Toesday ENCORE

Dewds, yesterday’s "Toesday*" was so frakking popular that I had to follow it up with this BUNNULAR TREAT, as found by Tanya M.:


*It took the agency months to get that one through committee

Brillo photos, imwearingcons! I especially like your "lops pics"



  1. bunnytoepads!

  2. heidilynn says:

    That is adorable; had no idea bunnies could stretch their toes. Looks like she’s getting ready for a manicure…

  3. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Geesh, this looks like some hybrid frilled lizzard cat and gryphon combo from a medieval bestiary.”Hear be Dragons”

  4. sadie_asher says:


  5. joodster says:

    Love the bun tosies. And those ears…I think I’m in wuv!

  6. eeeeeee! more bunnies!!
    Heidilynn, bunnies can do all kinds of things that people have no idea about- they are a joy to live with (i have threeee) bunnies bunnies bunnies

  7. layla42 says:

    Oooh–that looks like a good stretch, even though I can still sense a bit of bunny disapproval going on.

    Holy Earsies!
    Lookit the size of those things! I must nibble on them, they look so soft and velvety.

  8. fryingpan says:

    hate to ruin the coolness of this, but if you open the picture, since when did bunnies have sharp claws?

    not to mention the shadows around the paws look strange, compared to the shadows from the ears.

    this is photoshopped for your convinence

  9. The nose on this bun is killing me. It’s too early in the morning for this!

  10. Virginia says:

    This one makes me hope for a ThEARSday sometime in the not-too-far-distant future.

  11. Oodles of Noodles says:

    frying pan – um…since forever? Buns have claws.

  12. Patricia says:

    Bunnies have claws. They use them for traction and scratching. I know my sisters mini-lop clawed me once when I was trying to give her medicine…. oww!

  13. ***EARS***

    yeah yeah, the toes. But for me it’s them


    what must be stroked and snorgled.

  14. Solange says:

    FRAAAAAAKKKKKKK! that is so cute… <

  15. omg thats hilarious (and cute!)

  16. Aaagh! I thought the bun was cuddling under a blanket. Must be nice – I’ll have a bunnieblanket to go, please.

  17. fryingpan – stop right there –

    we have heard enuff from nuffers in the past …

    enjoy this endearing bun (endless ear-ing bun) while you can;

    thumbs up for Meg for the overwhelming tosies pix and captions …

    keep them coming, honeybunch

  18. Elisha B. says:

    fryingpan, have you ever watched a bunny clean him/herself? They flex their toes just like kitties and their “claws” can grow at amazing rates. My daughter and I can testify to the sharpness, as our dwarf rabbit has scratched us many times over the past 2 years.
    Not too wild over the cuteness of the picture but it just shows how all critters look and act the same. I do love the fur between the toes though, makes the bunnies so special!!

  19. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Cute basset hound ears. Never knew they could stretch their toesys like that.

  20. I missed yesterday’s Toesday spectacular. D:

    Glad I caught the encore! Stretch those toesies, bunneh, strreeetch!

  21. Bunnehs don’t have claws??? Must be Freddy Krueger gloves that rip me up when i cut my foster bunnehs…uh…um…nails……..

    OH the toes!!! Oh the ears!!! Ginny is priceless!!!!!! EVERYDAY IS TOESDAY!! VIVA LA TOESDAY!!!

  22. Didja see the white-spotted tock-tops?????

  23. zeldapie says:

    OMG, he has Basset Hound ears! WOW!

  24. Eeeeeep!!!! Bunneh toes! Oh Noes!

    *falls down dead*

  25. Laura B. says:

    It’s a bunny that thinks it’s a kitty! I want to scritch its head.

  26. GAH!!! Bunnah toesssss!
    Better then coffee in the morning 🙂

  27. Bunnies don’t have sharp claws? *looks down at the 4 parallel claw-lines all the way down my chest* That’s news to me!

    (and never pick up a squirmy bunny while you are wearing a deep V-neck sweater – important safety tip….)

    Srsly – I have to trim my bun’s nails once a month. Hers are the think blunt kind but my former fosterbunny had little needles – and they curved down into some serious points before I gave him a good trimming.

  28. um, how about a Tocksday too?


  29. Any one else hear “Star Wars” theme music here?

  30. It’s Jar-Jar Bun!!!!!

  31. you guys r silly says:

    if you haven’t checked out the flickr pictures yet, seriously — GO THERE NOW! Ginny is BEAUTIFUL! The pics of her there are adorable. &:o)

  32. Streeeeetch-a-bun!

  33. But Meg, I’m confused. Isn’t *tomorrow* Earsday? [hint hint]

  34. THOSE EARS ARE HUGE !!!!!!

  35. Wendy, i usually end up bleeding the first few times i do a new fosters’ nails. I’m either watchin the feet and get it with the teeth or vice versa…

    Nature of the beast i guess ;D

    PJK and Bucky,
    I didn’t see it until you pointed it out, but now i have the Star Wars theme stuck in my head!

  36. Heeeheehee!! First thing I thought too – Jarjarbuns!

  37. Two of my favorites : feets and bunnehs!! hee!

  38. Two of my favorites : feets and bunnehs!! hee!

  39. dang…double post sorry 😦

  40. He *will* have his glory day in the hot sun! Just in time for Easters, too.

  41. Wow, didn’t know buns had webbed feet!

  42. OMG, I’ve never seen splayed bunny feet! Too cute!

    I hate to say it, but something about the bunny’s ears remind me of Jar Jar Binks.

  43. Doesn’t it just make you smile a self-satisfied sort of smile when a nuff displays their ignorance in such a public manner??
    o’course buns got claws… how the hell do you think they dig holes in the ground to live in… shovels???

    Brill ears tho.. that bun will never freeze…

  44. OMG, Harry was right! Paper bags DO have bunnies in them!

  45. Doesn’t it just make you smile a self-satisfied sort of smile when a nuff displays their ignorance in such a public manner??
    o’course buns got claws… how the hell do you think they dig holes in the ground to live in… shovels???

    Brill ears tho.. that bun will never freeze…

  46. Meg, I love your usage of “frak!” Are you a BSG fan?

  47. hey double post… sorry bout that…

    them board tzars are playing tricks wif my head

  48. Yitzysmommie says:

    I can’t decide which is cuter, the toesies or the earsies….

  49. We can rebuild it, we have the technology. The 6 Billion Dollar Bunny.

  50. Wow — I thought this was cute when I saw the face and ears, and then I scrolled down and saw the streeeeeeetched out toes, lol! Uber-cute!

  51. Holy ears, batman!

  52. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Oh my heavens! You’ve caught me without my polish! What’s a bunny to do?”

  53. hippichik14 says:

    i have NEVER seen bunny toes like that!

  54. English Lop alert!

  55. my what big toes you have!

  56. “I can hold six carrots between my toes. And 10 Easter eggs in my ears. Heh, heh, heh.”

  57. lindr wrote:
    “Aaagh! I thought the bun was cuddling under a blanket.”

    Heh. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  58. Bunny overshot the end of the runway a bit.

  59. hey! this bunneh is waiting for her manicure. do not dawdle or she will disapprove. she wants candy apple red please, 2 coats, stat.

  60. don’t you mean it was PAWpular? I never miss a chance at a pun.

  61. Chris B. says:

    My Snorgle Bunny looks like this one except shorter ears. She loves to have the tips of her ears gently rubbed and hates her monthly nail trimming.

  62. clearly says:

    Obvies, Bunbun is rehearsing for a piano recital. Something from Tchaikovsky, I’ll bet.

  63. Awww.
    Usually buns follow with a HUGE-MONGOUS YAWN.

  64. eruntale says:

    OMG that bunny!

  65. The Chipnotizer says:

    Another furlicious day!!! This bunneh is obviously the toes-t of the hood, nose whats cute and is ears ahead of it’s time-“Gonna Fly Now…”

  66. R. Moore says:

    That’s actually a little scary. It’s reminding me of a movie monster, but I’m not sure which one. It’s gotta be from one of the trippy sci fi flicks my sister/her boyfriend/mine has shown me.

    Darn subconscious making cute less cute 😦

  67. R. Moore says:

    Oh wow, I just realized it freaks me out because it was how I envisioned a character in a story *I* wrote. Granted, my SO wrote the description of the character, and when I read it I started screeching.

    My mind is a very dark and dangerous place, it appears. But also has the guts of a seven year old girl.

  68. lauowolf says:

    Bunbun’s getting limbered up for the weekend.

  69. Mondaygirl says:

    She lloks just like Silene the demon bird from Devilman to me, but in a cute way.

  70. Martha in Washington says:

    I hope bunneh doesn’t trip over them ears. Basset hound ears indeed!

  71. Bunnyowners…any foolproof tips for bunny claw trimming? I (sadly) let my bunny’s claws get way too long because he is so difficult to trim. With black claws, it’s hard to tell where the quick is without having a third or fourth hand to hold a flashlight up to the claw. Difficult. 😦 I wish bunnies would use a scratching post and wear ’em down.

  72. Unfortunately, nothing is “foolproof”. The best idea is less is better with dark nails if you are unsure…

    If you aren’t sure, just take off the tip. You’ll have to trim more often, but better safe than sorry.

    Here are some links that i hope help…

    (also, my dirty little secret is, while i have no problem trimming my foster bunnehs nails, i take Max to the vet for them to trim his nails…because Max doesn’t like his nails trimmed, and well, i am easily swayed when it comes to Max = P)

  73. Best Bunny Photo on CO ever!

    Brilliant Bunny Toes!

  74. Total Jar Jar Binks. Thanks peeps, I never woulda dredged up that name by myself.

  75. I’m touchin’ UR floor. . .

  76. That bunny is absolutely adorable. The ears look like he could take off at any moment.

    And fryingpan, I’ve seen my rabbit spread his toes like that, and he is soooooooo cute when he does it =p I think you need a rabbit.

  77. Seriously, one of the best rabbit shots EVER! Love it! ;D

  78. Jar Jar Binks! Thanks! I couldn’t remember the name, just kept thinking “Star Wars”.

  79. acelightning says:

    Bunnytoes! And a s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y bunny, with the most redonkulous ears I’ve ever seen on a bun!

    Cats and rabbits have a lot in common – it’s almost as if they’re the “predator” and “herbivore” versions of the same basic model. In particular, both rabbits and cats seem to stretch and yawn in the exact same ways.

  80. Speaking of bunnies, anyone notice the Pontiac Solstice looks kinda like one?
    The grille on the from is the two front teefs and the wide set headlights are its eyes….

  81. First of all, I just love BSG references. 😉

    Second, that is such an adorable bun! It’s funny how in kids’ books and cartoons the bunnies usually have long ears that stick WAY up, when in reality bunnies seem to (I’m no expert here) either have huge ears that hang down or relatively short ears that stick up.

    The claws thing sure made me chuckle–cartoon bunnies may not have claws, but real bunnies do, just like dogs and even hamsters. Not retractable kitty-claws, but claws just the same. Of course, anecdotal proof is not proof at all, so perhaps this will help fryingpan.

    Wikipedia, always an excellent source. Information is in “Housing” section, fourth paragraph from header.

    Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association website, the “Handling” section of the page.

    Galen’s Garden, a popular pet information site. Third paragraph from the top of the page.

    (I don’t mean to be patronizing. The purpose of posting sources is to avoid giving simple, sourceless opinions as fact, which is ultimately the mistake of fryingpan and others.)

  82. caitlin says:

    thank you Meg! Toeses are my favorite things EVER. (only my fiance and I call them “toads.” Every day is Toesday in our house! :D)

  83. gillian says:


    LOVE the EARS!

    LOVE the TOES!


    He looks like my marmycat.

  84. gillian says:


    LOVE the EARS!

    LOVE the TOES!


    He looks like my marmycat.

  85. You’ve always made my day with the cute posts, but if you’re a BSG fan in addition to that, you’re officially my hero! Tosies!

  86. This must be one of those special magic buns that can both swim and fly

  87. L1|{3 OMGZ!!1! 7|-|47$ ly|{3 2 bu|\||\|74cul4R!!! OMG BUNN3$!!!!

  88. haha! oh this make me think of the new south park episode! THEY MADE A BUNNY THE POPE! OMEGAWLD IT WAS SO CUTE! they had pope snowball 🙂 BUNNY POPE!

  89. Kewl, I never contemplated the fact that bunnies stretch just like cats n’ dogs !!

    And, regarding the “buns don’t have sharp claws” comment, I ask ye, have thou neverst read “Watership Down” ???

    Obvi not !!!!

  90. Just about everything you ever needed to know about rabbit care is here:

    Please keep bunnies inside, as loved family pets – not in hutches.

    And I’m so glad to see that Ginny finally made it to CO – w00t!

    ( )
    ” “

  91. Did ya notice the tufts of fluff between the tootsies? I think there should be a new category: Tufts!

  92. omg… i wanna bunny… i’m a gonna cry from the cuteness. i looked at the other pics of this bunny on the person’s flickr page… omg… too cute!

  93. darkshines says:

    My boyfriend thinks his ears loo like bacon. :/

  94. Woah there, darkshines, you need to stop your boyfriend from eating fuzzy bacon! :O

  95. darkshines says:

    Haha, I think he was hungry, as it was around breakfast time, he also likened them to sausage sandwiches….. lol!

  96. His ears kinda remind me of Jar Jar Binx from Star Wars

  97. LOL

  98. *****FEET*****