And now, a tiny turtle.

ehn ehn ehn (claws move in the air)


How many words a minute can he type, Renée?



  1. OMG! *falls down dead*

  2. Dracwolley says:


  3. So teeny! *swoon*

  4. Uhhhh….don’t …squish …me…

  5. Teeny tiny toitle! Now THERE’S a pocket pet for ya, even though I don’t think HE would be real happy about it!

  6. I think turtles disapprove just as much as bunnies do.

  7. cranberry says:

    Oh my. There is nothing cuter than a teeny turtle.

    I propose they form a street gang: Teeny mutant ninja turtles!


  8. (Drac — I fix)

  9. He’s wee.
    Or she.

  10. Yay for UglyKitty’s turtle being pictured! Over on Etsy we’re trying to decide what to name him :).

    BTW, UglyKitty is her Etsy shop name–I’m not being a jerk 🙂

  11. andrea l nash says:

    What a crunchy-yummy little nugget!

    LOL cranberry…teeny, tiny TMNT’s!

  12. I’ve always been fond of the name Sheldon for turtles…you know, either that or Vindicator.

  13. *girlish squeel* I’m so excited! He’s going to be our office pet and right now we’re all arguing over a good name for him. 🙂

    Thanks so much for featuring the little guy!!

  14. I love turtles! Especially tiny ones like this.

  15. I want to put him in my pocket and abscond.

  16. This is more like it- I look at him and I ken feel the ocean breezes. Dog sled puppehs indeed.

  17. This cute lil guy reminded me of this picture. Found it a while back, no idea where it originates from:

  18. I cannot withstand his delicate turtle cuteness! . . . must..have..oxygen…

  19. He’s so tiny! I want to put him in a glass of water and watch him swim around in it. Like it’s a full size pool.

  20. guineapiggin9 says:

    I want him…now!
    *reaches to grab cuteness but bonks head off screen instead…ouch*

  21. Sunshine says:

    So cute!!! I remember when my toytle was that teeny.

  22. oaklandcat says:

    wow, Meg is really throwin down the Qte lately. I can barely keep up!

  23. Everytime you do a teeeeeny turtle post with the “ehn” I giggle like a school girl. rofl. I heart turtles!

  24. Argentee says:

    I can’t believe we don’t have a toitle category already! The ehness of these lil guys! *poit* *splode* *kthxded*

  25. What kind of teeny toitle is he???

  26. Eeeep! He’s so kewt!! Want to feel his little claws!

  27. Post title = perfect. Teeny, tiny turtle going “ehn” = perfect.

    I think this is the most perfect of Cute Overload posts.

  28. I am zee spy turtle, yoo can yoooz my tiny kewtness to sneak into anywhere. And eef they catch mee, i weel be too kewt to be punished. Respect my tiny flippertude!

  29. *eyes pop out* eeeeeee!!!

  30. Renee – A friend of mine calls his baby girl, Tortugita. Little turtle, in Spanish.

  31. fawn lust says:


  32. my dad’s nickname for me when i was little was “turtle”. i am quite humbled by this picture, as it’s clear that i never was, nor will ever be, nearly this cute!

  33. I’ll show my ignorance of turtles by asking, do teeny toitles like this grow up into big huge toitles? or is this some kind of pygmy breed of turtles (so to speak) and he won’t get maybe a LOT bigger?

  34. acelightning says:

    Wow, that turtle’s not too much bigger than the ladybug! Teeny tiny turkle! (“Hey! Put me down! How would YOU like to be held way up in the air by something squeezing your belly, huh?”)

  35. fluidstatic says:

    he’s like “enh, I’m being squeeshed. enh. ENH.” <3

  36. Och! The wee turrtles! Somebody save me from the wee turrtles!

  37. his claws are as big as his head

  38. Can I have one of those tiny baby turtles? He’s so sweet.. Is he kissable?

  39. Rosy Marie says:


  40. now THAT is the definition of “bite sized”!

  41. noizfonoil says:

    great thing about sea-turtles (or just turtles) is that they stay cute even when they get big and old- or in the case of tortoises huge and ancient…

  42. Turtle! *dies from Cute*

  43. Seeing this little guy reminds me of when my mom and her girlfriends had a crafts/collectibles shop. About this time of year, they were digging up the dirt to plant flowers, and up popped up all of these little painted turtles! I guess they must have been hibernating and were woke up by the digging! My in-laws still have one!

  44. oh my gosh, could he BE any more smaller!

  45. Holy crap!
    It took me a minute to even figure out what that was! That is an unfathomably TINY turtle. Eek!

  46. That is a flying turtle. Renee (or whomever’s hand that is) has just caught it in mid-flight.

  47. It’s a TMNT, Squeeanardo!

  48. But I think you need just few more turtles to form a proper gang,( sorry to much british tv) Cute as a bug in a rug, what does one so little eat ?

  49. give me a break, huh? are you adults or babies? itsie bitsie woofie toootsie turtlezie….

    get a freakin’ life.

  50. brownamazon says:

    He should get together with FatCat’s minuscule gecko and have a tiny party.



    OMG. The cuteness! The CUTENESS!!!

    ::head explodes::

  52. I am pretty sure that is a (Northern?) diamondback terrapin. Size ranges from about 5″-8″. They are pretty cute! Not cuter than a midland painted turtle, though… which i have 🙂

  53. Hey Renee – I just hope you all know that teeny widdle turtle-nugget will grow… A LOT. 🙂

    As long as someone in the office is willing to be obbsesive about keeping this lil’ guy/gal’s habitat up to par I say: good on ye!

    So Mary the answer is YES! Almost all species of turtle will grow much bigger tan that, if properly looked after. They need the water and good basking space etc…

    ALWAYS wash your hands thourghouly after handling even a teeny turt. 🙂

    Evidently, Laura knows her stuff *KUDOS* 😀

    Dang, I’m a downer eh.

    I sowwies.

  54. darkshines says:

    I had a little turtle called Om, but I had to sell him on because I culdn’t look after him. I admit it was a dumb thng to do….. 😦

  55. That would make such a great desk pet… but how big would it get?

  56. Oh my goodness, Darkshines- did your little turtle named OM formerly belong to Brutha? If so, congratulations on your good taste and discretion.

  57. Good eatin’, them.

  58. Mmmm, salmonella snacks. Crunchy!

  59. Har de har, Hathor. And CBFc. Maybe you’ve never played with a real baby turtle?

  60. good old whatshername says:

    ICB, if you take really really good care of it, the turtle may someday BE your desk. 🙂

  61. No no no, I am not being cruel, it was a small very obscure reference type joke for darkshines from a book called small gods by Terry Pratchett which is about a tiny turtle named OM. That is all. I would love to carry this turtle around on my shoulder all day!

  62. Always with the Pratchett in-jokes when turtles be showin up on Teh Qte™…

  63. i was going ask if it was a terrapin. yay!

    i love how my widget describes the terrapin this way:

    “A small, edible turtle with lozenge-shaped markings on its shell. Found in the coastal marshes of the eastern US.”

    excuse me? EDIBLE TURTLE? i don’t think so. . .not this lil guy.

  64. You’re not actually allowed to own very small turtles in the state where I live 😦
    My dad claims it’s because when he was a child they sold tiny turtles at the 5 and dime, and kids put them in their mouths and there were consequently turtle-related salmonella outbreaks. Stupid boomer kids, keeping me from possesing a teeny turtle!!!!

  65. PS, teho, I understand congratulations are in order!!!! YAY!!!!!

  66. When I saw that yesterday, I did a silent squeek and crashed my computer!!

  67. *cling cling cling cling* I WANT ONE. my cats would eat it but still OMG

  68. I have a 3 year old Mississippi Map Turtle named the Baron who lives in a 55 gallon tank, if you’re willing to care for them no matter how big they get they’re awesome pets, he took a long time to socialize but I firmly believe they’re trainable, and they have tons of personality.

    For example, we used to feed him goldfish but one day he started doing the “mating dance” to them, he’s had the same little goldfish for a year and spends about 40% of his time trying to mate with them. Also, he has a view of the TV from his tank and he only comes out of the water (onto his rock) when the tv is on, and he points right at it. Way too often to be coincidence.

  69. Lilyanna says:

    That teeny tiny little turtle is adorable! OMG! I’m dying to know that little guy’s name.
    That picture really cheered me up!

  70. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Turtle pocket pal.

  71. OMG, so adorable. I’m speechless.

  72. Surfrock: the same fish thing happened with my painted turtle, except without the mating “tickling”! I think he just wanted to be friends and keep him around.

    ICB: This guy will get btwn 5″-8″. 5″ is a male, 7.5″ is a female.

    Tur/tort LOVE! 🙂

  73. Laura: The best part is my roommate has a female of the same species, and of course he couldn’t even care any less.

  74. I just…I can’t…why are you doing this to me? First the spa sloth who made me want to break out into hysterical sobs of longing to the tiniest of turties…I just keep coming back for more. I’m going to upload a vid of my box turtle Gus (formerly known as Gwendolyn) eating. They stay cute their whole lives. Little old man faces and prehistoric jaws. Hee.

  75. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pocket Turtlets — Now at a store near you, and absolutely priceless!

  76. A one in a million cutiestpie!!

  77. I want one!!!!! Sooooo cute!

  78. chelonianmobile says:

    Love for the Pratchett jokes *points to username and breaks into “He Is Trampling The Ungodly With Hooves Of Hot Iron”*

    Worship the teeny tortoise!

  79. darkshines says:

    Damn straight I did, his first words to me were “Hey you!”, I thought the melons were talking to me……

  80. We need a turtle category. Shteriously.

  81. The great A’Tuin’s lil brother. Too cute.

  82. Does anyone remember “Touche Turtle”?
    Don’t know if the link works, but:

  83. Awwww!!!! We named our teeny baby turtle Godzilla. He’s not as itsy bitsy as this little nugget anymore, but still pretty darn small.

  84. chelonianmobile says:

    Since I’ve already referred to Pratchett (along with everyone else), I’ll refer to another book series.

    Spoilers for Brian Jacques’ “Rakkety Tam” follow;



    Now we see why Gulo the Savage was out ravaging the country, killing looting ‘n’ burning to get his pet tortoise back.

  85. Oooh! CUTE! I used to have a baby red-eared slider but I had to give it to my cousins because they were more experienced with turtles. I love holding them, they try to swim in the air when you do. xD


  87. you guys need some armadillos on your site