1. Russian blue! Soooo purdy.

  2. There is nothing cuter than a dainty grey kitty paw. Unless it’s long, cheek-sweeping Muppet eyelashes on kitty-snorgling boys.

  3. Cathryn Bauer says:

    What a little plushie-puss!

    I bet that kitty’s paws hardly ever hit the ground.

  4. How sweet. This looks like a daily ritual, which makes me INSANE with jealousy. That kitty looks as soft as velvet.

  5. layla42 says:

    Aw! Kitters looks totally like my Speak!
    And Speak is a total Cassanova who loves to get as well as give snugglin’s.

  6. awwwwww, kissy kissy zee kitteh! mmmtwchwaaa!

  7. Yep, I’ve snorgled my kitten today. Couldn’t deal with Monday if I hadn’t!

    Lovely pic. That certainly is a snorglicious kitty!

  8. Spryte808 says:

    I hate mondays but the cute totally makes everything better!

    (a loyal subscriber up at 5:30am!)

  9. Suzanne says:

    He looks so soft I can pratcically touch him through my computer screen. *bonk* Okay, no I can’t, but I wish I could!

  10. i’ve had my morning snorgle =]

  11. ThreeCatNight says:

    So delicious and snorgly. One happy kitteh. I would love to cuddle him, too.

  12. velvet-y kitty! so soft.

  13. kellyfaerie says:

    I’ve snorgled 2 kittehs today, and had some coffee. Still feel blah, but I will eventually get to go home and snorgle some more. 🙂

  14. beenclawed says:

    Oh yes, my kitty has been snorgled today, and she snorgled me right back! it’s the daily morning ritual. Today I turned off my alarm clock instead of hitting snooze. Thank goodness my kitty kept pawing at me to get her morning snorgle or else I would have been way later than 10 minutes late to work! Good girl Sunny!

  15. beenclawed says:

    Oh yes, my kitty has been snorgled today, and she snorgled me right back! it’s the daily morning ritual. Today I turned off my alarm clock instead of hitting snooze. Thank goodness my kitty kept pawing at me to get her morning snorgle or else I would have been way later than 10 minutes late to work! Good girl Sunny!

  16. Oh what a snorgle puss! I love a good snorgle with my Tonks. It makes my day.

  17. plush velvet kitty…..

    Unable to snorgle kitties cuz I’m allergic to catz….. but happy to be a distance surrogate snorgler through the screen here…..

    But, I did snorgle my husky instead…. just as satisfying really…

  18. Elizabeth B. says:

    Cute happy boy + Cute happy kitty = happy smiley reader.

  19. zeldapie says:

    Ooooh, such a soft, velveteen kitteh.
    Yup, I snorgled my baby this morning!

  20. weasel_tea_party says:

    Snorgling complete! Or as close to it as Nicky will allow–petting and lap-time while I read the comics. There’s some staring out the window that has to be taken care of now, though.

  21. Yes, yes I have snorgled my velvety soft grey kitters this morning. He doesn’t let me out of the house without it!

  22. misscrisp says:

    AHN! That kitteh looks mah Ruble. What a loverly peekture.
    by the by…I be kitten-sitting for me mum for two weeks. Ruble and the babykit have never lived with another of their kind since their respective rescues (Ruble is nearly 2, baby is 12 weeks). This morning we have a reached a Big Moment peeps! A gentle nose-bump with no hissing or fur ruffles. Here’s to new friends!

  23. misscrisp says:

    um…looks LIKE mah Ruble. Man, silly talk looks a lot sillier when it has typos in it.

  24. Karebear says:

    So Plush! Like soft carpeting!
    (except, I don’t snorgle my carpeting)

  25. So, where does the line form?

  26. joodster says:

    Oh yesh, I thoroughly snorgled my furbaby, Lola this morning. As for the Blue and the boy, not sure who’s enjoying themselves more. They both look so haaaapeeee!

  27. I would say this is sweet overload as opposed to that of the cute ilk.

  28. That cat is totally smiling. Le sigh…

  29. That looks just like my Galena (aka Fuzzy Butt). Russian Blues are so incredible soft!

  30. That looks just like my Galena (aka Fuzzy Butt). Russian Blues are so incredibly soft!

  31. That looks just like my Galena (aka Fuzzy Butt). Russian Blues are so incredibly soft!

  32. Cat-astrophe says:

    Many many apologies – not sure how that happened!

  33. Grey nose on grey fur… QTE!

  34. purr purr purr purrrrrrrrrrr

  35. As it happens, I have — with a kitty who looks a lot like that — but I’m going for seconds before I head to work!

  36. I think the cat has acheived “zen”. Anyone else notice the little fur tuft at the top of the ear?

  37. Lovely velvet-pawed kitteh friend! *snorgles* I can just imagine how soft that fur would be snuggled up against my cheek… 🙂

  38. That lovely looks just like my adorable Chartreux, Natasha. She doesn’t just have a m*rning snuggle ritual, she ever-so-sweetly demands said ritual every day. Double-snuggles for her today, after seeing this pic!

  39. BenPanced says:

    I can hear the purring all the way over here…

  40. Awww.

    Well, a cat snorgled me today – does that count?

  41. I have not yet had my morning snorgle – any volunteers? (or anyone volunteering their pets?)

    Such a cutie.

  42. I hate being in college and not being able to have a pet. that is so precious.

  43. Teughcats says:

    Looks like my Ally except she’s all black. She’s nicknamed Squishy because she goes all limp and relaxed when you pick her up! And fires up her purr motor.

  44. Veeeery cute interspecies snorgling! Nice.

  45. Redsrevenge says:

    Why is my kitty dead? D:

    We used to snorgle. I can’t snuggle my new kitty much, because she’s afraid unless you corner her; THEN she’ll be all happy you’re petting her. And I don’t get to see her often to earn her trust D:

    I could try snorgling my lizard, but I think that would just confuse him.

  46. Mmmmm…I suspect he’s whispering sweet nothings in that kitteh’s ear 🙂

  47. How sweet! My sister has a kitty that looks just like that, but my sister’s kitty is pure evil. 🙂

  48. This is what love looks like.

  49. I snorgled my foster-bunny! He nuzzled my neck and tooth-purred.

    Sadly he is going back to the rescue tomorrow. My girl-bun bit him rather badly despite my best efforts at working with them. He’s a sunny little bunny and I hope he finds a forever home with no nasty bitch-bunnies.


    *swoon of pure bliss*

    *and envy*

  51. THAT is a happy kitty. There’s a little smirk on his face. 😀

  52. I think Jen should win the Nobel Prize in the little-known category of Kiss Spelling.

  53. It makes me wish I could have a kitty sometimes. One day, I shall be able to snorgle teh cuteness instead of just awwww-ing at the pictures!

  54. I agree with TFMS-this IS what love looks like!
    Holy Moly that is a darling picture!!!

  55. I had a cat as wonderful as that one, his name was george. He was a great cat, looks like that one is too.

  56. This reminds me of sumthin we do on cutebabyfix- Hot daddy friday! The babies are cute, but their daddies are cuter.
    Come on over when your done here and check us out!

  57. Martha in Washington says:

    I love a man who openly snorgles kitties!

  58. Awww…this kitteh looks like my Zoe, who gets her snorgling and kitteh milk every morning. I ask her to “Tell me you love me” and she headbutts me, then I give her kitty milk. I loves me a good snorgle.

  59. Aww, I really had to look closely (and check who the submitter was- no one I know) to make sure that wasn’t my parent’s cat Milo. Even though he’s about 5 yrs. old (in human years) he acts like he’s about 2 (in human years) but occasionally you can get a good snorgle out of him. Yes, they are as plush and soft as they look!

  60. Yes, a tortie has been snorgled here. Big purr from HRT.

    No one’s snorgled TK as he’s still a kitten and (since it’s not nap time) he’s moving through the house at Mach 2.

    This is a bootiful floofy gray boy and his person must be a good guy. Do both of them live with the sender-inner? If so, go Nancy T!

  61. i get angry meows if the snorgling doesn’t happen instantly as the alarm goes off. sometimes the snorgle demands start BEFORE the alarm goes off! i have two very demanding boys…

  62. Colleen says:

    Spitting image of my kitteh, Russian Blue mix named Vincenzo Esteban Crepuscular
    (pronounced “Veen-chen-zo Esss-te-bahn Kreh-poos-kue-lar”. Vinny for short.

  63. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wunnerful pic. I had my snorgles from Yitzy who has stayed close to me all this weekend & this morning while I am under the weather with the flu.

  64. Only the kitty lives with me, but the boy is a dear friend! The kitty, Smokeybearcat also snorgles my sweet hubby. ‘Mokey seems to like the whisker friction!

  65. Lurvoleee!

  66. Colleen, great name for your cat! Ours are Benito Pussolini McBadger and Esmeralda Lucrezia McWeasel. And they are beautiful, but this gorgeous blue might have ’em beat.

  67. McBadger and McWeasel!
    That’s hilarious!

  68. ooh, sweetie kitty looks just like my british shorthair, Boadicea. http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a127/sastevens/santamouse.jpg

    So much so that I had to rush home to commence snorgling!

  69. fluidstatic says:

    I require a prosh Russian Blue for daily snorgling… They’re my favorite breed and I’ve secretly wanted one for an eternity.

  70. The Chipnotizer says:

    NO!!! NO!!! This kitteh looks exactly like mine—Mr. Fatboy!!! Er–I mean Pippin James. (uh-I didn’t name him–I rescued him) Same fuzzy, frosty grey fur, same w-i-d-e nose-everything the same. Is your kitteh about four??? Is he from Ohio??? Does he have orange eyes??? Have you had fur up your nose ever since you got your kitteh??? If all the above are YES please email!!! Mr. Fatboy has lost track of all his relatives!!! TY >^..^<

  71. Nicolletta says:

    Velvet kitteh…so soft…so snorgable…..

  72. I got the green-eyed kitteh at the humane society in faribault, MN (http://www.ricecountyhumanesociety.org/)! If you can believe it, someone gave that beautiful cat up. I walked into the cat room, opened up his cage and I knew he was the snorgler for me.

  73. Prettiest colored cat I’ve ever seen!

  74. sob sob. Looks like my beloved Seoul who was catnapped a few years ago. -sigh- Such beauty. I love the white skin up over the eyes. My girl was the same.

  75. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Looks like these two are the best of friends!

    My Sheba loves to snorgle and be snorgled too, but she takes it to an extreme. When I’m in bed on a lazy day, she’ll climb in with me and, after much maneuvering, try to shove her muzzle into my eye socket (purring madly the whole time). Or sit on my head. I love her, but she’s weird sometimes.

  76. Smokeybearcat is TOO adorable.

  77. I think that the blue kitties must really breed true, even the non-pedigreed. I have one (referred to around here as a Barnyard Blue, since I found him at a feed store) and I am always seeing kitties that look enough like him to be his littermate. Including the one in the pic… and judging from the comments, I am not the first one to say, “Hey! That looks just like MY kitty-boy!”

    They are very soft and plush. Mine isn’t really a snorgler, though… he has (ahem) a mammary fixation. No well-endowed female is safe from his kneading pawsies. I have to warn my guests.

  78. acelightning says:

    What a *beautiful* cat! And what a lovely moment of affection, with a man who isn’t afraid to show his own “softer” side. (Incidentally, this goes a long way to even things up with regard to Cats’n’Racks – this is Cat’n’Dude, at any rate.)

  79. oaklandcat says:

    That is one happy cat *warm fuzzies all over*

  80. sooo….soooft…must…pet…

    looks like my Grayson…*sniff*…who had to find a new home ‘cuz my dad and my brothers were allergic to him…

    I suggested we find a new home for my dad and my brothers, but that wasn’t even considered! hmph!

  81. I’m so lucky because I have a half Russian Blue half British shorthair that looks just like the picture…only he’s 30 pounds, and his name is Spencer and he purrs louder than anyone EVEH. He’s a real cuddly snorgler too…

  82. Ok, somebody must have been a SAINT in a past life in order to come back as that cat.

  83. Colleen – I love the use of the word “Crepuscular” in your kitty’s name! Hooray for the crepusculars! Most people don’t seem to know about that. ..I just recently learned myself, have been going around telling people, “My cats are crepuscular” and watching them get all perplexed-looking. Then I explain, of course. :p

  84. Gawd I had to look at this again. Awww.

  85. (tries to imagine 30 pound blue kitty and fails…)

  86. book_monstercats says:

    Nikkai – sensible solution.

    Great post – boy, eyelashes, pretty kitty.

    Le Sigh.

  87. ooooh this is probably the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! adorable.

  88. The Chipnotizer says:

    Thanks for the reply, Nancy!!! Mr. Fatboy has seen the pic of your kitteh and is positive they are related way back somewhere—and we are right next door in N. Wisconsin—so he is comforted!!! And he knows all those other grey kittehs are also his cousins!!! Everyone snorgle your grey kitteh right NOW!!! Mr. Fatboy is mad because he has been put on a diet, but sends ^..^< :)

  89. My blue kitty just had ear surgery. He’s not really up to snorgling at the moment, poor boy. But he agrees that these other kitties MUST be his distant cousins.

  90. Oh! My man and my lady cat look just like this pair! Silky gray fur and long eyelashes included… He even has a dark green coat. They say everybody has a double, But this is too much of a coincidence!