Toesday! MITTENS

Don’t you *HATE* it when people pronounce ‘mittens’ ‘MITT-TENS’ or even worse ‘buttons’ as ‘BUTT-TINS’. Everyone know’s it’s pronounced ‘button’ you moroon! Stop making an arse of yerself. Geeshe.

Letterboxed for your pleasure

Veronica H., and "Friendly" the kitteh can open his cat food his own self because HE HAS OPPOSABLE THUMBS OMGPONIES



  1. Jenn Jordan says:

    Yay! I like him.

  2. freetomato says:

    kittie thumbs!!!!

    numero uno!!!!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Yeah for tuxies and yeah for opposable thumbs!

  4. I heart tuxies! So comftrbuls

  5. What an awesome kitteh!!!!

  6. mr. friendly looks like my kittehs when i’m fixin to disturb their sleepies…. he looks quite capable of b*tch slappin ya with those pawsies 🙂 lol

  7. So chill.. he’s a cool cat!

  8. Mmmmm….paws up? Or Thumbs up??

  9. zosterops says:

    don’t even think of sitting in this seat.

  10. good old whatshername says:

    Oh noes, we’re doomed, a cat with opposable thumbs. The only thing worse would be a dolphin with hands.

  11. zeldapie says:

    With those thumbs, he could be a handyman (handycat). I can picture him with a sawzall or power drill, fer sure.

  12. kitties with thumbs? is that rare or just a common occurance that i’ve never noticed?

    he looks rather disapproving.

  13. javagirl69 says:

    Holy Cannoli, Batman! Them’s some biiiiiigg thumbs!

  14. Magnus G. says:

    Yay, looks like a boxer with the mittens o waiting for a backrub. Seriously awesome!!!

  15. EliottM says:

    I have some cousins who pronounce it bud’ns and I hate that too.

  16. enh! must streetch mah tohs!

    (my kitteh has thumbs too. they are better to ninjah you with)

  17. Awwwwwww, I miss my old mittened tuxy kitteh. His name was Geordi, and his toes were so great, he had extra. I would snorgle this kitteh’s toes in his honor.

  18. IluvheemIluvheemIluvheemIluvheemIluvheemIluvheem!!

  19. layla42 says:

    kitty thumbs!
    if he finds out where the treats and the wet food is–we’re doomed!

    he sure does look comfy though

  20. PygmyMarmoset says:

    That is one mean prize-fighter of a PUSS!!

    Way to defend your territory, Tom in tux!!

  21. Eee! I have a “thumb cat” too! My LucyFur is the cutest little polydactyl puss ever. 🙂

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    Look at them mitts! Love that little half-sleepy smile.
    “Where do I sleep? Anywhere I want to! So there, humans!”

  23. and I hate it when people say “ki’ens”… like it’s cute to leave out the T’s… as if kittehs *need* to be any cuter!

    but I *luf* polydactyl kittehs… more jellybean toes to snorgle!

  24. Milesmom says:

    Look a those beautiful thumbs!! He’s so evolved…

  25. i want to kiss his little pink nose!!!!! tuxedo cats are so nice!

  26. i want to kiss his little pink nose!!!!! tuxedo cats are so nice!

  27. ashleysue says:

    look at his little paw-hands! his little pands!

  28. I’ve always said the only thing that has prevented cats from taking over the world is their lack of opposable thumbs.

    Oh, that and the fact that they’re distracted by feather toys, bugs, shiny things, and feet under the covers.

  29. Shannon says:

    My daughter and I call tuxedo cats “kitty-cows” who say “moo-ow” 🙂 It rhymes hehehe.

    This chill cat looks like he’s up for a serious game of thumb war!

  30. I have a friend who is the biggest fan of this website. She says but-tons and mit-tens. I thinks it’s adorable. She doesn’t do it on purpose, It’s a speech impediment, something about aspirated or un-aspirated T’s.

  31. the kitteh is giving a big thumbs down!!

  32. I remember watching Forrest Gump when I was a little girl and thinking that it was so, so weird that Americans pronounce ‘buttock’ as ‘BUTT-TOCK’. (Odd example, I know, but relevant!)

    Thankfully now I’m older I know that not all Americans pronounce it like that, apart from odd ones who live in certain states. Am I right? ^_^

    – Steph (from England!)

  33. dont mess with this kitteh or he will cover your entire face with his gargantuan mitts

  34. how else are you supposed to pronounce ‘mittens’?… am i missing something? or are you saying that they separate it into two words?

  35. OMG he’s gorgeous. And those paws …. amazing. I WANT HIM!

  36. Theresa says:

    You fools! Don’t you know that opposable thumbs are the last step in cat’s march to world domination?

  37. osker
    yeah i think they’re saying its annoying to say mittens like “mit Tens”. thats how i took it anyways.
    up here we pronounce it like “mittins”

  38. Catsquatch says:


    Ok, where’s Tweety Bird….

  39. sweetnsensible says:

    This soft-fisti-kated katt is dressed to perform–on the thumb piano !

  40. Srah, kitties with thumbs (extra toes) are not terribly rare, but I have heard they are prevalent in New England, where we live. My kitteh has seven toes and his paws look like catcher’s mitts!

  41. Are pussycats evolving or something? I can’t count the number of cat thumbs I’ve seen recently, on here and on SOMC…. What’s going on? Next they’ll be taking over the world!

    Oooh goody! Sun spots and sleeping all day for all! Yey!

  42. Luckily, Theresa, I will be there to save us from cat world domination, by going, “Looky, looky. It’s a sproingy ponytail holder!” Disaster averted.

  43. in Maine it’s MITT-EHNS and BUTT-EHNS.

    and this cat would be all “ay-yuh!”

  44. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’m filing this in the “cute but strangely disturbing” category. He looks like he’s giving the “thumbs down” signal at a gladiator fight! What a shame Friendly and Caligula missed each other by two thousand years…

  45. AliceTanzer says:

    I’ll back you up with a feather on a string.

  46. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh great googly moogly look at them there thumbs.

  47. Laurie C says:

    …and I’ll bring the scrunched up ball of paper.

  48. AliceTanzer and LaurieC–They’ll make a movie about us called: 3.

  49. In some parts of the NorthEast, where we have something called a “glottal stop”, we say “mih-ehns.” Yeah, we’re weird.

  50. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Happyfeet! I’ve got those hap-hap-happy feet!
    Give them a low down beat
    and they begin dancing!

  51. i think kitteh is all “Represent!”

    he’s flashing the sign, “yo homies, east side”

  52. Wow. If he has opposable thumbs and can use, as zeldapie says, a power drill, then – THE WORDS OF EDDIE IZZARD ARE TRUE!

    “Cat, are you drilling?!”

  53. Suzy's Mom says:

    Don’t forget about paper bags. What kitty can resist one?

  54. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    …or open a can.

  55. Cute cat. And it’s mi-ins. Pronounced like “didn’t” in “oh no you di-int!” That glottal stop thingy like you said.

  56. I read somewhere (so it MUST be true) that back in the days of sail cats with extra toes were thought to be better mousers, and the trait was selectively bred for in seaport towns in England where extra-toed kittens could be sold for a tidy sum to a merchant sailing vessel. these days in the USA many of the cats with extra toes can trace their ancestry back to cats that came over to the colonies on merchant ships.

  57. Too Many Maureens says:

    Rezilla: I actually had to stop and think about “3”, but when I did, I laughed myself silly.

  58. TMMaureens, I’m glad somebody got it. Our movie blurb would be something like: “3 crazy cat ladies against 10 million cats with opposable thumbs. [crinkle, crinkle]”

  59. LOL!

    That posture makes me think kitteh is saying:

    You talkin’ to ME?

  60. did you really just wake me up?

  61. Just more proof that one day cats will rule the world. You never hear of a dog with opposable thumbs.

  62. I think the extra toes are often from inbreeding. I’ve known lots of farm cats that have them, because there’s a lot of inbreeding among cats

    I shudder to imagine the fate of the human race in a world where all cats have opposable thumbs. “Your sun has SET, monkeypeople! Now dawns the age of the CAT!”

  63. Whups, that was supposed to say “because there’s a lot of inbreeding among cats on the same farm.”

    I love how this kitty seems to be making a special effort to show off his extra digits.

  64. Jaye and the others worried about evolving cats.
    we on CO should be safe, the nuffs should be worried. I’m sure the cats will find us a job like scritcher, string dangler, catnip farmer

  65. Nichole says:

    I pronouce it “BUT-tuns” but almost like “BUT-‘n” because I am from New England and we say words fast.

    How would you pronounce “Mitten?” Because I pronouce it almost like “MIT-‘n.”

    Or, I don’t get your sense of humor.

  66. I hate “BUH-ens”

  67. Yay Cats and Eddie Izzard! For those unfamiliar with him (Eddie not cat), here is the reference:

    You stroke a dog, the dog goes, “oooooooo…” and cats go (purring/drilling sound), because they’re drilling, aren’t they? That’s what they’re doing. They’re drilling, they drill for gold! They drill for oil, they drill for anything! Just for the love of drilling! When they’re behind your sofa, they’re just drilling. (mimes drilling) They’ve got goggles on, it’s okay! There’s a compressor over there…Your friends come and say, “I think your cat’s drilling behind your sofa!” “I don’t think so, that’s purring, that noise, isn’t it? Cat, are you drilling?” And the cat hears this, whips off the goggles, (mimes coming from behind the sofa), “No, no… Drilling? No! No, I’m a cat! How would I know how to drill? That’s purring you’re thinking of, purring! Oh, yes, purring! Having a good ole purr back here… no drilling. No, no, okay… “ (mimes putting goggles back on and resuming drilling) Sometimes they drill 40, 50 feet, you know, just for the hell of it.

  68. slightly scary but still cuuuuuute!!! 😀

  69. A tuxkittie?! W/thumbs? OMG. I wanna give him a wee tophat (a lil hat not one w/wee all over it *shifty eyes*), a lil monocle & I wanna take him to the opera. Ya know he’d love the yowling and a champy glass fulla cream LOL…

  70. He’s all like

  71. Theresa says:

    That would be a gloh-ul stop. 😉

  72. polydactyl delightfulness but is it just me or does Mr. Friendly not look so …. well friendly?

  73. Luckily, my polydactyl cat is a little on the slow side (love him to pieces, but he is one fry short of a Happy Meal), and hasn’t figured out the possible power of opposing thumbs.

  74. I also say “mi’ins”. In Michigan, people are raised to talk fast and those hard letters just slow things down. No sense saying them all if you don’t have to. Yay, for the glottal stop!

    And as cute as this pic is, I LOST it when I read “HE HAS OPPOSABLE THUMBS OMGPONIES”
    Ha! That OMGPONIES gets me every time.

  75. Polydactyl kitties are teh cuteness.

  76. I am so ready for cats to dominate the world. They’re bound to do a better job than the current world-dominators. Hooray for Emperor Friendly!

  77. OOOH, OOOH, OOOH a tux and polydactyle as well..Too mush

  78. mittens' jodi says:

    You know how Meg was saying she hates it when people pronounce Mittens like Mitt-tens?

    Well that’s me.

    Or sometimes I pronounce it with a french accent (therby removing the ‘s’)

    Apparently Meg hates ME.
    *tears welling*

  79. A thumbed tux? Oh, that’s just tooo moishe.

    I think kitteh is named ironically as well.

    You can tell he’s high-class from both the formal wear and the widescreen letterboxed picture. This is a society cat.

  80. Love tux kitties, love Eddie Izzard.

    Love toes. Opposable thumb toes.

    Must go feed my tux. Oh dear, he just climbed into my large purse (sitting precariously on a chair) and knocked it over. My lipstick is now a toy. ‘Scuse me…

  81. Yup… an Eddie Izzard cat if ever there was one…
    just watch your foundations slump after he’s been drilling all night…..
    it’s a dangerous world we live in… opposable thumbed felines and all that…….

  82. lauowolf says:

    Well, yeah, he might use his thumbs to rule the world.
    Or it might be too much trouble.

  83. its hard day for this kitteh, extra toes and all that, too comfy to not laugh at. He almost looks like I’ll clean up that party mess me and my freinds made later, the games and catnip and empty beverage containers all over the basement. That is after I get a loooonnnnggg nap here in my favorite chair.

  84. I love his expression “Heh, heh, heh….silly humans! Look at my pands! So NOW who’s in charge here, hmmmm??”

  85. acelightning says:

    I guess we should be glad that polytdactyl toes aren’t really *opposable*, like true thumbs. I’m sure that if my Loki (who is not polydactyl) had the finger dexterity to use a keyboard, he’d be on MySpace by now…

  86. Polar Bear & Rockie's mom says:

    My girls were so jealous when they saw this picture — they want to be able to open the tuna can whenever they feel like it! 🙂

  87. Theresa–
    what difference would it make? i mean, seriously, cats pretty much have world domination anyway. let’s see… we feed them, shelter them, clean up after them, love them, give them toys, and they give us the privilege of being able to “own” one. the only difference is that we’d all realize they control us. but we love them anyway…..

  88. CB: You’re exactly right about the prevalence of polydactyl cats in port-towns. 🙂

    They are actually doing a genetic study on such kitties from all over N.A. The mutation pops up all over but thumb-kitties get exported a lot too. Most certainly don’t have any negative side effects and some do seem to be ablet to “grasp” better/different than average.

    It’s only a matter of time before they start conquring door-knobs. Next, they’ll start driving cars and then it’s all over. No dog is safe. :p

  89. Friendly the Kitten to cameraman:

    “Yes, this IS my chair, you got a problem with that?”

  90. We call ’em “Hemingway Cats” here in FL…

    AmyH, where in Michigan are you? ‘Cause I grew up around Detroit and although we all talk way too fast (when I first moved to FL, nobody could understand me), we never said “mi’ins”. I remember hearing other kids say it that way, but most of them were from families that had moved from the south to the Detroit area (to work at the factories).

    People here say they can tell I’m from Michigan from the way I say “ice”, although I still haven’t been able to figure out what it is about how I say it that is different from anyone else. And after 15 years here, I have picked up “y’all”. 🙂

  91. Pack it in folks, matter of time before the kittehs take over the world.

    I, for one, welcome our new kitteh overlords.

  92. What does OMGPONIES mean anyway? Checked C.O. glossary and it’s not there.

  93. Natalie says:

    That cat has jazz hands!

  94. Jazz paws! Jazz paws!

  95. i saw a picture somewhere that the cat was able to flip anyone the bird just by cleaning his extra toes.

  96. julie — it’s an homage to some of the best CO captions ever. Check out the horsies page in general, or my fave pony post in particular:


  98. Cat Girl says:

    Polydactyl cats are my favorite.
    And today on my “Stuff on Cats” calendar there is a polydactyl cat!! All on my b-day!

  99. Okies, thanks, Pheas. 🙂

  100. Suda Nim says:

    Actually, polydactyly is a dominant gene, so you don’t have to worry about inbreeding being a factor.

  101. あきあき says:


  102. Shari – I grew up out in the sticks, between Jackson and Battle Creek. We rural folk tend to be more accent-y than you suburbian urbans. It’s something I’ve worked really, really hard to tone down now that I live in Phoenix. But a few phone calls home and I’m back to shoving my vowels through my nose.

  103. Hooray for kittens with mittens!

  104. =]teresa[= says:

    i have evolved thumbs. BEWARE!