Sexy Chicken has a new date

Digby is hangin’ with "Sexy Chicken". According to the sender-inners, Digby is really great at the Soft Kronsche™ so that’s obvy why Sexy Chicken is hanging out with him. Or maybe it’s the intense beadiness of eyes.


Emma and James—thanks for the romantic, romantic times.



  1. One Eyed Daruma says:

    SAt Morn Cuteness..thanks!!!

  2. That’s one CUTE tri-color fluff-ball!

  3. I’m rather fond of the shredded paper towel bits lying beneath the zebra. 😛

  4. Ahhhh ripped up paper towel,. now it feels like home. I just don’t know where my dog finds them.

  5. Digby reminds me of a peep.

    *stuffs in mouf*

  6. Suzy's Mom says:

    Close your eyes Ethel, Sexy Chicken is not wearing her bikini.

  7. Dustbunny says:

    I think what we’re seeing here are the tragic results of a love triangle gone wrong. Sexy Chicken and the zebra were fighting over Digby, and Sexy Chicken shredded the zebra (and a few paper towels). Beware the wrath of Sexy Chicken!

  8. Dustbunny, I think Digby discovered Sexy Chicken and Zebra in an assignation and, his love betrayed, killed them both. Now, he’s trying out sway the jury with the Puppy Eyes Defense.

  9. zosterops says:

    WTSC – am sorry, that looks like dog porn to me.

  10. Somewhere, sad and lonely, Wolf-Spawn is drowning his sorrows, dreaming of happier days.

  11. Dude, that is one funny poof-ball gremlin of a dog.

  12. sexy chicken has a boyfriend called earl. my babies are getting the lucky couple in their easter basket.

  13. SeaBreeze says:

    It’s real early here. And, uh, it looks more like cute lil ball of fluff wiht deh cute lil beady eyes wants us to PLAY wiht him and deh fun play-toy chicken! =)

  14. Just out of curiousity… who or what is Digby named after?

  15. stainedcyrano says:

    Omigosh! *melts* Aawwwwwwwwwwww……. The cute is too powerful!!!

  16. Margaret says:

    The zebra walked in on Digby and Sexy Chicken *in flagrante delicto* and is overcome with grief, having been replaced in the beady eyes of Digby by a flightless plastic bird… Sexy Chicken too embarrassed to get up, her face (etc.) turning bright red… Digby staring into space, wishing he could disappear.

  17. Maybe he’s the “Igby” of the dog world…hence, Digby.

  18. What a lovely fluffy scoop of Neopolitan-style puppeh.

  19. CatsMeow says:

    Sorry to break the thread, but everyone who has a cat or dog should go to and sign up for their recall alerts, and suggest to their friends that they do the same. Alpo is recalling certain of their Prime Cuts and Hill’s is recalling their M/D wet/dry food. These alerts need to go to everyone who is concerned for their babies, and some who may not know about these recalls. Our babies are only cute if they’re alive and well.

    Love this site…makes my heart feel good.

  20. Awwwwwwww, Digby-poo is soooo adowable! *cries*

    But what happened to Henrietta’s pretty bikini? She looks so forlorn…

    *cries again*

    *cuddles Digby*

  21. I don’t get it all it is a fur ball dog and a rubber chicken

  22. But for the LOVE OF GOD, what is Digby MADE OF? Seriously, is he real? I lurv heem! Forget sexy chicken come to meeee.

  23. Dustbunny says:

    Gracie, I think you’re right! “Objection, your Honor, the defendant is trying to unduly influence the jury with his puppy-dog eyes and his iddle widdle floofiness…awwww….”

  24. lauowolf says:

    I think Digby is what happens when you don’t sweep up the dust bunnies.
    They have mingled and spontaneously generated under the bed, and produced THIS.

  25. This pooch looks suspiciously like my kitty, Dingy. And, of course, I think he’s the cutest thing ever!

    Sweet little puffball of a poochie!

  26. Beyond cute! What kind of dog is Digby?!

  27. What is UP with Digby’s trifecta of color? I immediately thought of Neapolitan Ice cream too! Then I thought of those popsicles that the popsicle man used to bring around that were like red, white and blue. I want a Digby.. and a popsicle. Please?

  28. Damn, he’s cute. Make mine a pupsicle.

  29. Sexy Chicken is such a ho. Always laying around without her bikini, getting all the good dates. I hate that b*&^%h!

  30. OMG! It’s a ball of fuzz with a face! Too cute!

  31. If this has already been said, please forgive me but Digby doesn’t appear all that thrilled to be hangin’ out with “Sexy Chicken” Or am I reading his expression wrong>

  32. Digby – the Biggest Dog in the World! What a terrible movie, but an awesome name.

  33. This slays me. Reminds me of a former professor of mine. Picture a very dignified Doctor of English Literature, who uses a squeaky chicken to torment his dog. He takes the chicken and makes it kiss his cheek, all the while saying, “Chicky loves Daddy!” The dog is very jealous and goes insane until the evil chicken is given to him for punishment. Don’t forget to imagine this being done by a middle-aged man in a 3-piece tweed suit.

  34. love the pup. love the chicken. love the zebra.

    but most of all, love the file name.

  35. This reminds me of one of my kids Dr. Seuss books:
    Brush Brush! Comb Comb!
    Do you like to brush and comb?
    All girls who like to brush and comb should have a pet like this at home!

  36. “Whatdjya want for nothing?…..Rrrrrubbah cheekin’?…. Bow, wow, wow.”

  37. luvelmo says:

    that is so funny!!!!!!!!

  38. Hey Theo! Looks like I saw you at the sister site of stuff on my cat at Stuff-on-my-mutt! I noticed your linkage there! I love all three sites.. (cats, dogs and cuteness!)

  39. Humm, than why does the little poochie there look like just got himself in trouble ? What me I did not do anything…..well yet?! LOL I still think the cat with the barbie was cutier sorry little guy.

  40. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I think rigor mortis has set in on Sexy Chicken there.

  41. Mei-Li — yep, there was some primo Interspecies Snorgling going on over there. Couldn’t resist!

  42. What a cute chicken! And that puppy too. 😉

  43. Is it a Pomeranian? Looks so innocent and cute. :3

  44. Digby, I love your smile!

  45. ThreeCatNight says:

    I adore Pomeranians; powder puffs on four legs!
    “What’s this? She chickened out on me?”

  46. I like how Digby’s blankie says “sleepy” all over it.

  47. Rosie (Your cousin) says:

    i think Digby is sooooo cute and i cant wait to meet him x x love you all x x x

  48. Has anyone noticed that this poofski pomeranian is colored like NEOPOLITAN ICE CREAM?????OMGponies!

  49. Fizgig? The Dark Crystal…Anybody?…Bueller??

  50. you have one of the cutest blogs, and the nicest pics here…my daughter loves them all!