Beware, this is a Japanese bunny, which means it is EXTRA DEADLY, PEOPLE

The Japanese know cute. Unlike us Amurrrricans, who are cute posers at best, the Japanese live, eat, eat, sleep and breathe cuteness. Here is another example of them handing our asses to us on a silver Hello Kitty platter.



And the Perfect Lump Formation (PLF) here:


Not to mention this INVITATION TO SNORGLE


D’oh!mo arigato, Jessica P. [head bows]



  1. Meep! The last one is the bestest!

  2. And their bunnys don’t disapprove?

  3. carolina says:

    Pic #2: silky bunny loaf

  4. carolina says:

    Kelly Mc: I detect a hint of mild disapproval in pic #1. I guess it’s a universal bunny-wide phenom, but perhaps less extreme in Japanese buns.

  5. Thank you for the invitation Meg, I think I shall…

    (The tag for the third picture when you scroll your mouse over it is “smoosh yer face here”)

  6. beenclawed says:

    Gah! bunneh tummeh – must snorgle the softness… want to kees the soft toesies.

    Speaking of Japanese bunnehs… does anyone remember the bunnehs in sweaters pics? The turtleneck sweater (no arms) on the prosh bun? Me will never forget!

  7. Wah! What a cuuuuuuuute bunny. I want, I want.

  8. OMG- *splode*! I’m dead from the Qte!

  9. BrianMPLS says:

    I’m thinking it would be the Amurrricans who need “eat” listed more than once.

  10. smokeyJoe says:

    that’s some *loaf*.

  11. Okay, that last picture just killed me.


  12. o.m.g. ok, that did it for me too. dead over here.

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    Too poifect!! I would love to “smoosh my face here” but the glass won’t let me!.

    On the sad side…Easter is coming. Please remind your friends to “Make Mine Chocolate”! Don’t give real live bunnehs as Easter gifts.

    Now back to the QTE!!!1!

  14. Persephone says:

    whoa, that is some high quality.

    I badly need to snorgle a bunny.

  15. zosterops says:

    anyone with a bunnie-foot-phobia??

  16. R. Moore says:

    I think I just choked on my Squee. My eyes bulged at least.

  17. Cricket says:

    It’s 2:20 pm… have you had your bunny snorgles yet?

  18. He looks EXTRA disapproving!

  19. ejfkslfjsjfsjdfjsdflsdfjskldfjCUTENESS!!!!!!saeidosefjpjf

    The third picture is just way too moishe!

  20. that is definatley a silk bunny loaf. I bow too you all in Japan, what a snorgalbe bun bun

  21. Squee!! Too snorgalitious! The last pic killed me and my coworkers here in Canada!!

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    Bunny is adorable.
    But the Japanese are not the masters of “cute”. They still slaughter whales; definately not cute.

  23. zosterops says:

    ohmy – I just saw these pictures of gigantic rabbits from germany. it’s not exactly cute – but it IS impressive (20 pounds of bunny!),1518,475218,00.html

  24. Now I know it is a bad idea to give live bunnies as a gift for Easters, but not if you are a confirmed Cuteologist who has been plannin to git yerself some o dat bunny-type cuteness for a long while. Disclaimer outta the way, we are getting bunnies for Easter! YAY! I can’t wait! We are rescuing them from a shelter. Anyone have tips for a first time bunneh owner?

  25. Suzanne says:

    In pic 1 this bunneh disapproves of imitation cute, but in pic 2 he’s willing to let it slide if you *pic 3* smoosh your face here.

  26. luvinmalssomuch says:

    AWWWWW what a cute bun bun.

  27. Martha in Washington says:

    cutebabyfix-YAY to you for rescuing bunnehs!
    I hope you got that I was talking about the unprepared and “surprise” gifts. I wish I could rescue a bunneh. I think my dog would think it was a snack just for her.

  28. Laurie C says:

    “Pic #2: silky bunny loaf”

    With raisins inside!

  29. EliottM says:

    The tag for the first pic is “barooo” which is also perfect. And I think the disapproval shows up in the second pic–hunkered down and positively sulking.

  30. Ha!Martha, I’m glad you approve.

  31. “Perfect Lump Formation” is my new favorite phrase! I shall seek PLF in all that I do.

  32. if something fluffy is sitting on a bed on a super clean tatami mat in japan, it’s CUTE!

    new category?

  33. That IS the perfect bunlump (or “eggbun” as Indy Bunny has taught me to say).

    And he is much less disapproving than the Western wabbits.

  34. I think this one models for Netsuke on his days off.

    See a resemblence?

  35. Cutebabyfix, what I wish I’d known as a first-time bunny owner was the best foods to keep bunny healthy. Here are some links:

    The other *really* important thing is to have a veterinarian who understands rabbits. I thought any veterinarian would, but that proved not to be the case. My late rabbit Tidbit got an abscess, and the first vet I took him to did not know some important things about treating bunnies. By the time I got him to a vet more knowledgeable about rabbits, he was a very sick little guy.

  36. floppycat says:


    I wouldn’t want those buns to be dissaproving! 😉


  37. OMG! That last pic is some kind of crazy brain-eating Jedi Disapproval. We’re being disapproved and we don’t even know it.
    [scampers away, but only after snorgling exposed belly]

  38. omg, I’m such a nerd…I stopped staring at teh qte to think “eww, why would anyone save a photo as a PNG?”

    Of course, then I got over it and went back to wanting to poke the bunneh in the belly.

    Maybe I’m building up a tolerance and need to cut down on the CO for a while…

  39. lauowolf says:

    A little song here, for bunny picture number two, a little guy contemplating the theory of bunny-dom.

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a bunny.
    Bein’ warm, ‘n loved,’n staying cross.
    They’ll bring snuggles,
    Lovin’ huggles,
    You still have to tell them, go get lost.
    And, though you love them, don’t forgive them.
    You gotta show your peeps some bunny moves.
    Still disapprove.
    Show them some ears that lie flat,
    Tuck that tail down under your back,
    When they are feelin’ lovin’.
    Still disapprove.
    Tell them the carrot’s icky,
    Show them a bunny’s picky.
    Still disapprove.
    Still disapprove.
    And show all the world you’re crabby.
    Show them appeasement’s shabby.
    Still disapprove.

  40. I’d say picture number one is more of a “Baroo?” than a disapprove. Number two is more disapproving.

  41. Kristi Leitholt says:


    OMG, those pictures killed me!

    *splode again*

  42. *splode*

    OMG, those pictures killed me!

    *splode again*

  43. ShelleyTambo says:

    Sigh. Not to be all nuffer, but after that NYT article, I have a hard time trusting Japanese cute. True, that did pertain mostly to dogs and the U.S. isn’t so much better, really.

  44. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    [that’s Japanese for “cute”]

  45. – yay for rescuing bunnies! They are funny and smart. Tons of buns end up in shelters when they hit bunny-puberty which is just as much of a PITA as the human kind. is the gold standard for info.

    Before bun comes home, you’ll want to bunnyproof any rooms you want to let bunny play in. This means covering all electrical cords (buns chew stuff) and blocking off any small hiding places. You’d be amazed at the places they can get into!

    My bun is litter-trained and has free-run of my apartment. I have a cage (made from those wire-grid cubes) but except when maintenance needs to come in to work it’s mostly a place to keep her litterbox and hay and where she likes to hang out.

  46. ShelleyTambo says:

    But anyway, this bun is really cute.

    My shelter got slammed with 13 rabbits in one day last week. Some moron put his unspayed female with another rabbit of undetermined sex. Duh. Nine babies later, he’s thinking of getting her spayed. The other four came from another shelter.

  47. Eh. Eh. I want to run my hand over the PLF. Eh.

  48. bowing, respectfully. asses on platters indeeds.

  49. The tatami mats in the background just make these even more perfect. Love the bunny! The PLF is too much ^_^

  50. So are we thinking that we need a separate category for “Japanese kicking our tocks?”

  51. I just want to feel the uber-softness and silkiness that is this little guy. Methinks it is much higher is softitude than my kitties.

  52. is it ok to feel like throwing up when seeing something that is so cute? this bunneh is so above and beyond cute that my body cannot adjust quickly enough and my stomach is producing extra bile as a result. its either that or immediate diabetic coma, people.

  53. Shy Sunshine says:

    This has been the best day of Cute ever, Ever, EVER!

    I’m so ODing right now.

  54. layla42 says:

    bunny belleh!
    I must snorgle that leetle belly! So super prosh!

  55. Coffee Person says:

    The Japanese should define their culture “Cute”.

    Except for that killing whales and taking too much from the ocean bit.

    Japan is cuter than America!

  56. BenPanced says:

    1) “I am waiting for my attention.”
    2) “My attention is not coming fast enough. I disapprove.”
    3) “BORED! kthnxbye.” *thudsnore*

  57. Oh that second picture! I just wanna rub my cheek on that silky forehead….kiss that forehead too. What a darling!

  58. C.O. Devotee says:

    I don’t know what draws me to visit C.O. every day… the amazingly prosh photos, or Meg’s captions. Today, I think she’s hit an all-time BEST:

    Here is another example of them handing our asses to us on a silver Hello Kitty platter.

    Funniest. Caption. Ever.

  59. Hhhmmm…that last one’s either an invite to snorgel…or an invite to get a firm thumper kick right in the forehead. 🙂

  60. I thought the universal term for picture #2 was the “Meatloaf” position, which also applies to cats.

  61. zeldapie says:

    Be still, my heart!!

  62. YEOWCH!! That’s Weapons-Grade Cuteness, there! Don’t drop it, or it might obliterate Tokyo in a great explosion of rainbows and flower petals!


  63. opie_jeanne says:

    Sedro6, you remember the Kliban cat drawings? I call that position a meatloaf too, because of Mr Kliban.

  64. michellemybelle says:

    This bun does not look disapproving to me at all. It’s like he’s the Buddha of Buns or something.

  65. Ponygirl says:

    It is called “meatloafing” in our house too, Sedro6

  66. Wow! Thanks everyone for all the great bunny tips- The bunnies we are getting are altered and litter trained and older! I love rescue animals because most of the time the foster moms and dads have already done the heavy lifting and then we just get to enjoy the snorgling.

  67. I agree with Jen above. This bunny is so cute I felt like throwing up when I first saw him.
    But its a good thing!
    He looks like a dinner roll.

  68. holy shnizz LaurieC made me snort out loud at work with her “With raisins inside!” comment. (Said snort was in the midst of a tense drama-filled sitch, and i had to tune into CO for a sec to gain my sanity back…)


    Usagi KAWAAAAIIII!!!!

  70. fluidstatic says:

    pic #2 looks like a perfectly formed clay “year of the rabbit” statue of some kind. and, well, pic #3 just made me go SQUEE-DED.

  71. I don’t see anything disapproving about this adorable bun-bun. What is this color called? He’s darling.
    Especially in PLF.
    Soooo cuddly!

  72. Hey, I bet right before the last picture (s)he looked in the mirror and is now *ded* from the bounce-back of cute!
    I’m sure it must happen every once in a while.

  73. Em: that’s what I meant about it being Jedi Disapproval. This disapproval is so subtle and deadly, it’s killing you and you don’t even know it. (You know, like an old microwave :o)

  74. Snorgle Pup says:

    I ustahavabunny. She was a Holland Lop with the same color coat, but with black tips. The color was “sooty fawn”. Honey was such a sweet bun.

  75. I’m dead. Thanks a lot. Dead as a doorknob. Cuteoverload has become lethal.

  76. snorgalicious definition: make them peeps go loco. they want my treasure so they get their pleasures from my photo. u can see me, u can squee-ee. I am fluffy, oh so puffy. i got reasons why i tease ’em. Aww’s just come and go like seasons. snorgalicious

  77. Oh, gee… THANKS!!

    You’ve just effectively destroyed whatever will I had left in me to NOT get a bunny! For so long, I’ve been fighting the urge to run out to the pet store.

    Must…. Have… Bun-Bun….!!!

  78. Nicolletta says:

    Bunnies–now in a convenient snack size. =)

  79. ROSIE! That was great.. SNORGALICIOUS.. I’m sure Fergie would approve.. now let’s see if you can use the My Humps song for another posting.. 😉

  80. Hold on, little bunbun! I am on my way to snorgle you! *puts on cape*

  81. Kzingirl says:

    OK – BLATANTLY this is a fake bunny because, god knows, nothing this cute can possibly exist in nature! Oh my goodness, gracious!!!

    Want to kiss it sssooooo bad!!!

  82. Few people know that Eric Clapton did a variation on one of Cream’s greatest hits:

    “It’s near closing time,
    Time to close my tired eyes.
    But I got to visit The Cute,
    It’s something no one denies.
    I’ll be typing the address soon,
    That’s when I hear The Cute start calling.

    I’ve been waiting so long
    To be where I’m going
    In the sunshine of The Bu-uuu-uuun.

    I’m with you my bun,
    Kawaii’s shining through on you.
    Yes, I’m watching the bun,
    Till morn and sleep I eschew.
    I’ll stay with you bunny now,
    I’ll squee at you till my brain cells dried up.

    I’ve been waiting so long
    I’ve been waiting so long
    I’ve been waiting so long
    To be where I’m going
    In the sunshine of The Bu-uuu-uuun.”

  83. Christy says:

    The FLUFF!!! *snorgles bunny belly*

    Alexei, the pictures in your link are mind-bogglingly adorable. I think pretty much every single one got a squee from me.

  84. I am the biggest sucker for this sort of thing. So cute you want to hurt yourself.

  85. I’ve got bunnie luv!!! I have wanted one for such a long time but we cannot get them here..

  86. BWAHAHAHAHA Laurie C!!

    I can’t believe only one other person (bearlet) noticed, or at least commented. Gold star for that one.

    As we current or former bunny owners know, bunny loafs are indeed, chock-full of raisins. More than the leading brand, in fact.

  87. The title is too cute!! And the bunny “ball” is, too!!

  88. Awwww!! Yes, we bunny people call position #2 the “bunnyloaf”.


  89. ThreeCatNight:

    unless you are a vegetarian/vegan you really have no room to judge them! At least slaughtered whales led lives outside of captivity rather than being born into a factory farm and never seeing the light of day until they were slaughtered.

  90. wow.

    ~Cutus Maximus~

  91. acelightning says:

    BUNNY! BunnybunnybunnybunnybunnyBUNNY!!! Usagi kawaii! Adorabunny! B*U*N*N*Y!

    Sorry, but anything that tiny and soft and pettable and snorglicious just kinda shorts out my brain. And I hope everyone who felt queasy at the sight of such overwhelming adorableness is simpy Barfing Rainbows…

  92. Aww, the cutie looks like a perfect little lotus bun in that second picture! ^____^
    I want to nibble on those ears. Luckily, I have some soft grey ears right here to nibble one in substitution!

  93. francesca says:

    I have seen alot of bunnies, but THAT truly is the cutest one I have ever seen!!

  94. jackie31337 says:

    Eeeee! OMG, I want one! Wonder where I can get a Japanese bunny around here.

  95. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My birth year, year of the bun.

  96. So did it die of its own cute there at the end? A fabulously fatal condition!

  97. .,dslf,dsf

  98. good!!!!



  101. Can we in-depth discuss how cute loafableness is? Pic 2 is one of the best loafings I have seen, bun or otherwise. My cat does this so much- paws tucked, tail tucked, ears pinned, fuzzy fat folds flow over. The sweetest loaf-a-bread ever.

  102. Alice Shortcake says:

    That second pic – a wectangular wabbit!

  103. violetgreen says:

    Pic #2: Wow! I didn’t even know bunnies spun cocoons!

  104. Chris W. wrote:
    “You’ve just effectively destroyed whatever will I had left in me to NOT get a bunny! For so long, I’ve been fighting the urge to run out to the pet store.”

    I’m almost sure this is something you’re just sayin’ but in case it’s not, do not get a bun from the pet store. There’s plenty of them in shelters. Pet stores = bad.

  105. Soxfan…good catch! Shelters and Rescues save bunneh lives and spay/neuter (which equals a mucho happier bunn).
    Check out The House Rabbit Society…they have chapters all across the US.

    Steppin off my soapbox now…BUUUUUUNNEH!!!!!!

    Pic # 1 = The infamous “What???” face when you attempt to scold bunneh, but he completely disregards you…

    Pic # 2 = Bunneh-Loaf. You have displeased bunneh greatly.

    Pic # 3 = A completely at ease bunneh flop! Perfection!!!!!

  106. Ehn. This slayeth me. It really doth.

  107. Pics 2 and 3 make me want to DIE.


    Lookit pic#3! I wanna smoosh heem!

  109. I just wanna





  110. hey, what breed of rabbit is that? I want one!

    no joke. I want to buy one like that. what breed?

  111. The breed is “Homeless”…they aren’t hard to find…just visit your local animal shelter =D

  112. Uh….

    Did anyone else get possessed by the Behemoth from Nightmare Before Christmas when they opened this and just bellow out “BUNNEH!!”

    Just me? Huh….

  113. seeing all these bunny pics makes me want one. =(

  114. My guess is that baby bunneh is a dwarf mix – probably Netherland Dwarf because of the stubby little earses.

    Warning – Dwarf bunnies are usually hyper and some are downright mean. In general a bun’s temperment is inversely proportional to their size. The calmest and most laid-back petting-buns are usually the French Lops and even some of the Flemish Giants.

    If you adopt a homeless bun from a shelter, you can usually have a good idea of their personality and habits from the foster parents. Plus they will likely be speutered, which makes for healthier and longer-lived bunz.

    I’ve been fostering a dwarf/dutch mix who is a lovable little spaz-bunny but is so hyper that he freaks out my more aggressive lop girl. Poor little guy got bit twice before I realized they weren’t going to be able to get along. He’s a sunny little bunny and I hope he will soon find a forever home with on scary girl-bunnies to beat him up.

  115. this bunny doesnt seem to be especially special…

  116. this bunny doesnt seem to be especially special…

  117. This is the cutest bunny I have ever seen! Any idea if s/he is a particular breed? I googled ‘Japanese Bunny ‘but you can imagine what I got did not much relate to rabbits!

  118. book_monstercats says:

    N.B. you should (or perhaps shouldn’t) have seen what I got in the way of Japanese web-sites when I googled “dolls houses” (my daughter wanted one). They even got past my parental controls.

    Only a Japanese bun could do Perfect Lump Formation whilst maintaining absolute disapproval.

  119. creepyhazel says:

    AHHHHN!! What a cute little bunny! My favorite pic of this bun is the “lump formation” . Dangit, now I wish I had a bunny!

  120. Cassandra says:

    I share an office with my CEO, and boy was he unimpressed when I squuuueeed about the bebeh bunneh. I just can’t resist the CO, espcially at work. How can it be wrong when it feels SO RIGHT? (William Shatner voice)

  121. 1 perfect lump of bun! 😀

  122. where can i buy one?!