Red, white and PROSH

Someone alert Jack White! the scene for his next White stripes video is READY! [paws cross]


[Electric blankie cranked to 11, paws tucked]


Mapi V., you rocketh.



  1. cinnabat says:


  2. Bleen!? Does he even have eyes?

  3. God, what a precious kitty kat! I needs it! NOW.

  4. I have such kitten envy. So adorable!

  5. Alice Shortcake says:

    Would have been adorable even without the crossed paws, which send the first pic into the stratosphere of cuteness!

  6. Oh so tie tie! What a cutie pie. I wanna kiss that tummy and forehead!

  7. luvinmalssomuch says:

    April Kitty Centerfold On Sale now at Petco.

  8. leprechaun says:

    Sweepy kitty! 😀 *nuzzles t3h tummy*

  9. O

    Seriously Meg, you need to market a kitteh pin up calendar or something. This is definitely a Ms. February shot!

  10. Hey, is this a meowbino kitteh? He’s really, really, really white. In the second pic even his little nose looks white.

  11. Ok, now *this* I can see!

  12. Sheilagh says:

    Total kitty pr0n!

    Very Marilyn Monroe On The Red Sheet!

    (image so small it’s ALMOST safe for work:

  13. Reminds me of American Beauty. “Look closer….”

  14. Tiredest kitteh evar ..

  15. Also .. omg, I can see little pink nipples. Kitteh pr0n indeed.

  16. luvinmalssomuch says:

    sheilagh, I was going to say that. Marilyn Monroe yes.

  17. OMG!!! I had a terrible dream that Cuteoverload was shutting down! 😦 glad to see it was just a terrible nitemare.

  18. IM on UR sheets pr0nin’ UR bed

  19. Preow. Mind. Gone.

  20. sadiesauce says:

    He reminds me of my precious Boris. I didn’t know him as a kitten. Now he just sleeps a lot, prefers to get a little dirty, and totes dingleberries on his snow white fur.

  21. fat tabby says:

    I love him ! *nibbles the ears*

  22. Me thinks he’s a meowbino too. Soooooo white.

  23. How beautiful!

  24. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Miss naughty nipples ninteen ninety nine.

  25. Must say though … the posts in the last two days have been exceedingly brilliant. Way to go, Meg!!!

  26. Must…..snorggle…..tummy…

  27. OMG~~Look at the crossed little baby feet~~~~~

  28. We bought our cat an electric bed. It’s like a normal cat bed but with a built in heater. She loves it, but now she never comes out.

    I feel so used! 😦

  29. firefinch says:

    A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back … from snorgling this kitty!

  30. FireFinch — that’s just what I like to hear, so that’s what you’ll do.

  31. oh my god! he is on cuteoverload!! 😀

    here, two more photos, from the flickr of Mapi V. :

  32. yeah. but this one goes to eleven.

  33. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh, God! The overall cute factor!
    * almost falls off chair*
    Gotta love those darling little pink ears and pinky-nose and mouth. So kissable and snorgly…

  34. The heating blanket…its purrrfect!

  35. Firefinch & Teho: you keep going on that way and you’ll end up in Wichita, far from this opera forever more.

  36. Thanks for your nice compliments! We’re very prrrroud!

  37. good grief – even his little nosey is white! cutsie cutsie!

  38. zeldapie says:

    Yowza wowza. THIS is definitive CUTE, folks.

  39. Juniper Jupiter says:

    To whom it might concern at CO:

    Please refrain from any more pictures of kittens with their stomachs exposed. It is quite obvious that your irresponsibility towards your viewers and the possibility of the high-pitched screams that only canine companions can hear and cranial implosions that can occur will result and that civil and possibly criminal action may result in….oh who am I kidding?


  40. Mapi V…your bebeh is SOOO precious! I love the other photos on your Flckr where he’s kind of upside down and peeking back at you underneath his legs!! LOL!!
    AND the little crossed feetsies is absolutely positively the CUTESTEST part of the pic! I lurves heem. I will have to be happy with blowing raspberries on MY kitty who is also all white…underneath. Actually I did that to him the other night and he looked at me like…..”uh, Mom? You ok? Need a pill or sumfin’?”

  41. Pink mouf…must give kees!!!

  42. Oh, that is too precious.

  43. Aww. So sleepy. ^_^

  44. Okay, the kitteh is exceedingly prosh and all – but if you haven’t, you must check out the link above and see the Flickr album…..the photo of the smilie faces on the toes made me wet my pants!

  45. I looked at the Flickr album and in the pix where his eyes are open, they look green.

    If’n he was a meowlbino (hee) wouldn’t they be pink or some odd color?

    That means this widdle pussums is Just. That. White!!! eeeee!

  46. I’m all about the smilies on the toes.
    Don’t wet your pants, Paula.

  47. acelightning says:

    A true albino (any kind of animal) will have eyes that reflect red from the blood vessels inside the eyes, because there is no pigment in the iris to give them any other color. But cat color genetics is very complicated; there are at least two other ways for a cat to be born with pure white fur all over. One way results in a cat that has dark blue eyes like a newborn all its life, and I think that’s what we have here. The other way, the cat can have any eye color that’s normal for cats (green or amber, mostly).

    But whatever genetic permutations created it, this kitty’s just plain gorgeous!

  48. I must admit that I used the mouse pointer to give that belly a virtual rub!

  49. Life is hard when you’re a bootiful kitteh. Need space-out time for tummy kisses.

  50. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh, I so needed this tongiht. I have a sinus infection and am miserable and this kitteh made my day.

  51. “To sigh, to meep; But sleep? No more to yeem? aye, there’s the belleh rub; For on sleep’s fair blankie what yeems may come…”

  52. R. Moore says:

    I love that she (or he?) glows pink 🙂

  53. lauowolf says:

    Are you okay?

    (That’s scary good.)

  54. Oh! Me! Gee!
    I just want to pet the tummy! *must resist*

  55. hmm…Meg…Jack and Meg White…..alter ego cute lovers?…

  56. NakedSpace says:

    Ours goes up to elevun!

  57. Aubrey’s been listening to Cat Head Theater, methinks.

  58. Squeee! Kitten tummy! I must snorgle it! *resorts to snorgling orange ball of fur in my lap instead*

  59. Cathryn Bauer says:

    It’s the muzzlepuff, people. OMGess, how snorgleworthy.

    (Tummy is also splendiferous IMO.)

    Best of all is the air of contentment. This kitten understands very well that she’s adored.

  60. aaawww… itza sleeppity kitteh!

  61. this is like my boyfriend

  62. Too weird – I scrolled down to this picture and the White Stripes came on the radio! 🙂

  63. creepyhazel says:

    AWWWW! WHAT A CUTE KITTY!! I almost died of Cuteoverloadness when I saw the second pic!

  64. Juniper says:

    How come one arm is much longer than the other? Looks like the owner has been nibbling its cute little left paw.