Oh, will you just stop it? You’re embarrassing Welsh Corgis everywhere.


[Insert Gene Simmons joke here] And thanks to Carol K. (again)



  1. Eyw.

  2. That is one HELL of a tongue. it’s almost as long as the doggie!

  3. Holy long tongue, Batman!

  4. Christine says:

    I LOVE Corgis! I love their huge bat ears. This guy is so proud of himself. Great photo.

  5. bookgrrl says:

    Kind of makes me think of a Shel Silverstein poem.


  6. Yeesh. Corgi’s have the weirdest ratios to every aspect of their body. Huge Ears, long tongue, big heads, small bodies, and stubby legs. I guess nature overcompensates in other areas to balance the under-compensation…

    =( this isn’t a good, even cuteoverload.com isn’t offering a pick-me-up to my crappy day….

  7. The First Noel says:

    Aw! He shares my love of peanut butter! 🙂


  9. Mmm, delicious peanut butter and Corgi sandwichizzes.

  10. The look on the pup’s face is priceless.

    It’s all like “What?”

  11. you guys r silly says:

    i’m in ur pantry, schlurpling up ur peanut buttrz.

  12. ” No, don’t you *dare* take a picture of m— oh? you’re sending it to the one and only cuteoverload?? better smile for the ladiezzzz…yea, you can have me – that is, if you can handle me.” *slurps all the peanut butter*

  13. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* oh, meggy moo and/or teho….I sent in zee perfect video to go along with thees!
    I won’t say what eet ees….I jes’ hope you show eeet! Eeet creates a theeem for zee day, no?

  14. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* oh, meggy moo and/or teho….I sent in zee perfect video to go along with thees!
    I won’t say what eet ees….I jes’ hope you show eeet! Eeet creates a theeem for zee day, no?

  15. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* oh, meggy moo and/or teho….I sent in zee perfect video to go along with thees!
    I won’t say what eet ees….I jes’ hope you show eeet! Eeet creates a theeem for zee day, no?

  16. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* oh, meggy moo and/or teho….I sent in zee perfect video to go along with thees!
    I won’t say what eet ees….I jes’ hope you show eeet! Eeet creates a theeem for zee day, no?

  17. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* oh, meggy moo and/or teho….I sent in zee perfect video to go along with thees!
    I won’t say what eet ees….I jes’ hope you show eeet! Eeet creates a theeem for zee day, no?

  18. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* oh, meggy moo and/or teho….I sent in zee perfect video to go along with thees!
    I won’t say what eet ees….I jes’ hope you show eeet! Eeet creates a theeem for zee day, no?

  19. oh my

  20. hahahaha

  21. I gotta say it. Wish my boyfriend could do that!!

  22. Gah ca ah alk gaw ha gra ha?

  23. Peg of Tilling says:

    Ar wha?

  24. Dang, that tongue is as long as a measuring tape!

    If that peanut butter had some chocolate in it, I’d be lapping at the jar, too!

  25. What? I wasn’t licking up all the peanut butter…must have been someone else. *devilish grin* hehe

  26. eikoleigh says:

    the look on the pup’s face is priceless….like…gah?

  27. ZOMG! this is hilarious. corgis can seem so dignified (and even as dissaproving as the least tolerant bunny) and then they do the silliest things, and you’re like, “oh yeah, i forgot a corgi is also a *dog*!”

    when I was growing up, we had a little corgi named Taffy, and she also had a disproportionately long tongue, as well as a bit of an overbite, so that she drooled a bit more than the average corgi and the end of her tongue stuck out in an adorable way – all the more adorable when she would baroo-ingly cock her head.

    thanks for the memories, and thanks for showing my favorite breed!

  28. michellemybelle says:

    I wonder if this is one of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis? How dignified!

  29. also, corgi-lovers, feel free to take a look at my parents’ current corgi, Bethany.


    She was “retired” (i.e. rescued) from a life of puppy-making when she was 5, and is now a very healthy and charming 13-year-old. last summer she was the best-behaved bridesmaid in my wedding.

  30. Oh dear…is it bad that my first thought was, “Hey, that reminds me of one of my boyfriends?”

  31. I love how this site can STILL make me laugh out loud.

  32. Has the Queen seen this? I hear she loves corgies.

  33. oh! and i didn’t mean to be all my-corgi-this-and-my-corgi-that! this guy is very handsome and quite the character!

  34. Cardigan and Pembroke we wonder? We need to see Corgi bootie!

    (we kept reading about the queen, so we are going to refer to ourself in the 3rd person all day!)

  35. Laura, was it the tongue or the peanut butter that reminded you of the old boyfriend? 😛

    As for the Corgi, yes I’m pretty sure I saw him on “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels” this weekend.

  36. Cat-astrophe says:

    anner – your parents’ corgi is adorable. Does she have some beagle in her? The coloring certainly makes me think so.

  37. I’m a confirmed Pekingese lover, but dang, them Corgis is the cute. Makes me think about branching out.

  38. If I could do that, I wouldn’t leave the house…..except to buy more peanut butter.

  39. nyan nyan says:

    now say apple!

  40. [insert inappropriate Queen Elizabeth/peanut butter/corgi joke here]

  41. My Loyal Sawbjicts, Bawkeenghawm Cawgees are Peembroke awnd awlways shawll bee Peembroke. Rathah, Welsh Cawttle Dewahgs, as we prefah.
    Tewnight, thay shawll feast upawn thees Americawn confection, peanut buttah.

  42. Oh my gosh…thank you so much. I’ve just had a really bad day, and I was sitting at the computer crying, and I saw this… I’m feeling so much better. This goes on my CO favorites list.

  43. Well, Suzanne, it wasn’t the peanut butter and he’s not an ex. 😉

  44. Oh mahy Ms. Pyraht? Would yeewww laheek some jam to accompahnee that American *clears throat* ahem… buttah made frahm the leguume cahled the pea nut?

  45. Audrey….I hope you feel better! Scrolling through the adorable photos and videos here at C.O. should definitely improve your day! *hug*

  46. Thanks musicchick.
    I’m sure you guys would feel my pain. Just because you’re optimistic and happy does not mean you’re naive, am I correct?! We’re all happy and optimistic, here, pretty much, but the cynical people in the outside world (aka outside CO) do not always understand…

  47. [snickering @ Nyan Nyan]

  48. Oh, how embarrassing.

    I would rather be caught with my hand in the cookie jar than my tongue in the peanut butter jar *anyday*

  49. MamaDawn says:

    Aubrey… we are not hopeless optimists, but hopefull optimists. We look for cuteness where we can get it. Here’s a big hug ( ) and a shoulder.

  50. I certainly hope everyone was
    finished with that…

  51. psst… peeps… don’t get Aubrey and Audrey confused… hee hee…

  52. Oh Theo! whoever you are, you noticed the difference in our names! I appreciate the comfort though, MamaDawn!

  53. Friskies fiend says:

    Good God Almighty! This one loves him some peanut butter!

  54. He’s all “you’re just jealous because you can’t do that”

  55. He loves peanut butter.. Just like my Taco, her belly is full..

  56. He loves peanut butter.. Just like my Taco, her belly is full..

  57. He loves peanut butter.. Just like my Taco, her belly is full..

  58. He loves peanut butter.. Just like my Taco, her belly is full..

  59. He loves peanut butter.. Just like my Taco, her belly is full..

  60. He loves peanut butter.. Just like my Taco, her belly is full..

  61. Bobbledog: Giant head, little body, enormous tongue!!

  62. ‘It’s Peanut butter Corgi time! Peanut butter Corgi time!’

  63. Audrey, believe me when I say that I feel your pain, hon…I don’t know what the situation might be, but I can certainly sympathize. *HUG!*

    Now I’m just wondering, who snuck my son out of the house, dressed him in a corgi suit and gave him a half-empty jar of PeeBee to lick up?! 😉


  64. [Insert Gene Simmons joke here]

    Meg, you already did!

  65. For Audrey, and whomever might need a furball to huff…
    (I found it this evening)


  66. Ok, here’s the thing. I love peanut butter, hate cleaning out the empties for recycling. Now if some enterprising corgi owners wanted to start a business, I’d sign up for the PB cleanup service…as long as they visited when I was at home!

  67. snopper beegle says:

    OMG Thanks for the laugh, I had a rough day at college and this was just what I needed. It made me laugh so hard my hubby was like huh?

  68. Hey, a friend of mine has it as his avatar… It says “AM ATE ALL UR PEANUT BUTTERZ LOL!”

  69. Layla42–can I order a truckload of those? My family thanks you in advance… 😉


  70. aaaaa Rafael that was TOTALLY what I was thinking when I saw this pic!!! I LUUUUUURVE Ein!!!!!

  71. I was curious if this picture would ever make it here. Anyways, this is actually my puppy, and she is amazingly cute. For anyone interested in more Zoe pictures, which there are pleanty of, they’re here http://ender.snowburst.org:4747/gallery/v/zoe/

  72. lauowolf says:

    D2D –
    I’m pretty sure this is a peanut-butter-jar-is-half-FULL kinda dog.

  73. Can I have an emergency huff? My kitty is at the vet’s ’cause Menu Foods’ food poisoned her. I worried and she all alone…

    Boo… 😥

  74. I’m sorry to hear that Azaria, I hope she will be alright. Of course she will be.

  75. He simply has no shame. He’s in-corgi-gible.

    (Audrey, I’m sorry for your sad day. What say you to a mug of puddin and a hit of absinthe? Works wonders)

  76. I like this pic, I hope it cheers you up Audrey (even if its about dogs).


  77. JJ- She is soooooo anerable! All of those pictures should be up on CO. She sleeps in the funniest positions! It must be great to have a dog that can make you laugh every second!

  78. Cat-astrophe — nope, she’s a pure tri-color Pembroke welsh corgi. She was shown in AKC shows and everything before my parents helped her retire. Pembrokes (the corgis that traditionally have no tail, as opposed to Cardigans) have red-and-white (peanut butter guy above) and tri-colored (Bethany) as the “acceptable” colors for the show ring. Some tri-coloreds have a more black on their face and head than her.

    Audrey – if this post cheered you up, you should tewtally go back and check this one:


    Theres no mood a dog can lift that a puppy can’t lift even higher!

  79. VitaminJ says:

    Zoe looks like she’s all “Wasssuhhhhp!” But all chill-like.

  80. PS – I love how she was waithing the puppy bowl… I definitely made my boyfriend switch to that on commercials so I could get my puppy fix.

  81. Spring time background!!! I luuurve it!

  82. *raises hand* I would like some pudding and absinthe as well. Week from hell. And snorgling this corgimuffin wouldn’t hurt neither 🙂

  83. Lizzy? OK.

    Anyone else? I might have to go to the market. We OBVIOUSLY need peanut butter, too.

  84. pookiepuff says:

    He’s got such a long tongue, but not long enough to reach the peanut butter. Poor thing! Someone give the poor dog some peanut butter already! hehe!

    Oh! And love the new background! Cute hammies!

  85. *enthusiastically raises hand* I’ve got the slotted spoon and sugar cubes! Make mine a double, please…


  86. JJ – interested in more zoe pics? OF COURSE we’re interested in more Zoe pics. and what she doesn’t mention, peeps, is that they are PUPPY picks of this corgilicious corgi. CLICK JJ’s LINK!

    oo, oo, oo, one more fun fact: the plural of “corgi” is “corgyn”, as in, “I’m up to my ankles in corgyn!”

  87. pom-lov-a says:

    i did a double-take on this one!!!!!!!! what a laff 😛

  88. Of course, D2D. But you will have to pay at the door. People accompanied by corgyn or similarly anerable creatures will get in free.

  89. LilMoose says:

    Yumyum peeenuttbudda!!!
    LilMoose de Choklit Cocker

  90. Aubrey–would a silly, golden-hearted, slightly-less-then-keen but nevertheless absolutely loveable white cat count…? *holds up Elric* 🙂


  91. (unlatches velvet rope)

    D2D, the name alone is entrance fee enough. Have a good time, kids.

  92. dogs…peanut butter….oh dear….

    Anyone watch Nip/Tuck recently?


  93. seen it a brillion times

    you peeps need to hang out on chans so you know what’s old hat

  94. Sthap laffin an puth the cawera away! Iw sthuck heah!!!!

  95. Subhangi…you do that so well! Sounds like you’ve had your tongue in a peanut butter jar, or two! 🙂

  96. Ex-Network Geek says:

    ROTFLMAO. No really, I laughed so hard I think I almost found out for sure if you actually can LYAO. So funny-cute!

  97. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Azaria, I’m sorry about your cat. I have a sick kitty too (some kind of liver inflammation, not from bad food) but she’s able to be home as long as she doesn’t get any worse. But I know how it is — it’s so hard to leave them at the vet even when you know it’s necessary! I hope your kitty is better soon.

  98. cutie!!!

    lol real good pic!

    i luv tongue action!!!

  99. I just had to come out of “lurker-mode” to respond to the nip/tuck comment–OMG
    Many thanks. That was an eeeenterestingk episode, to say the least…
    And cute corgi, BTW.
    Is “corgyn” really the plural, or are you just putting us on?
    Also, Subhangi, you *do* pull off the “mah ung ith uck ihh ehh eeenuh uttuh aahh” (“my tongue is stuck in the peanut butter jar!”) voice really well–Practice, indeed? 😉

  100. Anna Maria says:

    thank you, Carol K: it is really a dark period in my life, and I NEED to smile !

  101. This little guy looks like Scrat from the Ice Age. That must be acorn butter.

  102. sock monster says:

    agaah, so cute!

  103. Azaria, I am truly sorry that you and your poor pet are going through this… I feel your pain… Keep positive thoughts in your head, and we will too here, ok???

    As for this little guy, he’s so precious!!! I would buy a new jar of p-nut butter for him every day!!!

  104. JJ – Your link won’t open. :((

  105. Aquila – I don’t know anything at all about Welsh, except that corgi translates to “dwarf dog”, but according to Tasha Tudor, the first lady of corgi-related children’s literature, that is in fact the plural. If you google it, you get stuff like this:

  106. Yitzysmommie says:

    Great way to wake up, lookin at a happy dog with amazing tongueage, laughing out loud & making Yitzy say the cat version of “Baroo?”.

  107. fat tabby says:

    *rubs the cute fox ears*

  108. Rafael–Dog Guardians! I knew there was a reason I love Vancouver. Grrrrr.

    It is tomorrow and this pb-corgie still makes me snicker.

  109. Ahahahahahahahaha!

    I’m glad the neighbors aren’t home,’cause that picture made me laugh like a loon.

  110. Sorry for anyone that can’t follow the link. It should work, though I know some systems have firewalls that block it. Maybe this one might work for you.

    This is one of my personal favorites

    It’s funny that Vorbis mentioned Scrat from Ice Age, ’cause that’s exactly what she’s like with her tennis ball. We call her Scrat all the time.

  111. “Eat your hearts out, dudes!”

  112. The First Noel says:

    I have a long, plastic mayo knife that I use for getting the last bit of p-nut butter out of the jar. Works better than a tongue. Someone ought to get that corgi a mayo knife.

  113. Ethan and Aquila – Voice-over practice. I’m an animation filmmaker. 😉

  114. I’ve got a corgi named Gretel and she LOVES peanut butter. My gf and I have seen this pic before, that’s what gave us the idea of giving her jars that are finished. She will play with it for hours, trying to get every last iota of deliciousness out of there.

  115. OMG this made me laugh out loud!!! Love it 🙂

  116. Cute and greatly endowed corgi…… how I larrfed!

    As for the mug of pudding and absinthe…. I’m in a really nice place in my life right now (lucky me!) but can I come too??? Sounds like an experience one should have at least once in a lifetime… I’ll bring a husky……… called Gaelan…

  117. that’s a realyyyyyyyy cute dog !!!!!!!

  118. ok this just made me laugh OUT LOUD and i’m not an out loud laugher usually. where does he keep his tongue when it’s NOT at the bottom of the peanut butter jar????
    great photo!

  119. nightbird says:

    I can’t believe that someone hasn’t said this yet….”You’ve got Corgi in my peanut butter!” “Well, you’ve got peanut butter in my Corgi!”

  120. This picture (linked from CO) made it onto Best Week Ever’s blog!


  121. Lovin’ the Corgi action! I have two of my own…a Pembroke and a Cardigan! Corgi butts drive me nuts!

  122. Buahahaha! I have two corgis, and if food is involved in any way shape or form, they will do anything and everything to get it.

    They may -look- dignified, but between the frapping (Frantic Acts of Random Play) and the corgi grinning, they are clowntastic.

    Heh, now I’m tempted to get out the peanut butter just to watch mine go nuts.

  123. AWwwwwwwwwahHHHHHHh I want a Corgi!!!! No fair!

  124. Documentation of teh dawgs’ obsession with food. I’ve never seen a dawg that wouldn’t make an idiot of itself to get the smallest scrap of edibles…

  125. that’s the longest tongue to ever exist

  126. AGaQ — don’t make me link to the cow-tongue pic again…

  127. Just amazing!

  128. Starlette says:

    I can’t stop laughing at this picture. I have made everyone I know look at it. Killing me. Love it.

  129. But he’s too cute to dress up like Gene Simmons.

  130. Actually, the plural is spelled ‘corgwn’ because the plural of ‘ci’, meaning ‘dog’ is ‘cwn’.

    So yup, that really is the Welsh plural of ‘corgi’! As in ‘I have 2.5 Cardigan corgwn myself’! *grin* They are all very cute.

  131. CORGIS ARE THE BEST!!! Poor guy, =). that corgi is probably saying, “can someone help me reach that peanut butter!!”

  132. i have 1 corgi, she’s the best!!! =P