Bebeh Spa Sloth


A nice post-massage nap in a lavender-smelling towel. I think I hear some new-age muzik in the background. ZZZZZZZ.

Which way to the sauna?

Lyssa B., your submishes shud really be outlawed.



  1. Sloth Power!

  2. Oh fer cryin’ out loud. Youse guys trying to kill us with Teh Qte?

  3. Daisycat says:

    he looks like he is ready for a snorgle!!! OOH OOH ME ME!!! PICK ME!! *waving hand* 🙂

  4. Wow, I’ll never look at baby sloths the same way again.

  5. OMG. I’m done for the day. There’s no way I can work after that.

  6. Sloth bebeh! He looks soooo relaxed in his towel. I must beep that little nosie, then give him a soft kiss on the head.

    …before giving him a big ol’ snorgle, of course!

  7. ho….. emm gee…
    I’m ded from kee-ute-ness!
    look at dem leeeetle nostrils! teehee

  8. Ohhhhhh the eye capsules are KEELING MEEE!

  9. Eeeeeeeee!!!! *swoon*

  10. Is that a washcloth? Small enough for a washcloth?!?!? *sigh*

  11. HeidStar says:

    Aiyeeeeee! That is powerful cute. Adult sloths? Not very cute. Mossy, yes. Cute? Not so much. But the sloth bebbehs? KEEE-ute!!

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    Wrapped in bunting with his delicious little sloth-nose peeping out, and those paws!
    (Won’t be so cute when he gets bigger, tho)

  13. michellemybelle says:

    Sloths are one of my all-time faves – today’s going to be a good day! 🙂

  14. Ear to head ratio? Isn’t that a CO rule?
    We have a winner here if there ever was one!
    If you need a magnifying glass to find the ears on a big fuzthzy haid…

  15. Sleppy Burrito.


  16. What a little snugglebun that one is!!! Can I come and hold that little sloth too!!! I’m pouting cause I can’t hold him or her. but I guess the cute pic will have to hold me over.

  17. so sweet!!! I want one, where can I get one?

  18. zeldapie says:


  19. oh my gosh! those adorable eye capsules! and his little nose!

  20. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I just lurve da schnozzle.

  21. Dustbunny says:

    Up til now I’ve wanted to be reincarnated as a cat, but I’m thinking of coming back as a sloth. What are the job requirements — eating and lots and lots of sleeping? I think I could handle thatzzzzzzzzzzz.

  22. leprechaun says:

    Looks like a stuffed animal! 😀

  23. Alice Shortcake says:

    Sloths – the new Toygers!

  24. Two rules of cuteness here…yup…ear to head ratio and an ordinary item looking HUGE in comparison to baby sloth.

    I hear Beatles for Babies playing softly in the background for lil’ Sloth. *kiss on the fuzzy head* Nite nite lil’ one

  25. it looks like it could be a baby wookie. can anyone else see the chewbacca resemblance? it’s so cute. i would definitely call him (or her) george.

  26. Yitzysmommie says:

    I cannot decide which is the most Qte..the sleepy bebeh, the eye capsules, the nosicle or the pawsitude. I think Slothy McSlothersons has won my personal Quadfecta.

  27. Awww! I wanna kiss that forehead…so big it’s a five head!

    Cutie pie!

  28. Just too cute for words!

  29. floppycat says:

    I luv how he hugs the little wash cloth bed while he sleeps.

    cute cute cute!!!

  30. Oh. My. God.

  31. You know, when I see photos like this, I ask myself…no, I kick myself…for not majoring in zoology or becoming a vet tech so I could work with adorable baby animals at the zoo instead of irritating people in an office. Oh, well…next lifetime.

  32. 19Petals says:

    Oh baby McSlotherson, your cuteness… it keels me… How I wish to snorgle you….

  33. Sloth Spa! Sloth Spa! Sloth Spa!

    Now, if you’ll just relax, Ms. Sloth, we’ll get started on your claw-icure.

  34. SeaBreeze says:

    So slothfully sloft! I mean soft!! =)

  35. oh wow to cute,i need some of dat wash

  36. *sigh* The tiny huggable arms. I wants heem!

  37. luvinmalssomuch says:

    This site can’t get any cuter. Adorable sloth.

  38. kestrien says:


    Hooray for the ANTM reference!!!! Perhaps you know (whose Winston has been on here more than once!) has much to say about the finger-to-forehead ratio?

  39. Karebear says:

    aww, He looks like he’s snorgling his bankey. So tiny to have a washcloth for a bankey!

  40. I am MADLY IN LOVE with sloths. on the second day of my biology class there was a guest professor and he showed us a video he shot of a sloth crawling on the ground. funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  41. SPA LADY: “What kind of treat would you like after your nap?”

    SLOTH: “Rocky Road.”

    SPA LADY: “I’m sorry?”

    SLOTH: “Sloth love Chunk.”

    Lazy bebeh. My eyes are drooping.

  42. OMG i cannot DEAL WITH THIS! Sloths are my all time favorite animals and this is toooo much to handle *DIES*

  43. AuntieMame says:

    Sloths. The kings (and queens) of honk shu!

    And ears-to-head ratio, my foot! What about nose-to-head ratio?

    (I feel so out-of-touch! I haven’t recognized any of the recent pop culture references! *sob*)

  44. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Oh no. Meg, you’ve done it this time. You’ve really done it this time. I have asploded. A million times over I have asploded over this anerable baby beauty… Yeah, I’m done. Turn me over cause I’m cooked. 🙂

  45. your kitteh has SUCH bright eyes and such shiny fur…. awesome submission

  46. kellyfaerie says:

    Super cute! I didn’t know sloths could *be* cute. Thanks for the Qte Enlightenment!

  47. Oh my… I never would have thought of sloths as cute. How wonderful!

  48. Aaaaawww. That is all.

  49. [dork]Is it just me, or does a napping baby sloth resemble a sleeping baby Wookiee? Like a little, tiny Chewbacca?[/dork]

    Anyway, super-cute, weird-looking little guys.

  50. Jus shows to go ya that there is cuteness to be had almost every where you look. You only need a justment to yer attitude. Sloth baby kilt me ded. Makes me want to go to our zoo- we have “rain forest ” thing with baby oragutangs and sloths.

  51. Martha in Washington says:

    He looks so content. But sloths always look content don’t they? I mean, have you ever seen an agitated sloth? I’m definitely coming back as a sloth next time.

  52. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhh!! ZOMG! Its a sloth! awww! 😀

  53. Oh my. I love love love the no visible ears on the tiny furry head. Looks like he or she was just at the hair salon, too. Lookin’ good Sloth behbeh!

  54. I just love that little snoodler! So cute!

  55. It’s not bad enough that all the adorable baby hammies have made me think I want a hamster.. but now I’m trying to figure out how/where to get a sloth?? shame on CO for tempting me in these ways!

  56. OMG I love that he looks like he’s cuddling the towel up to him like a teddy bear

    SO CUTE!

  57. In Awwwe says:

    I see they starting casting calls for the star of Ice Age 3 … And I ‘tink’ we got ourselves a winner

  58. Adorable, delicious and fantastic bubby sloth action….

    now where can I one of my own?

  59. zosterops says:

    the funny thing is – it *looks* like a sloth. even if that is the least expected thing to find in a towel…

  60. OMG. The paw placement is delicious. I like how his headfur looks all slicked back, like a gameshow host’s toupee. I think big sloths are anerable, too. They have all kinds of rad adaptations to their environement. Do you know that there is a special moss that only lives in sloth fur that helps them w. camoflauge when they are hanging around it the forest? And the texture of sloth fur has evolved to become the perfect home for this moss has evolved to become the perfect sloth fur liver-inner?

  61. zosterops says:

    just remebered what they told me about sloth mums in costa rica – beware, it’s hard to digest especially after seeing that photo – when a sloth baby happens to fall down from its mums belly the mother won’t go after it! with sloths beeing, well slow and all, it’s taking too much energy to go get the offspring it seems. I do hope that’s a jungle kind of urban legend to shock the tourists…

  62. Curse you sloths! Curse you for looking so sleepy and content when that is how you ALWAYS look! Now I have to try a million times harder to be content when I know sloths just go floppy and BAM, contentment.

  63. Glad to know that my deadly sin is cute! Hehe.

  64. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is the cutest sloth i have ever seen in my life ! hope it had a great sleep !!!!

  65. good old whatshername says:

    *beeeeep* goes the nose.

  66. so sweet that i’m falling into a diabetic coma as we speak.

  67. katherine says:

    errr…. Lori, that’s not a kitten.

  68. hrh.squeak says:

    “Hey, stop beeping my nosicle. I’m trying to sleep here. I tell ya, sloths don’t get no respect.”

    All he needs is a tiny tie to tug on . . . . if he could wake up long enough, which I doubt.

    Wuvs him.

  69. O geezzzz, who knew sloth were so freakin’ cute!

  70. Oooooooh I want him to wrap those little arms around my neck so I could bury my face in him all day!

  71. Who knew bebeh sloths were soooo cute?!

  72. zosterops, I guess the up-side to that sad story, is that if you want a slothlet of your vereh own, all you have to do is stand under a sloth tree and be very, very patient. (And perhaps obtain some kind of wildlife rehabilitation license, but who needs details?)

    Adorable sloth. I love his feets.

    PS: Fellow cuteologists: I just had an important job interview, which I totally nailed, so wish me luck!

  73. Michelle says:

    crinkled eye capsules?


  74. fawn lust says:

    *pant pant*
    omg. i’m totally winded from the cute!

  75. acelightning says:

    It’s not fair that something that shares a name with one of the Seven Deadly Sins is so gosh-darn *cute*!

  76. omg, ridiculously cute amazon bebeh–someone call anderson cooper asap!

  77. Baby sloth! Must. Have. One.

  78. That actually made me gasp! Sooo cute.

    Actually, my bf looks like that when he falls asleep cuddling me 😀 Only, you know, not as hairy.

  79. AWWWW
    This is the all time cutest thing I have ever seen. Thank you for gracing us with it’s presents.

  80. Awwwwwwwwww.


    What a sweet sleepy little baby.

  81. OMG! Look at that baby! Kissy, kissy. 🙂

  82. Oi. If only the people who said that sloths are their favourite animal have never seen one out in the wild. They are quite gross, and stinky… now grant it this baby looks KEYUTE. =)

    But the ones in the wild are still gross. Plus they poop ALOT on your car. So do iguanas.

  83. zosterops, yep. That’s true unfortunately, and they always get hit by cars…. sigh. its really sad. Since they are slow and people are jerks, they just run over them…..its very very sad……..Don’t take my “gross” comment as I dont like them, I do, they are an important factor to the ecology in central america and plus they are innocent animals. No innocent animal should come to harm…..

  84. If I felt this good, I’d never move again.

  85. Lisa_Honeychan says:

    Awww!!! So cute! Love that lil’ button nose.

    Just looking at him makes me start to feel all sleepy-like.

  86. How could Sloth be one of the seven deadly sins??? HOW i ask you? look at the serenity, the somnolence, the absolute zen peacefulness of this Baby Sloth!!!