Nice antennae, Baby.

Ladies and Gentlemens, I present to you: The Tiniest of Feets!


Nuri P., nice email sig:




  1. Lady Bugs! Spring is here!

  2. beenclawed says:

    Lady bugs are good luck!
    “Lady bug lady bug fly away home.” What is this from anyway?
    Lurve ’em, they’re anerable in a buggy kind o’ way.

  3. good old whatshername says:

    Real ladybugs, very cute. Nippy Asian bugs, not so much. The feetsies are cute either way.

  4. Lady Bugs! I used to live an apartment that was close to a tree with a large nest of Lady Bugs. A few of them must have come in to my apartment to hibernate (at least, I’m hoping that’s what they did–Lady Bug larvae are certainly not very cute and I don’t like to think about them being in my apartment) because I would see random Lady Bugs waking up with me on Saturday morning, as I sat in the sun doing the Globe and Mail crossword. It was glorious: Me, my coffee, my crossword, the sunshine, and my Lady Bug friends.

  5. Hey, Been:

    Ladybug! Ladybug!
    Fly away home.
    Your house is on fire.
    And your children all gone.

    All except one,
    And that’s little Ann,
    For she crept under
    The frying pan.

    Nursery Rhyme. Not really all that great when I read it as an adult…

    I do love ladybugs, though.

  6. Shandrews says:

    LOL, well I guess my 7-year old daughter should be showing me every lady bug in our yard soon! She loves them (as do I), which is odd because every other bug creeps us out!

  7. ladybugs are so cute. i cant look at one without smiling. arent they good at eating problematic bugsies like aphids?

  8. squeee!

    I love the cute tiny bugs (except for tiny spider hatchlings: I prefer my spiders big and in small numbers).

  9. Apparently ladybugs are stinky! Who knew?

  10. Oh, and if anyone doubts my devotion to little bugs, here is the fabulous bug cake I made:

  11. Ladybugs are pretty, and they’re healthy for gardens. Therefore my panic level on seeing one is moderate.

    What with it still being a bug and all.

  12. I see what you mean about the email sig. That’s awesome! I’ve been trying to figure out just how it’s made. Would it be permissible to duplicate it?

  13. Another Angela says:

    This looks like a nice cute native ladybug beetle. The nasty Asian ladybugs that crawl out into my house each spring and die. Not so cute.

  14. The ladybug poem…I seem to recall reading somewhere it had something to do with the London Fire during Liz I’s reign…not sure if that’s true or not. Another piece of ladybug lore is having them around your house is good luck.

    But I would like an XCU on the feets

  15. When I was a kid we would count the spots to find out how old the ladybug was. We were weird.

  16. Maureen – how sweet. What a perfect morning.
    But – HOW do those pieces of thread hold that thing up? (and how can anyone not love ladybugs?)

    (I once found one in an office and kept it in my purse for an hour -or 2-, until I could get outside and find a suitable place for it to find a home. Dork. I know. I prefer to think of it as a reverence and respect for all life.

    Until I see a cockroach. Then I’m all …..RAMBO!)

  17. Dracwolley says:

    Anyway, Yeah. Cootzies.

  18. Nicolletta says:

    Itty bitty buggie feets!

  19. A haiku for a ladybug:

    Ladybug, I love
    How you tickle my skin
    When you walk on me

  20. Did y’all know that ladybugs BITE? It doesn’t itch or anything afterwards, but it gives you a little prick.

    Of course this doesn’t really stop them from being cute.

  21. Oh My Gosh, my mom is gonna freak when she sees this, she is a total ladybug fan! Thanks Cuteoverload for the awesome ladybug post 🙂

  22. ohmyyes i believe a COXCU is more than warranted here!

  23. BC — the COXCU thing depends a lot on the resolution of the source image.
    Might not even be possible, in this case.

  24. I drive a red Beetle and I SO wanted to put black spots on it at first. LOL

    Bugs are so cute… Whether organical or mechanical. <3

  25. Yeesh, please, no COXCUs on bugs. Some of us are total bugophobes. This one *is* kinda cute though.

  26. Cute 😀
    And what a great photograph!

  27. Here in the UK we call them LadyBirds. I wonder why that is?! I get the lady bit them being all cute and delicate looking compared to most beetles but why the bird bit…?

    They’re one of the few bugs I’m not scared of though.

  28. Daisycat says:

    Ladybugs are my favorite!! *singsong* I lub dem so moishe!! They are supposed to bring good luck! Once when I was younger my bedroom got infested w/ ladybugs. there must have been thousands of them….looked like I had red and black moving wallpaper….we would get dustpans and scrape them off the wall and dump em out the window…I couldn’t sleep in there for fear of them dropping off the ceiling as I slept…I actually had a nightmare they all converged into one gigantic ladybug and came after me…LOL! But I love them anyway! Yay for ladybugs!!! Thanks Meg!! 🙂

  29. Cheryl (with a big C) says:

    Judy B. South Africans call them lady birds, too. I thought maybe it was just us – like with so many other inexplicable terms!

  30. onionpencil musashi says:

    yay bug season is coming. i love all critters, even bugs 8D (well not mosquitos, but…) saw a jumping spider today, spring is coming 8D

  31. My little boy LOVES ladybugs, he named one of our kitties “Ladybug” :o)

  32. I think the “lady” in ladybird is “Our Lady”, as in Mary… I remember that, but not the reason why ;/

    Strange how almost everyone finds ladybirds cute, even if they’re utterly freaked out by other insects. But how could you not when they’re so red and round and shiny!

  33. Army Sarge-Ant: “Soldier! Where is your helmet?!”

    Soldier Ant: “Sir! It ladybugged out! Sir!”

  34. Yay! you finally posted a bug! i’ve been saying for ages that bugs can be cute, too.

  35. this little dewd has excellent taste in wing color.

    anyone ever notice that lady bugs emit a sort grassy smell when disturbed? sometimes i know one’s there before i see it. i hope there’s an entomologist reading this who might be able to comment. or maybe an etymologist. wouldn’t be as helpful, but might be fun.

  36. “And I shall call him Bob!” … Actually it tickles me silly to name all ladybugs Bob … yea weird – I know …

  37. Ants don’t like ladybugs. They eat aphids. 😦

  38. R. Moore says:

    My sister signs off emails with bunnies, too. Hmm… Maybe she’s a closet CO addict.

  39. Anyone remember “A Bug’s Story” with the disgruntled ladybug named Francis? He was always p’d off that every assumed he was female. 😉

  40. that movie was called “a bug’s life”. denis leary did francis’ voice.

  41. and little antennae too! for tickling!

  42. R. Moore says:

    I <3 Pixar!

  43. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Cute little feller. In the UK we have a series of Ladybird books suprisingly enough not about Ladybirds but just a general chidrens publishing title.There is or was childrens clothing, under the Ladybird brand. I have fond memories of a yellow sweat shirt. By the by I think its the Ladybird larvae that eat aphids.

  44. darkshines says:

    I’m in the UK and saw a ladybird the other day. She was sleepy and resting on the curb, but a sure sign Spring is here! Now I’m just waiting for the ice cream van and butterflies, only then will I know for sure!

    *MOI* in CO!!!
    My sink is all clogged up and I’m trying to clear it, producing large amounts of sh*t in the process, and I’m stressed and think “some cuteness could relax me” and what do I find but a submishe I made to CO??? 😀 and there’s no way it’s not me, bc my fingerprints are visible under Her Insectness Lady Bug. Meg, you’ve totally made my day!!!
    :: rushes to put a self plug in own blog::

  46. PS.
    PJK, of course you can duplicate the sig – in fact, you should do so, in order to help Bunny gain world domination. It’s really easy, yjust copy paste it, is basic ASCII thingy.

  47. Snorgle Pup says:

    Hi peeps. I’m no entamologist, but I keel bugs for a living. Only the bad ones.Getting my daily CO fix helps balance out the yuckeez of my day.

  48. Snorgle Pup says:

    This is my firt-time commenting, but I feel I’m among old friends.Is my girl,Kim out there? She calls nuffers “poopy heads”too.

  49. this would be cute if it wasnt for the part that i get hundreds of them in my windows in fall an winter…aaah..what the heck, it’s adorable!

  50. Ooooh Meg I love you! I soooo wanted a ladybug post as well. They’re my favourite insects – so small and pretty!!! I mean – red/orange with black POLKA DOTS! Anerable!

    (And The Honourable Gladys is right – we call them “ladybirds” too.)

  51. I always loved lady bugs as a kid. But as many as Daisycat had?? THAT would kinda freak me out!

    I found a cute site with all kinds of ladybug facts for your viewing pleasure:

  52. I read a sad story about ladybugs in a book about bugs. You know how garden stores sell mesh bags of live ladybugs? On the floor below the display you’ll find black debris – that’s not (just) their poo, it’s also their feets that get torn off by the bag material! Poor footies!

  53. weasel_tea_party says:

    A public service announcement for ladybug/ladybird lovers: If you don’t know what baby ladybugs look like (and can cope w/bug pics) click here:
    They’re about 1 cm long–this pic makes it look kinda huge. The babies look so freaky that some folks think they’re bad bugs. The babies eat even MORE aphids than the adults, though, and eventually they make the change to pretty shiny adults, so they’re definitely our friends.

  54. buglady says:

    OMG I can’t believe that someone else thinks that bugs are cute. Teensy little antennae and mouthparts, sweet little faces- what’s not to like?

  55. hmmmm… I chacked the site you pointed to, weasel_tea-party. They don’t look that bad actually . At least they’re not caterpillar/worm -like, *That* would be gross. These have six proper legs, are no ant,mosquito nor roach and so have never get killed in our garden.