Ceci n’est pas AN ACCIDENT!

Oh this is a new one. we’ve got Princess Di eyes (looking up while head is down) AND shy paw action. This puppeh OBVIOUSLY knows what she’s doing.


Sender-inner Nicole B. says [in Yoda voice?] "So shy she is…"



  1. belphebe says:

    Aw, what a cutie! Love the paw action there!

  2. She looks like she’s smiley giggling over a cute boy puppeh.

  3. Oh, the sweet bebeh!! {{{{{Smoosh!}}}}}

  4. (In Ace Venture voice): Do NOT go in there!

  5. We also have sleepy floppy paw action! She’s like “No pupparatzi, please. I just woke up.”

  6. sorry for two posts…just thought of it, but it’s kind of like that betty boop demure look…maybe I’m just insane. more than likely the latter.

  7. A very snorglesome bebeh.

  8. “Come down here a sec, I’ll show you where I been hiding my milkbones under the sofa.”

  9. O M G. get the paper towels cuz i just melted into a big puddle.

  10. Awwww, sweet puppette!

  11. What beautiful coyness/ shyness in a pefectly and beautifully fuzzed little puppy!

    I have melted away in awe… goodbye.

  12. Looks like a long haired dauchund. Mine used to do that all the time, especially when it was looking for love. Very effective. 😛

  13. He’s channelin Kaja Goo Goo:
    He’s too
    shy 2 shy
    Hush hush
    eye 2 eye
    too shy 2 shy
    Hush Huuuuuush….

  14. I think my favorite part of this picture is the little hint of puppy belleh just waiting for a snorgle. Or maybe the floppy ears that look oh so silky. Or maybe this little darlin is just getting ready to show his (or her) mad “I can pat my head and rub my belly at the same time” skills.

  15. Oh yay, a puppeh!! I was sick of seeing dumb cats all the time.

    Dogs should get equal face time you know!! 😛

  16. Fish Eye no Miko says:


  17. Awwwww, so sweet!

  18. layla42 says:


    Nah–she’s being all coy and flirtatious.
    She’s cute and she *knows* how to use it!

  19. Oh yeah, Mr/Ms Me; I’m getting very sick of all the nuffers with their *dumb* comments;

    kittehs, puppehs, buns, whatever – all of them are sweet in their own ways …

    be thankful for Meg’s site and the chance to see cuteness at its best.

  20. she is so adorable!

  21. Suzanne says:

    Did you know April was National Poetry Month…a haiku in honor then:

    Sweet little puppeh
    Coyly flirting on CO
    Can’t help but snorgle

  22. Argentee says:

    Shouldn’t that be Ceci n’est paws?

  23. It’s a long haired doxie. Sooooo sweet.

    This is the type of pup I”m planning to get someday.

  24. Suzy's Mom says:

    She’s whispering to another puppeh just out of view: “Watch the master at work. They can’t resist me. They are mush in my paw. One bickit coming up!” 😉

  25. I use that look on men all the time- it’s a great way to get dinner. Or diamonds.

    That pup definitely knows what she’s doing. I’m *thisclose* to emailing her my credit card number…

  26. ThreeCatNight says:

    That’s a little shweetie-face. Love that coy paw action.

  27. HeidStar says:

    Now wait just a doggone minute…haven’t I seen this cute lil’ pupper before? http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/11/jeckpup_and_hyd.html

    No…not quite…but it sure looks as though they are using the same playbook.

  28. Totally looks like a long haired dachshound (dackel!) to me, just like my first one. She was a perfect dackel-babe and soo knew how to use her Princess Di Eyes, just like this one.

  29. oh boy, a long dog! happy birthday To me! how did you know????

  30. violetgreen says:

    They’ll never see me behind this paw…

  31. R. Moore says:

    I don’t generally condone pets as presents, but I want this puppy for my birthday!

  32. anyone else noticing the way her paw covers her shnozzle, it looks like she’s whispering to someone. and she just got caught, judging by the look of the eyes. oh, and BTW, he’s not imaginary, he’s my INVISIBLE friend. get that right, gosh!!

  33. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute! I have a puppy that does that. It is so cute

  34. Oooooh! I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

    Some people have all the luck!

  35. Cassandra says:

    What a pretty girl! And she knows it too. I bet she gets all the milkbones she wants.

  36. Awwww, what a schweet liddo face! Come over her, widdo puppy, so I can cuddle you and tickle your belleh and make your leg go all wonky. 🙂

  37. Gakkkkkk! That is just soooooooo cute! Can I please just eat up this little puppeh? PLEEEEEEAAAAASE?

  38. moonstar_elf...(raven) says:

    omg…too cute! i kno what shes sayin’…shes like im a sexy lil temptress, look at my small tan paw,..my sweet love-filled eyes..ohhh i amazzzeeeee my self…

  39. moonstar_elf...(raven) says:

    omg…too cute! i kno what shes sayin’…shes like im a sexy lil temptress, look at my small tan paw,..my sweet love-filled eyes..ohhh i amazzzeeeee my self…

  40. moonstar_elf...(raven) says:

    umm sorry people, how did i do that twice??? whoops

  41. francesca says:

    That is so cute!! Look at that paw action!

  42. Y’know, after a long hard (no, a looooooooong, haaaaaaard day) there is nuthin’ more relaxing than a soft-furred snoogy-woogy wittle puppers.
    (all the tension melts away)
    That’s some serious fuzzz therapy, folks.
    ‘Scuse me…
    (goes off to snorgle her own fuzz-pupp)

  43. I just want to kiss his warm belly! :0)

  44. how can a puppeh be so adorable and such a naughty temptress at the same time? Is she going to go home and slip into a Marilyn Monroe dress and stand over a heat vent?

  45. ACH! This place is seriously my fave website. The puppeh and kitteh pics are espeshal!
    URGH! I just have to scream, they are all so cute. Me and my friends LURV this website (and by now you are HATEING my caps lock button)!

  46. it wants to have a nap

  47. this picture is so cute