TOEVERLOAD! [and bonus schnozzle]

First you see the precious toe morsels. And then you see the KITTEH snorgle his very own toe.




Then later, the very same kitteh is caught mid-strayche.


Nicely done, Jennifer K.





  1. Oh! Navy Beans!

  2. We luv luv luv Toesday!!!!!

  3. nothing like happeh kittehs to let you know that all is right with da world…
    at least in their leetle corner of da world…

  4. Solange says:

    too cute! alas, my kitty is not graceful enough to dangle… she would plop in this posishe…

  5. Beth Patterson says:

    OH looook at the WEEEE leetle webbies between the toe-sies!! and the cutie pie kitteh clawzzzzz

  6. smokeyJoe says:

    kitteh, please. try not to relax.

  7. them’s some clean toes!

  8. Very Smunchy.

  9. What a little rotten, all stretched in the shunshine!

  10. floppycat says:

    So, are we going to see more “Toesdays” but with differing animals each week? Please say yes…

  11. *obviously* an aerobics class going on… “ok, do the toe-touches…and 1…and 2…. Now hold out that stretch, don’t let it go you slackers! Feel the burn? And 5, let it out. Nice workout everyone. See you all next Toesday- yes Mitt-ten, even you.

  12. Oh how I am loving Toesday!!!!

  13. Yitzysmommie says:

    Such a happy Toesday! My Yitzy, also a Tuxie loves to s-t-r-e-t-c-h his lanky self out & fan his paws and I LOVE it. Must try to follow him around with a camera.
    Very nice work, Stretchy Kitty Toes.

  14. beenclawed says:

    The toezies are oh so highlighted by being part of a white foot (black jelly beans tho!!!!) attached to black legs. Too moishe! ded of a C.O.

  15. Actually, you know that kitty isn’t actually snorgeling his toe, he’s most likely cleaning it which is what cats do – they bathe themselves. Haha! Kidding! Just fluffin’ up the nuffs.

    Basta Basta Basta!!

  16. I love the before and after pics. “Claws go out, claws go in.”

  17. Toesday is made of Win.


  18. I’m a HUGE fan of Toesday.

  19. This looks sooo much like my tuxie-boy (the infamous TK). Except all his jellybean toesies are pink. We have video of him working the toes too.

  20. GOD, i love cat toes…

  21. Kitteh TOES-day is one of the most fabulous, brilliant, awesomest OMGPONIES! things Meg has EVAR come up with.


  22. Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously;
    Moses, he knowses his toeses ain’t roses, as Moses supposes his toeses to be!

  23. Secret pleasure: I love to see kitties nurse on their toes. Deadly cute.

  24. Yeah…LurkerType…too bad your delightful TK nursing on his toes vid is set to neighborhood only. Otherwise I was gonna put a link to it. It is teh Qte.

  25. What a beyond anerable stretchy kitty… I want to BE the anerable stretchy kitty!!!!

    “Mmmmmh… stretchy kitty…” [Homer Simpson voice]

  26. Suda Nim says:

    I want to draw little faces on the toes.

  27. Ooooh.. a Singin’ in the Rain reference – I lourves it. Toesday rulez.

  28. lovings says:

    The best part of the streee-tttccchhh is the slight tremble before all extended body parts recede. Ok, so actually that sounds obscene, but you KNOW what I mean.

  29. This makes me want to go home and play with my two tuxies and their adorable toeses but, alas, that will not be for several more hours.

  30. Surely, Toesday will culminate with a photo of the new cat cave kitties and their sparkling toepads, no?

  31. The bottom pic is hilarious (I can just hear a perky aerobics instructor going, “Stretch, 2-3-stretch, 2-3! Come on, let’s get some effort! Do it with me now… STRETCH!!” in the background)- it even has paw webbing. However, I can’t deny I LOVE the first photo best. Just this jumble of perfect shiny black and white kitty paws spilling from the top right corner… then you spy the exposed gray paw pads… and then you see the little black white-whiskered nose snorgling (sp?) the little paw! IT’S PAWFECTION!!

  32. Ok this is getting to be Cute-Toe-Verload. Were you placing bets on who would say it first?

  33. Tizzylish says:

    Toesday is my new favorite day of the week!!

  34. Oops, just noticed the title. I’m embarrassed.

  35. lauowolf says:

    Fuzzy day, just right for making fur grow.
    Fuzzy day, just made for a stretch in the sun;
    It makes me grab my nose,
    And stretch my pretty toes,
    Fuzzy day, fuzzy day, fuzzy day for being me.

  36. I love toesday too. even more when I am in the sun and my favorite nap spot>!!!!my he or she always have a wonderful toesday.

  37. That’s Mr. Biddles! He was a finalist in my Tootsies contest!

  38. Monday’s cat is a fuzzy ball,
    Wednesday’s cat justloves to loll,
    Thursday’s cat loves to lick his hair,
    Friday’s cat throws it up over there,
    Saturday’s cat eats tuna ala mode.
    But Toesday’s cats are on Cute Overload!

  39. I love Toesday. We should definitely have it every week.

  40. I am toetally for Toesday! OMG!
    Do you think we can have Wed-knees-day? and Thighsday? And F-Rump-day?

  41. That looks EXACTLY like Omen.
    Except for the tail, but otherwise – ‘who took pictures of my cat without telling me?!’ ^.~

  42. I really like these toes.

  43. I on toehverload here. oh my. such a cute kitteh ;D

  44. “…wherein, carved in mystic runes upon the very living rock…”

    He that would oppose
    The day that celebrates the toes
    Goes through life with his eyes closed
    He is a Nuff, and it sure shows

  45. Cannot. Look. Away. From. STRETCHY TOES!

  46. Kitteh paws are delish. Check it:

    Smunch those toes babeh.

  47. Only a very close second to the wonderful jellybeansie toes is the white whiskers displayed against the black cheek. I want to KEEES heem!!

  48. I am a big fan of this Toesday thing!

  49. Ok, this is the first time I am ever posting, but today’s cuteness just slayed me… it just did… OOF. I am all weak with cuteness, over in Europe, but still checking this blog…

  50. How come the bonus gifts at deptarment stores never come with a bonus schnozzle? I’m sure I could use that much more than a moisture cream lipstick in my choice of two shades. For serious.

  51. acelightning says:

    Took me a second or two to puzzle out that first picture – those feets are arranged kind of funny – why are there whiskers *there*? – oh, I get it now! Kitty nibbling his hind foot!

    And, of course, cats are the world champions at stretching.

  52. The other day someone told me that cats’ frequent stretching may be why they rarely have back problems.

    I suggested that sleeping 23 hours a day and working, um, NEVER might also have something to do with it!

  53. Michelle says:

    Could these pix be any more deadly? The combination of the warm sunbeam, fuzzle belleh, cashmere blankie. Triple threat to put me in a nap mood.

  54. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Okay, I’ve crossed a line. That first photo made me KISS MY MONITOR. Little tender black marzipan kitty-nose!! And perfect white toes!!!

  55. AAAAAAH!! anybody click on that cutebabyfix link above? soooo funny!!

    all big eyed “hmm, this is a bit furry”

    hee hee

  56. I lerv to see B&W cats acknowledged, because my two boys are B&W. One with a pink nose and one with a black nose.

  57. Melissa says:

    Looks just like my cat Julie. Only her paw pads are mostly pink. It’s very hard to look scary when your paws are pink and white, don’t you think?

  58. I wish every day was Toesday!!!
    plus it’s payday!

  59. shannon says:

    OMG – What better way to repel the ugliness of Tuesdays!!! Just change one little letter and the whole mood of the word is so much better!!! Luff the kitty toes. What better way to celebrate Toesday than with the best beans of all – kitty toes! (Course I love my pup’s feets too – they just arent as soft)

    I vote that every Tuesday from now on should be Toesday, showcasing toes of all manner of creatures!! (barring humans – those are gross)

  60. Alice Shortcake says:

    Love the claws – “now you see ’em, now you don’t!”

  61. Fuzzybutt says:

    Holy frijole negro toes!!! 🙂

  62. Tuxie toes! Tuxie toes!
    I’m glad one kitten comes as another goes.

  63. ThreeCatNight says:

    One stretch, two stretch, and then – re-lax!
    And more adorable little kitteh toes, and a belleh to nuzzle. Such is a day in the life of a housecat. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

  64. omg!

  65. eikoleigh says:

    kitty toes!!