That did NOT just happen

You know when you’re watching something and you can’t beleive what you’re watching?Well this video is like that. OTTERSZ FLOATING AROUND, NAPPING and…HOLDING HANDS! Yes, you read that right.

Try NOT to exclaim "OMG" out loud. Serious Cynthia H.



  1. OMG their eyes look like buttonzzzz!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! Otters are the cutest animals ever!

  3. bluefairy says:

    Of course they are holding hands so they won’t drift away from each other while they are asleep. Who would want to wake up without an otter nearby?

  4. I tried and failed! OMG!!11!! OMGOMGOMG!!1 How can you not squee when the one reaches out for the other?!?


  5. yesh, it’s the otterhand re-grab that killth me

  6. shandrews says:

    Impossibly cute, thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. That is the most beautiful video I have ever seen. People who say animals don’t have emotional connections are haters!

  8. Oh good lord, that is the cutest thing ever. EVER!!!! EVER, I say!

    Cute enough to begin with, what with the hand-holding and the sleepy eyes and the bellies and all….but then after they drift apart, when they later drift back together and the one otter literally reeeeeaaaaches out his little hand for the other otter’s hand, and grasps it — WELL, that just slays me dead!

  9. I’m so glad I was alone in the office when I watched that…

    Otter bellies rule!

  10. OMG, I don’t think anything could top this for cuteness and sweetness. I’m welling up in my cubicle watching it!

  11. Suzy's Mom says:

    Otter & Otteretta floating in the pond. H-O-L-D-I-N-G hands. First come love then comes marriage. Then come babies floating in the pond too. (Sorry couldn’t think of a rhyme.)

  12. Suzy's Mom says:

    Otter & Otteretta floating in the pond. H-O-L-D-I-N-G hands. First come love then comes marriage. Then come babies floating in the pond too. (Sorry couldn’t think of a rhyme.)

  13. Suzy's Mom says:

    Otter & Otteretta floating in the pond. H-O-L-D-I-N-G hands. First come love then comes marriage. Then come babies floating in the pond too. (Sorry couldn’t think of a rhyme.)

  14. Suzy's Mom says:

    Otter & Otteretta floating in the pond. H-O-L-D-I-N-G hands. First come love then comes marriage. Then come babies floating in the pond too. (Sorry couldn’t think of a rhyme.)

  15. Suzy's Mom says:

    Otter & Otteretta floating in the pond. H-O-L-D-I-N-G hands. First come love then comes marriage. Then come babies floating in the pond too. (Sorry couldn’t think of a rhyme.)

  16. Suzy's Mom says:

    Otter & Otteretta floating in the pond. H-O-L-D-I-N-G hands. First come love then comes marriage. Then come babies floating in the pond too. (Sorry couldn’t think of a rhyme.)

  17. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Are you guys ready for the bad pun of the day?!!!

    This OTTER be a great screen saver!!

    Ahh I kill me!

  18. What I loved the best was when they were separated they just stayed relaxed and waited, confident that the current would bring them back together.

  19. I did it–I tried to hold it in, but it just slipped out: a great big AAWWWWWW!

  20. Sooo cute. Love how early on in the vid the dark headed otter looks up as if to wonder where the kids are and if they’re alright, then sees they are and keeps relaxing. And the reach out for a paw gesture = world peace potential.

  21. OMG!!!!!!!!


  22. OMG and then the snuggly adjustment of their clasp for reaffirmation! Hallmark will have to invent flat-screen video cards just for this one.


    I’ve emailed Peter at — I think we just scooped him again. Hee hee.

  24. aww. dem otters are in lurves!

  25. *head esplodes*

  26. Possibly the cutest thing EVER SEEN BY HUMAN EYES.

  27. Karen in Toronto says:

    That’s it. I’m on overload. Shuttin’ down, goin’ home.

  28. Near, far, whereeeeeeever you are
    I believe that the heart does go ooooonnnnn


  29. Awww! I wanna be an otter and hold hands with my otter boyfriend! [cube neighbors shaking heads at redonk noises I’m making]

  30. speshalc says:

    haha.. the video was cute.. but I think the women saying “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”, “They’re holding hands”, “Isn’t that sweet?”, “Awwwwww!” was actually quite weird. haha.. i don’t think i’ve heard that many women making all those noises at the same time lol

  31. lli…LOL

  32. I am literally weeping in my cube. God works through otters!

  33. OMG! My head just exploded form the adorableness of it all!!

  34. lli — I can’t decide if I want to slap you or hand you a Grammy.
    SUBLIME (and just a wee bit evil).

  35. zookeeper40 says:

    Did anyone else notice that when the otterz re-clasp hands, the dark headed one “appears” to kiss the hand of the light headed one? Did I imagine this?

  36. I love this!! It’s one of the best rule #6’s I’ve seen on here.

  37. zookeeper40, i totally saw the kiss too! SO sweet!

  38. Nice catch zookeeper40! You totally did not imagine that.

  39. I also think with their paws up and clasped together like that it almost looks like their about to break into a Greek dance or a Hora or something. 🙂

  40. AWWWWWWW!!!! Can’t…form…coherent…sentence

  41. This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen EVER!!! I love otters…the hand-holding is the their little tiny ears…I almost screamed at my desk!

  42. Daisycat says:

    have you ever had that intense pain in your stomach from wanting to scream but couldn’t cause you were at work?? yeah. thanks meg. 🙂

  43. I totally needed a dose of cute like that this afternoon. Hooray for cuteness! 🙂

  44. Hehe sorry to rock the boat but I reckon they are only doing that because they want to hold onto something.. lol they don’t have the same feelings as humans!

  45. Daisycat says:

    I can’t hear you Kat…lalala(holds hands over ears)

  46. Holy cats. . .that’s so cute it made me weepy. Wow.
    Definitely a strong candidate for cutest thing ever ever ever.

  47. mischievous madchen says:

    aaarrrrrggghhhh…don’t harsh my mellow…

  48. Is this Meg spiking the cute at all those nuffers who were complaining about how onions and pinecone turkeys aren’t cute?

  49. AWWWWW!

  50. Hand-holding otters! What’ll they think of next. My brain has been short circuited from the overload of cute. I wonder if I can go home sick if I show my boss this.

  51. lurkingsmirk says:

    I held out my hand but there was no otter to take it. Sadness.

  52. Red Scorpio says:

    This is TRUE love !!!

  53. mischievous madchen says:

    I think it must be…our Meggy has crafty ways about her…

  54. What a big dose of hand holding cuteness, especially on my Birthday! Thanks.

  55. -sigh-

    Otter luv!!! My heart just melted…

  56. -sigh-

    Otter luv!!! My heart just melted…

  57. -sigh-

    Otter luv!!! My heart just melted…

  58. -sigh-

    Otter luv!!! My heart just melted…

  59. -sigh-

    Otter luv!!! My heart just melted…

  60. -sigh-

    Otter luv!!! My heart just melted…

  61. lauowolf says:

    Otterly precious.

  62. OMG. *tears up* Usually Teh Cute makes me laugh, but this time it made me tear up. That otter re-grab. Dammit. *reaches for Kleenex*

    That just made my day. Srsly.

  63. OMG!!! There.

    What are you trying to do?!?!?! Kill us with all of this professional strength cute? HUH????

    IV drip needed

  64. Daisycat says:

    as I watch it again…for the 15th time now…It makes me think of this elderly couple I saw walking the other day….holding hands. they had to have been close to ninety..made me tear up…I hope when I am that old I still have (and want) to hold someone’s hand…

  65. lauowolf says:


    On the otter hand, you can watch these guys again to cheer up.

  66. I’m slain…I’m tewtolly slain by cuteness. Otters holding hands…it doesn’t get better, it just doesn’t.

  67. Jane Smith says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwooooooooohhhh….he misses, he looks, he reaches out for her….hmmmahh. Life should be so perfect!

  68. AWWW!! even cuter than the duckling feeding fish here:

  69. Wow, looks like true love strikes again…for me! Geez, looks like the perfect afternoon to me

  70. OMG!!! I soooo needed this today…my assistant just came in to check on me…making cooing sounds at the office…

  71. Anerable !
    I dig the chorus of people being “cute overloaded” 😀

  72. eikoleigh says:

    That is the sweetest little animal video ever. I totally squealed when the one little otter reached out for the other’s hand.

  73. I got scooped again! Of all the things that sea otters do, hand holding is one of the most adorable! I’m planning a trip up to Vancouver Aquarium where this video was shot.
    If anyone loves otters as much as I do, I hope you’ll visit my site!

  74. sandypartridge says:

    “She agreed to be my steady”

    Gaah!! so cute, they’re dating and they’re not afraid to show their love in front of the paps!

  75. Ohhhhhhh man I needed this, ohmanohmanohman I needed this…

    Oh holy jumping montezuma I needed this…


  76. hrh.squeak says:


    If you watch the video a kasquillion times, you can look away from the paws long enough to see that the dark otter is sculling with his tail to get back to his honey. I lurves it.

    And if you turn the sound up, you can hear all the spectator’s ovaries asploding. Like popcorn.

  77. I want them! They are soooooooooooo cute.

    ::head explodes::

    I like how the lighter one opens her eyes and looks straight at the squealing human all like, “What? Haven’t you ever seen two otters floating around, holding hands?”

  78. (Beautiful noise) Thank You.
    (Melting to feet) My heart is not hopelessly hardened after all.
    My very first CO squee-asplodey-head.

    EliottM typed “when they were separated they just stayed relaxed and waited, confident that the current would bring them back together.” Volumes, man. Thank *you*.

  79. Oooo, I’m all sleepy now, watching the qte otterz float around all serene and loving.

    Watch it with the sound off for fewer distractions. Just pure otterage, no people.

  80. AuntieMame says:

    Oy. Don’t look at this video while listening to Peter Dennis read Winnie-ther-Pooh. Toooooo much sweetness. Too, too much.


  81. Emily Anonymous says:

    I fairly sure that if this video had continued for hours I would watch to the end. But right now I have to settle for watching it over and over again.

  82. Ohhhhhhh!! When he reached for her hand near the end of the video, I got tears in my eyes from the cute sweetness of it!

  83. says:

    If all the peeps who check in at CO all held somebody’s hand and channeled otters- we could seriously achieve world peace. By Easters. Oh, and I’m getting bunnies! For easters! And before everyone esplodes about how that is a bad idea, we found them at a bunny shelter. whoda thunk there was something as nice as Bunny shelters?

  84. Laura M. says:


  85. Martha in Washington says:

    Did I hear the sounds of heads asploding in the background of the video? I thought I did.

    My head asploded too. I think I need to watch it again. And again. And again. And…

  86. The absolutest cutest thing I have ever seen in my sordid life! And what makes it even sweeter is the chorus of Awwwwwwws in the background! (Cuz I know if I had been there, I’d have been the loudest!).

  87. ZOMG CUTE!

  88. ….Try NOT to exclaim “OMG” out loud….

    I completely failed at my task.

  89. Good Lord, I can’t believe no one else has gotten this out of their system yet.


  90. I am watching this (over and over) at work. It’s basically on my screen as eye candy while I’m on the phone, etc. The point is that I haven’t been able to play it yet with the sound on! It’s going to be a couple of hours before I can.

  91. Mkay, that literally made my jaw drop. Now I’m welling up!

  92. The comments and coos of the crowd are also awesome. The sound like a bunch of readers.

  93. The First Noel says:


    I’m at a loss for words.


  94. Their paws got tired, so they had to switch hands.

  95. fluidstatic says:

    This completely made my entire day. I had a rough morning, lots of stress and meltdowns and weepy-ness. But watching this made me think of my honey, and how much I love him, and how glad I am that we humans aren’t the only ones who express love and trust to each other. I can’t wait to show this to my honey when he gets home. (not to mention that the little otter finger-keeses just SLAYED me.)

  96. I didn’t see the warning until it was too late!

    OMG! Hand-holding ottery cuteness!

  97. Hey guys — according to, mama and toddler otters will hold hands or wrap themselves in kelp at naptime to keep from floating away from each other. Can you STAND IT? EEEEEEEEEE!!!



  99. This warms my cold black heart. The regrab. The paddling. The apparent paw kiss. THE PAW KISS, PEOPLE. How’s a girl supposed to wallow in crankiness when there are otters?

  100. It’s not just the paw-holding, it’s the tail-steerage. And the whiskertude.
    If it weren’t for all the squeeing, they would look like they’re meditating together.

  101. Karebear says:

    My neighbors are all wondering where that loud AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW exclamation came from.

  102. OMG! That is so adorable. My cat does a really good impersonation of a sea otter, lying on his back with his front paws curled together, but he needs someone to hold paws with now…

  103. acelightning says:

    Now that is just *sweet*! I think it’s a mother and child, not two adult otters – but that’s even sweeter, like, “Okay, now, hold Mommy’s hand so you don’t get lost…”

    I had a very dear friend – gone more than ten years, now – who “otterly” adored otters. I wish I could show this to her. But maybe she *is* one of those otters – I know that she wanted to come back as one (Margie, is that you?).

  104. OK, this is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen in MY LIFE. It is cuter than the turtle I saw riding on the alligator’s head, but I didn’t have a video camera for that anyway

  105. omg – I actually “awwwwed” out loud when the darker otter reached for the paw of the lighter otter. It did look like he kissed it!! What a great video!

  106. I thought they were letting go, but they were just switching sides!!!

  107. Dammit, that made me all misty eyed and teary. How sweet!

  108. ::sigh::

  109. My husband and I saw otters doing this at the aquarium in Vancouver and thought it was the cutest thing ever. We’ve often said, “remember when we saw the otters…?” How wonderful to see these two little critters!

  110. Good Lord…there isn’t enough OMG in the world for this video. My cute cup runneth over!

  111. Long time lurker, first time poster! This is the first time i’ve ever gone “oh my gaaaaawd! that is SOOOOO preeecioussss!” outloud, so anerable. I predict that this will take the cute subculture of the net by STORM! HUZZAH OTTERS! I PROCLAIM MARCH 27TH AWESOME OTTER DAY! 😀

  112. Pyrit: ‘EliottM typed “when they were separated they just stayed relaxed and waited, confident that the current would bring them back together.” Volumes, man. Thank *you*.’

    I didn’t get it the first time, Thank YOU for making that stick.

    Whoooosh the head.

  113. thalias_ash says:

    I did actually have to clap my hand over my mouth to keep from squeeing out loud on this one. Not that I’m in public or anything…it woulda startled my sleeping rabbit.

    Also, I think I might have peed a little.

  114. i was fine. really. i was. no audible squees or awwwws or grabby hands.

    then the brunette had to grab the blondie’s paw. again. and then kiss it.

    sorry, meg. i tried. i really, really did. *hangs head in shame….then goes back to watch the video some more*

  115. OMG OMG OMG!!!!

    This is too cute.
    I’m mesmerized!

  116. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Oh, my Goddess. This is the stuff of dead faints and heart palpitations.


  117. Oh my dear lord. This one video justifies the existence of teh interwebs.

    And the darker one was TOTALLY steering the both of them around in circles with his tail. Wif hiz lil baby kitten otter tail! Like the cutest little otter-propelled boat you ever did see. *dies*

  118. Like others, the hand re-grab was what did me in. So. Very. Sweet. Now, I’m a pile of mush.

  119. China's Mom says:

    Thank God I waited until I got home to watch this intead of watching at work!
    The boss would not have been happy with all of the AWEs and OMGs coming from my cubicle!
    I have to go watch it again!

  120. China's Mom says:

    Thank God I waited until I got home to watch this intead of watching at work!
    The boss would not have been happy with all of the AWEs and OMGs coming from my cubicle!
    I have to go watch it again!

  121. China's Mom says:

    Thank God I waited until I got home to watch this intead of watching at work!
    The boss would not have been happy with all of the AWEs and OMGs coming from my cubicle!
    I have to go watch it again!

  122. China's Mom says:

    Thank God I waited until I got home to watch this intead of watching at work!
    The boss would not have been happy with all of the AWEs and OMGs coming from my cubicle!
    I have to go watch it again!

  123. China's Mom says:

    Thank God I waited until I got home to watch this intead of watching at work!
    The boss would not have been happy with all of the AWEs and OMGs coming from my cubicle!
    I have to go watch it again!

  124. China's Mom says:

    Thank God I waited until I got home to watch this intead of watching at work!
    The boss would not have been happy with all of the AWEs and OMGs coming from my cubicle!
    I have to go watch it again!

  125. *mouth still gaping open in big “whooaaah” happy grin*


  127. Otters in lurve! Can’t you feel the love? Especially when he re-grabs the other otters hand. He even wiggled his tail to catch up to the one that drifted away JUST for that re-grab moment. Otters. I love you so much.

  128. ohmygoodness!!!! i can’t take the cuteness!

  129. After this dose of otter sweetness, I had to go poke around They have received and posted photos of this adorable duo several times, but the effect of the re-grab is captured only through video. Anerable!!!

  130. It’s after 6PM. I’m still at work. Everyone’s gone home.

    (cracks open a bottle of absinthe)

    It’s OTTER TIME!!!

  131. You otter just go home, Aubs.

  132. Dracwolley says:


    Liak, omgyeah. Otteeeeeeeeerses. Yeah. The part where they linked again is, liak, too cute ^_^;’

    But, the only downer, is because I was actually listening to it, I have “Look—OOOOOOOOOOO” In my head. Ugh.

    But off the subject of brains, that was absolutely adorable!

  133. college_kate says:

    I “awww”‘d so loudly in the library, everyone came to look .

    Now even the frat boys are “awww”-ing, too!

  134. I think this may be the end of Cute Overload.

    We’re done here, folks. Nothing tops this.

  135. Oh this is just the best EVAR.

  136. “Can you feel the love tonight?
    The peace the evening brings
    The world, for once, in perfect harmony
    With all its living things”

    “Can you feel the love tonight?
    You needn’t look too far
    Stealing through the night’s uncertainties
    Love is where they are”

    Thank you Disney, & Elton John. Thank you Megs, & Cynthia H. Love is aaallll around! *sigh*

  137. omg! when the other one reaches out for the paler one! SOO CUUUTEEE!!!

    is this at the MBA?

  138. OK…I just watched it for the second time, and saw the paw regrab & the little kiss! Damn! Now MY eyes are all overflowing down my face……..siwwy siwwy otterzzzz

  139. Apparently, despite her name, Kat doesnt have any house pets or she would know that animals have emotions. That’s the Victorian Era talkin’ there.

    This has to win a prize or something. I would say parent and pup too. This looks like the Atlanta Aquarium, but they weren’t doing that when I went there. Course the river otters weren’t on display at the time, just the sea otters and I think these are the river ones from the size. Could be wrong tho.

    I feel such a connection with these creatures and this dang video just re-inforces it!

  140. Snif. Maybe the world does have some redeeming qualities…

  141. I have never posted here before, but check every day, and that was assuredly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

    Seriously, the holding hands was insane. 🙂

  142. I love how they float around in cirkles. And how they keep waking up and looking at each other like “Oh, good morning honey”.

  143. NebraskaErin says:

    O. M. F’in. G.

    Every cell in my body just esploded all over my living room. What a mess.

    Holy buckets, people, this is the winner. That’s it. It’s over.

  144. This was so ridonk I almost cried.

  145. michellemybelle says:

    Hall. of. Fame.

  146. Cutest…video…evar!
    BOOM! *head explodes*

  147. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! That is THE sweetest thing I’ve EVER SEEN!!!!

    I thought for a moment when they broke apart that they were going to stay like that… but then the dark one came back to take the lighter one’s paw again! Purposefully doing it! And then what looked like a brief snuggle/nudge and a paw kiss….. KAWAIII!!!!

  148. caroline says:

    otterz rule OK

  149. Oh my god, that was so adorable!!!!!!

    I called my boyfriend over to see it, and normally he just rolls his eyes and smiles.

    This time ladies and gentlemen:

    My boyfriend squeeled.

    It was just that cute.

  150. Pinky Earl says:

    I couldn’t stop myself…. as soon as they went for the regrab, I was saying OMG out-loud.

    This has to be one of the most awesomely awesomest of the most awesome moments on C.O.

  151. Pennysquisher says:

    I believe that is Oz and his mom from the Oregon Zoo in Portland. If it is him (and it sure looks like the otter pool at the zoo) he was a total surprise. They didn’t know that his mom was pregnant because she wasn’t supposed to be old enough to get pregnant. The zookeeper came in one morning and saw a baby otter in the pool with mom and dad.

  152. I don’t squeal. I don’t coo. I barely baby talk to my own babies. This video had me a blubbering mess…

    The CUTEST thing I have ever seen.

  153. First thing that popped into my head?

    Ebony & ivory
    swim together in perfect harmony
    holding paws in an otter playground
    why can’t we?

    Second thing that popped into my head?


  154. Meg, you’ve outdone yourself. As I watched this clip for the 3rd time, and added my own cooing to the plethora of melting voices on the clip, my teenage nephew came over to see what the big deal was. This clip reduced Mr. “I’m too old for hugs” to a quiet “that’s so cute.” Well done Meg, well done.

  155. ::speechless::

    …and slowly dribbling onto the floor….

  156. the end of that video got me. i screamed OMG!!! …a couple of times. almost too much to handle.

  157. AWWWWWWW. Did you see that white headed guy opening his eyes a few times and then going right back to sleep??? And the way the other one held his hand when it returned to the water???? AWWWWWWWWWW.


  158. alexa kim says:

    Remember when Jacques Cousteau, on one of his famous Calypso treks, corraled a pair of otters on the shipboard pool? They were so scared, they held each other in a tight hug. Oh yes, they did. I remember it like it was yesterday. When he and his crew saw them, their hearts were instantly dissolved. They devised instead a net across a small inlet and released the pair there and could still be observed naturally. So to see yet more evidence of their affection, totally unsurprisingly, memorialized forever I will hope, did make me remember that other couple, comforting each other, better than even humans can sometimes manage. My only wish that the observers had stopped babbling so loudly, which kept waking them up.

  159. Oh, did you see that the dark headed otter was navigating them around using his tail like an oar?!

  160. That’s it! I’m never eating otter burgers again!

  161. I saw this same pair of otters doing this same thing at the Vancouver Aquarium about 3-4 years ago. They obvs do it all the time.

  162. aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww…. lol… if you’s at work… go to break… not smoke break.. but a i-gotta-go-outside-and-squeal-my-head-off-in-delight-or-i-will-esplode-all-over-my-cubicle-break lol

  163. the otters are so “wtf? we’re napping. WHAT?” while the people are freaking out at the cuteness. Otters are so nonchalant. So smooth.

  164. unfreakingbelievable, so adorable, there must be a cuteness rule about instinctual love i think!

  165. AAAHHH!!! These are our Vancouver sea otters!! I’ve seen these guys before! They were a lot more active when I was there, though…lol.

    Here’s a link for the poster above that explains the difference between sea and river otters – I don’t believe there are any river otters there now. It also tells about the otters living at the Vancouver Aquarium – names history etc…I wonder which ones these guys are…

  166. I knew right away that they were the cuties from the Vancouver Aquarium. I love to visit them. The first time I saw them doing that I think I must have watched them for an hour!

  167. This totally made my night complete. Yay.

  168. Am I the only one who thinks (upon a second or third watch) that the darker otter is somewhat reminiscent of Eeyore, playing pooh-sticks when he’s out floating by himself?

    Maybe Eeyore just needed an otter.

    As for the video: I think it made me hyperventilate.

  169. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    They’re entering the otter synchronised swimming contest. As for all you people in your cubes, I feel sorry for you, you sound like your in a battery farm. I am lucky enough to have an office.

  170. Alice Shortcake says:

    Two minutes after watching the video for the first time I began to have withdrawal symptoms – cuteness on this scale is more than flesh and blood can stand!

  171. I cant stop watching this, this is freaking adorable!

  172. I failed the OMG test miserably. That’s the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life. ♥

  173. sock monster says:

    i love how they floated back together and held hands again.

    that is sooooooooooooooo sweet.

  174. A coupla otters at the Seattle Aquarium did this too. What made them overthetop anerable is that it was a grown up and an orphaned little otter…

  175. poor violet says:

    That is definitely the cutest thing ever.

    I loved the onlookers ooohing and awwwing at them. And when the one otter reached out and grabbed the other one, I joined in awwwing myself.

  176. OMG. *flail*

  177. Holy-Fuzzy Cow, People. I have seen true love and it looks like an otter. Does anyone ele’s chest hurt when they watch it? It’s too dammmm cute. It actually hurts me.

    I can die happy now.

  178. Redzilla…same thing happened to me…but I was at work and out comes an AAAWWWWWWWW!!! Melted my heart….

  179. chunkstyle says:

    I just ‘sploded…

  180. Kevbo — me neither. LOL

  181. Aaaaw how gorgeous was that! Otterly fantastico!!!

  182. Managed to keep the OMG internal right up until they rejoined paws. It was all over from that moment on . . .

  183. Couldn’t help but think of this song, by Smokey Robinson. Geez, come to think of it, a LOT of Smokey songs fit this.

    “Baby tonite
    Belongs to us
    Everything right Do what you must
    And inch by inch we grow closer and closer
    To every lil part of each other
    Oooh baby yeah
    Let the music take your mind
    Just release and you will find

    You’re gonna fly away
    Glad you’re goin’ my way
    I love it when we’re cruisin’ together
    Music is played for love
    Cruisin’ is made for love
    I love it when we’re cruisin’ together”

  184. Maybe no-one else is reading about otters by now, but I have to tell fellow CO addicts that yesterday I rescued an orphaned baby otter! Don’t worry, I made sure as I could that it didn’t have a mum around before I took it in. Found it lost and a long way from the river, on the grass outside my house in the Scottish highlands, took advice from an otter sanctuary on the Isle of Skye and managed to catch it and rehydrate it with a pipette and keep it warm until the animal sanctuary people arrived to collect it. What a privilege to look after a wild animal: the memory of a baby otter sucking hungrily on a baby’s bottle on my lap will stay with me for ever. Phoned the sanctuary this morning and they said it’s doing really well and will be transferred to Skye next week, where I hope it will live happily ever after.

  185. Aelfwyn, I’m a late post-er, too. Just refreshed and saw your story. THAT”S GREAT!!! What a nice thing to do and a wonderful memory to have held something wild and beautiful in your arms.

  186. I am just sunk in the cuteness of that and OMG that he kisses her paw at the end!!!! *sigh*

  187. No, I am not addicted. (Ack, who am I kidding?) says:

    “Oh, THERE you are! Eehn! Now just gimme your other paw!”. Floating back together at the end… unbelievable.

  188. SWEET…these otters are the epitome of love and affection.

    One can’t deny the positive impact these two have on the human heart and soul!

  189. oh,my, god…I almost cried at the end from the cute!

  190. crap-action-jackson says:

    I’ve warned you people before: otters will bite your nuts off!

  191. It was cute enough to start with, then they separated, then *gasp!* awwww!!!

  192. Laurie C says:

    Aelfwyn, you sound like a fairy godmother (especially with that magical name). Lucky little otter to have found your house.

  193. Yeah, when they reach back out for one another, that’s the clincher. I just got made at all the ladies AWWW-ing so loud, they kept waking up.

  194. omg!!!! thank you so much for that. i have been ill lately and for the length of that way to cute video i forgot about it. that is the cutest thing i think i have ever seen.

  195. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they grabbed hands (whoops, ‘paws’) for a second time after letting go!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, can’t say this enough, cutest thing i’ve ever ever ever ever ever seen!!!!! Please someone direct me to the nearest otter adoption agency so i can have them all for my own!!!

  196. LOL ‘crap-action-jackson’!

    Yes, sometimes otters take a break from their evil plans to flot around… This guy is obvy making evil plans (check out the second pic)

  197. the_becca says:

    For some reason, I just love the part where the woman in the background goes “Aww, he’s so sleepy! He’s too sleeeepeeee.”

  198. WOW! That is astounding!! The bit where one floats off and then comes back and grabs the other’s hand again…well, let’s just say that’s the most amazing animal video I’ve ever seen.

    I want two otters. And a pool to float them in.

  199. Jennifer Kovacsi says:

    They look just like my ferros in the bathtub! Only, not so calm.

  200. they must be in love

  201. *tear* I thought it was just a coincidence…but then he/she grabbed the other one’s paw! Awwwwwwwwww.

  202. Paulette says:

    I’m dead…
    That regrab at the end and the otter paw smooch with the happy otter tail wiggle when they reconnect is officially the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  203. Hello you reached Aaron DeLay. I’m currently in a Cute Coma and will be otter for the rest of the day. Please leave a message and I’ll otter back to you tomorrow. Thank you and have a otter day.

  204. EEEEEEEE!!! EEEEEEE!! Please call 911, I’ve fallen and can’t get up – soso cuuute!

  205. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG The sweetest thing that I think I have ever seen. They are truly in love. Holding hands releasing and then finding each other again.

  206. Aelfwyn,
    That little pup otter is so lucky to have found you, so you could rescue him/her. What a wonderful thing to do…!

  207. I’m sorry —-I’m still back at: WRAP THEMSELVES IN KELP…to KEEP FROM FLOATING AWAY FROM EACH OTHER…. ?! Oy.

    That’s all.
    Just Oy.

  208. That was THE most darling thing ever. The thing I like most about it was their little tails guiding them back together at the very end.

  209. Yve and Ren says:

    This is so cute that it distracted us from our business plan in class to show everyone. We all agree this is so cute it hurts.

    thank you from class #6094 Herzing College, Ottawa, Canada!!!

  210. Oh my god
    this is my reason for living.. to watch supreme adorableness..

    *dies happy* ^___________^

  211. That is just the sweetest cutest thing ever! I swear I say that every time something new is posted lol.
    But when the darker otter goes back and holds hands again.. OMG the cuteness was definitely on overload!

  212. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure those two otters are at the Seattle Aquarium. Here’s a cute otter picture on the aquarium website:

  213. I love how they all simultaneously said “awww” when the otter reached out for the other otter’s paw. It’s kinda like I was right there in on the cuteness!


  214. I just wanted to push the comments over two hundred.

    But I did send it to four people, because someone told me to look for three miracles (or whatever you want to call unhumanly amazing stuff) daily, and this is one of mine today.

    No matter how hard and jaded and cynical I get, my heart remains warm.

  215. This is seriously the best thing that has ever happened on the internet. I think you just ended the war.

  216. Awww! Hello, cutest thing ever!

  217. Like so many who are commenting for the first time, I have to say that was awesome!! The hand kiss blew me away!

  218. Cynthia H. says:

    The video was taken at the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia in 2002. Glad so many people liked the video. 🙂

  219. OMG, why are we only seeing it *now*???

  220. HerMeowness says:

    This is sad….

    I’m in tears… over the comments!

  221. omg, that was the cutest thing ever, EVER. i especially liked how the one that was awake floated BACK to the sleeping one to GRAB ITS PAW AGAIN so they could float around together again. totally classic

  222. **CUTEgasm**

    I’ve always loved otters and this..was adorable!

  223. so, i looked it up, and apprently this is quite common with sea otters. it’s called “rafting” and otters do it, i suppose, for protection when they are resting. i found a few pictures of big GROUPS of fluffy, wet, sleepy, otters holding hands. *heaven*

  224. You know what people? I think we finally did it… I think we beat the Japanese! Way to go, Meg!

  225. This is the song that came up on my iPod as I watched this video (my computer is muted):

    Goodnight my angel time to close your eyes
    And save these questions for another day
    I think I know what you’ve been asking me
    I think you know what I’ve been trying to say
    I promised I would never leave you
    And you should always know
    Wherever you may go
    No matter where you are
    I never will be far away

    Goodnight my angel now it’s time to sleep
    And still so many things I want to say
    Remember all the songs you sang for me
    When we went sailing on an emerald bay
    And like a boat out on the ocean
    I’m rocking you to sleep
    The water’s dark and deep
    Inside this ancient heart
    You’ll always be a part of me

    Goodnight my angel now it’s time to dream
    And dream how wonderful your life will be
    Someday your child may cry
    And if you sing this lullaby
    Then in your heart there will always be a part of me

    Someday we’ll all be gone
    But lullabyes go on and on
    They never die
    that’s how and I will be

    –“Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)” by Billy Joel

  226. missfaith says:

    believe it or not peeps i’ve seen this before!!! Somewhere on Animal Planet…an abandoned baby was rescued and brought to an aquaruim (in FLA maybe?) where they had a momma otter who’s baby had died…they put them together and re-dunk-u-lous hand holding cuteness…i’m choking up again just thinkin about it! Thanks for the video!

  227. OMG, OMG, OMG…I can die a happy woman. TOO CUTE

  228. Brak_Silverbone says:

    If you sing the Blue Danube waltz over this video, it times out just perfectly!

    Let’s show this video to Cranky-pants World Leaders, stat!

  229. *sigh* I’m in my happy place now…and I didn’t even know I had one! Thanks otters.

  230. that was cute! I had to say that!

  231. Here we go again; People trying to apply human attributes to animals. The “paws” (not hands) thing is simply a matter of mechanics. One person was close when they called it “rafting”. Putting their “paws” together keeps them from rolling over while they are floating. Otherwise they would have to use their feet and tail to keep from listing (tipping over) in the water. When they are “rafting” they can relax and sit still in the water. Cute maybe, but not love.

  232. Well, nobody will attribute any human attributes to Mike anytime soon.

  233. Laurie C says:

    I actually appreciate knowing the non-anthropomorphic reason for this behaviour. “Here we go again” maybe wasn’t the best way to begin, but thanks, Mike, for explaining it, to me, anyway.

  234. Thanks Laurie, you are right about my opening. It came after reading a couple hundred sugary posts. Too late to erase it now.

    And Twig, there was no need to get personal. I was simply stating a fact. One human attribute you can’t attribute to me is rudeness.

  235. And Laurie, you are the winner for the best “word- of-the-day”.


    Any takers out there on what it means?

  236. Inhuman.

  237. Laurie C says:

    It’s worth 30 in Scrabble, not counting doubling or tripling squares.

  238. Evil Angel says:

    OK, Mike. Thanks for the fact, but keep thrashing folks. Then get off the cuteoverload. Most of us go on here just to get cute addiction fix. Those otters does made my day after crappy day at work where most of us get scapegoat.

  239. Evil, Sorry you had such a crappy day. No need to take it out on me, though. But to tell me to get of this site? Come on. That’s not nice or cute. I’m not thrashing people. really I’m not.

    Did you miss where I practically apologized for the opening of my original statement? Give some credit please.

  240. #1 choice of kittens, #1 choice of hamsters and #1 choice of me! Otters for the UN.

  241. the_becca says:

    (FYI — If you post something and then find yourself being immediately defensive of it, there’s probably something wrong with one or more of: you, the post, the circumstances under which it was posted).

  242. Oh frabjous day, calooh! callay!

    The otters are as lovely today as yesterday!

    (Personally…I think animals can have plenty of human-like characteristics. Anybody see Planet Earth this past Sunday on Discovery? When all those animals were racing towards that delta in Africa? And the baboons [I think they were baboons….might be wrong] were wading in the water and they were walking upright? The way they were picking their way through the water looked VERY human…they were like “Eeew, eeww…it’s cold!”)

    Anyway. Okay…allergies acting up, coughing and sneezing at same time (amazing that you can do both at once)…and pregnant. Must go to bathroom.

  243. So I’m guessing this is why “Other Mike” goes to the trouble of making the distinction.

    Mike. Dude. Stop making it worse for yourself. Just move on & be nice in the future.

  244. Damn. Why in the hell can’t people log on to CO for a shot of some innocent fun? The world is such an ugly place so why can’t a piece of it be just for enjoyment?!?!

  245. (Gives Mike a fuffy kitteh)

    Smac – Re: Planet Earth. Yes, amazing wasn’t it.

    And, now, don’t stop there, keep going, to the message that humans need to share Planet Earth. It’s not ours alone.

  246. Word, JH.

  247. You said it well enough, pyrit. But all right. Friends, Romans, countrymen…lend me your ears!…..look not only at the fantastic footage of Planet Earth (narrated by actress Sigourney Weaver), but look deep! There are still places left (though perhaps not readily accessible to humans) that are untouched….let’s keep it that way!


    Did you see all 3 episodes of it? I confess I fell asleep during the last one, the ocean. I saw some of it…and it’s not that it wasn’t interesting, just past my bedtime. Those deep sea critters are pretty bizarre looking…and that “snow”? Yick. I wouldn’t want to make a snowman of that stuff.

  248. OMG! That is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! Especially when they separate and then reach for each other as they drift back together.

  249. Catsquatch says:

    Aww MAN!!!! Absolutely the cutest things EVER!!!
    Hand holding, is that a cute rule yet?
    Paw KISSING!!!!! HAS to be a cute rule!!!
    And I too failed the AWWWW test, I did manage to hold out till the regrab, but at that point I just couldnt anymore.

    *POOF* (head dissappears in a cloud of fairy dust)

    Ok, and the baby duck feeding the koi was just amazing, WAY cute!!!
    I can hear him now, “You want some food priddy fishy? Ok, here ya go! Oh you want some too? Ok, here ya go! You too huh? Ok, here ya go! And you as well? Ok, here ya go…..”

    “anthropomorphic” – Assignation of human emotions to animals.

    Did I get it right Mike?

    Of course the definition implies that animals dont have emotions, which has been proven to be patently untrue.

    A test was recently done on Bonobos, a species of ape closely related to chimpanzees.
    The test was comprised of two Bonobos, one in an enclosure where it could get food by pressing on a lever, the other in an attached enclosure where it would recieve an electric shock when the first one pressed the lever to get food.

    The first Bonobo, upon realizing that when it pressed the lever the other Bonobo got shocked, refused to press the lever again and starved itself practically to death so the other would not be harmed.

    There are many other examples of animals displaying emotion, and while rafting may be one explaination for the behavior in this film, love and caring is also a viable explaination, but one does not negate the other, it is entirely probable that both explainations are true and occur together in this amazing footage.

    Peace dude 🙂

  250. twig: funny (and quick).

    Catsquatch – I’m speechless over that, Amazing.

    Cracks me up when people announce themselves to have some ‘insider’ knowledge of what animals can, or canNOT feel. (“lol they don’t have the same feelings as humans!” uh – ok.) Yes, I was an otter in this -just past – previous life; I remember EVERYthing, and I can state – unequivocably – that I did not feel any thing. Nada. Nothing. There you have it: quit thinking otters are SO cute “’cause they love each other”. They don’t. “I” know.

  251. I think those might be the ATL otters! When I went to the Aquarium, the female was sleeping on her back in the middle of the tank (sucking her paw), and the male was playing in the shallows. He eventually swam over to the female, grabbed her, and dragged her over to the shallows. She woke up, gave him the evil eye, and swam back to where she had been, and resumed sucking her paw.


  252. They seemed to be floating along just fine with no effort at all even when they weren’t linked at the hands. So I have trouble believing that they need to be holding hands in order to float effortlessly. I don’t think humans have the market cornered on needing others for comfort.

    Also I’d like to add, phhhhbbbt. Just let people enjoy something cute. So what if we are anthropomorphizing them. It’s a video. We aren’t dressing them up and making them have tea parties in our back yard.

  253. Lerrinus says:

    (Add me to the pile, if that baby hamster didn’t shut down the internets, I think this just might!)

  254. Those are definitely the Vancouver Aquarium otters (I just ran out of my office to check: Yep! That’s them!).

    The blonde one is Nyac (an Exxon Valdez oil spill rescued-pup survivor) and the dark one is Milo.

    I should wander outside of my office more often… I keep checking cuteoverload at lunch instead of actually heading outside to stare at those gorgeous otters!

  255. Maddy – I think you’re right about the rafting. My understanding is that it’s used more to prevent otters from drifting far away from each other when they are sleeping out at sea rather than a balance issue.

  256. alexa kim says:

    Four limbs, two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth, pain receptors, ability to learn, ability to feel fear. What does any of that have to do with humans? 😉
    Besides, otters are just flat out cuter than any hundred flabby humans.

  257. That was quite possibly the best vid on the CO ever.

    I believe that the otter looks like an elderly otter, is that correct?

    Just too much awwwww in that vid.

  258. Are those the otters from Stanley Park, Vancouver? I have seen them holding hands myself several times, last time 2003. If it’s them, then they are a very faithful couple too!

  259. Thanks Pscaley! Maybe someday I will go see them in person. And if you’re ever in Atlanta, check out the ones at the aquarium — the female sucks her paw when she’s sleeping. It’s pretty redonkulously cute.

  260. katherine – I can’t WAIT to see Atlanta’s aquarium!! I was at a conference last year in Chattanooga & didn’t realize how close Atlanta was – I missed my chance, but will be back this July.

    Carrie – You’re right: the blonder an otter is (in general) the older they are. The oldest one there – Nyac – is my absolute favourite. She’s been a surrogate “mommy” to many an abandoned otter pup at the Aquarium – teaching them how to be otters and being all patient. She’s so sweet!

    Kudos to Cynthia H. for an amazing vid!!

  261. Dave Meyer says:

    Alexa, Some humans are lucky enough to have emotions like the rest of the people. Also cuteness is entirely subjective, some folks even think i’m cute. Go figure.

  262. alexa kim says:

    Dave, indeed, and some humans are lucky enough to not qualify their compassion and empathy based on the outer 3%. And with all due respect, determining what or who is cute is not entirely subjective, some of it is hard-wired.
    But, honestly, who cares? Those otters are certifiably cuter than cute and you know it.
    Some people think you’re cute, eh? I’ll be the judge of that. 😛

  263. paul mccartney (no, seriously, paul mccartney) says:

    I wonder if all of that ‘otter-love’ makes their coats more sleek and comfortable.. i guess i’ll know soon enough..

  264. Enhydra lutris says:

    Those are indeed Milo (dark hair – age 7 1/2) and Nyac (age 18), 2 of our 4 Sea Otters at the Vancouver Aquarium and the are definetly my favorites. I have the ooprtunity to watch them after ours as they sleep rafting and it sure makes the world a little bit more bearable.

    I wonder if you can call a older female sea otter a cougar? 🙂


  266. ferretmommy says:

    OMG, this is soooooo cute!!!

  267. Kraft_girl says:

    I thought that was Nyac at first glance too. She is such a sweetie, though very very mischeivious 😛 I dont acutally believe that Milo and Nyac are a couple. Sea Otters form rafts when they sleep to keep from floating away from each other. In the wild they will do this to stay in a group and with their young. The sea otter on the edge will tie him or herself to a piece of kelp that is attached to the ocean floor to keep the whole raft from floating away with the current over night. There are other male sea otters at VanAqua too but they cannot have more than one male in the tank at once in case of dominance fights. She will perform the same behaviour with the other sea otters too.

  268. Lizzie_the_kitty_lover says:

    Hiya people.

    This is adorable!! But, yet…

    is it just me going mad, or near to the end of the video (maybe at about 5 seconds left) there is a voice laughing like ‘oo hoo hoo hoo’ in like… a spanish accent. It sounds exactly like my uncles mum o.O now THAT is creepy. Maybe it was. I don’t know.

  269. Pretentious says:

    It’s too bad all of these people who supposedly die as a result of being too puerile and superficial don’t actually do so. It would make for some lovely gene pool manipulation. Congratulations to all those who use ‘anthropomorphizing’ in a sentence; have you any other undergraduate trophies you took from your undergrad Communications courses? Interestingly enough, these animals are somewhat laconic when expressing emotion: the two basic functions they understand are how to eat and how to reproduce. Go figure. That’s why they’re in the cages, and you are outside, degrading our race by trying to impose our principles on them. Go find a boyfriend.

  270. God is Just Love, kindness and understanding real values.

  271. God is Just Love, kindness and understanding real values.

  272. These little suckers are not very good eating, no matter how they are cooked. They have a strong fishy taste.

  273. the most adorable video I have seen on UTube.

  274. Chrissie says:

    I think that was the best stinking video I have ever watched. I love it and I am very happy that someone emailed it to me.

  275. I love Nyac and Milo. I’m so lucky to get to go to Vanaqua every week.

    Anywho, CuteOverload is supposed to be for positive energy. I certainly use it to cheer my day up if I need it. I can totally understand the rafting concept and not antrhopomorphize the otters – but even if you take away the superimposing of human characteristics, these otters and their behaviour is effing cute to the max anyway!!

  276. Cheryl (victoria) Australia says:

    We don’t have otters here in Victoria where i live (i haven’t seen any) but those to looked sooo cute .. another of God’s creatures..i have watched that more than once i just can’t get over those two holding hands,..,,March 5th 11-13AM Australia

  277. Seattlegirl says:

    Was this taken at the Vancouver Aquarium? My husband and I saw the very same thing one day at the Aquarium about 2 years ago – I couldn’t stop talking about it for months. 🙂

  278. Absolutely adorable and definitely heartwarming!

  279. Rebecca says:

    how otterly beautiful is the love that those furry little love-otters have for each other

  280. grayjet says:

    So that was ridiculous. I’m watching, and its waaayy cute, but the ladies voices in the background are bugging me, so I’m thinking, “I get the gist… cute, handholding otters, yay…” and I’m readying to stop the vid and keep browsing, but suddenly they break apart… and so I had to see what was going to happen… and I TOTALLY YELLED “Oh! My! God!” Out loud to no one, as I am the only human home right now.

  281. MiladyDoyle says:

    The look of love…is in your muzzle, so dear to me tonight…When I hold your hand, You take command of my heart and my clams my love….

    Just a few words from our OTTERLY terrific Couple!
    Way too cute!

  282. Joy Cooper says:

    Such Love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  283. save-the-whales says:

    fellow cute lovers, check this out

    such a cute video.. animal behaviour at it’s purest, simplest and most natural. enjoy.

  284. OMG! I have died and gone to otter heaven! Disney should make a movie about this!!!^_^

  285. Oh my, oh my, oh my! This is like the 6th time I’ve seen this video and I still think that IT IS THE CUTEST THING ON OUR PLANET OF EARTH! Ever.
    I mean, a little otter holding a little otter’s hand and oh! I just can’t describe how cute it is! You know.. it should so be a rule of cuteness. What do you think?

  286. I think theyre just holding hands in fear of drifting away and like getting lost…maybe some instinct still left in those zoo animals:)

  287. you fucking retards make me sick