Toesday! on a cat tree!

"Natasha" kitteh is "Sprawled across the top of her cat tree"  whatever that is.


Anne H.—I’m sure it’s greaaaaat.



  1. Love the feet day!

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    Awww, kitty toes!


  4. Yay! First post! Woot! My favorite thing that my cat does with her feet is she will sneak up behind you and start grooming your head, (which is hilarious because I have long hair) But if you try to move, she’ll put a paw on your head all like where do you think your goin mister?

  5. OMG — Caturday, Bunday, Muzzleday…TOESDAY!

    Tomorrow’s Wee’uns-day, right?

  6. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Looks like Kitty is on a recliner. ‘Human bring me my remote and some cat nip Now’

  7. Is this picture right side up? Hmmm… maybe the kitty is lounging on it’s side, with just toes and tip of tail visible…

  8. Kitteh is thinkin: if I can’t see you, you can’t see me right?

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Toe Monster is gonna get him.

  10. Those toes are begging for some nibbling!

  11. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Those are kittie tator tots!

  12. kitteh paws are truly magical. ‘specially disembodied ones.

  13. Karen in Toronto says:

    Those could almost be disapproving bunny muzzlepuffs. And a feather duster.

  14. Beth Patterson says:

    aww kitteh trees are the BESTEST thing ever 4 the bebehs to climb an jump and streeettccchhh and claw without getting eaten up outside in the reel world. crows are dangerous birds, yo.

  15. It would be cuter if the cat tree was shaped like a tree!

  16. Those toes are begging to be grabbed! And tickled! And snorgled…

  17. Laurie C says:

    In a house with *two* cats, this shot would be the calm before the storm. Right now, cat #2 is below the cat tree, wiggling its butt, preparing to pounce.

  18. My cats have a cat tree–and they absolutely love it. Indoor cats need the climbing exercise it gives them.

  19. I think the cat tree is one of those constructions the cats are supposed to use as a scratching post (instead of the sofa or wallpaper) and in our modern times are also equipped with soft places for sleeping on – whatever the correct word for this is in English. 🙂 In German it is called “scratching tree”.

  20. What a camera angle! Took me forever to realize these are the tops of the back feet. And what cute back feet they are…
    awwwwwwwww [munch] 🙂

  21. daintykeebler says:
  22. layla42 says:

    teeekle teeekle teeekle…

    I love to tickle outstretched kitty tosies!

    I want to get a nice big cat tree–but considering how contrary my cats can be–they’d ignore it completely!
    besides, they have plenty of furniture and their Human Jungle Gyms to play on.

  23. Karebear says:

    The picture is sideways, that kitty is defying gravity!

  24. The cute in this picture has completely incapaci-toe-ted me.

  25. Pogonip says:

    A cat tree is where cats grow, of course. Sillies. Where do you think cats come from, anyway?

  26. i want to neeeble on zee toesiees

  27. Hee. People who want to snorgle kitty toes must have declawed cats. My kitties would NOT appreciate that!

    Also I’m in lurve because this kitteh has the same name and color as mine.

  28. viv – nope, all of my kittehs have full sets of claws, and some of them let me snorgle their leetle toesies…
    just depends what kind of mood they’re in…

  29. *raises hand*

    I got 3 hours of sleep last night… can I join da kitteh?

  30. Artistic and interesting shot. I like puke-inducing cute though. I’m not complaining, k. It is cute in it’s way.

  31. I meant “its” all you correctors.

  32. Anne H. says:

    Natasha is my kitteh, and she lets me snorgle her toes daily! In this pic, she’s at the top of her 6+-foot cat tower — and all you could see from below were her toes, peeking over the edge 🙂

  33. Mary Kay says:

    I know this kitteh!! I haven’t quite gotten close enough to snorgle her (she’s my neighbor’s kitteh) but I’m on my way… Way to go, Nata! Borka will be so jealous.

  34. Yitzysmommie says:

    I lurves me some toesies….

  35. Cat trees are the bestest. And the kittehs always hang their toesies and tailses off the edge like this. Which BEGS for a tickle.

  36. kellyfaerie says:

    Cat tree. As pictured in this comic I drew (it was my first one, k?):

  37. lauowolf says:

    I gotcher toes delivery here.
    Ya want me to set up the whole cat, or just leave em?

  38. tocks, and a tail that is what toesday is all about cute cute pic even though we must imagine what the rest of the kitteh looks like but who cares it made my day.

  39. lauowolf says:

    Oh, and is this tail part of your order?

  40. Fuzzy wuzzy toot-sies! I had a cat that let me massage her feets between each toe. It was awesome. My current kittehs will not allow such nonsense.

  41. you guys r silly says:

    hi mc2!
    Wembley LOOOOOVES her feetsies massaged between her toesicles! You can come over and carry on that kind of nonsense with HER, if you’d like! &:o)

  42. Sometimes I tickle my kitteh’s toeses just a little; she does not like it but allows it. Usually I leave her toeses alone except for snorgling and manicures.

  43. SeaBreeze says:

    PussyToes!!! So CUTE!!!!! 😀

  44. berber

  45. This kitteh is totally pulling a Roofees!

  46. I will stop and admire these signs of a very relaxed kitteh, then I will tail-tiptoes very quietly away…

  47. R. Moore says:

    What nice little grey paws!

    Much nicer than the wicked little black ones that attacked my feet today. I’ve never had a cat so fascinated with me before.

  48. cat toes are super good. and here’s the tree…

  49. Rebecca says:

    The picture is sideways!

  50. Shannon says:

    Okay time to break out my funny kitty toes story. (What – doesnt everyone have one of those stories??)

    So I have snorgled Bagheera’s toes since he was six weeks old (altho I didnt know that was a term for it till I came here.) Everyone thought I was a wierdo and I kept it mostly to myself. He is 13 now. But since I have been doing it for so long he is of course accustomed to it.

    Well, Shannon, that doesn’t mean EVERY kitty likes to have his toes snorgled as I discovered with my neighbors kitty when I was pet-sitting. That hurt…. and it took me awhile to figure out why kitty reacted so violently. *sigh* lesson learned.

  51. Persephone says:

    Daintykeebler, that was redonkulous. Nicely done. 🙂

  52. Peek-a-boo!
    I see a Russian blue!

  53. Yitzysmommie says:

    kdub – I want one of those trees in my backyard!

  54. ThreeCatNight says:

    May I tickle those soft little toes? I do it to my cats all the time. Don’t know how they tolerate me!

  55. Snowpea says:

    Such a minimalist picture. It’s all in the texture. Yep. True art.

    Those toesies are just too eeeeeeedible looking. :eeeeeeeeee!:

  56. Snowpea says:

    Such a minimalist picture. It’s all in the textures (wavy, nubby, furry) and their juxtaposition. The perfect balance of dark and light… the movement suggested by the purplish weave in the back, the fuzzy tail. So so zen.

    And I want to tickle those toes! AUGH! LOL

  57. Snowpea says:

    Oops, I pressed post the first time and thought I’d stopped it in time. O Teho Ze All Powerzifulz, can you delete my first post, pretty please?

  58. loves it! we have a cat tree too – 4 stories tall. (cat-sized stories) some people also call them a cat tower.

  59. Oh is kitty getting an MRI today? No, a CAT scan!
    Kitty’s all, yeah right, g’head and *try* to analyze my feline mind.

  60. omg toes! kitty is enjoying a nice nap it seems.

  61. I love this photograph but I am a more than a little concerned about the texture of the carpet wound around the scratching post. It is loop pile, people, LOOP pile. Little claws can involuntarily get stuck in the loops and probably not be retracted. Cat tries and tries and tries harder and in the worst set of circumstances rips out the claw. Very dangerous for a cat. Cut pile carpet is the only option, or sisal which cats prefer anyway. As for the snorgling, there is a little story to tell … in a moment.

  62. Many years ago I had the two most wonderful cats they walked the earth at the time. Miss Sophie and Sir Toby, the entire litter of a neighbour’s cat. I knew them from the day they were born and took them into my home 9 weeks later. Miss Sophie developed the habit of sucking the pad of her right front paw. She did this whenever she felt totally at ease, comfortable, happy. I thought it was something so cute, she even did it when she was resting in my lap, and would often fall asleep over it. Later I heard that cats do that when they were taken from their mom too early but this was clearly not the case here, and Sophie and Toby were my children. I was living alone at that time with no attachments and devoted myself to their welfare. So I had to realize that she did it for pure pleasure. It’s a weird world sometimes.

  63. I wish my kitty would let me touch her paws. She slashes at me every time, which means trimming her claws and making her less dangerous to play with is totally out of the question.

  64. ZOMG!212!