I see your sock kitteh and raise you an even smaller kitteh

Speaking of stocking stuffers, sender-inners Robin and Wedge are raising the stakes on kittehs in socks. Check it:


"Yuna" kitteh hangin’ oot:


Go Cardinal! (the sender-inners are from Stanford… 😉



  1. awww! I want that for Christmas!

    I usually get an orange and a new toothbrush in my stocking. :-/

  2. NOSE!

  3. AuntieMame says:

    *checks socks*

    Nope, no kittehs. Where’s my receipt! I got a faulty pair of socks!

  4. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Thats more than I get anymore, Dazie. Heh, I have to stuff my own stocking. But for next Christmas, I think I will stuff it with nothing but teh Qte merch. Ah yes. Kittehs and puppies and sloths galore for moi. 😀

  5. Juniper Jupiter says:

    “Hey!!!Git me down!!! I wanna take a nap all rowwed up like dis!!! Come on all ready!!!”

    Too Cute!!

  6. Brittany says:

    I wish my kitteh would play along like that!

  7. Oh I stuff my own stocking too. That’s why there’s just those things. Everyone else gets lots of schwag.

  8. kellyfaerie says:

    Cat-erpillar has created its coccoon and will now hide within, changing, growing, until one day soon it will emerge, a full fledged kitteh!

  9. Oh what beautiful markings on teh kittehs face!!

    I wonder where Robin lives? I mean, not that if little Wedge disappeared it would have been ME!

  10. useta hada kitteh says:

    Dazie — seems to me the folks that get lotsa schwag in their stockins could maybe perhaps tuck somethin in yours??? (seems fair to me…)

    Love this kitteh! Want this kitteh! Pleeeeeeeeze!

  11. Oh. my. goodness. Kitty has eyes which match her sock!

  12. I just double checked this black kitten’s name wasn’t Coal, because this is one lump of coal I wouldn’t mind at all in my stocking, fer a change…

    Hi useta!

  13. It reminds me of pickle,a really cute one

  14. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Love the kitteh, but my dear that room decor will have to go! (sorry what a bitch I am)

  15. Do I smell a new category? Cats ‘N Socks?

    Please, oh please?

  16. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the white whiskers on the beautiful black face!!!

    I have to stuff my own stocking too but I put CHOCOLATE in mine 🙂

  17. moon_custafer says:

    I notice that this sock and the previous kitty-sock are both some kind of fuzzy acrylic, which I posit has super-stretching abilities, thus explaining the mystery of how the kittens can be slipped into the sock in the first place; although co-operation on the part of the kittens would still be required.

  18. Yuna must love tuna and warm socks

  19. ooh- did anyone but me see the movie Mirrormask? Maybe that’s where they got all the flying kittehs-from sockerpillar cocoons! Quick, he’s hungry-chuck him some words!

  20. That sock ain’t nevah gonna be right again.

  21. aw, that kit has the prettiest color eyes!!! i want one hiding in my sock!

  22. cutebabyfix…the kittehs w/the rainbow wings!!! Awesome catch!

    Neil Gaiman is FABOO!!!

    [fingers in ears]


    What a cutie…love the nose stripe.

  25. The Guy Over There says:

    Cats in sacks > cats in racks

  26. How are these people GETTING the cats into the socks in the first place!? These kittens must be the most mellow kitteh’s in all the world, or the owners can move at the speed of light.
    Granted, it does look like the kitties are enjoying the socks once they are there… but how do you convince a cat?

  27. zosterops says:

    can’t somebody photoshop the room away and put the sweet little zucchini into an eggplant still life?

    and it is a mona lisa kind of smile, isn’t it?

  28. Aww, now I want to go home and stuff my own kitty in my sock, and that just isn’t going to go well. Love the precious tuxy markings on sock kitteh!

  29. Gimme a puss in a sock, or I’ll give you a sock in the puss!

  30. Some have cats in racks
    And some have cats in sacks
    Some folks like cats in a box
    And some like cats in a sox
    From there to here and here to there
    CO Fans are everywhere!

    I love how contented kitteh looks.

  31. LOL @ Kit – “how do you convince a cat?” That is a truly timeless question!

  32. Grendlesgirl says:

    I really could use a drawerful of sock kittehs right now to just lean over and smoosh my face in. And they could lick my eyelids and remind me that it is almost the weekend. And make my desk vibrate with purring.

  33. ThreeCatNight says:

    I love those beautiful kitteh eyes, and her markings look as if they were painted. Too bad my cats all don’t behave that well, but they’re too big to fit into socks. They do love paper bags, though.

  34. Nope, the other kit’ was smaller… But this one is cuter.

    Suzanne – nice poem!

  35. the kitties in the socks remind me of my budgie. He likes to climb into my slipper (when it’s fresh from the wash) and nap there.

  36. Suda Nim says:

    For a second, I thought the stretched bit of sock was the kitteh’s scruff, and thought “Man, that’s one elastic kitten!”

  37. A cat filled butternut-sock? 😮 Tasty

  38. I was thinking. Could I order one from Amazon? It would fit nicely into one of those tube-shaped mailers.

  39. Ah, that’s very creative & cute!

  40. Alice Shortcake says:

    No, socks are simply not complete without kittens to stuff them with. And kittens smell so much nicer than feet.

  41. Aaaaaaaaaaa!

    Not only is this Too Qte, but the fact that it is a tuxie with a half-nose.

    I keep looking back and forth between the screen and my TK (featured in the comments of CO and in my blog his whole life). The noses are almost identicabobble!

    Pic of TK at this age:


  42. He’s not stressed, he’s not angry…but you can see it in his eyes…”Man, when I get out of here, I am so going to go urk a hairball right on her pillow”.

  43. Nooo ,no more cats in sacks..let the beautiful kitteh go!

  44. useta hada kitteh says:

    Hi back at ya, pyrit!

    hi hi, lurkertype! TK was my firstest thought when I saw this kitten, too! The nose is so similar. Maybe TK could do some research and then do a blog post on Sokks??

  45. TK mostly drags socks around, or bites the feet in them. I never tried stuffing him in one. He’s way too big now, over 9 pounds. UHK, you know he won’t blog about anything he isn’t interested in. 😉

  46. Itty-bitty little kitty inside,
    Smocky-wocky, frocky-socky outside,
    Wrap the inside with the outside,
    You’re darn smitten
    It’s the big, fig kitten!

  47. OMG, look at the expression on kitteh’s face. i bet outside of the sock, he is a real hell raise. you know, the cute kind of hell.

  48. acelightning says:

    This sock-kitty looks a bit peeved at being in there, not like the previous little one. But that *is* a pretty kitty!

  49. Malle Babbe says:

    It’s my kit in a sock!

  50. Ok, that cat just looks terrified in the last pic!

  51. ClaudesMom says:

    I must agree, Danyell. Little kitteh does not look like s/he is really enjoying her/him self in said sock. Just promise you won’t make it a habit and start putting leetle kittehs in sox and hanging them up like decorative wall art!

  52. Shall I have to defend kittens from socks also?

    Poor kitteh… no more kitteh’s in socks!

  53. …of course i meant hell “raiser”

  54. Awww, he looks so warm and happy. And the nose stripe is so cute.

  55. Mmm. Giant Squash.