Like my sweater? [tiny nose wriggles]


Matthew B., yes, yes it’s cute.



  1. Anna Dintaman says:

    Squeee… as a knitter I am particularly partial to this post. Springalicious!

  2. I do lurve the persian lambie schweat-air!

  3. looks like a garter stitch!

  4. The Sheep in Black. Does he walk the line?

  5. he ees smilingk!!! so cutes!!!

  6. Baa-roo?

  7. Love me some lammykins. More, please and thank you.

  8. Redz- yep he walks the line, but then he grows into a fuzzy heap o’ mutton. He’s so sweet that he’s cuter than a button. And he’ll bah bah bah…

  9. Scarry but cute

  10. BenPanced says:

    Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

  11. I wanna nibble those ears.

    Call me mint jelly cuz i’m on the lamb!

  12. Holly…lol I HATED mint jelly when I was a kid, because I knew the lamb wasn’t far away. *blech* I would much rather just look at and pet live, cute ones.

  13. Laurie C says:

    Instead of being the black sheep of the family, his whole family appears to be black sheep. How wonderful. They can all get into trouble together!

  14. He’s too wee to have 3 bags full!

  15. That lamb has an afro! AFRO POWER lee-tahl lamb!

  16. what ewe looking at?

  17. So floofy. If you wanna see some cute sheep, I would suggest googling Toy sheep and baby doll sheep and miniature sheep. I have been checking them out because we want to get some to mow our lawn. Now I just need to build a barn…

  18. If it’s a whole family of black sheep, does that mean that somewhere, just out of the frame of this photo is the much maligned “white sheep of the family”?

  19. acelightning says:

    Baa baa black sheep! He certainly *does* have wool!

    I’ve seen some beautiful sweaters (in Iceland) that were knitted with just the different colors of wool that sheep can be naturally – creamy off-white, grey, tan, brown, and black, and colors made by spinning two shades together. This little guy knows that he’s got the neatest black fur. I want to go after him with a pair of knitting needles, and I don’t even know how to knit!

  20. Oooooooooooh, he looks so soft and huggable! =3

  21. Alice Shortcake says:

    Not bad, but it tends to shrink in the tumble drier!

  22. Hey I need this wool for a while here peoples?!?!?!
    wait until I am how old again mom !!! I dont remember, I just want to snuggle and eat. mom! I mean baaa !!

  23. You can clean his wool with water
    But you can’t fade the ink

  24. I like the sunlight outlining the woolly ears.

  25. Aubrey — once again, I am moved to cheer.


  26. lauowolf says:

    I need the pattern for this.

    (I’ll make it in acrylic, cos I have an allergy to lanolin.)

  27. Catsquatch says:

    Is that what that mint jelly in my cupboard is for????

    No wonder its been in there for 15 years…..

    I keep thinkin maybe it would taste good on crackers, but that peculiar color of green keeps putting me off….

  28. Bessy Mouse says:

    This photo makes me sad.
    My Boyfriend and I adopted an orphan baby lamb that was found on the side of the road.
    We named her “Lucy”.
    Although she was white, she has the same innocent face. She was the most loving, sweet pet I’ve ever known. You couldn’t begin to imagine. Not to mention SQUEE-DORABLE!
    I love her. I miss her.

    We’re vegitarians now. 🙂

  29. Bessy Mouse says:

    Oh I forgot to mention…
    I was very cold during the time she was with us so I made a jumper for her.
    It was made from black wool. I always thought it was funny that she was a sheep wearing a woolen jumper… :/

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    I love how his beautiful eyes match his slate-grey coat. So soulful, and innocent. This is why I haven’t eaten lamb in years, and am weaning myself away from meat(s) altogether. Can’t be a hypocrite anymore…