Meanwhile, over at the meerkat exhibit

Check it: Total rule 15, People.

Then there’s some jawwing going on: "rrrrr" "rrrrrr" and "I shall not look at you, yet I will bite you regahdless!"

Picture_9_2And please do not miss this redonkulous "Live Help" button on the Zoo web site.
Yes, I would like the giraffe operator to connect me please.


Nice shotz, Tarina P. 😉

//Photos removed at request of owner//



  1. FIGHT!

  2. Littlelizard says:

    Is it me, or do these dudes look like they’ve gone a bit ott with eyeliner?

  3. “Junior meerkats”? Why do that ring a bell?

  4. How in the hell did I manage to be first? And with such a lame message…what I meant to say was: awww, cute! yum yum yay.

    And my dog reminds me of a meerkat because she puts her ears up and sits up all attentive for food.

  5. I *lurve* the last pic. My two doggies do this all the time, and it absolutely cracks me up.

    “I weel bite you!”

    “No–I weel bite YOU!!”

  6. ummm, excuse me zoo keeper? how do you not just pick them up and snorgle them and put them in your pocket to take them home?

    who me? no nothin’ in my pockets… really! i was just, err, uh, just asking…

  7. You boys quit it! Don’t make me come over there!

  8. The look on that first little guy’s face is the perfect definition of redonkulous.

    Do you think meerkats could learn to use a kat litter box? Oh, no reason, just wondering…

  9. Christine says:

    Hehe…the first photo rox. He’s all, sup yo?

  10. Up in the air, Junior Meerkats!

    The coolest girl I ever knew had a meerkat poster in her office 20 years ago. She was way ahead of the curve. 😉

  11. It’s their little paws that put the cuteness over the top for me. *falls over*

  12. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    In the second picture Angela Georgikat and Roberto Alanyakat sing a last duet from Manon Lescaut. Followed by Angela’s aria, Sola, Perduta abbandonata,
    inlanda desolata.

  13. I am SO glad these little guys don’t have the nasty-looking tails/questionable junk the meerkats in a previous post did. Anyone remember? Bleh. Lol

  14. AAAAARGH! the duct tape won’t…hold…much…longer…




  15. Fuzzybutt says:

    Meerkats rock the Casbah!

  16. I’m pretty sure my new kitten is half cat, half human baby, and half meerkat.

  17. The little one on top looks like he’s leaning a bit….he’s about 15 seconds away from being in the same state as the puppy that fell asleep chewing his ball.

  18. As long as Flower leaves them alone, I’m happy!

  19. girlnextdoortn says:

    I just visited the DC zoo and took pics of a teeny teensy baby meerkat. Everyone was “ahhhhhnn!”ing all over the place. Turns out, when they nurse, the other meerkats pile on top to make a meerkat shelter to protect the baby from predators. Lots of “squee”ing, too.

  20. nermalkitty says:

    naomi – that’s exactly right!! i love watchin that show on tv until flower gets her hateful on. or any one of them for that matter. i KNOW they’re wild animals – i just want everbody to be happy and kind to everbody else. is that so hard i ask you???

  21. Oh! My dogs do that play fighting thing all the time. They growl and snarl and fake bite and then get tired and snuggle up for nap-time. It’s so funny and cute.

  22. Awww, so cute.

  23. Does anyone know if Meerkat Manor is going to come on again with new shows?

    ( too lazy to look at Animal Planet websites for clues…:)

  24. I love his pawsdownitude in the first picture. Since that is the opposite of rule 1, is it like rule negative one? Or what? Like for every cute, there is an equal and opposite cute? Isn’t that physics or something? Like corgi ears are huge but they are just as cute as small ear to head. So this is cute on a quantum level!

  25. Ha. They’re just like juvenile anything, including humans. Cute, curious, and lots of playfighting.

  26. FionnaCathyLizzie says:

    one my many many favorite things about these pictures are the file names: ‘Paws…flopped’ and ‘I shall knaw upon thee’ respectively.

  27. joodster says:

    1st pic: Do I amuse you?!

    2nd pic: I got you babe!


  28. sneaking up on such a creature would be impossible

  29. LOL! That live help button cracked me up for like 5 minutes straight! Plus Meg’s input didn’t hurt. Hee hee.

  30. “I’m pretty sure my new kitten is half cat, half human baby, and half meerkat.”

    Wow, Maymee, that sounds like a lot of kitten.

  31. Meerkats are so fab! These are great little guys, I want one… 🙂

  32. Pic 1
    (Meerkat holding mic)
    You see my stance,
    and I got baggy pants
    I’m a Rappa
    I don’t mean Frank Zappa
    I be your Red Hot Chili Peppa
    I’m a punk
    Got my funk
    Doe boy fresh in the flesh
    Gimme, gimme, gimme yo junk in the trunk.

    Pic 2
    Girls in the crowd, “He’s mine!” “No, I saw him first!”

  33. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Mello: “FIGHT!”


  34. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Break it up, break it up you two silly meers.

  35. As a true blue Meerkat Manor fan, I thank you for the cute “playful kids” shot! The really widdle babies are super adorable, though! I was wondering where the baby meerkat photos were! Flower is the “Boss”! I you were pregnant all the time, you’d be grumpy too!

  36. There may already be one, but if there’s not, there should be a rule stating any animal having 4 legs, but only using 2 to stand, is irresistable.

  37. hahaha!!



  38. Some software company has (had?) a catalog that made it seem that all their operators were raccoons–they’re probably better at dialing than the giraffe operators!

  39. Dustbunny says:

    In the top photo we see a meerkat modeling the latest makeup look for spring — apply dark eyeliner, gently smudge around the eyes; then repeat for each ear. Fabulous, dahling!

  40. marsheeeee says:

    Honorable Gladys: LOL! I’ve seen operas where the two main characters (soprano and tenor, usually) are singing together, looking very much like these two meercats. Adorable!

  41. Are they fighting or is it a first french kiss gone horribly, horribly wrong?

    And what does THAT say about where MY mind is these days?

  42. bacontots says:

    OMG houston zoo.
    The meerkats are my favorite exhibit in the whole zoo! I possibly go too often though,,

  43. That second photo missed being ‘The Sweeney Sisters’ by *that* much…

    Argh. Now have ‘Bridge Over Truh-Huh-Buled Water’ stuck in head…

  44. Theo – Thanks, teach’.

  45. Re: All the Mello comments. Is that a soccer thing?

  46. More meerkats please. They are so expressive.

  47. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    pyrit: “Re: All the Mello comments. Is that a soccer thing?”

    No, it’s from the theme to “Mortal Kombat” (yes, with “K”). Go to YouTube, type in “Mortal Kombat theme”. and you’ll get about a billion videos to the song (well, ok, only about 500). It’s very popular, especially for fan-made videos for shows and movies with lots of action.
    /”Finish him!”

  48. I COULD CRY!!! My favorite animal on earth finaly made it!!! so precious!

  49. I LOVE Meerkat Manor…a fun addiction fer shure.
    I love that the newborn pups are only about the size of your thumb…so sweeeet!

  50. Fish Eye no Miko – Whew, I’m am so glad it’s nothing to do with soccer. I YouTubed it like you said. Thanks for the earworm! Kidding. It is stuck in my head now, but it’s great music.

  51. Am I the only one who thinks Natalie Portman looks like a meerkat in human form? C’mon, look closely — there’s something to this. I think it’s the widely spaced eyes and the weird, down-turned mouth when she smiles or grimaces (which look alarmingly similar either way).

  52. Benchoola says:

    Good one i enjoyed it

  53. I had a boyfriend who would stand near the meerkat enclosure at the National Zoo in DC and tell small children that meerkats eat people.

    I don’t think I would mind being nibbled to death by these little guys.

  54. I’ve never commented before, but I MUST comment on this! That meerkat is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! OMG!

    Hello all. I’ve enjoyed the pics and your comments for some time, and have at last felt compelled to comment on this adorable little thing! Have a great day!

  55. Aww why couldn’t you post the meercat pic I sent in? It was ADORABLE!

  56. Cynthia Ribbit says:

    Thats my zoo! I love watching those guys, it really is like its own mini-soap.