OK, OK, the weirdness continues today…

OK, People, weirdness is OFF THE SCALES today. Behold a gaggle of color-coded Peeps riding multi-colored horses.

Even stranger is the text accompanying the submission: “These little guys deserve fun too.”

Um. OK. [shifty eyes in disbelief]


Katy M., unique. Very unique.



  1. er, weird

  2. Low threshold for overload on this one. Am I first?

  3. The First Noel says:

    First they have fun, and then I eat them! LOL! 🙂

    Yay! Bleen bleen bleen! Woo-hoo!

  4. The First Noel says:

    Oh man I thought I was first! Boo hoo hoo! 😦

  5. velcrotrainer says:

    i think this photo is kiiind of amazing.

    also. the pink one looks like it’s looking at the camera saying “word up.”

  6. This is Cute overload isn’t it. I don’t think this is cute.

  7. MamaDawn says:

    Word to the wise… don’t let your kids microwave peeps (I’m still scrubbing the mess out) or you’ll get a science experiment gone terribly wrong.

  8. Someone. says:

    Are they the four peepsmen of the apocalypse?

  9. gwenchocolate says:

    I know that Peeps come in those colors…but the horsies? It’s totally photoshopped! 😛

  10. these peeps are pulling on the reins really hard, which is which is hard on the horses’ mouths. how irresponsible of CO to show such negligent equitation!

  11. Chris B. says:

    At least they colour coordinated. Actually i think it is kinda funny.

  12. oh, and of course i mean the marshmallow peeps in the pic…not “teh peeps”.

  13. hillary279 says:

    Come on now….peeps are OF COURSE cute. I love the reins in the beaks.

  14. The Four Peepsman. Wonder where they’re going.

  15. very cute. Nicely done.

  16. Hmmm…..I am remembering an email I got few years ago called “Lord of the Peeps”….here it is:


    I don’t have to time to flip through it to see if it’s the same thing….I dunno, but these guys would be PERFECT for the horsemen that follow Frodo. 🙂

  17. they are cuter than the pine cone turkey…

  18. Looks like the workings of the COTH folks… 😉

  19. odd…is there a site called odd overload? They would be perfect for that.

  20. I actually think this is uber cute and unexpected…

    I kind of want to play with them and make them go on a bunch of crazy adventures, the last of which will involve defeating the giant evil chocolate bunny and saving Easter Land!

    …that’s…probably just…me….though

  21. Now I feel like making smores with my girl scouts

  22. If we’re gonna do peeps–you can’t forget the classic Lord of the Peeps

  23. The Four Peeps of the Apocalypse:
    Sugar Coma

    And I just want to know–who the F conveniently has four color-coded pastel horses?

  24. oops. looks like DKN beat me to it!

  25. Layla42, haha, great minds think alike. 🙂

  26. i think it’s kind of awesome! you mallrats are familiar with the Chick-fil-A. here we see the much rarer Chick-fil-LY. ride on, peeps, ride on.

  27. RedZ — OMG this is SOOOOOOOOO Photoshopped. NOBODY has pastel horsies!

    No no NO! You’re WRONG sojus’shuttup! NOBODY does!!!


    Nienna…like the scenario. But the Evil Chocolate Bunny is armed with black jellybean bombs…what defenses will the Peeps have?

    Oh, and FYI, there are sugar free Peeps out this year (I know, why bother)…take my advice and avoid at all costs.

  29. I LOVE it! With a slightly different angle on them I would make this my bkgrnd for Easter. (For a few days at least – cant go without my new Pirates poster for too long)

    I’ve seen those horses before… The four Peepsmen – luff it.

  30. OMG! LOL! Peeps crack me up anyway, but Peeps on color-coordinated horses is way, way too funny!

  31. Courtney says:

    This is very visually appealing to me. Love the colors!

    The trouble with peeps is that they’re cute enough to eat… but they don’t taste all that great.

  32. @ redzilla & shannon:
    clearly they would correctly be referred to as “the four HORSEPEEPS of the apocalypse”
    read your bible (or listen to aphrodite’s child) before posting!

  33. The Evil chocolate bunny cannot be Evil. Nothing chocolate can be Evil.

  34. AliceTanzer says:

    magnus: How about the four horsepeeps of the apocapleeps?

  35. this opens up a whole new way of thinking about peeps. i wonder if they have matching houses and wee booties too.. 🙂 ur a genious!

  36. Boofus McGoofus says:

    Redz — nice call.

    My first thought was “the Four Horsepeeps of the Apocalypse.”

  37. I just wanna know where you found PURPLE Peeps! I want them…. NOW!!!! (um, sorry for shouting)…

    Totally Cute!

  38. Weird works for me when combined with cute.

  39. Um, where are the *real* animals? I need some actual cuteness today.

  40. Theresa ~ valid point on the Evil Chocolate Bunny. BUT the Choco Bun could be the “dark” side of the Easter Force.

  41. the front two have taken some bite damage!

  42. “the pink one looks like it’s looking at the camera saying “word up.”

    Comedy. Gold.

  43. Oh my. This one had me LOL! Too much!

  44. I like the way they’re riding with the reins in their mouths–like John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in True Grit. True Peep, perhaps.

  45. I always knew that free-range Peeps were better for you than the regular kind. I can see the box now “These Peeps eat only pesticide free organic feed, they receive no drugs or growth hormones, and each is given a color-coordinated poneh to live life to the fullest before you bite their little heads off.”

  46. Daisycat says:

    Theresa, I would have to disagree on the “no chocolate could be evil” thing…all chocolate is evil….just ask my rear end. LOL…however this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I am glad someone found something to do w/ the Peeps rather than eating them….Naaastteeee (singsong) 🙂

  47. Ponygirl says:

    I love the trend towards peep-art. My fave diorama of hundreds of peeps acting out Palm Sunday seems to have been taken off Flickr.

  48. Best Easter centerpiece EVAR! Peeps are so gross, yet so fascinating…

  49. who gnawed the wing off blue peep?

  50. Peeps aren’t just for food anymore. I’d been playing with them for years as a kid. Finally, the trend grows!… but don’t put one in the microwave and call it cute. They turn into Sumo Peeps… and then deflate.

  51. This is not cute! This is BORING. And why didn’t they use the perfect peeps from the ends? Two of them, the two UP FRONT, are hideously malformed! Give me a freaking break.

  52. HAHAHAHAHA! *gasps for air* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    This is peep-tastic. I love, love, love it. I heart peeps, I heart ponies. I heart silliness.

  53. i absolutely LOVE this picture! can anyone tell me where i can find those totally great pastel horses (i already know how to get the peeps :))

  54. every box of peeps should come with a color-coordinated horsey. . . . i wonder who ended up winning the race?

  55. What are Peeps?

  56. Daisycat says:

    *gasp* did someone just ask what a PEEP is?!?! *falls to floor*

  57. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ok, I snorted my koffee on the damn keyboard again. Our IT guy is gonna keel me – again! The color coord peeps n horsies was hilarious, but reading that they are in the birds and horses categories made me laff out loud, hence my snortage. First interspeech snorgles from the pinecone turkey and the onion and now this? And THEY expect me to get ANY work done?

  58. kittikin says:

    OMG!!! Ponies!!! and Peeps!!!

  59. Jackie — “peeps” as in “marshmallow treats”…

    …and “peeps” as in “the people who are mah homies on Cute Overload”:

  60. my local paper (can be found at twincities.com) does a peep diorama contest every year, sadly though the deadline has passed. stay tuned for this year’s winners though!

  61. If you have a small girl child you KNOW that there ARE:
    1. pastel ponies (although these look different than My Pretty Ponies)
    2. evil chocolate bunnies (Veggie Tales-Rack, Shack, & Benny eppy)
    The horsepeeps of the apocapeeps!

  62. Kallisto says:

    Well, being from Ireland, I (like Jackie) didn’t know what “peeps” were, either. (Okay, I know the CO peeps, but not the other peeps).
    Intercultural difficulties sometimes need to be overcome.
    Thanks, Theo, for explaining.

  63. =O THREE different weird things?!?! A new category,perhaps?

  64. For those who are concerned about the use of imperfect peeps, keep in mind they are all stuck together when you buy them and must be pulled apart, inevitably damaging the perfect peepness of their little wings.

  65. It’s like the 4 horsemen of cuteness!

  66. CuteBabyFix.com says:

    Don’t understand why every one is inna bunge about things bein weird? What are we, a bunch of stormtroopers here? At my house, this kinda thing is the norm… It’s gotta be much weirder than this to weird ME out. Ha- there ya go Meg, It’s a challenge. Jus try an weird me out.

  67. For all you Peep fans, I just found http://www.marshmallowpeeps.com/

    They ask deep philosophical questions on this site, like…”Peeps: fresh? or aged to perfection?”

    What the…..???!!!!???

    Peeps…..might as well eat a couple spoons full of sugar. They’d have about the same nutritional value, dont’cha think? I’m jus’ sayin’….

  68. Looks like the four horsepeeps of the apocalypse to me. A sure sign of marshmallow-y doom!

  69. Re: the Evil chocolate bunny. I know, it seems hard to imagine anything chocolate being evil, but perhaps chocolate bunny has taken the same vow I took:
    To only use my evil for good.

  70. Hmmm… I did not know there were Bunny shaped Peeps!!! I guess ya’ learn something every day, huh? 😉

  71. I call a category for “Interspecies Pastel Gallumphing.” That’s it. I just called it.

  72. tehe… Purty colors!! and edible too……

  73. tehe… Purty colors!! and edible too……

  74. tehe… Purty colors!! and edible too……

  75. tehe… Purty colors!! and edible too……

  76. tehe… Purty colors!! and edible too……

  77. tehe… Purty colors!! and edible too……

  78. ahhh Marshymallows, sweeties!

    Like Jackie and Kallisto… I’m a not familiar with Peeps… in Scotland it’s a word we sometimes use short for “people”… except I’m not in Scotland any more…. I’m in Missouri… it’s very flat here, compared to lumpy Scotland…..

  79. I find Peeps creepy.

  80. *sigh* why is it that people automatically thought those horses were photoshopped. Have people forgotten that there exists this thing called “paint”? Sheesh! Not everything has to be done electronically 😉

    P.S. has anyone else seen the Googe homepage themes??? Can we talk about how CUTE the Teahouse theme is. Everytime I open my browser, I wonder what my little Fox friend will be up to. =)

  81. this is awesome. Of course they deserve some fun. Before they are eaten. Love me some peeps.

  82. to musicchick2: for years my peep-eatin friends have been separated into 2 camps: fresh-peep (so soft & spongy) & aged-peep (mmmm… crispy & chewy). but i never thought it’d be acknowledged by the Peep-peeple on their site!

  83. Ponygirl says:
  84. I want some of what she’s on. Unless it’s just a peep sugar high.

  85. Actually, microwaved peeps are fantastic, but you can only put them in for 3 seconds or less. The combination of warm melty marshmallow and crunchy sugar is to die for. And if they’re stale, it’s the only way to go.

    As for evil chocolate, it’s called “white chocolate”.

  86. if only the blue horse and the blue peep matched better…

    …if only…

  87. OMG! it’s the 4 horsepeeps of the apocalypse! Aiiieeee!

  88. Cassandra says:

    Holy, I just about cried laughing. Lolo, I don’t know if your comment was serious or jokey, but your firm stance on peep-perfection cracks me right up. Move those wingless mongrels to the back! Only the pretty peeps up front please! heehee!

  89. Cute to look at…but I can’t eat them without wanting to throw up. Peeps are Doom. Does this mean Doom is cute? Is Lucifer a fluffly little Pikachu-type creature?

    (Totally NOT being serious for anyone who can’t take any sort of joke having anything to do with smidgens of religion)

  90. Abso-peep-ly, Layla42, Lord of the Peeps is TDF!!!! Also, darlin’s, you ***must*** check on the Peep Research Institute, where strange and nerdly people do funny experiments on peeps in the name of science. http://www.peepresearch.org/

    Warning! Some peeps are damaged in the research, but scientific integrity is preserved. Please check ’em out if you need a “serious” chuckle break.

  91. AuntieMame says:

    Hehe! So color-coordinated.

    I see someone has already posted the Lord of the Peeps link.


  92. lauowolf says:

    Why I’ll have you know that 4 peeps is a serving size, and contains a whopping 1 (one) gram of protein.*
    Junk food indeed!

    *Information as reported by dancing daughter, not verified by poster.

  93. Hahaha. Four HorsePeeps of the Apocalypse?

  94. Hazel, what part of MO are you in? If you want bumps and hills, check out the southern end of our grand state sometime (I don’t live in MO anymore but I’m from there)…just don’t go to Branson…though I dunno, you might get a kick outta that.

  95. “Each Peeps chick has 32 calories & 0 grams of fat.”

    N I C E! 😉

  96. holly bees says:

    more stuff like this, plz.

  97. I think they’re perfectly adorable. And delicious!

  98. commatose says:

    Just FYI, Peeps are also delish if you impale them on sticks and roast them over an open fire. Just don’t burn your mouth on the molten sugar crust.

  99. Martha in Washington says:

    Stale…definitely stale. I always buy extras when putting my sons’ Easter baskets together just so I’ll have some stale ones just for me.

    I saw the Lord of the Peeps awhile ago and LOVED it!

  100. This post: absolute genius!

    So is the one before, with the onion and pine-cone turkey.

    also (don’t stone me, please!), it’s a nice change from all the pups and kitns. (Really.)

  101. maybe this is a Peep-style Kentucky Derby?

  102. RE: evil and chocolate

    I use my evil for good AND for chocolate. See:

  103. I have the solution for the evil chocolate Easter bunny.

    It’s the SUGAR-FREE one your well-meaning but horrible aunt gave you for Easter.


  104. I totally thought these were the harbingers of the apocalypse before anything. Somehow this is more spooky than cute, to me (maybe it’s the whole bird-shaped confection made of cow connective tissue, heh)

  105. Scroll down from peeps to pinecone/onion love to Welsh Corgi with startlingly extendable tongue, and it kind of puts a kink in your brain. I like it!

  106. Love it, but I’m not sure if “gaggle” is the correct plural for peeps. Pack, maybe, or a sugar rush? Or a pope? A pope of peeps?

    Maybe not.

  107. Lenore — once again, yer blog is geek-TAC-ular. And I LOVE the “Perfectly Safe Chocolates” (even though they’d still disagree with my hide, safe or not).

  108. Mr. Nathan says:

    Too all you NAYSAYERS: These rainbow peeps are, like, TOTALLY cute! They are now my new desktop background. Yay fer PEEPS!!!!!!!

  109. A diabetic coma of Peeps…? 😉


  110. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    ebv – “A sure sign of marshmallow-y doom.” Wouldn’t that be Ghostbusters?

  111. da-da-peep, da-da-peep, da-da, peep-peep-peep.

    Hi-Yo, Silver! Er, Pink. Blue. Yellow. Purple.

  112. this looks like the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. peep style.

  113. check out all the cool archived peeps on:

  114. All cute things have secret urges to ride ponies.

  115. LOL, Karen!
    (ride ’em hard & put ’em away wet)

  116. Oh my gosh, they’re color-coordinated with their horses. This is too much!!! I’ve always considered Peeps to be cute, but I’d like this photo more if I didn’t make me hungry. Now I really, really want a marshmallow.

    Peculiar days indeed.

  117. Dustbunny says:

    The four horsepeeps of the Apocaleeps. Heh. You people crack me up. Yes, I’m easily amused…

  118. Peeps! I live about two miles away from where all Peeps in TEH UNI-VERSE are born.

  119. Mamas don’t let your cowboys grow up to be peeps,
    don’t stick ’em on horsies
    pink, purple, yellow or blue,
    Don’t microwave ’em or they’ll turn into goo…..

    (thanks for the words of wisdom, MamaDawn)

  120. Thanks, Theo! Geek-tac-ular is an exemplary superlative.

    So, anyone going to a peep eating contest this easter? Anyone participating (ick!)?

  121. Yeah, and it looks like that white thing behind them is the little space ship they’ve all just emerged from….

  122. magnus – I see your point and accept as valid. mea culpa 😉

    Another disgustingly sweet easter treat – Cadbury Eggs. Everybody I know loves those things, but two bites and I’m done. And I usually like rich sweetness.

  123. I love this, because I want to be part of the four horsemen of the apocalypse this halloween. :D:D

  124. Peeps! Peeps! Peeps! I used to save ’em for at least a year till the ‘rents found ’em…

  125. Me Schmoop found this link. Maybe in some minds, this will mean I’m blameless somehow.

  126. Theo, where did your Schmoop find my old horsie peeps??

  127. That blue one’s getting on my nerves. What the heck? He was too lazy to find a horse to match his color?

    The others found perfectly tones mounts.

  128. Lee Gibson says:



    Charlie, come to candy mountain!

  129. This is not photoshopped.
    There is no candy, no plastic, no paint involved.

    This is real. I’m sure of it.

  130. R. Moore says:

    Thanks, Theo, I just spent half an hour making ponies dance and emailing them to unexpecting friends.

  131. Um.

    [scratches head]

    Have I unknowingly been referring to my friends as marshmallows?

  132. DKN…. Kansas City…. all very flat 😦 Need to get out more!

  133. Alice Shortcake says:

    These critters are as yet unknown in Britain. Perhaps that’s where the Four Missionary Horsepeeps of the Sugar Apocalypse are headed…

  134. Four horse peeps of the apocalypse.

  135. you guys r silly says:

    Theo : you and ur Schmoop are a match made in heaven… &:o) (a SCAREY match, but STILL…a match)

  136. you guys r silly says:

    This post & it’s comments are cracking me up! How wonderful!
    THANKS Meg!!! &:o)

  137. Um, oooooookay again. Some people are both weirdly creative and have WAY too much free time (I should know, I am one of them…)

  138. This is precious.

  139. weird and unhealthy

  140. cooleo,i love hores peeps

  141. ThreeCatNight says:

    What the heck is this?
    Is CO scraping the bottom of the barrel now?
    A waste of space.

  142. OMG LOL I have been drawing Peeps in my sketchbook a lot lately. This is awesome!

  143. Is this death by sugar? The four horsemen of the apocapeeps! rawr!

  144. ThreeCatNight — yes… and I guess we dug *you* up too. Speaking of wasted space.

  145. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    The Four Horsepeeps of the Apeepalypse!

  146. my first thought was that they are the four horse men of easter-pocolyps.

  147. Catsquatch says:


  148. Catsquatch says:

    For our friends across the pond:

    Peeps are marshmallow chicks which swarm households each Easter, probably named for the “peep” sound that real chicks make.
    Cute and squishy, they dont come out of the carpet very well, and they taste horrible to most adults but most children find them to be (gakk)delicious.

  149. …and they’re a lot of fun to run over with cars

  150. PEEPS, that is. The MARSHMALLOW ones.
    Not children.

  151. Bethany F. says:

    Actually the horsies do come in those colors, I had some as a kiddie. AND is it disturbing to anyone else that the blue peep and the purple peep have been bitten????

  152. PEEEEEEEEEEEP!! That’s just scary!!! All right, what are those horses made of?

  153. Peeps are only good when they’re almost completely stale… serious

  154. new visitor says:

    I’m highly amused by how some people keep thinking the Blue and Purple Peeps were bitten. You do realize that peeps come stuck together and have to be pulled apart right? I’m guessing those peeps came from the center of the line.

  155. http://i-mockery.com/minimocks/peep-game/

    Play Peeps in Outer Space!

  156. Wow! Never expected my peeps to show up here! This was their second ride, they went to a model horse shows and won both their classes. Their next show is coming up in June. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

  157. *sammi* says:

    uh……someone ate the duckesh….is anyone else concerned about this? poor lil’ chics.

  158. Yummy!! ( licks chomps ), I mean the peeps not the horeses. ( Eyes shift ).