Fave kitteh posishe

I love this kitteh posishe ’cause it’s soooooooooooo comfertuhbulsexposedbellehOMG.


Nice teddy bear comferter, Josh S.! hee



  1. Mile long kitteh!!

  2. Sh…. don’t wake the sleepy one.

  3. constance says:

    Man. That’s me. Right now.


  4. martha in mobile says:

    I thought it read “comfertuhbul sex posed belleh”

    excuse my dirty mind.

  5. joodster says:

    lets see…where do i start? the pawsies, or belleh? awww heck, i’ll snorgle the total package.

  6. those bears on the blanket look like teddy grahams!

  7. *dives into soft fuzzy belly*

    *and nibbles on the tail a little*

  8. Teddy bears and kitties! That is one fantabulous bed!

  9. When my marmie kitt does it, it means ‘pet my belleh!’. When my calico does it, it means ‘pet my belleh… and i KILL you!’ Cats are so hard to understand.

  10. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, martha in mobile. Me, too. =)

    Kitteh is taking up the WHOLE bed because, you know, there ain’t room for a cat and anything else on a California King Size…

  11. lauowolf says:

    Yeah, it’s so “well now I’m all stretched out and comfy…where were you planning to sleep anyway?”

  12. What a purdy, soft kitteh. I wanna give him one of those looong pets that starts between the ears and goes aaalll the way down to the tip ‘o the tail. My kitties let me do that but I know some kitties do not EVEN want anyone touchin’ their tails!

  13. SeaBreeze says:

    Wanna shrink down to the size of dis kitteh and snorgles wid deh cute widdle tumtum!!!!! Wanna!!

  14. that kitteh is asking for a BELLY SNORGLE!

  15. those are teddy graham sheets! I used to have those!

  16. cannot see the eyes, that cat is so happy on his tebby bear blanky that they have disappeared. Life is tough to day fot that pitty.

  17. BenPanced says:

    SOMEbody’s toesies and tummy needs a ticklin’!

  18. Funny. That’s exactly the way I sleep in summer to get maximum air circulation!

  19. It’s a looooooooong tuxie!

    I gots one of those.

    Is anyone brave enough to furbert this kitteh?

  20. ::Yawn:: the cat made me sleepy, too!

  21. acelightning says:

    Cats are so *stretchy*! (Nice camera angle for that stretch, too.)

  22. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Cover me, I am going in for a furbert.

  23. When my himalayan, The Stupid Bup does this, it is always while you are walking along with an armful of groceries, a baby, a full can of paint, etc. and she flops down right at your feet saying rub my belleh. The consequences explain why she is called The Stupid Bup.

  24. it’s so funny, i saw that picture and instantly all the tension left my body. My shoulders dropped and my face slackened. i think this site is working wonders on my blood pressure 🙂

  25. this kitteh is just one chemical process away from totally melting into the comforter! could anyone be more relaxed? too cute.

  26. ThreeCatNight says:

    Just love those little pusscat bellehs. So kissable and soft!

  27. Rascalnikova says:

    Oooooheeee, this one looks like my baby Rascal who is also a tuxedo cat. I wuv those gooey white paws. It is wonderful to have a kitty with a black mask ending at the nose with a glowing white chin. Meloves this cat!

  28. Anyone else seeing a trend of Marilyn Monroe cats?


    Can we say “new category”?

  29. WHOA i seriously thought that was my cat there for a second, but then i looked down at the paws and didn’t see the xtra-large, xtra-toes. he hasn’t been made famous by the wonderful CO… not yet anyways. *maniacal laugh*

  30. Strrrrrrrreeeeeeettttchh! Too bad we missed the spread-out toes. I love those spread-out toes.

  31. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This cat is just BEGGING to be snorgled. Begging, I tell you.

    And who am I to deny him/her? I am totally in his/her power. **snorrrrrrrrrrrrgle*

  32. soft, so very soft, but such sharp claws… she will certainly get me because I like to pick at kitties too much.. tehe, it will be my own fault!!!

  33. Lol Kit… kittys are so hard to read! My little one will expose his tum to oblivion, but he will FLIP OUT AND KILL CITIES if you are tempted to touch! Apparently the tumtum is a private space.

  34. nae-nae says:

    my gosh is dat kitteh should be in da guiness book of records iv neva seen a kitteh as long as dat in ma life!!!:0 nd ma kitteh twitches wen she sleeps so cute!!!!!!;p