Paws out for this little thang. Not ONLY did KarmenRose capture this terrific photo, but you must see the lesson her Grandma taught her… Git your Kleenex out, People.


Eva H., nice spottin’ this one



  1. Suzanne says:

    love the ear action!

  2. floppycat says:

    Very cute! Love the soft fur.

  3. (Adrianna voice) Oh my gawd. that G’ma story is GREAT! So sweet!

  4. bluefairy says:

    Is that the Flying Nun in a dog suit?

  5. ~~aawww, this is sooooo cute, i filled my smile quota for the day~~~~

  6. What? Not filed under “Pocket Pets”?

  7. I want!!!!

  8. Cutest puppy! My dog looks like that minus the extra flop in the ear departments.

    Super flippity floppity pockety pup.

  9. R. Moore says:

    Speaking of Kleenex, This little pup looks like a less furry version of my dearly beloved pup. She would have been eight this May.

  10. lauowolf says:

    I so have that bathrobe.
    Mine is apparently defective, though, since I have no puppy in the pocket.

  11. tabbycat917 says:

    she looks like she’s going shopping for something pink with diamonds!!!

  12. DOG?!?!? How dare you call moi , the one and ONLY Pockqueeto Pup, a mere dog? I (gesture towards self) am the most beautifullest pocket fitting dog there is. I laugh at your ignorance. Harf! Harf!

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    lauowolf-I was just gonna say the same thing. Same bathrobe but w/o the cute pup! (Or the lovely lace belt.) I’m taking mine back to the store for a trade-in.

  14. So cute! What breed of dog is this?

  15. due to the crazy ear factor I’m going to guess a papillon mix of some kind…and chihuahua perhaps? Or dachshund?

  16. R. Moore says:

    Mylene: Looks like a long haired Chihuahua to me, but my pup (who had longer hair and shorter ears, but the same color and face) was a Pomeranian Papillon mix .

  17. M. Hartmann says:

    This pup’s ears and face remind me of my baby….she’s a chihuahua/dachshund mix…a chiweenie!!

  18. He/She looks totally dazed.

    “What…I…um okay…”

  19. M. Hartmann – Chiweenie!? Ack! Too QTE!


  20. R. Moore says:

    I dug through the flickr account and found something that said she’s a Russian Toy Terrier.

    I want one!

  21. That’s not a terrier-cloth bathrobe, is it?

  22. hey, that is a wocket!there’s a wocket in my pocket!

  23. *runs to the bathroom, checks bathrobe pockets with anticipation, but alas, no pup…sniff.*

  24. Q: Does this adorable puppy make my butt look big?
    A: Nope, no it doesn’t.

  25. floppycat says:

    I miss the days when my pup could ride in my robe pocket. *sigh*

    It’s sad when our babies grow up.

  26. SeaBreeze says:

    How do you say “Cuter than a pup’s ear?” in Puppese?

  27. Sweet little pup, you must be kissed!

  28. heh-heh, the lace belt looks like it’s imitating the shape of the dog’s ears…

  29. the_becca says:

    Aww, what kind of puppito is this?

  30. R. Moore says:

    The Becca: This is a Russian Toy Terrier. I posted a link in another comment for more info. Apparently IMPOSSIBLE (or nearly) to get stateside. 😦

  31. Hahaha! I just read the article at the dogbreedinfo.com site. Here’s part of it:

    ‘Russian Toy Terriers are toy dogs. It is a very special looking breed. It is one of the smallest breeds in the world, and it can be either longhaired or smooth haired. Smooth haired Russian Toy Terriers look like a little deer. It has four long legs, strong body, long neck, and a small head with a little muzzle, big smart eyes and large stand-up triangular ears.’

    Mmmkay. It has four legs? Really? I sorta expected five. :o) They sure are adorable anyway, even wif the four legs. LOL.

  32. misscrisp says:

    I just want to say it over and over…pockqeeto~pockqeeto~pockqeeto~pockqeeto~poc…

  33. I am so amazed at all the comments on Vashkya here. To see more about her and the breed go to the following address.

    and http://karmenrose.com

    There are also photos of her on


  34. If anyone needs additional Qte this morning, here’s something that came my way:


    Tiny ears + BEF!

  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    Adorable, with those big,liquid Bambi-eyes, and she’s portable, too! What more can you ask for?

  36. Pockette Pupette!

    That gramma story is sweet, btw.

  37. it needs a treat