Now serving, piping hot ham

Served fresh and warm. Cup o’ ham.


I love this one, she’s all "der teh der, just drinkin’ my coffee" and the ham is all "NOTSOFASTBABY"


Nice woik, Latte (how appropriate) and Kendra M. 😉



  1. Awww… most adorable drink ever!

  2. Is that Starbucks new flavour caramel hammie latte?

  3. R. Moore says:

    Mmm, yummy!

    He he, I have notes from when I was quarantining a hamster for a museum’s pet program, and I’d decided to see if he would like a glass jar house. We nicknamed it the Hamster Observation Jar. So my notes read: LIKES carrots, lettuce, Deep Purple, climbing upside down. DISLIKES: Some Deep Purple, The Hamster Observation Jar…

  4. I love how the green glass makes him look like he has flippers. (I’m in UR cup, swimmin’ in UR coffee…)

  5. layla42 says:

    You know–I heard caffeine was good for your skin…but I think Hammy McHammersons is taking it too far!

  6. I like to think that finding a hamster in my coffee after a night of insomnia (3 nights running now, folks) would wake me up…. but I fear I would wind up consuming said hamster by accident. And I’m a vegetarian!

    Yes, an insomniac caffeine-addicted vegetarian who spends waaaaay too much time on cuteoverload. … huh.

  7. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamster
    in a

  8. i’ve never seen one of those in my grande decaf no-whip mochas.

  9. I live in the land of Starbucks, Seattle. Next time I pay homage at one of the locations here (practically on every corner….serious) I will order a chai soy latte with a side of Hammie. I wonder how much this new menu offering will set me back! 🙂

  10. I’ll take one hammie-in-a-cup to go, pleez!

  11. hooray for hammies! 🙂

  12. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    OMGPONIES! That second picture… can “two animals (humans qualify–we are animals, after all) touching noses, or almost touching noses, is cute” be a new rule? Cuz it really is cute!

  13. The first pic where the hammie is in the green cup immediately made me think of recent St. Patrick’s day. He looks Irish!!

  14. Excellent head of foam on that drink.

  15. haaaaaaaaaaaaammmmster
    in a

  16. SeaBreeze says:

    One cuppahammie comin’ right up. What’s so special about these little beverages is that they tickle your cheeksies and nosies!

  17. I wish I didn’t have to say this, but Latte died April 1. My mom’s dog killed her when I was in Orlando, FL, for Spring Break, and Mom was supposed to be taking care of her. -sigh- I got another hamster, named Aiden, and hopefully we can make it to once my camera stops being broken. I love everyone, including Meg, who made my day with your love for Latte over here. =)

  18. violetgreen says:

    One caffe con criceto, coming up!

  19. violetgreen says:

    Oh no!! Kendra, I didn’t read your post until after I’d sent in my wise-ass one. I’m so sorry!

  20. it’s ok, violetgreen! I loved it. I love all the witty comments. Keep ’em coming!

  21. i think my favorite so far

    in a

    totally original. :P!

  22. 😦 Looks like my hammy, Strudel, who I just had to give up for adoption along with his brother Waffle. I miss my hammies :(:(:(

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    I would definitely go to Starbucks way more often if I could get a grande hammie with whipped cream. That would be the best thing on their menu. (Coffee makes my tummy hurt.)

  24. acelightning says:


  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    If I were stuck in cuppa Starbucks, I’d look pretty scared, too! But hamsters are preferable to their coffee, IMHO.

  26. Awwww, hammy kees!

  27. I think thers a hair in her drink

  28. life versus corporatism

  29. I have a hamster named Macchiato… 🙂 I named him after the caramel macchiato. 😛

  30. My favorite is haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamster
    in a
    cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup too. It’s cute. And Latte is a great name for a ham-ham.

  31. I love you, Lydia. I hope you are the Lydia I know that has a scene gerbil.