Brand. New. KITTEN!!!


This is "Reykjavik."


Reykjavik is two days old, has four siblings, and a very proud mama (whose name is Kenya).

rear paw closeup

Did you know kittens are born with all their claws?

  – Theo



  1. Wow. I mean, wow. So wittle!! (With a “w”.)

  2. Awww!!!!
    I feel compelled to eat it… handheld-kitty snacks!
    Kenya is a brill. name for a cat.

  3. darkshines says:


  4. darkshines says:

    Damn, thought I was going to be first, you guys are too quick 😦

  5. Oh, goodie, Theo has a litter of healthy little kitters to admire.

    Well, actually, Kenya has the litter, but you get the drift. And Reyjavik is an awesome name for a pure-white kitters!

  6. joodster says:

    such a teenie sweet bebeh.
    smoochies reykjavik…

  7. cranberry says:

    Awwwww. Also, way to go with the name Reykjavik – woooo capital of Iceland!

  8. HeidStar says:

    Aiyeeeeee!!! Super awesome cute kitters!! When do we get to see Reykjavik’s sibs??? Like in a big ol’ pile of cute. You haven’t keeled us quite well enough yet, Theo but nice attempt. A pile of newborn kitters? I’d be slayed for sure.

  9. This is my first comment here evah! I just had to say that something about this kitteh’s muzzlepouche make me want to just snorgle the heck out of it!

  10. Jimmie Robinson says:

    Photoshopped! What’s wrong with you people! Don’t mean to harsh on your cute, but this isn’t real – I mean c’mon it’s a stuffed cat, then ‘shopped, then made into an ad – how can this be “cute”? You’re all fools!

    ….OMG KITTEH! His eyes looks all sleepy!!

  11. smokeyJoe says:

    i saw the vid…these kits are so dar. love their little meows.

  12. HeidStar — heh heh. Maybes you might want to go lookings.

  13. Super squeeeee! What a precious bebeh! Let’s see the rest of them!
    Theo, you are one lucky godfather!

  14. I found the surprise, I found it, I found it, I found it!!!

    Everybody SING!

    Thank you
    for lettin’ me
    squee myself

    and again and again!!! I stole the lyrics by Teh Family Schmoop from teho’s vox.

    Heeeee! And, Reykavik! I love the name and the tiny icelandic toes!

  15. Gaaaaa..look at the teenytiny claws showing underneath teh Schmoop’s thumb in the first picture!

  16. shelurks says:

    OMG!!! I’m totally ded!!!

    Do you see the teeny, itty-bitty, tiny, tiny, tiny clawses under the thumb!!!!

    ded. ded. ded. just ded!!!!!

  17. In Awwwe says:

    Awww … Now theo is a proud papa of pwetty baby kits …
    Talk about cuteoverload 😉

  18. Catsquatch says:

    *pet pet pet*


  19. Absolutely beautiful.

  20. I did know kittens were born with claws. I call them staples because that’s how dainty they feel when they prick you.

  21. Oh crud. NOW I looked at the so-small-they-are-almost-invisible whiskers.

    I am going to do myself an injury if I don’t get away from this computer.

  22. Laurie C says:

    Glad you took a post for your yourself, Teho. Keep those kitten pix coming.

  23. Oh he’s SOOOOO CUTE OHHH I want one

  24. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


    Congrats Theo.

    Lucky dood.

  25. caroline says:

    Awwwww! teeny kitten! More pics please!

  26. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Kenya had her kittens, did she? That’s great, congratulations!

    And I knew kitties were born with their sharp widdle claws. Can’t even retract them either.>^.^<

  27. shanchan says:

    Soooo cute! Congrats to Kenya!

  28. Wheee, Teho’s Kenyakitty!

    Reykjavik is a great name.

    And yes, teh claws. Totoro ( ) was born with badass ones and gave me a demo when I held him. Owch.

  29. violetgreen says:

    Ooohhh, wook at dee widdle applehead! And everything’s pinkie under the white down!

  30. best kitten name everrrr

  31. lauowolf says:

    Do I detect the faintest beginnings of orange nose and ear tips?
    Is Reykja planning to pull off some kind of flame-point trimming?

    As the little kid said of the otter at the Monterrey Aquarium, Why is this one showing off?

    You do know we require headshots of all five?

    (And yes, kitten claws, such delicious pain. Snorgle, snogle, OUCH, snorgle.)

  32. lauowolf says:

    Look at all the little claws under the thumb in the first picture.
    Brave Theo hazarding the Dread Claws of Cute to get this photo!

  33. Lauo — actually that’s Jaye; I was taking the pic. The claws feel like Velcro, though.

  34. So very adorable! More kitten envy for me. Those teeny claws look dangerous.

  35. little gator says:

    Come to Kenya we’ve got kittehs!
    Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya!
    Where tiny claws are, and the bebehs!

    Is there another one named Norway?

  36. LG — more like Snoreway… 😉
    There will probably be a Cairo, though. And a Wrong-Way Corrigan.

  37. Shannon Johnson says:

    OOOOH! So cute! Where can I get a absolutely adorable kitten like that?

  38. Holy Crap what a beautiful family!
    I want to get right in there with them!

  39. chelonianmobile says:

    I gathered kittens were born with claws – after all, human babies are born with all their nails – but can they retract them when they’re newborn or do they have to wait for the bits that pull the claws in and out to develop?

    Back to the piccie; awww!

  40. must…kees…teeny button-like nose

  41. Eeee!

    I just saw the top part of the pic and recognized the, ahem, distinctive CatCave curtains and knew Teho was sharing!

    The ear-to-head ratio is off the charts. Completely redonk.

  42. browngrl says:

    Things to do List
    1. kiss Reykjavic
    2. kiss all the sibling kittens
    3. repeat above two actions till Kenya protests
    4. have own head explode from extreme cute overload

  43. R. Moore says:

    I remember distinctly how I discovered that baby kittens are evil (and by evil I mean exactly like adult cats): I went into a friends house, took off my shoes, and walked into the hallway. A litter of kittens was just exploring the hall for the first time. One stick it’s tiny paw on me… And broke right through the skin. Ouch.


  45. *SPLODE*

    Too much cuteness!

  46. lauowolf says:

    Claws feel like velcro?
    Don’t worry, they won’t for long.
    (Snidely Whiplash sinister laughter.)
    Think pants legs.
    Or better, pajamas.

    Sure they look all innocent there nursing on mama, but you know what she’s telling them in between all the purrs.

    (Or did you think the pants leg climbs, and the pulling the food out of the dish to eat it were all instinctive behaviors?)

  47. Fuzzy. Little. HEAD!!!


  48. BenPanced says:

    Yay, happy kitteh fambly!

  49. I want!

    (I so carry the ‘cat lady’ gene)

  50. YEAH Reykjavik!!! He/she still looks a little like a piglet, though. So So cute!! Uncle Theo’s gonna be happy happy happy for a couple months! We DO need pictures of the entire brood eventually, though Teho. And I KNOW you will. *widdo gentle keeeses on da tops of each of dere widdo hay-eds*

  51. oaklandcat says:

    OMG. speechless.

  52. It still has that new kitten smell…sniff, sniff…no, that’s something else I’m smelling.

    Aaaaieee! Teho these kittens are deadly cute.

  53. Oh YES they are born with their claws and they do not retract them and they can be RAZOR sharp. All the scars that I have running up and down my arms are from working in shelter intake centers with kittens, not cats. Cats will not scratch you unless they’re angry. Kittens will launch themselves off your arm and take quite a big sample of your DNA with them.

  54. Persephone says:

    Oh, so small!

    I went with a friend to the vet today and got to see a litter of puppies about that size and color. all sleepy and still kind of pink…

    Congrats Theo!

  55. *gasp* *gasp*… the ears people, the ears…. *gasp”
    .Congrats Theo…. *gasp* ..ded..

  56. Born with claws??? Yeowch, poor momma!

  57. Aawwww. Looks like the little guy has a touch of grey on the ears. I’ll bet Ms. Kenya had a tryst with some studly Siameser. My family used to breed them, so I know what the babies look like. It’s only later that they develop dark “points” and start climbing the curtains. 🙂

  58. Congrats Theo! Reykjavik is adorable. Love the geographic names. 😀

  59. Sending gentle kisses for their wee heads…

  60. A white kitty with a pink nose!!! He looks like a cotton ball with a face and ears in the first pic. I just want to pet him. Aww…

    What do you call a cat named Reykjavik for short? Rey? Reyk? Javik? Javvy? Icelander? Umm, I think I’ll just stick with “Kit.”

  61. CCat, I think “Bjork” would be a perfect nickname.

    Congratulations, Teho! Happy new kitnz!

  62. J. Bo and CCat — Björk would wörk; I was also thinking “Reykja” (RAKE-ya)… claws, y’know.
    I’m pretty sure Reykja is a girl, now. Not easy to tell yet.

  63. Theo..It can be pretty hard to tell boys/girls on such tinies but if it looks like a colon ( : ) its a boy. Girls look like a semicolon ( ; )

  64. Yitzysmommie says:

    Gratz again proud grandparents Theo & Jaye. And a big thanks for posting bebehs on CO. I’d squee but I’m too sick damnit. Is Kenya getting some super lovin’s & new Mommie treats?

  65. congrats on the little ones. best wishes that they (and mum kenya)remain as happy and healthy as they are adorable.

  66. Aww… I didn’t know that about the claws…

  67. it is so cute and adorable
    i love that kitten
    i wish i could have her but i have hairless cat
    by the way that cat is sooo cute i just cant help it shes so darn cute

  68. Behold, natures most efficient killer.


    I think it’s a lil’ siamese. She looks like mine did. They are born white; markings grow in later.

    We are Siamese if you please
    We are Siamese if you don’t please
    Now we’re looking over our new domisile
    If we like we stay for maybe quite a while

  69. Leyla — actually we *have* wondered about that. We’ll definitely watch for markings.

  70. I’m thinking Reykjavik is “Rikki” for short. And if he/she is a Siamese…oh, man. I’ll *really* want to keep a kitten then…

    Our marmalade tiger, Mr. Bounce, came from a litter that included a couple of black kittens, orange stripey him, and a Siamese. The Siamese had white paws but was otherwise a perfect sealpoint. Had to wonder how many daddy cats fathered that batch!

  71. *LOVE* the names! We have a tortie named Nairobi! And our Doggie is Bastian Balthazar Bux, and our himilayan kittehs name is..well, it’s The Stupid Bup, but it’s a really long story and it’s more of a title. I love hearing how other people choose pet names-I always feel that the smaller and floofier the pet the more they should have super grand redonkulous names.

  72. “Rikki,” eh?
    [humming Steely Dan]
    You don’t wanna call nobody else…

  73. Reykjavik? is a viking kitten?

  74. As long as he/she doesn’t rape and pillage!

    I like “Rikki” as an everyday name. Even solves the gender confusion issue…

    sigh. want to go to Iceland… made it to Norway, but no further north…

  75. OMG Teagan i died! I’m seriously right now!

  76. oh lordage.
    I’m too speeshless to even squee!!
    i just wanna rub noses wif Reyki and give it teensy little bebeh snorgles!

  77. OMG Teagan i died!seriously right now!

  78. acelightning says:

    Oh, dear Bast, the tinyness is altogether *deadly*! Reykjavik and siblings are “simply irresistible”! I want to kiss that tiny nose so badly, I’m getting lip-prints on my screen…

    I’ve been to the city of Reykjavik, and it wasn’t nearly as much fun as I’d expected it to be. Now that I’ve got a choice, I’d much rather visit the kitty than the city.

  79. HeidStar says:

    Theo. You did it. I’m done. Dead. Keeled by the cute of that vid. Yikes! What a good momma kitty Kenya is!! Did you see HER paws all kneading and such while her bebbehs are nursing? And that contented face? Oh. My. How in the world are you going to get anything done in your life now? Won’t you just be watching the kitters every waking moment?

  80. what a miracle this baby is! too sweet.

  81. Hewwo itty one, whatchoodoin. Wewcome to teh world. Such a fuffers kitter. Mwah.

  82. I practically just yelled out “AWWWW”! I would love to nuzzle his sweet little head! Love the baby! LOVE HIM!

  83. veronica says:

    awwwwww…i want one!

  84. R. Moore says:

    Oh dear, traumatic flashback. My cat had kittens in my closet, spreading blood and after birth all over. Then an adorable little cream kitten (who turned out to be a siamese) had a kink in his tail. A few days later, the tip of his tail FELL OFF. And I was never able to find it, either.


  85. HeidStar — re: every waking moment — very nearly.
    R. Moore — well, all very similar here, but without the tail kinks. Breathe easy. (Could give a crap ’bout the carpet.) And y’know, I think tail kinks are a pretty common thing with Siamese cats. Growing up, we had a dark sealpoint that my little sister had named “Ching,” and his tail had a perma-kink.

  86. Some alltime fave cat names (none named by me):
    A silver tabby named “Bodoni Bold”
    A housecat named “Sir Digby the Dumb”
    A purebred red tabby, son of red tabby “Finnegan” and grandson of red tabby “Murphy”, named “Erin Go Bragh.”

  87. Suzanne says:

    A Haiku in Honor of Kenya’s Kittehs

    Small bundles of fluff
    All snorgalicious cuties
    ‘Cept new kitteh claws

    Theo, if I may, I call dibs on the gray one!

  88. Suzanne — unfortunately, you may not… the adoptions don’t work that way. These aren’t *my* cats; they’re fosters. But I will say it *is* kitten season, and Humane Societies everywhere will be looking for Forever Homes for plenty of fine felines.

    Thank you for the haiku, though, and no worries bout kitten claws. We luvs dem too.

  89. Argentee says:

    Now a days, the kink is concidered a flaw, but the old Siamese all had that kink to their tail. I remember hearing a legend about it being because a Princess put her rings on the tail of a Siamese while she was bathing. In order to keep the rings it was guarding from falling off, the cat held the end of it’s tail bent… and when she had kittens, all the kittens were born with the same bend so they could guard the Princess’s rings.

  90. Congratulations to the new family! Thye are beautiful!

    The mother looks very pretty, distinguished, and dainty herself. She looks like she goes to DAR meetings in her spare time.

  91. Congratulations to the new family! They are beautiful!

    The mother looks very pretty, distinguished, and dainty herself. She looks like she goes to DAR meetings in her spare time.

  92. she was an expecting mommy after all 🙂

    Congrats on the littel ones, and hope they all will find fine new homes when they are big enough to leave momma and sibs.

  93. what a widdle cutie, with a very big name. sure hope the little one grows into his name. cute little tock shot too.

  94. looks at the feets…and earses!!!

  95. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I think Kenya is a very pretty kitty too! Congratulations to everyone!

  96. Ooooh! I’ve been waiting to see when Kenya had her kittens!
    I think I am now Reykjavik’s biggest fan… or at least one of them 😉

  97. andrea l nash says:

    Finally1! Yayy Kenya! Congratulations Theo – have a cigar! Looks like Kenya’s gonna be one of those really good mommacats!

  98. Yep. I am checking again.
    Yep, still as deadly cute as the first hundred times I checked.

    *Goes back to watch video again*

  99. Noelegy says:

    I have a new-kitteh story for you. I spent yesterday at my parents’ house, staying with my grandmother so my parents could have a day out. One of the semi-feral cats that hangs around their yard had babies Friday night. The mommy, not much out of kittenhood herself, was black with white whiskers and paws. One of her babies looked just like her. Another was solid dark grey, and the other two were gray tabbies. A third gray tabby was unfortunately born dead, but the four live ones are perfect and healthy.

    I got camera-phone pictures of the black kitty with his near-transparent pink/white paws, but they aren’t as brilliantly detailed as the gorge-a-mous Reykjavik’s.

  100. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! So soft looking…

  101. Suzanne says:


    The “dibs” was pretty much theoretical…a stingy landlord and a 13 year old calico aren’t too open to the idea of a new kitten.

    Congrats on the family.

  102. It’s kind of ugly! I think kittens get cuter when they grow a little (when they’re at the playful stage).

  103. After just a couple of days, Reykjavik is noticeably bigger, plumper, and fluffier than the others. The grey sibling, on the other hand, is the runt so far.

  104. Ooooohhhh, how sweeet! The little head! The foldy ears! The wee claws!

    Is it just me, or does Reykjavik look like a bit of a cone-head? Do kitten heads get all squished during birth like human babies?

  105. Argentee, love the legend about the kink in the tail. I can so see a children’s book on that story,with illustrations, in your future! Go write it!

  106. gaaaah! the teeny claws! and mama is just lovely.

  107. The kitten is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. OMLORD! Can her head be any rounder in that 1st picture!?! And the itty-bitty ears! TOOO MUCH!!! Sooo cuuuuute!!!

    And, Argentee, loved that story!

  109. Hemos was 30 last week!

  110. Gillian says:

    Where can you see kittens…

    Only with Kenya…

    I have a picture like this of one of my old cats with her new baby kitties. She was a stray I picked up, and she must have gotten preggers that day. Mindy had 5 kittens, too, but only three of them showed up on the ultrasound.

  111. Theo –

    Here is video of my siamese @ birth, and as her markings came in gradually over the first few months of life.

    The face mask comes in last.

    *Warning* LOTS of cooing and baby talk. You may want to turn off your sound.

  112. floppycat says:


    If the white kitten is a Siamese, you are a very lucky guy. The best cat I ever owned was a Siamese (and I’ve owned many cats). He was just cool. I miss him.

  113. floppycat says:

    …but I guess you have to give him up since you are only fostering the kittens.

  114. *dies*

  115. DoodleyDog says:

    That *THUD* sound you hear is me fainting from the overwhelming cuteness!

  116. ThreeCatNight says:

    Reykjavik, you’re such a beautiful little baby. I would love to kees you!
    * reverts to childhood *

  117. Cat-astrophe says:

    Teho, Kenya’s kittens are adorable! Thank you for sharing.

    How difficult was it to get certified to foster kitties at the MVHS? We’ve thought about doing the same thing.

    I live in the Southwest Metro, and it’s almost killing me that all this adorableness is so close to me and I can’t snorgle it!

  118. Christy says:

    Theo’s voice totally makes me think “teddy bear-ish geek”.

  119. durtykitteh says:

    woot for foster kittens! They are so lucky… 🙂

  120. Rainbow Kitties!! “…only in Kenya…forget Norway!”

  121. Cat-astrophe, regarding the fostering: We had to go to some volunteer meetings and “Cat 101,” but that wasn’t too involved.

    Schmoopteen 1 and I are dog-walking for them too, and that was much more involved. Volunteer information session, volunteer class, Dog 101 class, Dog 203 class, and two mentored shifts with an experienced dog-walker. Whew! And finally we were allowed to walk a dog. It’s *so* worth it, though; they are all so happy to get outside.