I got ‘chur walk right HEAH

We’re going now, Lady. I’ve had it.



Props to sender-inner Carol K. 😉



  1. Puppers is tired of that whole lapful of pups getting all the attention.

  2. Any puppeh or kitteh will tell you, long braids are an instant plaything. What? You thought they were hairstyles? Silleh humans.

  3. My doggie grabs me by the pigtails all the time. She needs to pee or she likes the taste of hairspray, either or..

  4. I feel like this today! Pay attention people, it’s all about meeeeee! (goes off to find hair to pull)

  5. I’m gonna grow my hair so fast you can’t believe and go fishing for little puppehs! Squeeeeee

  6. Top two reasons women are never allowed to cut their hair…

    1) Men.
    2) Puppies.

    (boyfriend came up w/#1, I came up with #2)


  7. juggle geese says:

    that is some alternative to squirrel fishing!

  8. constance says:

    I am wearing my hair like this from now on, in an effort attract puppies.

    /end psa

  9. LOL!!! Mo’s all like…
    [more laughing]
    [more OW]

    …and pup’s like [Gimme! GRAHR!!]

  10. good old whatshername says:


  11. Also, cats’ll do this kind of thing too, if you slip up and use minty-smelling shampoo.

  12. Elizabeth B. says:

    I’ve so been that girl. Many MANY times. Fortunately my dog just bats my braid around with her nose, but it’s been grabbed by other dogs aplenty when I’ve stopped to say hi to them.

  13. The First Noel says:

    Good thing there isn’t catnip scented shampoo for humans! All the cats in the neighborhood would go bonkers!

  14. Yay! My boxer has done this since he was a puppy…although it’s alot more consequential now that he’s 60lbs. Sometimes he’ll start at the end of the braid and move upwards until he’s given me gentle big-lip-cushioned bites all over my head.

  15. Sometimes you don’t even need catnip shampoo to make a cat act crazy:

    Oh, and how’d I get to be first post–I know there was one before me. Harrumpf, I would have been more clever if I’d known I was going to be first. I would have tried, anyway.

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    Great vid, Redzilla. What kind of puddy tat is that?
    My Ginger (RIP) LOVED to knaw on my son in law’s hair. Wish we had video.

  17. Deckard Canine says:

    My sister, fortunately, had her hair flowing loose when our cat was young. She would lie on the floor to encourage playing.

    Now I have an image of the girl in this photo getting up and walking away with the puppy still clinging.

  18. Aw, my hair used to be that long. Let’s be clear: I don’t miss it. I do miss the puppies, though.

    Goats love long braids, too!

  19. bookgrrl says:

    “I got ‘chur walk right HEAH”? Sounds like a New England puppy!

  20. RedZ — looks like yours was the first comment here with any substance.
    (And, y’know, don’t try TOO hard.)

  21. YOW!!! This cuteness REALLY hurts!!!

  22. Lady Ann says:

    Ok! Ok! I give! You get another puppy treat!

  23. [snip…snip] Grabs pup and runs, hair and all.

  24. Pharetra says:

    Haha, can you imagine what the comments would be like if it were a baby human pulling an adult dog’s tail instead of the other way around?

    This is not cute at all the lady could have been seriously injured by the ugly, disgusting puppeh! Sure it looks alright now but what about right after the picture was taken!
    It would be nice to know the lady is still alive!!

  25. Pharetra: ROFLAO!! I lurve the anti-nuff…….

    Cute puppy, cute pigtail… cute picture!

  26. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?

  27. Cere, i’m guessing that lil pup’s a Lab-braid-or retriever.

  28. Ponygirl says:

    Naughty, naughty Zoot!!!

  29. Looks like black labs, Cere. They have the classic Labrador Retriever build and face, at least…


    My head aches in sympathy…I remember well the many times my hair became the focus of a puppy tug-of-war! *LOL*


  30. The First Noel says:

    I think I just figured out a way to make cats LOVE baths. Use catnip scented cat bath shampoos! LOL

  31. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Hmm…where have I seen that before? Flashback no Jutsu!

    *flashback to a few hours ago at the vet near where I work. Cue fluffy 2-month-old Golden Retriever of doom bouncing all over me as I desperately try to keep him calm.*

    Oh yeah. That.^^;

  32. First Noel: Nice idea, but I think maybe not. Used to have a cat who hated baths but stood it. The next one I got raised such a fuss you’d think I was killing her.

    The present cats I think would kill me. Lucky they don’t go outside much to get dirty.

  33. [LOL again]
    The comments are rockin’.

  34. Cute! Hootie does this to the end of my braid, too.

    Only, Hootie’s a cat.

  35. ouch….

  36. Blueberry says:

    My kitten used to sleep tangled up in my hair. She would get really mad when I moved and express haughty meows of royal displeasure.

  37. I am not sure if I want to be a girl or just want long hair. Who cares. Check out smallsnout.

  38. hahaha! look at that little imp’s face!

    my cat used to sit on top of the fridge and attack anyone’s head that happened by. but she didn’t go after braids in particular. any hair would do.

  39. Such an idyllic scene, until… And we thought shredders were chancy–pup should have a warning label!

  40. I love how the piggytail end curls up around his snout.

  41. Labradorable! (double ouch)
    Katie–tame sheeps love braids too!

  42. LOL!!!

    cutie pie!

    pull rope baby!!!

  43. ya-ya-ya says:


  44. lmao !!!!!!!!!!! that’s sooooooooooooooo funny !!!!!

  45. It’s a human leash.

  46. ow…