Hibernation suuuuuuuuuuucks! [singsong]

Yer hair gits all matted and you have sleep in your eye capsules, and yer SUPER HUNGRY

BLEEEEHHH [claws flex]


Merci, Discovery Channel and Submitter Kory J.!



  1. that’s a biiig tongue, but he’s oh so hugeable!!

  2. NOT first!!!!

    I wish people could hibernate like bears. I would look forward to my hibernation.

    Check the claws. YIKES!

  3. zeldapie says:

    Bebeh Bear: Blerf!

  4. Tsk tsk! He is way too young to have a hang-over!

  5. hrh.squeak says:

    “Don’t you just hate when you wake up from hibernating and your mouth tastes like a mouse slept in it . . . . . ooooh, not gonna think about that one.”

  6. I love the tongue and pink nose!

    Just to be a bit of a spelling nazi…”your SUPER HUNGRY” should be “you’re.” 🙂

  7. CuteBabyFix.com says:

    I bet his tongue is real soft. And Eastie, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but creative spelling is sort of encouraged here.

  8. Oh, and i want to kiss his nose. Twice.

  9. That’s kind of what I look/feel/smell like on Daylight Savings Time Monday.. have to get up for work an hour early .. bleah!!!!

  10. Laurie C says:

    Whatever the drawbacks of hiberntation, at the end of it you get hugged by a lady in a nice pink parka.

  11. [claws flex] hehehehe oh Meg you kill me. 🙂

  12. aw! teh eye capsules! so groggy. and what a lovely pink nose.

  13. Aw, man, I am in bear heaven right now. Does someone know I love bears and otters (baby otters, but whatever) most of all? I feel all warm and fuzzy.

  14. grammar nazi says:

    Would that be YOU’RE super hungry?

  15. Bear: “Hey, Corgi! Gimmee back my jar of peanut buttah!”

  16. CBF.com – Ah, I didn’t realize it was creative spelling. Okey dokey then!

  17. I went to the Discovery Channel Page, and saw the expression “nuisance bears.” Phooey. Nuisance people, methinks. 😛

  18. that bear looks like he’s got some serious morning breath

  19. I think he is catching snow flakies on his tongue. *nosepoke*

  20. JH — “NOT first” ??
    Ironically, I think that IS a first, at least on this board.

  21. For some reason i really want to reach out and grab his big tongue.

  22. And then I want that little bear to realize that it’s still snowing, therefore hibernation should not have ended yet, and then I will go snuggle in his den with him. Mmmmm.

  23. Suda Nim says:

    Bear trivia: When they’re ready for hibernation, having gorged themselves in preparation, their blood contains so much fat that it’s pink.

    You’re welcome.

  24. This is the best kind of cute. Cute on an animal that isn’t supposed to be cute.

  25. AuntieMame says:

    That’s the way I feel every morning. Pleh!

    You’ve heard the joke about the different way some people react to morning? Some say “Good morning, Lord!” and others say “Good Lord, it’s morning!”

    I’m afraid I’m not even that articulate. I’m more like “Oh ^%$#!”

  26. Scarlett K. says:


  27. thalias_ash says:

    Someone fix that bearling some french toast! Stat!

  28. omg i just died of the cute!!

  29. another grammar nazi says:

    Nah, CBF, your vs you’re was pure grammatical error. However, *now* that it’s been changed to yer, you can defend it with the “creative spelling” argument.

    I love the way the pink contrasts with the black of the bear, and is in so many hues — the parka, the tongue, the nose, the gloves. Schnozzicle! I’d beep it if I didn’t think he’d bite my hand off.

  30. CuteBabyFix.com says:

    Dang- I *know* it was a grammatical thingy but people are so harsh! Give Meg a break for pete’s sake- she is pumping out teh cute so fast it is prolly making her head spin. Think, she has to do all this while trying not to esplode herself. An where would we all be with CO? Working? I don’t think so!

  31. Now I’m really tempted to edit the post and TOTALLY tweak all the spellings into LOLcatspeak… or 1337… or AIMtext… [rubbing hands] [chuckling]

  32. Ick! Early spring breath!

  33. I think my favorite part may be that the photo is labeled “Study Participant” on the source page.

  34. Before I die, I want to hold a bebeh bear cub. Please, God, pleeeaaaase?

  35. Shy Sunshine says:

    Is there a Rule of Cuteness concerning tongues? If not, there should be!

  36. BrianMPLS says:

    Theo, if you let me help, I’d be willing to translate even the comments up through now.

    Well, by ‘now’ I mean whenever I get around to finishing it. Which will be after the food that just got here.

  37. P. Erasmus says:

    Shiny Happy otters holding hands!

    Oh no! They are drifting apart…

    YAY! Reunited once again!

  38. P. Erasmus says:


  39. “…and ya come outta yer log wi’ a killah headache. Anyone have any Bayer’s Aspirin?”

  40. Shy Sunshine says:

    I just felt like pointing this amazing figure out: I went to Technorati and typed in “cute” (cause, dam cute is everywhere these days) just to see Meg’s cute impact. People, it’s amazing how much Cute has exploded since July of last summer. I was flabergasted! No wonder cute is taking over the world, look at how much people are loving it!


    Meg, your a true hero. Animals everywhere thank you ;D Me too!

  41. Clearly a theme, my friends. Tongue! It could be a category in itself, could it not? But I guess folks are always suggesting new categories. Still…thunder just boomed in the background as I was typing this, so maybe Someone thinks it is a good idea after all…Um, time to go to battery; let’s not push the heavenly bodies tooooo far.

  42. Can’t you tell he’s just trying to catch the snowflakes on his tongue?

  43. Cat Feral says:

    Well what can I say? AWWWWWW!!!!!

  44. Aubrey, wouldn’t that be Bear’s Aspirin? 😛

    Gryph I agree with you…he’s catchin’ snowflakes with his tongue…like all little cubbies (bear and human) do in the winter.

  45. “GRAH. I hate waking up early.”

    Lots of pinks in this pic.

  46. Ain’t no such a word as “yer” asposa be “yor”

  47. Dewds- I’m pretty sure bears can’t spell. Cause don’t they have very little brain? The original Pooh Bear stories have all kindsa jokes about how Pooh’s spelling is good, but wobbly. If we must have spelling I would like it to be wobbly. And Bear Aspirin- that was so funny I snorted.

  48. I wanna poke that tounge!

    They may be Godless killing machines–but they sure are cute when they’re babies!

  49. violetgreen says:

    Note that the woman holding him is taking advantage of this rare bear-snorgling opportunity. Good grrrrl!

  50. Oh look at the rubbery snout! Smooche.

  51. Carlisa — OMG yor riet.

  52. It’s chocolate-covered Knut!

    (Hey, there’s a new post up, but the comments link doesn’t seem to be working.)

  53. I’ve noticed that too Pheas. Darn. I was gonna go for it!

  54. Yah, no, no link. 😦

    Bear says: bleh bleh bleh, bleh bleh!
    jaypo: [beep]

  55. It’s fixed. Yay!

  56. Laurie C what make you so sure that’s a lady in a pink parka. Real men wear pink too!

  57. He’s justa bebe bear, so he ken say yer.

    Yer yer yer.


  58. Laurie C says:

    Connie, too true. Equal opportunity parkage.

  59. It looks like the bear is trying to catch snowflakes on its tongue. Too cute!

  60. its tongue is still asleep

  61. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Someone anyone give him some water, he’s thirsty.

  62. Has anyone proposed the *Head Dome* as a rule of cuteness? The higher the dome rises above the ears, the greater the degree of cuteness.

  63. This bear is so adorable. My God! So vulnerlable and sweet. It’s nose looks like one of those pink erasers we used to use in school.

    God…so lovely

  64. Am I the only one who thinks that’s a little girl holding the cub, and not a woman?

  65. Julie — I think there’s at least 2 humans in evidence here: one wearing the black glove, one wearing the pink parka.

  66. Theo — I know. 🙂