One abandonned snuggler—SAVED!

Bein’ Spring and all, I bet we’ll hear a lot more stories like this. This one has a happy ending. It seems that Super-Sender-Inner Matt B. was a Good Kittmaritain and saved this kitteh from a snowy Brooklyn stoop.


Rawkin’, Matt!



  1. sweet kitten!

  2. Oh my, what a sweet kitten to find on a snowy stoop! I’m so glad it got found and invited into warm arms. 🙂

  3. lauowolf says:

    Matt you’re a good mommie!
    What a sweet little kitteh.

  4. book_monstercats says:

    That’s going to be one incredibly handsome/beautiful kitteh when he/she grows up. Power to you, Matt.

  5. acelightning says:

    Oh, what a darling! Matt, you lucky guy, you get to snuggle and snorgle that little sweetheart as much as you both can stand! Give her (or him) an extra cuddle and a skritch between the ears from me, willya?

  6. Matt, you done a very good thing, hon! The angels are smiling on you and your little refugee there! But is Matt taking the bebeh in or taking it someplace that will find the bebeh a nice, warm, loving home? Inquiring minds want to know! Matt….if you check in, let us know, pwease? *mwah*

  7. Aww, teeny snuggly kitty!

  8. This has to be the snuggliest kitty ever! Good job rescuing the wee baby – I can’t stand the thought of a sweetie like this suffering. Do update us on him/her if you can.


  9. Yes, kitten season started early… I’m getting ready to foster a mom and 7 babies. Please spay and neuter your pets, and do whatever donations/volunteer work for rescue groups you can manage!

  10. What a tiny little angel. I love how it’s so mall it makes the towel yarns seem big, and the tiny little claws sticking out are just adorable.

  11. speedwell says:

    It’s fleece, but kitty is such a tiny baby.

    A vet told me that if a little bit like that starts to be a nuisance standing in front of the fridge for milk (I had one years ago like that) it is because they were not properly weaned, and to feed it a bit of cottage cheese a couple times a day with its food until it grew out of it.

    My Ink seems to know when I am looking at baby kitties on CO because she always jumps up on my desk, lays across my left arm, and starts to purr like crazy. jealous? 🙂

  12. Congratualtions Matt.. Your life will be furrever changed…

    -hugs and good luck-

  13. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Well done Matt.Kitteh’s too young for a full snorgle, I might sniff him up my nose, but a semi-snorgle and some tummy tickles for sure.

  14. I want to snuggle too!
    Nothing like a cute kitteh and sunshine to motivate me for the last class of the day…
    It looks like it’s sucking its tumb..or eqivalent part of paw..Aww..
    *Sighs and floats away to classroom*

  15. Nothing cuter than a boy from Brooklyn saving a cute kitten from a snowy stoop.

  16. Poor baby…it’s so tiny.

    Scenario’s such as this make me wonder where mom is/what happened to her and if there are siblings that weren’t as fortunate. 😦

  17. Oh, so, so sweet! And the leedle, pink paws! Oh, I may be melting. You’re a good man, Matt from Brooklyn.

  18. *splodes*

    I have always wanted that to happen to me…find a tiny bebbeh kitteh and save it and love it…lucky kitty!

  19. Squeeeeee!
    The dainty crossed-paw action!

  20. That is the SWEETEST little baby kitty ever!!! Matt, this world needs more people like you to do good kitteh deeds.

  21. Yeah Matt! You’ve earned your kitten angel wings!

    Kitteh looks like Chessie from the old railroad cars, no?

  22. I wish I could save a kitteh up here in Astoria, Queens. I have psycho landlords that won’t let me have critters 😦

    I love the new background, Meg!!

  23. Aaawwww… lookit the little fuzzy guy…this kitten reminds me of my cat Fred, who was basically a black and grey tabby but she had one orange spot in the middle of her forehead like that. I’ll bet it’s a girl kitty, sort of a tabbico like Fred.

  24. This looks like one of the kittens Maya *would* have had, if she had actually been pregnant. ‘Cept for being in New York of course.

  25. *poit*

    Completely precious. Matt, you give Brooklyn a good name you do.

  26. nurdburd13 says:

    bless you, Matt! i’m so glad you saved the kitty. 🙂 and it’s precious, btw. many happy snorgles to you.

  27. Yeah for Matt! This little kitteh is OMG sooo Cute. I’m sure kitteh will repay Matt with lots of love.

  28. Awwwwwwwwww!!! YAY for bebeh kittie rescues!

  29. How can you feed them? I had a few kittens at my house, but I couldn´t feed them! Lucky that I knew of a young cat mom that accepted the kittens, so they are there, getting fat.

    Can somebody please send me an answer about that? We got really crazy about that here!

  30. Not to get all serious, but Brooklyn is primo cat country, and for old Brooklyn cat hands (paws?) we are seeing the kittens coming earlier and earlier. Cats are like plants– they get fooled by warm days in winter, and come out, and git it on. 😉 So we are gettin’ kittens ridiculously early. Not that I have anything against abundant kittitude, but we wants them to all have homes.

  31. Carol – Call a veterinarian, or animal hospital, for advice. Or a good pet store could help. Or call your local shelter for advice. Or, search the internet. Or, Google: feeding orphaned kittens.

  32. The little claws and pink toes are KILLING me! I’m slain from the EXTREME cuteness!!!

  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    oh oh oh, the teensy pawses and clawses…teh furry belleh….the snoozeage…the amazing littleness.
    Thanks, Matt for your mitzvah for this kitteh. And for sending us this most amazing, AAAAAWWWWWW pic.

  34. ThreeCatNight says:

    A truly precious, lucky little cat,
    If he could speak, he’d say
    “Thank you, Matt!”

    You should be truly blessed for saving this little one’s life – from one Brooklynite to another.

  35. must keep maternal hormones under control lest they ‘splode out my ears. That little kitty breaks my heart it is so tiny! I want to tuck it in my shirt collar so I can rub it against my face all day long.

  36. Madeleine says:

    Marry me, Matt, so I too can be parent to that adorable kitty!

    Thanks for saving kitty’s life–the world needs more people who care.

  37. righteous move, matt! thnx for being a good sam. anerable bebeh kitteh!

  38. Hi Matt, you really earned your wings.
    Consider yourself snorgled.

  39. Aww, I wish I could find a bebbeh like this so that I could tell my husband I had no choice but to bring the bebbeh home. “Consider yourself snorgled,” indeed, Matt!

  40. heartbrokenbethy says:

    you can pick up baby kitteh bottles at a Walmart or comparable retailer. They should also have special canned milk with instructions, and if not, it will be available at any reputable pet supply store. Good luck to all possible foster parents of the 2007 Kitteh Boom!

  41. p.s. I too want to commend you for taking in this little fuzzer! Be sure to keep her warm, it’s very important for baby kitties to stay warm. God knows how long she would have lasted in the snow…snif…

  42. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Kawaii da nya~

    That kitten can’t be more than a week old at the time of the pic. So cute all snuggled in like that…tiny unretracted claws give extra points.>^.^<

  43. you guys r silly says:

    Thank You Matt!

  44. Chris B. says:

    I too am getting ready for babies. In addition to kittens, I also get birds, bunnies and squirrels. I have my formula, bottles, blankies, heating pad and crates. Carol, make sure the babies are warm. My last litter of kittens would only eat in the morning and late evening. Only one survived but my vet told me that was a miracle. They were stray babies and very inbred. Several only had one eye. My kitty, who will be one year old in may, was the one surviving kitty. She still lets my blow kisses on her belly and snorgle her alot. Good luck Matt on your precious new bundle. You won’t regret it.

  45. I have my first foster kittehs of the season, too! Three little boys, 7 weeks old. Very fuzzy AND wuzzy, both. Lots of snorgling going on over here, that’s fer sherrr.

  46. Weffie — yay!!! We’ve got a foster mama that our girls named Kenya, and she’s due to have her kittens in the next week or two. Updates will mostly be on my personal blog, but if I get some Cute Overload post-worthy material (and it’s very likely) then I’ll definitely put it up here.

    My Vox…

  47. Laurie C says:

    Well done, Matt! She’ll never be cold and hungry again.

  48. Aww what a little sweetie bear!! I hope it’s doing ok! It reminds me of my Marek when I got him, all teeny tiny and sick from the Walmart parkinglot… someone was giving him and his littermates away and he was the last one. It’s so nice to give a little baby a home, and now you have a friend for life 😀

  49. all I gots ta say is

  50. Sara – Marek, what a great name.

  51. The long, high-pitched cooing noise that eminated from somewhere deep inside me had my husband looking at me strange. Until he saw the cute kitten, and agreed on its coo-able factor. Way to go, Matt! I’ve had many kittehs and loved them all, but the bond I had with the two I rescued personally was unusually strong! They never forget what you’ve done, and they’re appreciative their whole lives! >^,,^<

  52. omg!!!! that’s wonderful 🙂
    viva la kitteh!!

  53. sssooo sweeeeeettt!!!!!!!!!!!

    snuggle bug!!!

  54. Awwwww! Lookit the little pink toeses and the kitten tummy! And the little ears! Can’t forget those! So cute! I want to snorgle!

  55. Marry Me, Matt, and we shall live in the Land of Kitten Bliss forevah! ;o)

    Seriously, that was so sweet of you. Dang cute kitten!

  56. Could we have a before-and-after section of little kittehs, pups, etc. BEFORE and then grown up AFTER, all happy endings in one place of our furry stars. Please, please, Meg?

  57. such a sweetheart…I rescued a 10 day old kitten four years ago, oh! the translucent claws, the round firm belly, the little ears that unfolded one day…
    My Bebe is 4 years old as of midMarch. Here in southern Saskatchewan, it was right cold. Bebe had a travelling toque that was pile lined, I took her everywhere and fed her formula through a little bottle…EVERY THREE HOURS.
    I don’t regret a single minute of that devotion…and I doubt you will either.

  58. hey Matt! that’s such a sweet kitten! I’m glad you saved it!

  59. Ohhhh! I love her! sweet tiny baby!

  60. Oooh. Kittens are just the most wonderfulest things ever.

  61. it seems very content in that blanket

  62. Thanks everyone! Kitten is three weeks old now, and getting spunkier every day. We named her Dorothy (nickname: Dotty), both in homage to my grandmother and to call attention to the little orange spot in the middle of her forehead. I’ll be sure to send in some more pics soon.

    Thanks again, all!

  63. Little Dotty is so sweet. I had the priviledge to watch her nurse on her bottle this weekend and it broke my heart… I LOVE DOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!