Those aren’t pillows! [part trois]

Look, I know I’ve used that joke before. It’s my A-material, OK?

You love it.


Carol K., It’s your lucky day, Girl.



  1. Kitties just find the strangest (but most comfortable!) places to sleep.

  2. Belly Rub!

  3. Looks like a gymnast that just “stuck the landing” (albeit with daintily crossed feet…)

  4. I hope that cat likes belly rubs, because I wouldn’t be able to resist.

  5. Dang but I want to give that furry belly a raspberry!

  6. She is just ADORABLE, with her stubby little front legs, and blissful sleeping face!


  8. … OK, so like, Jason and Spencer were over at my place, like, wailing on the Playstation and stuff, and like, I was totally owning Jason’s butt on Tekken II, you know, like, and we were playing for, like, hours and hours and stuff, and then Spencer goes, like, “dude, where’s your cat?”

    And then we got off the couch, and Spencer was all like, “whoa.”

  9. katerpie says:

    Lolz NTMTOM. Dontcha hate that? 😉

  10. Fffffllllbbbbbbttttttttttt!
    (fluffy raspberry on the tummy)

    ::coughs up hairball::

  11. those crossed feet are too much!!

  12. That kitteh’s tummy is just begging to be snorgled

  13. Lady Ann says:

    It’s good to be the boss of everything! I am soooo cute!

  14. She looks like she’s practicing her luge technique…with safety bumbers.

  15. Kitty is dreaming of being in the “YAY!” poster.

  16. Two cute kittehs in one day? This is too moishe…
    I think I’m getting addicted. Maybe I need a regular dose of cute, snugglin’ cat?
    Would that be so bad?

    I think not! (singsong)

  17. I love that the photo tag is “oof”.

  18. EEEEEEE the crossitude of the wee legs! I LOVE IT!

  19. Kitteh is trying to pass along an important life lesson to us all: anywhere is a hammock, as long as you *believe*.

    Way to be, kitteh.

  20. Laura B. says:

    More daintily crossed paws in one day?

  21. She is totally practicin for the ballet- only layin down cause that is so much more relaxin, and you don’t have to be all anorexic and stuff. Seriously the only thing that would be cuter was if she had a tu-tu. She’s the kitteh-plum fairy.

  22. JELLYBEAN TOES! *chizzomp*


  23. I like the black stripies on her face with all marmie-color showing on all other stripes. She may have black on her back, if so I don’t want to know!

    And no, Kaya, that would not be so bad!

  24. onionpencil musashi says:

    aww heeheehee

  25. Looooong belleh.

    That reminds me, I need to go to bed soon…

  26. Come on. The crossed paws. Too much!

  27. you guys r silly says:

    look how *nicely* her marmie stripe colorz match the plaid colorz of the cushions… &:o)
    a color-coordinated couch kittycatter!

  28. I luv the leg and paw action in this photo. As sleepy as I feel this morning, I’d just about sell my soul to change places with that kitteh!

  29. So slinky. 🙂

  30. Cat-astrophe says:

    Who knew plaids could be so slimming!


  31. I just saw the top part of the photo and was all “ahn” at the paws-up-itude, and then I scrolled down to the crossed feets and I esploded.

    And THEN I noticed the different color stripeage on either end and I esploded again.

    It’s like she’s 2, 2, 2 cats in one!

  32. Big LOLs to Cat-astrophe’s fashion discovery and Heot for the Star Wars reference! 😀

  33. i just want to rub my cheek all over that belly. 🙂

  34. wow, that’s painfully cute.

  35. NTMTOM – Like, omiGOSH! That, is like, TEWTALLY the way my friends and I tawk when we, like, go to the mall! But, it’s cool ‘cuz we were, like, born in “the Valley” and so we HAVE to talk this way! FER SHURE!! Is there any OTHER way??? AS IF!!! *rolls eyes*

    Oh yeah, & I’d really like to snuggle the widdo kitty too. 😉

  36. I love kitty belly.. mmmmm

  37. Heh.

    How’d she get wedged in there?

  38. MusicChick: One of the idiots in my post has a crush on the idiot in your post. 😉

  39. You know, fashion shots totally shop their models so they look all long and slinky…those “pillows” are actually bolsters…

  40. The best is that head crook. Just the tilting/gilding of the lily.

  41. Stretch and breathe….ohhhhmmmmmm
    Yoga for kitties

  42. How big is the little kitty?
    “Soooooo big!”

    How much do you love mommy?
    “Thiiiiis much!”

    Anyone else’s mom make them do that when they were little? I think this little kitty’s mom is behind thecamera prompting him…

  43. MC2 – what with the plaid pillows, it’s no wonder that this post ‘kilt’ you.

  44. nutmeg – my mom STILL does that to me and I’m 21 years old! And of course I do it to my menagerie of fuzzy pets 🙂

    How come all I ever find in my couch cushions is lint? *double checks just in case* Noooooooo kittens 😦 Ooo! But I did find some Swedish fish. *chomp*

  45. this is so adorable it hurts my soul

  46. Tiny fuzzers
    In the couch
    Make me feel happy
    Make me go ‘ouch’


  47. sssooo cudly…

    pretty cute

  48. acelightning says:

    That is one very relaxed kitty, chillin’ in the pillows – hey, if he’s chillin’, that must mean he’s a cool cat!

  49. my co cred is about to get sploded–I don’t get the ‘those aren’t pillows’ ref? All it makes me think of is the line from Carrie, but…?
    howev’ i am still clear brained enuf to see how f–ing adorable this photo, and all others under said a-material caption are.

  50. nutmeg — the first two things I thought of when I saw this were “I love you thiiiis much” and “Soooo big!” I can still picture my baby sister (now 29) in her high chair doing “so big.”

    I think kitteh actually loves us more than that but is squished by the cushions.

    fifi — click the links in the caption. It’s a movie quote.

  51. I want to know what store sells couches with kitties in them!!! I want one!!!

    And those crossed toes!! How can you look at that and NOT want to play with the little toes, and then of course snorgle the belly???

    Only one question…Where did her little tail go? Did the couch monster eat it????

  52. I’m not the only one who loves the crossed paws. Rule of cuteness? Daintily crossed paws?

  53. Yitzysmommie says:


  54. lauowolf says:

    Fifth position, su su, arms fifth, high.
    Very good.
    Remember to smile.

  55. cats can sleep anywhere!
    what a cutie.

  56. i stil don’t get it?

  57. spudchick says:

    I recognized the movie reference right away, but did not see anywhere that the uninitiated could be enlightened. For those who wonder, it’s from Trains Planes and Automobiles, an underappreciated movie IMO.

    That cat is just spoiled rotten. I know because I’ve spoiled several cats rotten myself.

    K i s s… It ! ! ! !

  58. spudchick says:

    …and in case you don’t want to have to watch the whole movie to get the reference, well… I think you could safely extrapolate it to say that this kitty is figuratively between Steve Martin’s butt cheeks. IIRC….

  59. THANK YOU!! it was drivin’ me kwazy

  60. Aaaaww. It’s smooshy kitty.

  61. it’s being squished, someone save it

  62. spudchick says:

    nah, she’s just a little nestle-rode pudding, is all.

  63. I think this is genetic. Something about white-bellied tabby kittens.

  64. Them pix (and cap-shons) are awesome, Saska.