“Matzoball” snoring

At least there is someone else I can point to as snoring worse than I do (I think!?) Adam Sandler’s dog “Matzoball”.Exxxxxxellent find, Patrique! [rubbing hands together]



  1. thedistractor says:

    cute! great name too.

  2. I really need to get me one of those.

  3. Honk-shooo, honk-shooo…


  4. she’s a cutie. adam sandler brought matzoball along and played that clip when he guest-hosted for david letterman last week. sweet dreamszzzzz

  5. That dog really couldn’t be any more content.

    Snore away, sweetie!

  6. This squashy slepping Sandler dog
    Could guide ships safely through thick fog.

  7. snopper beegle says:

    I have become adicted to C.O. Someone pweese help me

  8. …It looks like my dad.

    Sounds like my dad too.

  9. Looks like my Dad…but sounds like my Husband! 😉


  10. He looks like a little old man. Wake up, Matzoball! You’re going to miss Wheel of Fortune!

  11. My husband used to snore like that too. Being SINGLE now (for 17 yrs) is a treat. But do you all know that KITTEHS SNORE too??!!! A lot more quietly, but it’s definitely kitty snoring! It’s really funny when they’re on either side of my pillow, snoring in harmony!!!

  12. Um…. snopper beegle? Sorry…. it’s hopeless. Once you become a C.O. addict it’s too late for a cure. It’s too late for me anyway. *sigh* http://musicchick2.vox.com/library/post/hi-my-name-is-mc2-im-an-addict.html

  13. i thought his name was meatball, not matzoball… although matzoball makes more sense. that’s just what i’d heard.

  14. Awww. Looks and sounds like a baby bulldozer.

  15. I do believe that Adam’s beloved Meatball passed away. This is his new dog which I also believe is related to Meatball in some way..

    Totally adorable and it makes me love Adam more for treating his doggie like a human..

  16. heeee! I love this. esp. the part where he rolls over, licks his chops to get the slobber juice going again and falls back to slepp. And Elvy snorted downstairs right in the middle of it, coincidentally!

  17. Heh-heh. I usually get my boyfriend on my right side, snoring away waaaaaaaay louder than this precious pup, and my cat Summer on my left side and about one foot up, curled up on the top level of her kitty condo, emitting small, high-pitched honk-shus.

    I swear, sometimes I think the two of them discuss it ahead of time and coordinate their snoring so that I get NO sleep at all, lol!

    One night when my boyfriend wasn’t here, I sort of half woke up at about 1 am. I find it VERY hard to sleep with ANY sort of noise going on (so you can imagine how the aforementioned concerto of synchronized snoring affects me, argh!), so any little noise waked me up. WELL — I heard a sort of middle-toned rumbling, ongoing noise from the middle of the bed, behind my knees, and I SWEAR, my first, half-asleep thought was “Oh my God, there’s a monster in my room!” I’m in my THIRTIES, people, and that was the first thing that occurred to me, lol! Of course, it was just my sweet cat, curled up behind my knees and snoring a bit more energetically and emphatically than usual.


  18. SixFootJen says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh, how great for a cold, foggy afternoon (I’m in San Francisco). I’d like to curl up with Matzoball and take a nap, too!

  19. oh my god! that is hilarious! i didn’t know dogs could snore like that! WOW!

  20. Fuzzybutt says:

    My cat Otis saws wood like that too!


    I have an ancient calico who snores like an old man on a winter’s night.

  22. Ah, I am the offending snorer in my household. I feel for this poor pup. I used to be so bad I snored the pictures off the wall on occasion. Now with a CPAP, (my kids call it my Darth Vader mask) I do much better!

  23. I love how he wakes himself up and then just rolls right over and starts up again.

  24. My favorite part about this vid is how the palm frond floated up and down with each snore, just like in a cartoon! What,…you didn’t see that?

  25. MaliceAlice says:

    CuteBabyFix: My dad used to be the snore offender, but he got a CPAP too and now we all get blessed quiet. It does look look like a Vader mask and when he first got it we made such fun of him. We’re over it now, but he still calls it his CRAP. He was very proud of himself for thinking of that.

  26. LOL! Is it a bulldog?

  27. TM, I dare you to find a Bully that doesn’t snore like that! XD

    Being the proud owner of a little 10 month old one and soon to be owner of a 12 week old one, I can safely say that 99.9% of English Bulldogs snore!

  28. Meatball was a male bulldog who died. Matzoball is a female that Jackie (the Mrs.) gave Adam as a wedding gift. She is quite adorable.

  29. cute? umm, I’m not so sure. I’m a bit funny about dogs that can’t breathe properly due to their particular breed type. seems a bit cruel to keep breeding those types… sorry.

  30. I agree Lil. That’s the first thing I thought, too. Its breathing looks very labored.

  31. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The contented sleepy lip-smacking noises in mid-nap are awesome, too!

  32. okay, i may not have a new movie coming out with don cheadle and everything, but i do have online dog-snore action, so enjoyez-vousselves:


  33. Ze pooshed-een face rules.

  34. Picture it…. You are 17 years old. Your very first evah, evah date brings you home…. and is saying “Goodnight” and other smoochy things on the steps at the front of your house…… When suddenly you both simultaneously become aware of exceptionally loud HONK–SHUUU’S eminating from the window of the house…. and you have admit to this first love and hunky lad you’ve been ogling for weeks…. that this noise is indeed your Dad…….
    The shame, the horror… almost too much for a 17yr old.
    Worry ye not, the flame wasn’t quenched by the roar … we dated for a few years after, but how we’d reminisce and laugh…..

    oh and the pup didn’t come close to Dad…

  35. darkshines says:

    Its Mr Beefy! From Little Nicky! Lol…..

  36. Suda Nim says:

    Mr. Beefy was the father of Meatball, who was best man at Sandler’s wedding in a tux and yarmulke:


    Meatball died of a heart attack at age 4. As stated before, Matzoball was a wedding gift from his wife.

    And as someone who grew up with Boston terriers, I *adore* snoring dogs. Alas, tooting seems to come with the territory.

  37. darkshines says:

    My goodness! Thanks for that info, I feel a bit bad now, comparing him to his father….

    Both handsome dogs though.

    R.I.P. Mr Beefy x

  38. Lil & Nancy: The dogs don’t always breath like that. It’s usually during their snoring and if they over exert themselves.

    It’s no more cruel to breed a Bully than a dog that’s breed has a history of hip problems (which is quite common in most breeds) or West Highland White Terries what with their allergies (though allergies are common through out out all). Each breed, like humans, have their own pros and cons.

    In my personal opinion, I think that was a bit harsh of a statement for you two to make.

    I mean, if your kid is born with a birth defect, do you then think “Oh wow, I shouldn’t really of had children. Can we, like, you know…pull the plug?”.

    In all honesty, English Bullys and Frenchies are quite popular the breed. There are meet-up groups and fan sites all around. Their owners think that they are cute and that’s all that really matters. ^_^

  39. Snoring is part of the fun of owning a bulldog. Matzoball on Letterman was really funny. Her expressions and behavior is so typical of bulldogs, it’s funny how much alike their personalities and attitudes are.

    Many breeds have some slight flaw, which is no reason to say that they shouldn’t be bred.

  40. I thought this was pretty cute, than I saw the Adam Sandler sig, and I almost died. People, we must realize heaven is here on Earth! Adorable cuteness and hotties like Adam Sandler, in one place! I’m in heaven! I love this world!!!

  41. LadyChroe says:

    This should be in the Cute or Sad category. This poor animal has to live her entire life gasping for breath. Look at her diaphragm in that video and the exertion it takes to take one breath. Her whole little body is flexing to pull in air. Now imagine living your whole life trying to sleep that way.

    This makes me fighting mad. Why breed a dog this way? Why not focus on breeding healthy dogs that can run and play and sleep with ease?

    This is not natural, and to me it’s not cute. The only way to stop this kind of abuse is to stop buying purebred dogs. If you absolutely must have a purebred (to be fashionable, resurrect pets who have passed, impress your friends, etc.,) at least choose a breed that does not often come with these horrible health problems.

    >>I mean, if your kid is born with a birth defect, do you then think “Oh wow, I shouldn’t really of had children. Can we, like, you know…pull the plug?”.< <

    Birth defects happen by chance. This did not. People bred bullys for a thousand years to have squashed faces, large heads and strong jaw muscles, which led to cruelly short, narrow airways.

    I know I’m stepping on toes here, but I truly feel strongly about this. I can’t bear to see animals in distress, especially when it is caused by humans and their whims and fashions.

    Please, don’t encourage people to continue breeding unhealthy puppies just because you think they are “cute”. Find some adorable shelter dog that needs a home.

  42. LadyChroe says:

    I appreciate your listening to my opinion. I hope I don’t anger any people here, just wanted to help people think a little about these issues.


  43. katerpie says:

    This is not a post I expected to be popular with nuffers… Imagine the catstrophe if this snoring pup was in a bosom!

  44. wow! someone posted a comment comparing snoring bulldogs to human babies born with a defect of some kind! That’s probably stretching it a bit.
    I come to C.O. to see maximum cuteness, not to debate the merits of inbreeding to produce dogs who can’t breathe easy.
    Lighten up guys, you are in the wrong blog…

  45. In all honesty, I don’t see why I should lighten up.

    You basically said my dog, my family member, has no reason to live. I find that deeply offensive and quite hurtful.

    I’m being quite calm about this in comparison to some Bully parents. All dogs have some sort of issue and they all deserve to be loved.

    So, Lady Chroe, since snoring and asthma is so common in humans, should we stop breeding? 😮 What about diabetes? Heart diseases? Two parents…it greatly increases the child’s risk! I mean, babies are cute and all…but wow! I see the way you think. This is something to be concerned about. o-o

  46. I thought the dog was cute,but the coment’s nit so cute.My daughter just bought a Pug.I beleive they also have similar breathing problem’s as the bulldog.But my grandkid’s just love’s this pup to death,and she love’s them back.That is all that matter’s.