Happy Spring, People

whoa—things just got a lot more colorful around here—holy green grass.

Happy Spring 😉

XO, C.O.


Just what is over that hill?



  1. A. Chandler Moisen says:


    But we want more Knut!!!

  2. B A Utiful!!

  3. There can only be one thing over that hill and that is, Summer! 🙂

  4. acelightning says:

    This is *definitely* an improvement! I still think the hamsterflies are silly, but the landscape now has a lot more pizzazz.

  5. Very purtiful!! Me likies! Combine that with 3 or 4 posts a day and I for one will be a very happy camper! 😉

  6. I like! More fairy hamsters!

  7. Ah yes, spring. A time when the flowers start poking their heads out of their earthly beds, March winds tickle us and young hammie’s thoughts turn to broccoli. Me, I likes the hammy fairies – I just wish they’d stop leaving tiny cheese and broccoli bits under my pillow.

  8. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    The flowers that bloom in the Spring tra-lah.Whats over that hill? Why puddins for sure. Slurp Slurp.

  9. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    LOVE the colorful new graphics!

    CO rocks! I recommend this site to all my friends. Heck I even recommend it to the sourpusses at work-figure maybe ya’ll can help sweeten them up!

  10. Looks Good

  11. girlnextdoortn says:

    So, why do some of the hamsters have pants?

  12. girlnextdoortn…Exactly my question…how’s come some of the hammies are nekkid and some are modestly pants? Enquiring minds and all….

  13. They are wearing pants because pants are funny- I double-dog-dare ya to walk up to a random person and say “pants.” They will laugh. Trust me.

  14. Oh I love it!!

  15. Ah Spring! The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, the hamsters are swarming…

  16. girlnextdoortn and BunFF — I was wondering myself. Is it perhaps akin to the unknowable mysteries of Goofy versus Pluto?

    I love the flowers!

  17. Love it!

  18. Ahhh, Cute-opia.

  19. Pants vs. No Pants – how else do you tell the boy hammie fairies from the the girl hammie fairies????

    Nice job Meg!

  20. Very nice colors! Wonder about the nekkid ‘tocked ones too.

  21. michellemybelle says:

    Very festive, and it certainly makes me feel all Springy inside!

    Happy Spring to all the Peeps!

  22. This is great, love the new background… it does make me wonder about Baby Hampants Season, though. Are there nests? Will there be photos?

  23. Goofy versus Pluto!


  24. spudchick says:

    might be time for a t-shirt with hamsterflies on it… ???

  25. PrincessPeach says:

    cant believe nobody has made the obvious comment.
    “Whats that coming over he hill, is it a monster?” hehe, love the automatic.
    Love love the springtime, and the beautiful springtime graphics. im off to go snorgle a bunny, and a newborn lamb or two. whee!

  26. Yay, the flying fairy hammies! Happy Spring to you too Meg! And to the peeps too!

  27. the Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I read your comment as Goofy versus plato!

  28. I like it!!

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    Love it, Meg, thanks! At least there will be spring nearby when we get this monstrocious benormous snowstorm predicted for Salt Lake City tomorrow. I will cuddle up with teensy kittens and broccoli and cheese eating hammies and be all warm & fuzzy & safe (except for the hammie broccoli farts….)

  30. tHGA — LOL! I’m totally picturing a televised debate now.

  31. At the front of the office where I work there is a big write-n-wipe board for staff to write messages for each other. Every spring we write the names of different kinds of birds we’ve seen returning to our area. The list is getting longer! Yay!
    Just today *someone* wrote 3 new ones, “Larry”, “Lady”, “Early”.

  32. Andrea|Nash says:

    woggle-bug – you’re right! pants is funny – so are some other “p” words like pickle and prune and pucker and pouch…

  33. luckycliff says:


  34. Very cute, but is there any way to make the white background in the middle see-through so we can see the hammies?

  35. Someone doesn’t like the flying hams? I think they’re anerable! Nice flowies. Yay.

  36. Whoa, that hampster has pants! Hampsters should not be in pants! Otherwise tres cute.

  37. I like eet!

  38. ThimbleNina says:

    Is that Large Wooden Rabbit outline?

  39. Don’t get me wrong……I love winter but spring sounds sooooo good right now! I could just imagine……green grass, bright yellow sun, blue sky, white fluffy clouds, colorful flowers, pretty butterflies, happy bunnies, puppies playing, kittens purring, birds chirping. It just doesn’t get any better than spring!

  40. can the brighter green color extend all the way down the page? right now it switches to the pale green partway down. i also like the idea of having the center white background be see through instead.

  41. Very Happy Spring, Meg!

    I love love love the colors!

  42. ColbyWolf says:

    Very nice!

    the bottom of the picture cuts off rather abruptle.. maybe it should be extended a little furter down and have the last 10 or so pixles be a gradient to the light green BG color?

    ooor make the web’s BG color that brighter green color…

    but still: beatifully cute 😀

  43. Hm, a poster wouldn’t be amiss…brill!

  44. gooeyctr says:

    Oh, I lurrrrve the springy new background! |Do fairy hams feed on nectar? Are they poppies?

    Thank you, wonderful Meg!

  45. Dewds, clear your cache (Safari is extra aggressive) to see the grass green go all the way down. Your browser should load the new style sheet…

  46. Another Angela says:

    I love the new picture and I love hamsterpants, but it doesn’t work so good on my 20″ monitor. The strip on the left repeats on the right, and most of the hamfairies are hidden ;( I too want to see baby hamsterpants in summer!!

  47. The other design was lovely but this one just…springs forth! So bright! So lovely! So…cute!

    Spring has officially begun. Hamster butt and all.

  48. Hey Meg!
    The Glossary automatically pulled the new stylesheet too!
    CSS rox mah sox.

  49. Is there any chance for a 1024 x 768 version of this wonderfulness? Pleasepleasepleaseplease!

  50. Hey! There is Autumn here… can you make one for us here, at the South of the line?

  51. Right ON Theo my bruthuh!

  52. Over the hill, I think there is a scary haunted house/witches’ castle camouflaged by some randomly placed conifers.

    Or, is that over the hill, actually the LACK of something? If so, how did you manage the pinking shear outline? Mysterioso.

  53. GREAT new look, Meg. (Wow, I haven’t been around here in a while).

  54. I, too, have wondered what is over that hill. The dark brown hamster seems to be heading that way. What can it see? Odd, how that one spray of dark green grass is on top of it’s head, like a crown. Also, the bracts, or axils, of the flowers don’t all match, althought the petals do. The lone conifer reminds me very much of a young kitten’s tail. The stand of conifers is a mystery. Hmmm. Are these clues? What does it mean?
    Oh, does it mean I don’t have much to do?

  55. I love it. Beautiful color.
    Spring has sprung for sure. thanks Meg.