IM in UR POND feedin’ UR FISH

feedin’ the fish, junior duckle!

What a go-getter.

Sara P., I quack een your general deerection.



  1. interspeesh feeding? awesome!!


  2. oh and…i’m ze #1 commentatertot! it’s gonna be a great friday.


  3. heee 🙂

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  5. Ok boys, now share! Here’s one for lumpy, an one for goldie, and one for skeezix- no crowding boys, and one for whitey, and one for fats. Whew!

  6. I love how he makes sure each one gets something. What a good duck!

  7. Oh my GOSH!! Impossible! Yet true!

  8. Shelley Z says:

    um, those fish are big enuf to monsch that little ducklette, sooooo funny!

  9. Well, he’s probably wetting the bread to make it easier to eat himself. But it’s still cute!

  10. lowly grunt says:

    WOW. I was scared the duckie was going to be lunch for those big fish.

  11. That duckie better be careful. Those fish are way bigger than he is and what if they decide they want a little quacky snack?

  12. baby duckie: “Mom! Mom! Mom! Did you see me feedin’ the fishies? Did you see? Did you? Did you?”

    Mama: “Yes, I did. Good job. You remembered to share your snacks with the neighborhood kids today.”

  13. i can’t see it…

  14. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    What’s it about,what’s it about? My work computer won’t show it, says it’s Adult content!

  15. heidilynn says:

    I think this was all a self-defense strategy; Koi who are full of bread crumbs are less likely to swallow baby duckies for lunch!

  16. Hee hee I thought lil ducklette got swallowed by the fish at the end….big sigh of relief

  17. SeaBreeze says:

    How QTE!!! How PROSH!!!

    “If I feed them, they will come.”

    “If I feed them, they won’t eat me.”

  18. We had a rescue ducky who only had one leg as a pike bit one off when she was a duckling. But she went on to become a mother herself and lived to a ripe old age. One of her siblings was attacked too, but the leg was set and he got the use of it back, though he always limped a little.

    I doubt carp are so nasty though.

  19. Whut the duck!??

  20. Tina Rhea says:

    I’ve heard of songbirds doing this because the gaping mouth of the fish looks like the gaping mouth of a baby bird… but ducks don’t need to feed their babies like that, and this is a kid doing the feeding anyway, so… I agree with Theo: What the duck!??

  21. One for you and one for me.
    One for you and one for me.
    One for you and one for me.

    Ducklette’s going to grow big at that rate.

  22. dont be so coy! (koi. get it? ha ha)

    oh what a well mannered little duckle. cute, cute!

  23. Aw that’s adorable! 🙂

  24. i like it when he’s swimming away, “my work is done here.”

  25. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Theo, That’s funny. Great play on words.
    This duck thinks he’s a fishy.

  26. That is too funny! I also like the fact that the fish are bigger than the duck!

  27. THAT is hilarious!

  28. Feed a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a duck to feed the fish, and, oh wow, what was I saying?

  29. Laurie C says:

    Can he come to my house and take over feeding my cats? I don’t think they’d hurt him, they don’t even know what to do when they catch a moth.

  30. … WTD?!

    I now have three favs.. the smooshed-face manatee, the holdy-hands otters, and this.. the aquatic philanthropist.
    You go ducky! Feed thems fishes.

  31. Theresa – to borrow a newly-coined phrase: WTD!??

  32. Ha-dorable! Anybody know if this is in Balboa Park/San Diego, by chance?

  33. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    I’m sitting here with my mouth hanging open-ohmygoddd, the ducky feeds the fishys! How amazingly adorable!!

    Gotta get out to the yard, and back to digging my own fishy pond. I now want a lil’ ducky and some biiiig-@ss koi!

  34. I agree, baybeh duckie is stuffing those fishies nice and full so he can swim unmolested.

  35. Carpe duckem!!

  36. Awwwwwwww, what a good little ducklette, sharing food with hish fishy fwendsh!

  37. oh my gawd!!! how stinking cute is that?

    it’s like he’s practicing to work at Sea World with the Shamus!

  38. Aww! I wish my parent’s koi pond had duckies too. The duckling probably was just trying to get the bread crumbs wet for himself, but the fish didn’t mind helping themselves! Duckies can live where ever they want! I love them!

  39. hahah! at first i thought the rock the ducky is on was actually the ducky, so he was a massive duck with a little head. i was wondering why you called him junior ducky until he got off and swam :]

  40. AlliG – I think that should be philichthyist.

    DreamSpinner – for the big koi, you need a really deep pond.

    For those of you not seeing it, here is the link to the YouTube version:

    via Neatorama:

  41. This is the most amazing thing I’ve EVER SEEN.

    End of story.

  42. Awwww…. kyoot! I’ve seen it before but it’s still cute. I too was worried about the little duckling.

    There were ponds all over this very nicely landscaped mobile home park where my parents lived. I took my then toddler son over to one of the ponds to feed the duckies dry bread. And…well….what all of you were worrying about might happen to the little ducky? The ponds had HUGE catfish in them. 😦 I haven’t gone to feed duckies ever since.

    Sorry…don’t mean to harsh the cute…really. I LOVE this place!

  43. Catsquatch says:

    “It is my mission in life to end world hunger.
    And Im gonna start with you guys right now.
    Heeer ya go, there ya go, no pushing now, oops you need some too…”

  44. little ducky = very cute
    swarm of huge koi fish = very NOT cute. I don’t know what it is, but those fish freeeak me out!

  45. As someone who has raised koi the worst they can do is gum you. (A very odd sensation, but not at all dangerous.) Koi are filter feeders and muck-eaters. They cannot eat or digest a duckling, so set your minds at ease, everyone, the little one is quite safe.

    Also, like most birds, ducks lack “Mouth Moisture” and will soften food like bread or duck feed in water. I assume that’s what this little guy is doing, and the fish are taking advantage of his sloppiness. That being said, this video is too cute to take in large doses! ^_^

  46. guineapiggin9 says:

    Im speechless

  47. acelightning says:

    Okay, I think “What the duck?”/WTD belongs in the official Cute Overload! vocabulary.

  48. Lenore — I think it’s more an issue of Flash being blocked (or not installed) on folks’ work PCs. Hard to get around that unless you can find, I dunno, a Quicktime version? Embedded WMP? A more permissive firewall and/or workstation policy?

  49. Christine says:

    The duck isn’t really feeding the fish. He’s just getting a little water in his mouth between swallows so that the crumbs go down easier. All ducks do that — go out to your local lake and watch sometime.

  50. I vote for a new category:
    I’m in UR blank, blankin’ UR blank!” Doesn’t read well, but U know what I mean… those are my faves!!

  51. zosterops says:

    apart from little hero ducklings, there’s also herons that will throw bread into the water to attract fish… although in that case they tend to eat the fish. but smart, isn’t it?

  52. Awww, how *cute* is that?! It’s like handing out candy to kids! Ducky knows how to share.

  53. Duck! Loaves and fishes from above!

  54. I hate to burst everyone’s cuteness bubble, but as adorable as the vid is, this ducky isn’t exactly feeding the fish. The ducklingading is munching on some “duck starter” grain, then gulping mouthfulls of water so it can swallow the dry food-pebbles safely. If they try to eat this stuff without water close by, they can choke! These carp obviously love duck food as much as anything else!

  55. Hey, I was there, that was at Knott’s berry farm I believe at their koi pond many many years ago, At least eight. The memories, such a cute awesome duck.

  56. Ilona & others — for me, the fact that the duck isn’t *intentionally* feeding the fish doesn’t really make it any less cute. In my mind, Duckles is still humming a little tune and saying “some for you, some for you, and here’s some over here…”

  57. SQUEE!

  58. Best part wasn’t feeding the fishies, it was the teeny bebeh duck doing a nose-dive into the water! Those wee tocks make me squeal!

  59. I’m sure most people are aware that the duck is not actually feeding the fish, but the image of this is still cute.

  60. Yoshimi says:

    Please, PLEASE send this video over to the folks at They’ve got a live duck cam, but also collect duck pics and what not… they’d probably love to see this!