Weirdest submishe…evar!

Sender-inner Jessica L. writes: “Okay, here’s a strange one for you. But every time I look at these pictures I think how cute it is, so I thought I’d send it on in.  It is a turkey made out of a pine cone who has clearly befriended a sprouted onion. Seriously, check it out. Or maybe I’m just strange.”

[shifty eyes] Thanks… [looks over shoulder]

too weird for words

Yeah, it’s strange. But in a good butter duck or tree sweater way.


  1. I can only say: wtf?
    But the pinecone-turkey is kind of cute…

  2. Yet a wall of glass divides them, for evar. Seriously, this IS weirdly cute.

  3. bizarre…. Haha! Cute because of the thought that went into it, though.

  4. lol, glad I’m not the weirdest…

  5. Yitzysmommie says:

    Methinks someone was smokin’ too much herb…..

  6. just had to make another comment after looking at it some more…
    (also, I *do* think it’s cute!)…
    that pinecone turkey would last about 5 seconds in my house – it would quickly become a cat toy – *nothing* is sacred with 10 kittehs in teh house…

  7. No Cigar says:

    I bet there’s lotsa people outh there (myself included) who wonder why the prosh pics they’ve submitted of their kitties and/or puppies aren’t up here instead.

  8. bwahaahaha…. ok, one more comment… I just noticed the category – interspecies snorgling!
    ok, *gotta* get back to work now!

  9. Wow, a sprouted onion in a jar….? Is someone trying to get rid of a wart of something? Haha!

    Nice pine cone turkey!


  11. Peg of Tilling says:

    The Classico jar lid just sorta makes the whole tableau come together for me. I don’t know why.

  12. I especially like the evocative winter landscape in the background–so very tragic is their luv.

  13. Haha Tor!

    You see, ’nuffs. Some of us find cuteness and beauty in the little things in life…and some of those things aren’t necessarily breathing and that’s OK. I’ve submitted things and none of them have been posted. This doesn’t bother me – for one day I know that Meg will decide it’s time to show the world the amazing video I found and I can certainly wait.

    Good one, Meg.

  14. all day long says:

    That is freakin awesome! I love it when plant-like thingies can get along! Whe can’t the whole world be like this pine cone turkey and sprouted onion? Everyone take note.

  15. For the love of jauntiness says:


  16. Cracking uh-HUP!

    The onion is all, “I has a force field.” (ICHC)

    (Oh there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth methinks from Peeps wondering why their cute pics weren’t posted. Awww. It’ll be OK.)

  17. Probably the most non-cute thing posted here ever. But thanks for trying.

  18. slow cute day

  19. Okay, is it just me or does the onion have a slight turkey like appearance? Look towards the back of the jar…it’s got a tiered effect like a turkey’s tail. So is it interspecies snorgling or…evolution in process????

    On second thought…maybe it’s two onions in a jar?

    Still a cute pic though.

  20. Peg–exactly my thoughts! The Classico lid is just so…classic! 🙂

  21. I’m with you, ceejoe — the “interspecies snorgling” category is what makes this post for me. 🙂

  22. Christine says:

    I don’t get it…in the photo you can barely tell what’s going on. It’s really the reader’s description that’s funny.

  23. It does go with the new background (which I like)!

  24. I’m glad they have each other, and I definitely see some turkitude in the onion. Perhaps that was the attraction.

    I will admire the luh-vairs from afar, because while I appreciate their cute, I don’t find either to be personally snorglable!

  25. Yes you are stange….not cute at all

  26. chet's momma says:

    cute knows no boundaries! and just think, perhaps they find each other snorglable! awww.

  27. Dustbunny says:

    I for one find the onion apeeling. Wattle you do if you don’t like the pic — quit visiting CO??

  28. i say, let the cuteologist who is in no way strange cast the first stone!

  29. Why the anger? Why must the onion be rejected and isolated by his orientation? It may not seem normal to others, but he was borned to love turkey. In fact I love turkey myself. Don’t worry, vidalia dahlink, one day you *will* come out of the jar!

  30. To Rob, Mello, No Cigar (etc)…
    Wah, sniffle, boo hoo (hoo).

  31. Daisycat says:

    I’m on ur lid, befriendin ur unyun.

  32. An its like my gran’ma usta say, there’s someone for everyone.

  33. Give em some space!

  34. Theo – you’re generally a nice poster, but that last one was just jerky. I bet you/Meg/whoever get tons of cute pics. Too bad you’re making it seem like a joke for those who sent them in. Mocking the submitting public – rude, man. Rude.

  35. Wow — I calls ’em like I sees ’em. If you act rude to me (or Meg), then YOU have opened that door. Don’t act all surprised or offended when I waltz through.

    Plenty of *other* comments here that are pleasant, civil, and witty.

  36. AuntieMame says:

    It’s a good thing Meg explained that it’s an onion, because at first blush I was thinking it was a honking huge goldfish. With no water… 8^0

    And to the whiners, maybe your pictures aren’t as cute as you think they are, and *that’s* why they haven’t been posted.

    LOL at Dustbunny. Your onion pun brought tears to my eyes. I shallot attempt to make a better one.

  37. lurkingsmirk says:

    Cuteoverload is for the celebration of all things cute…not your pet or your ego. Yay for mixing things up! I hope once the onion starts to wilt, the turkey won’t lose interest.

  38. Aww shucks everyone is just jealous. I would even go as far as to march in that pride thing with them, what is it? Oh yea, the Macy’s Turkey Parade!

  39. Theo – Yummm, I loves me a bite o’ turkey jerky to chew on, mmmm.

  40. You know, there’s plenty of time and space for all things cute for those submitters who are crying foul. The quirky things are the best- they throw a little variety into the site. I love puppies madly, but if all I ever saw were puppies or kitties, it’d get old.

    The funny little offbeat things that are found and sent in by readers are what keep me– and I’d wager many others– coming back!

  41. I also say, yay for mixing things up.

    Kudos! VERY Cute.

  42. lolgetoverit says:

    lol people! don’t get so worked up over one little picture =P i admit it’s a bit strange but come on, lighten up.. it’s just a pine cone turkey!!! it’s not like this is the last post EVER on this thing… i’m looking forward to more cuteness!!! =)

  43. Love it! They *do* seem to look alike.

    I second what Theo said:

    To Rob, Mello, No Cigar (etc)…
    Wah, sniffle, boo hoo (hoo).

    Get over it, people!

  44. DustyBunny and AuntieMame…leeks see if we can’t get the nuffs to get along. Chives just about had enough of all the whining.

  45. I love how on-yon is positioned to look longingly toward Turkey.

    Vidalia, Vidalia, wherefore are thou Vidalia?

    Sadly, I think Turken is a bit of a playah. I bet when sparrows land on the window sill, he checks them out.

  46. hey it’s the internet – *everyone* can post their cute pics!
    at or at
    Then point us CO fans there and we can all see!

  47. Suzanne et al – perhaps we just need to get to the root of the problem. chute! can’t we all just get along?

  48. “I shallot leek you.”

  49. Yeah peeps! it’s the Internet, CO is not our only Cute Outlet, if we MUST release our own inner cuteness, flickr and the other spots let up put up our own.

    Cats and even more ODD cute:

  50. cavalaxis says:

    Awww. Their love is so doomed. It’s tragically cute.

  51. OMG ROFLOL!!! Sometimes a bit of surreal humour really works.

    That pine-cone turkey *is* creative, though … but is that really an onion? I thought it was a some sort of prawn!

    *looks sheepish*

  52. Michelle says:

    Don’t fall in love with onions. They’ll only make you cry.

  53. Peg of Tilling says:

    M. Turken: Come wiz me to ze Casbah!

    Mlle. Onyon: Non, non, one day you weel fly away with your so-fine Classico jar lid and I weel only make you cry. We are doomed to love in vain!

    M. Turken: Mais cherie– [sparrows land] –um, what?

    Playa turken, Redz, I laughed so hard.

  54. All of this talk of a doomed romance, the snow outside – it’s as if they are performing a tableau vivant of a Tolstoy novel.


  55. oaklandcat says:

    Love it! But even more, the tree sweater made my day.
    Daisycat- ROTFL

  56. If CO was *just* cute pictures of puppies, bunnies and kitties, it probably wouldn’t be that popular. What really makes this site is Meg’s (and Teho’s) quirkiness. Only CO can make an opossum cute, or have a category like “cats and racks.”

    Cute + Personality = CO

  57. TAJ — I’m not quirky, I’m ECCENTRIC.

  58. My doggies love pine cones. There are still pinecones in under the sofa from Christmas that the dogs love and the cat hides.

  59. That actually looks like a pining cone to me!

  60. BrianMPLS says:

    I love when CO admits not all things cute have to be breathing!

    I’ll have to show my stuffed friends this post, and the duck and tree.

  61. BrianMPLS says:

    lol… I like how TAJ’s math shows that Personality equals Overload.

  62. Theo! I frequently call myself eccentric too!
    …but somehow I’m not sure other people think it’s a good thing…

  63. Daiseycat: I love it!

  64. AuntieMame says:

    TAJ — I’m not quirky, I’m ECCENTRIC.

    Posted by: Theo | Mar 27, 2007 at 11:25 AM

    It’s one of those irregular verbs. I’m an original thinker. You’re an eccentric. He’s ’round the twist.

  65. lauowolf says:

    How did I miss the butter duck!
    (And, clearly there is no butter duck to be seen.)

  66. lauowolf – It’s not just a butter duck. It’s also a butter vulture. Say *that* 5 times fast. 😉

  67. Paris Hilton says:

    I guess cuteoverload has finally run out of images and videos to steal from other sites, so now they’re posting this garbage.

  68. Aw, Cram it Paris. Jeez. It’s just one picture, people, get ovah yourselves! CO posts the pics, you have no right to beetch ’cause you don’t control it. Not your site. Nyah nyah!

    I love the pinecone turkey! Do not deny their love!

  69. commatose says:

    JEbus… ’nuffs AND trolls?? You guys get na-haaasty when you don’t get your recommended daily allowance of mainstream cute. Get a grip. Go visit the American Greetings site or something.

    Frankly, if this site *only* posted flooftacular kittens precariously hanging from branches, with the words “HANG IN THERE, BABY” scrolled in a nauseating font at the top (with a heart dotting the “i,” for the love of Pete), I’d bet many CO regulars wouldn’t be. Regulars, that is.

    Cute + Personality/Snark = CO

  70. commatose says:

    oh, man. i just spit all over my desk, upon seeing the butter duckvulture. it’s so wrong… and yet, so right.

  71. acelightning says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?

  72. What makes this picture for me is the way the onion appears to be pressed up to the glass as if trying to get closer to her twue wuv. Hee.

  73. ok..i thought the onion was a cicada…and that’s not cute..and how is a pine cone cute???

  74. I think it’s just stupid. Not cute. Sorry.

  75. I like it. The onion and the pinecone… forever to be separated by a wall of glass… How utterly heartrending.

    This is weirdly cute in an inexpressible way…

  76. Laurie C says:

    “Don’t fall in love with an onion, they’ll only make you cry.”

    Brilliant, Michelle!

    Hasn’t anyone else noticed? The jar is a Classico jar, too, I believe. Which means they’re already sharing. Awww.

  77. rotflmao—–OMG! The comments are hilarious!

  78. Laurie C says:

    Correction — it may just be a Mason jar. Maybe they are doomed.

  79. I have no pets at home, alas. Or so I thought. I can see 3 pine cone bebehs in my living room right now! Yay my fam is being represented on CO! Mwak!

  80. lauowolf says:

    But Pyrit, it’s a butter duck than vulture.

  81. oooooooookay.

  82. bunnyslave says:

    LOL Daisycat!!!

  83. crafts are awesome

  84. Jessica L. says:

    Just thought I should weigh-in as the “sender-inner”

    I’m glad others can appreciate the cute that occurs in my apartment. Though I cannot take credit for their positioning; that was the genius of my roommate. I simply documented the awesome that ensued.

    But I’m glad (some of) you enjoyed this as much as I did. Plus, everyone loves a good pun, and many good ones came out of this! 🙂

  85. zosterops says:

    Jessica L.:
    it’s a wonderful feeling knowing there’s like minded weirdness out there…

    commatose said all there’s to say
    and daisycat, brilliant!

  86. zosterops says:

    talking about weirdness – is it only me who has to prove she’s human every single time before she’s allowed to post here…?

  87. Zosterops — nope. It’s systemic. But it *does* scare the spam away.

  88. Cute in a surreal way, althought at first glance I thought the onion was encased in ice!

  89. Catsquatch says:

    “I know your breath smells like onions but I wanna kiss ya anyway dahlink!
    Pssst, im working ona plan to break ya outta there, that jars makin ya look kinda green…..”

  90. Yep, you’re strange!

  91. How do U submit stuff???

  92. OMG. this is my favorite CO post yet. Sigh, It made a tear come out my eye.