re releasable from rehab. At this age they’re big enough to start leaving the nest, and by 4″ are on their own.

  55. Baby bunbun! I volunteer at a wildlife rescue as well… soon we’ll have more baby buns than we know what to do with. Thankfully, they do well on their own at a young age. It’s hard not to snorgle them at the clinic (we try not to handle them except for feeding/meds/bedding changes).

  56. Christine Hughes says:

    Aww, teeny cute bunny!

    I wish little teeny bunnies ran around outside where I work so that I could see. Though actually, I don’t, because the restaurant where I work is on a great big city street, so the teeny bunnies would probably get run over by cars :(.

  57. Margaret says:

    The only thing I ever found in my yard was a gecko and he was NOT snuggly!

  58. This little guy is actually a baby hare, identifiable by the white fleck on his forehead. I hand raised a litter of four of these ridiculously cute creatures whose mother was killed by a dog 😦 The proper name for a baby hare is a leveret, but I just called my babies bunnies anyway. Just a bit of trivia for you, but in the spirit of easter, lets just call him a bunny 🙂 By the way, can you believe, where I live, bunnies are ILLEGAL?! There is a $60,000 fine for keeping one as a pet in my state (Queensland, Australia)! UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!

  59. bunnyeh with a little greasy white spot of cuteness on his noggin? SCHWEET!

  60. Caroline says:

    Bunnies illegal in Australia? sheesh! unfair!
    This little bun is just a morsel of cute!

  61. (brass fanfare)

    Hooray for Purple Shorts Man, saver of teeeny magnolia-dwelling bunnies!

    (PSM theme song)

    Take the growed-up bunny, CBF.

  62. Another Angela says:

    Sorry Em, but this is an Eastern Cottontail, Sylvilagus floridanus, native to the eastern US.
    “Its appearance differs from that of a hare in that the cottontails have a brownish-gray coloring around the head and neck. The body is lighter color with a white underside on the tail. It has large brown eyes and large ears to see and listen for danger. In the winter it is more gray than brown. The kittens have the same coloring after a few weeks, but they also have a white blaze that goes down their forehead; this marking eventually disappears.”

    I don’t mow myself. Hate lawns.

  63. Someone with artistic abilities MUST create the CO Superhero, PURPLE SHORTS MAN. He can represent all the peeps who rescue critters.

  64. oh the leetle spot is too prosh.
    We had bunnies living under our magnolia tree too, I wonder if they tend to be good spots for wabbit holes?

  65. Super cute!

    The whole handling a baby… human scent thing might be an urban legend. But in general, it’s better to leave animals untouched unless positive it’s abandoned or injured. Parents in the wild will often leave their young alone and out of site, perfectly normal.



  66. This just proves the old adage that Bunny Hides in Roots from all Evil.

    It’s just that in this case the man clad in purple is nice and not evil at all.

    But a bun can’t know.

  67. No, I’m all for buns being ilegal in Queensland… it means all the more buns for the rest of us… and allows qte wee marsupials to live in peace and harmony in the land of their birf!

    What a sweetypie that wee thing is…*sigh*

  68. Buns for everyone! Viva la bun! I don’t know if I could handle one as a pet but we have some hoppities near our magnolia tree too. I think I see a children’s book with PSM as the hero of a chapter of a volume filled with bunnish exploits and called, natch, ‘Bunder the Magnolia Tree.’

  69. Kristina L. says:

    What a cute little bunny!

  70. Ohhh, good for you, dude! Good thing he didn’t try to care for the bunny himself, because I had that happen to my bf’s co-worker and it turned out to be a very bad idea. Baby bunnies will be ok if they are alone for a while- they don’t need to learn how to hunt, all they need is vegetarian stuff.

  71. Ohhh, good for you, dude! Good thing he didn’t try to care for the bunny himself, because I had that happen to my bf’s co-worker and it turned out to be a very bad idea. Baby bunnies will be ok if they are alone for a while- they don’t need to learn how to hunt, all they need is vegetarian stuff.

  72. oops sorry

  73. candycane says:

    omg goos thing u dint smash or there would be blood on the mower(hoists up pants and begins nasty mowing story) ive had a few incounters about them silly littlie rabbits

  74. lauowolf says:

    Bunny hides are not the root of all evil.
    Or at least not as long as they are on the bunny where they belong.

    And why doesn’t my yard have bunnies?
    I feel utterly cheated.

  75. Smart: turn down the SASS

  76. bunnies are very overpopulated in australia and considered quasi-vermin.

    there is or was a small movement to adopt the bilby as the country’s easter “bunny” mascot (bilby being an endangered indigenous critter).


  77. What to do – and what NOT to do – if you come across wild rabbit kits:


    ( )
    ” “

  78. Yes yes yes to the Easter Bilby!! and lets have more bilby pictures on CO…it’s like a rat-bunny-anteater! Just add a little duck butt and he’d be the cutest thing to walk the earth!!

  79. Martha in Washington says:

    Are bilbies marsupials? Then he could carry his eggs in his little pouch? OMG I want an Easter Bilby to visit my house in Washington! I would set a trap for him and keep him for my own. Would that be mean?

    Kudos and YAYs to Purple Shorts Man! Such a great guy!

  80. redbone says:

    Aw, cute little guy. We have loads of those little brown & grey rabbits running around my neighborhood, and I’ve seen a few about the size of that little bunny. Cute as buttons, but oh-so-skittish.

  81. acelightning says:

    What a sweet little Easter Bun, indeed – he’s hardly bigger than an Easter egg! Yay to Purple Shorts Man! Much bunny love everywhere!

    The reason rabbits are considered a “pest” in Australia and New Zealand is because they are not native to those places – they were originally imported from Europe as pets. There are no native predators that evolved to keep the rabbit population in check. Therefore, rabbits over-breed, and cause crop damage and other unwanted consequences. So, Aussies and Kiwis, I feel sorry that you can’t have the joy of personal rabbitude, but you can have your chocolate Easter Bilbies, and know you’re doing your bit for ecological balance.

    *looks at baby bunny some more and tries to suppress a squee…*

  82. chelonianmobile says:

    Aww, I just noticed the little white fleck on his face. My sister once had a gerbil with a mark like that. Ain’t it just precious?

  83. The very same thing happened to us a few years ago. We waited a bit too long for the first mow of the season and my husband was doing the first pass, a longer cut, and we saw a white poof. He waved me over to check it out and I dug through the poof and found VERY baby bunnies. So baby, I couldn’t tell what they were at first. No fur yet, maybe a couple days old. I got a small tupperware container and a towel, wrapped them up until the lawn was done, because their nest was right smack in the middle of the yard. I went out and played with them every day until they grew up enough to leave the nest.

  84. Aubrey said: This just proves the old adage that Bunny Hides in Roots from all Evil.

    This was Not Worthy of you, Aubrey. What it really proves is that it Takes Bunny to Make Bunny, which is self-evident.

  85. Thanks for the advice all- growed-up bunneh it is. I can’t wait to snorgle the bunnitude for myself. I’ll report on how it goes, because I know you are all waiting with bated breath to hear…;)

  86. ThreeCatNight says:

    Thank God someone came along to save that sweet little animal! So glad there are people out there that are alert and care.

  87. jjjdddlll says:

    Why is everyone so sure that “purple shorts man” is a man. I happen to think it’s a woman. We women who are of larger frame like to wear purple and pink so the world will stop thinking we are men. check out the feet. She’s a woman.

  88. I was going to mention the Easter Bilby too! No disrespect to buns, but the bilby (or rabbit bandicoot) is veeeeery cute and also severely endangered, so definitely worth a mention at Easter.

    See! See! Bebeh bilbies in a hat!

  89. Wordmama says:

    Hope it’s not a stupid question, but what does B.E.F. stand for?

  90. Not stupid at all! B.E.F = Beady Eye Factor. See glossary at right.

  91. Jenn Jordan says:

    BEF in this case can also mean Best Eastery Friend.

  92. Ruh-spek to dee Purple Shorts Mon!

  93. jjjdddlll…I went with ‘man’ in terms of the gender of the person holding the bun for two reasons:

    1. Meg referred to them as a man, presumably because the sender inner referenced the person in the pic as male.

    2. The hands look quite masculine to me.

    Plus, the angle at which the feet can be viewed in the picture doesn’t actually tell us anything at all. Besides, I know a few men who wear purple shorts in the summer while working in the yard, and I’ve seen shoes like that in the men’s side of sportswear stores. As for the (from what I can see) hairless looking legs, my husband is a cyclist. Trust me when I tell you they shave their legs. Something about aerodynamics and spandex shorts.

    None of which of course cancels the possibility that PURPLE SHORTS MAN is actually PURPLE SHORTS WOMAN. Just the reasons why this commentor is leaning towards PURPLE SHORTS MAN.

    But the bun. The bun is to die for.

  94. Kallisto says:

    Yeah, Dara! Thanks for the support!

  95. Previous bun was found on April 5 too! (Or at least posted on the same day) CLEARLY, the lesson is to not mow on the 5th of April. 🙂

  96. Awwwww, what a cute bunny! Good for Purple Shorts (Wo)Man for rescuing him!

  97. OK, I can’t not tell this joke:

    What do you call a man with 50 rabbits up his bum?


  98. R. Moore says:

    No matter how bad the bunny problem is in Australia, I still am more willing to hate the Cane Toad.

  99. That lil’ fr ball is ADORABLE!!did u keep it?

  100. Nice purple shorts! Oh yeah, and cute bunny!

  101. that’s why perfectly kept lawns should be abandoned

  102. This looks like a bunny my husband and I saved from a fire a long time ago in Missouri. We called her Bugs Rabbit and kept her several weeks until she was ready to go back to the woods at a farm near our house. She was a super pet and I’ve loved rabbits ever since!

  103. Infoaddict says:

    It is a problem … yer average rural aussie will look at piccies of “cute” bunnies and foxes and think “eeek, vermin alert”.

    Marsupials – such as bilbies – don’t carry eggs in their pouches – you’re thinking of the monotremes (platypus and echidna), which lay eggs. The marsupials give birth to live young which attach to the teat within the pouch and grow up there …

    We have echidnas on our property. I’d send photos but spines sticking up through dirt aren’t really exciting 🙂

  104. Shanelle says:

    bilby is soo cute!

  105. Poor li’l guy. He must’ve been like “”AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” He’s so unbelievably teeny! Awwwww.

  106. For a minute, I didn’t think that was a bunny. Its so adorable! It so sweet! Its so.. so, um… little.
    Good job you saved it, poor think must have been like “AAH! Oh my god, my whole life just flashed before me eyes, dude!” I love bunnies. Just look at its little face!