Come here and I shall PUT YOU IN A HAPPY COMA!

Listen closely for the chirping sender-inner Tanya K…



  1. hehehe I love that he turns!

  2. Constance says:

    Can I get a squee?


  3. Oh yes, that’s the spot. A little to the right and yeah, that’s the ticket!

  4. ajm1125 says:

    That is too much!

  5. Could that little guy be the first degu on Cute Overload? aww… yay degu!

  6. Tina Rhea says:

    A degu? Doesn’t quite look like a gerbil. Years ago the National Zoo staff was hand-rearing two baby degus who had drawn so much blood that they were named Bela and Lugosi. This little character seems less chompy.

  7. How funny! I feel like most small rodents don’t respond to touch that way. Cute!

  8. joodster says:

    So caaaa-ute!
    My husband actually squeed when he took a peek at this pic. He of course denies the squee…but I heard it.

  9. Deff. A very cute gerbil. My gerbils perked up when I played it on loud.

  10. Squee! Cute.

    It’s a degu, BTW, not a gerb 🙂

  11. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! What a happy rodent!

    I love his expression! It’s textbook “blissed out”. And then the almost drugged pause after she stops petting him: …eh? what? hey! ooooooh…

  12. Wow. So that’s what it’s like when someone you trust puts of video of your most intimate moments out on the internet for everybody to squee at.

  13. Gawwwwwww!!!! I’m’a just put this widdle feller in my here pocket now… *sneaks away slowly*

  14. I believe she’s hitting the acupressure point in the little guy known to release the force known as “Squee,” the cute energy inherent in all adorable things.

  15. Grumblecakes says:

    Who knew l’il rodents could enjoy being petted so much? Not me, anyway. Except now I do. Hee!

  16. gaaaallllghhh….more scritchyscritchy under my neck….

  17. bayoujuju says:

    ohhhhh….squish. that was my heart imploding from the sweetness of this!!! I’ve noticed most rodents do like to have the areas under their eyes and chins rubbed and/or petted.

  18. I would so like to know what that thing is. He looks too big to be a gerbil, and the wrong shape/color to be a chinchilla. What is the affectionate rodent?

  19. Um…Redzilla? Are you actually afraid the degu would *mind* its video being on the internet?!

  20. Jessica says:

    He looks like a chinchilla to me…sooo darn cute! Must have been a cat in the previous life.

  21. Um…Jaye? Not seriously. Just goin’ for a laff.

  22. Tanya K says:

    Hey all .. glad you like the video! They didn’t use to let us touch them like this – normally they’re running around way too much to stop and enjoy a pet. Now we pet them both like this every day .. nothing like a happy degu to make my day!

  23. Jessalyn says:

    I live is sucky California where you cant have goibils…it is preety sad. if you are in a state that allows them, know that you are very lucky. U cant have ferrets or skinks either, so i keep rats. they are hella CUTE! I will upload some pix l8tr…

  24. Snowpea says:

    OMG! That lil guy is so so SOOOOO blissed out. “Yeah, yeah, mmmmh, right there, oh oh, don’t stop!”

    I didn’t squee, but my giggle was pretty high pitched LOL The little squeak is so prosh.

  25. SeaBreeze says:

    NO GERBILS IN CALIF?!?!?! What’s up wid dat???!!!

    This little guy is BEYOND cute!! Gerbils would never hold still long enough for that, at least ours wouldn’t. But if certain people picked them up out of their nests while they were basically sleeping, they’d go to sleep in your hand. It was SO cute to see. sigh. =)

  26. Have we just witnessed the first C.O. Degu cute-gasm? 😉

  27. compy-saur says:

    Garsh! An octadon degu!

    *toothy grin*

  28. Degu, not a gerbil.

  29. D’awww! The little guy is FALLING OVER in his blissed-out state. More degu posts, plz!

  30. We had gerbils who would allow petting – yes, I know this guy is a degu. I always thought degus looked like a cross between a gerbil and a chinchilla…so cute.

    And yeah…what’s up with the weird animal bans in California??!? I can understand not allowing tigers or polar bears…but gerbils??!?

  31. Don’t you all just wish we could all be so happily pleased, that was truly a peaceful post.

  32. eeee I love that his little face squishes all up when she pets him under the chin.

    I promise you that little rodent smiled and sighed…

  33. Martha in Washington says:

    OH YES, oh yes, oh yes…Hey! Why’d you stop?!
    Oh yes!
    Oh yes!
    Looks like this could go on for hours.

  34. i lurve rodents…. his orange toofers made me smile… like he had a buck-toofed grin on while she was scritching his itchies…. btw.. orange toofs (good sign of being oxygenated in rodents)… white teefs… bad.

    i loved the way he twisted around so she could scritch all over… life is good 🙂

  35. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Yeah, happy coma and bucktoothed bliss!

  36. BunnyBooBoo says:

    I have a bunny that likes to be petted the same way and responds the same way! He also likes having his ears and tocks scratched. When I scratch an ear he lifts up the corresponding paw to lick and when I scratch his tocks, he turns around to bite at his own tocks!

  37. For all those people mistaking it for a gerbil… it is WAY too big. Plus if it was a gerbil it would need a tank where it can dig and make tunnels. Gerbils are very little creatures. This is definitely a Degu!

  38. shollia says:

    Rofl.. as others.. I can SOOOO picture tht lil guy/gal saying
    Oh oh right there.. oh yeeeaaah.. that’s the spot.

    SOO cute!! That look it gets on it’s face is priceless.

  39. I’d rape that degu all night long! woops did i just say that? >:)

  40. Aww… adorable!

  41. Xtineebee says:

    Hep me, hep me – I been HYP-MO-TYSED!

    I swear, Meg, as awesome as the cute is, I am constantly amused to find a peer with the same sense of inane humour and (pre CBS) Letterman love.

  42. lurkingsmirk says:

    Oh the silliest goofiest grin evah! I love the “more?” look after the scritching.

  43. acelightning says:

    Damn, I wish someone would pet *me* till I bliss out like that!

  44. I’m in your cage, awaiting your finger

  45. Yay for degusnusses! Rodents so cute even people who hate rodents want to squeeze em, plus they make the cutest noises in the world!!

    I’ve adopted two pairs of second-hand degus, and Tanya’s dead on: usually they are far too busy to even acknowledge their people. Unless we have raisins. Now that my boys are older (5 1/2 + 6 years old) they’re all about the skritches 🙂

  46. Alice Shortcake says:

    He looks like a miniature beaver when he grins!

  47. Really, the music in the background is what makes it… It’s ridiculous. The whole video is very very cute, though. LOL 🙂

  48. Ok so I hadda watch it again, and this time I squeed my pants.

  49. OMG. What a totally cute little animal!

    I want one now. I bet they’re illegal in stupid Hawaii.

    My husband is worried about coming home in October to a houseful of cats… He ought to really be worried about coming home to a houseful of degus.

  50. isnt that a babeh chinchilla?

    chinch or gerbil, whatever this little fella is, he is a happy camper! cuuuuuute

  51. chin-scratchies!

    my kitties get that same blissed out look, as well as the indignant “hey! I didn’t tell you to stop!” if there’s a letup in the loves.

  52. the best thing about the cuteness that is this video, is that they obviously have a respectful, loving relationship- they enjoy each other and the human doesnt pick up the little critter

  53. Most persuasive degu! So adorable!

  54. have to say, this is the first i’ve ever heard of a degu. cute li’l buggers.
    i’m loving after he got petted the second time…he stopped, looked around, and went “hey!! wait-wha? where’d it go?!?!1!?”
    i know how you feel, li’l degu, i know how you feel.

  55. what a smooshy little creature!

  56. Awwww….reminds me of my gerbil named Woodstock from when I was a kid. He would let me pick him up and do that and eventually flip over onto his back and fall asleep in my hand. None of the others would let me do that.

  57. The Chipnotizer says:

    Way to go Tanya K. and Rabble-petting your degus until they are tame and blissful!!! My daughter and I have always really enjoyed “cat-tipping” (scritching teir neck & ears etc. until they just topple over) and consider each new cat as a personal tipping challenge!!! I can see now that we will have to add degus to our personal challenge list-although our small town has few degus. I was going to get a couple but our local vets said they weren’t familiar enough with degu health issues to feel comfy taking care of them. Looks like Tanya & Rabble have figured out part of the secret—excessive scritching which leads to happy, healthy degus. Please let me know when you tip ’em!!! TOO CUTE!!!

  58. OMG!!! That look reminded me so much of my kitty!!! I had never heard of a degu either, but they are soooooooooooo cute!!!! If I wasn’t afraid my kitty would knock the cage onto the floor in attempt to play I would go out and get one now!!! 🙂

  59. The Chipnotizer says:

    Oh dang!!! A typo in my last post!!! Just want to thank Meg and Theo and everyone else at C.O. for another great start to another day!!! And all the sender inners too!!! All my life people have thought I was nuts for noticing ears, toes and tummies!!! And for kissing chippie and rattie tummies too!!! It’s so nice to know all of you out there understand me!! TY >^..^< Everyone snorgle your pets right NOW!!!

  60. AnnefromtheNetherlands says:

    Oh my god… When she scrayches the wee head, you see the degu go all ‘Zzzzzz… Zooooo Goodies’ and when she stops he almost falls over and has to reorientate! Sooooo Goodies 😛

    (My boyfriend has started to roll his eyes at me everytime I mention C.O. He’s just jealous ‘cuz I’m a girl and allowed to like the site)

  61. Sometimes I feel like that when I use a q-tip in my ears.

  62. Finally a Degu! I own two of these little critters and they are just the best! As for the poster that mentioned that they bite, nothing could be further from the truth. These toothy creatures are such the little herbivores, that finger is not the right texture. I’ve never once seen them even try to bite anyone once. Yay for Degus!

  63. kestrien says:

    California is terrified that any possible creature that could escape into the wild will, and somehow destroy agriculture. Hence, no ferrets, no gerbils, no sugar gliders, hedgehogs, etc. Although I have heard that (at least ferrets) are legal to own – just illegal to buy, and every Petco carries a ferret supply aisle. Interesting enough, that seems to only go for mammals – most reptiles get the go ahead (it’s individual towns and counties that pass bans on those).

  64. My rabbit is the same way, *AND* he will be stoned for about 5 minutes after a vigorous petting.

  65. Oh my Goodness!

    Cutest Chinster EVAR!

  66. Oh my oh my oh my!!!! I want one.

    And yeah, I live in California too, sucks. I mean I love California for a lot of reasons, however the silly laws about not having cute little rodents? And Ferrets! I want one.

  67. Kathy C says:

    Thanks for sharing this vid with us! I will watch it over an’ over an’ over. Nothing like a happy degu! SO CUTE!

  68. brownamazon says:

    I can’t hear any music… does it go bow-chicka-bow-bow? Because this is like rodent pr0n.

  69. fluidstatic says:

    “I shall turn my leetle rodent self upside-down and inside-out in the name of better skritchy-loves!”

    The bliss on this little guy’s face is brilliant.

  70. *head explosion from the cuteness*

    Not again.

    *gets mop and bucket*

  71. I love the lean! I thought he was just going to flop over and be all like “ahhhh, skritch!!!”

  72. Ohh I love his lil tooofs!!


  73. that’s exactly (well, pretty close to) what my chinchillas do when you pet them under their chins. but they don’t like their whiskers being messed with. sooo cute.

  74. OMG, my Chins used to respond that way, too. trhat under-the-chin skritchin’ would put them in a blissy trance that couldn’t be beat. A. Dor. Able!

  75. ’bout time we had some degu action on here! My Splinter and Jeffrey are rooting for this guy! Spread the degu lovin!! And I almost sent in the degu cuddle ball, but it’s just not the same since Helper died 😦

  76. HA! Excellent! my cat does the exact same thing when you start scratching her neck/ears– she turns into the scratch and totally just goes with it until she falls over because she’s so relaxed..hehhee

  77. Awwww, nothing like a rodent in a happy-coma! My bunny (she crossed the Rainbow Bridge several years ago, still missed and loved)used to have the same expression, and give the deepest, most content sigh before rolling onto her back (only to get *very* disapproving when the patting stopped-once you start, you can’t quit)

  78. heartbrokenbethy says:

    this vid is like “virtual degu pettting”. If you let your brain relax, you can almost feel him.
    Thanks for this one.

  79. Hooray for degus!!! *snorgle*


    As someone who is owned by three brother degus I see this vid as a challenge.

    My boys are very nicely caged but I’ve never managed to get them to stand still long enough to get ’em used to skritching. Even with treats of course they are all bickering and paranoid that someone’s going to steal their cheerio so they won’t sit still.

    They get all blissed like this when they are grooming eachother though wich is SO CUTE.

    If anyone wants to see more pics of degus click my URL link under my sig. and look at my pet-pics. 😀

    I’m glad other degu luvas are coming out for this one. Always check your local resuce if you’ve become interested in degus. There are often babies looking for a home.

  81. Sorry, I didn’t say that right. Just clik on my name and you’ll go to my photo album…

  82. Samantha says:

    …….so friggin cute………I <3 IT

  83. book_monstercats says:

    Owwwoooooh! I know it’s not a gerbil, but we useta have one. He used to take nuts out of my fingers, but never went into a scritchy-coma.

  84. LYKE OMGIZZLE A DEGU! finally! i was wondering hen those cute little tyke would get on here! NOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE *i know of/know* WHO THINKS THEY’RE CUTE! oh, my little Adelay-lay [Adelaide] and Aubre-bre [Aubrey] would be so thrilled if they knew how to use a computer!

    i wonder if her degalou lous are poo flingers too.

  85. mine don’t go in a happy coma, mine eat peanuts out of my mouth tho, and it tickles like crazy!

  86. lol, it’s not a gerbil. It’s an expensive animal called a “Chinchilla”

  87. I have four degus, and mine don’t hold still very long either. Their names are Munchkin, Squirt, Pipssqueak, and Little Bit Twitchy. Munchkin and Little Bit Twitchy live in a cage with a 20 lbs. White Norwegian Rabbit. The degus love to sleep on the back of the rabbit’s neck underneath her ears. I will get a pic posted asap. It is by far the cutest thing EVER!!!!