How dare you bathe moi

How daaaare you place moi in this RIDICULOUS tub. [Angry eyes] My fluffitude will never recover!


[Now dry] I steeck my tongue out in your general direction! Pbbbbttthhh!


Nika N., you are brave.



  1. TrondHelge says:

    Poor kitty 🙂

  2. zosterops says:

    makes me apreciate having a nose of my own. poor thing.

  3. I think his nose fell off in the wash!

  4. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Nobody does “pissed off” better than a cat!

  5. i feel so bad for those cats. how do they BREATHE!?

  6. THAT is one SERIOUSLY ticked off cat!! He’s great! He could even out disapproving glare a bunny!


  7. So sweet. You can tell this cat knows how to swear in 4 different languages

  8. payback coming up BIG TIME …

    run, Nika, RUN !!!

  9. Uuuugh, don’t even remind me that it’s kitty spa day today! I still have yet to give all the kids their baths 😦

  10. SOMEBODY is NOT amused! LOL!

  11. Puffy Kat Girl says:

    that pooor little kitttty.
    it looks so pissed.
    I feel sorry for it.

  12. Heh-heh, that is one annoyed kitty! Great glare!

    Poor thing, though, having been bred to have such a smushy-face…..

  13. And so there!

  14. That is some beautiful fur.


  15. Wow… nuffs in two. Is that a record?

    All I have to say is the cat’s beautiful colours are even more gorgeous in the water! Kinda like a rock in the water…

  16. maureen – nope…check previous post for…’nuffs in ONE!

  17. andrea l nash says:

    Geez, Theo, what a guy thing to do …

  18. this cat is like, “first i run face-long into a plate glass window…and now this!”

  19. Jay Leno chin, Janet Jackson nose and Manga eyes. All cute.

  20. Tongue!

  21. Nobody does “pissed off” better than a Persian cat! They have such “attitude”. I love them!

  22. snopper beegle says:

    Ah, what hve they done to me my nose, my nose, it must have gone down the drain!!

    Seriously cute kitty.

  23. A Persian tortie.

    Yep, she’s a pinnacle of Disapproving.

    She might scare a bun or two.

  24. Kitteh: I weel get you for zis. You weel rue ze day you chose to bafe moi.

  25. andrea l nash says:

    Theo… My hubby, who thinks it would be really funny to let my rescued dog Ashley (Peekapoo) chase the deer in our backyard (there really are too many – they’re hungry)… asked me what the gestation period for cats is. Can you believe it? I…*I*…have no idea! I -proud woman that I am – ask your help.

  26. 2 months, andrea.

  27. hahaha Monty Python quotes. <3

  28. This kitty is going to exact some evil revenge on whomever put him/her in the bath!! Go ahead make my day!! I pity the fool that had to take this little one out of the bath and dry him/her off!!!

  29. Somebody remembered to bring his angry eyes 🙂

    Too prosh for words. Why is it that the more grumpy animal is the more I wish to snorgle all its troubles away?

  30. The Disapproving Rabbits ain’t got nuthin’ on this kitteh.

  31. And speaking of Persian kittens…

  32. Puffy Kat Girl says:

    I can just HEAR the kitty going all like
    oooh yu suuuck! pbt
    im gonna make you pay big time bwahahahaha

    For some resaon I wanna snorgle it

  33. And this is why I always have short-haired, inside kitties. Who the heck wants to bathe a cat?!?!

    As anyone who has owned a tortie knows, no kitty knows the pissed-off glare better than a tortie kitty.

    Apparently, one with no nose is even better at it. There should be a law against breeding noseless cats.

  34. MaliceAlice says:

    So, wait. What constitutes a ’nuff? The first two comments didn’t seem Nuffy to me at all. If they said something like ‘don’t wash your cat, they can do it themselves’ I would agree, because that’s a rather silly thing to say. But that is a poor soggy kitty. With no nose. And an impossibly cute tongue.

  35. I love how the pale fur on her chin forms a triangle that just emphasizes the frowny disapproval.

  36. my cats absolutely HATE being even slightly wet…

  37. Andrea N & Lurker T — more often 9 weeks, but I’m OK with 8. BRING TEH KITNZ!!

  38. Watch out for teh CLAWZ.

  39. Hehe, she actually tolerates the baths. Besides being washed twice a year, she a happy kittie, always hanging out with that little itty bitty tongue of hers out. Speaking of cute kitties on youtube, here she is

  40. Bunnyfluffs says:

    Random life anecdote: When I was a lil girl, whenever I would go swimming, I would love to look at my hair floating underwater. I would call it “mermaid hair”.

    Kitty in the bath also has mermaid hair (mostly tail-end). And I loves it.

  41. Nika–what a pretty baby you have! Even when she’s all disapproving and wet. I did laugh at her snacktime.
    She’s all..”Treat! Gimme!”

    very cute.

  42. okay, seriously, there isn’t a creature on this wonderful ORB that hasn’t been dipped in The Universal Solvent against their wishes. 😀

    My cat would have shredded the house and every living thing within a 20 mile radius. Still I admire the cat care-takers who have conditioned their feline-friends to the water-based form of personal hygiene. ;p

    Owls, are WAY more peeved, no mater what, trust me!!

  43. BrianMPLS says:

    Nika – AAAH! I’m so not used to hearing the voice of someone whose picture got posted on CO! That’s cool/freaky!

    Shari – Dod’t worry. I dod’t thigk dozeless gats do buch breedig.

    Does mermaid hair look bad on anyone? I think it’s very cool!

  44. I just love that face =3

  45. Laurie C says:

    Andrea, usually 65 days, like Teho said, but it can fall anywhere between 56 days and 72 days. We’re watching a couple now at one of the feral colonies I help with, crossing our fingers, hoping they’re not too far along to still get spayed if we trap them.

  46. i cant help it, one more :)!

    (she now loves to lounge on that rug)

  47. not a happy kitty.

  48. Nika…your babeh does exactly the same thing my girl, Cujo, does at treat time! It’s identical! Right down to the claws in your fingers….lol.

  49. I have a smooshyfaced kitty of my own, and he likes his baths… he just hates the post-bathing snuggling afterwards.

    Gorgeous Himalayan, Nika!

  50. That is one squashed nose 😦 Beautiful fur and a very expressive face though.

  51. May I ask a cat grooming question? Do people recommend taking cats to the groomer to help them get rid of their winter coats? I brush & comb mine but it still seems like they are ingesting a LOT of fur.

  52. People, cats do not need baths! They bathe themselves.. it’s just cruel. I feel bad for that little guy. 😦

  53. boy, I’ve never heard THAT before

  54. One in every cat being bathed post I suppose. 🙂

  55. Why do people think smooshy-faced kittehs are ugly? I loves ’em. *snorgle*

  56. cats need baths if theyve gotten into something icky for instance that they shouldnt be licking off?

  57. Cathryn Bauer says:

    This will always and forever be the image that comes to mind when I hear or read the phrase “the evil eye.”

  58. Nika – she is beauteous! She reminds me of my little tortie persian – we have to shave her down a few times a year to avoid the bath situation!

  59. Purple Belt says:

    Jorden, I’ve been considering taking my fluffball cat to help him get rid of the winter coat. He is RIDICULOUS looking right now and I can’t brush enough to keep his fur down. He’s not matted or anything, but it just seems overly fluffy. I guess I could just buzz him with some clippers, though. He’d probably be very angry about that and be embarrassed at the bad haircut.

  60. Chris B. says:

    At least there is only one person complaining about bathing cats. Those of us who do bathe our kitties don’t do it for fun, but because they need it. Jorden and Purple Belt, i would reccommend taking your kitties to a professional cat groomer. Kitty skin is easily cut and this way you don’t end up with all the scratches. 🙂

  61. My eyes are blue,
    and I’m beautiful too,
    so I steek my tongue
    out at you

  62. Montecore827 says:

    Jorden, a lot of cats freak out with electric clippers! Please don’t do it yourself! I vote for groomer or lousy haircut CAREFULLY with scissors. Or, try what I do: After I comb out my cats sometimes I wipe them down with a warm, damp washcloth – they love it. If the weather’s cold, I dry them with a hand towel.

  63. Thank you for the advice! I have one cat-The Golden Egg (he had his picture here once, stoned in the catnip bed)-who I do get shaved by the groomer in the summer. He seems to like his short cut! The others have short hair, but they just have SO MUCH of it I can only imagine how much is in their stomach! I like the idea of giving them a good glossing with a warm washcloth!