DOG SPA: Japan!


Here he comes
Here comes Wet Dachshund
He’s a dolphin with a wag
He’s a dolphin and he’s gonna be swimmin’ after someone

El_perro_japan_2He’s slimmin’ on down so you better look alive
He’s faster in the water than a fighter at Mach 5

And when the odds are against him
And there’s dangerous work to do
You bet your life Wet Dachsie
Gonna hand yer ‘tocks to you


  – Theo

sources: CNN offbeat images, (UK), and MSN Japan (Mainichi Daily News).
Click the photos for the REAL scoop.



  1. Go wet dachsci, go!

  2. it’s a submarinerwienerdog!

  3. Danielle says:

    Gotta love hydrotherapy!

  4. That girl looks like she wants jump in an play wit tha puppy! No fair!! I WANNA JUMP IN AN PLAY WIT THA PUPPY!!!!!

  5. I have a back injury right now. Can I jump in with the little guy?

    El Perro? Guess they’re trying to sound exotic by calling it that.

  6. Teho – Extra points for the Manga “Speed Racer” reference!

  7. AliceTanzer says:

    Does he have a wee dauchsand back injury? And this is we dauchsand therapy?

  8. Hydrotherapuppy rocks……

  9. awww.. weenie fat farm! 🙂 i love this and added it to my shtuff. keep up the great work cuteoverload. i love you guys!

  10. misscrisp says:

    Dewds, she has a special wetsuit (teh human). How utterly prosh.

  11. I do believe it’s a wetpetsuit! :)))

    That schnozzle view is a hoot!

  12. the full story? i’m sure teho’s is much more interesting, so i’ll just leave it with the “pet spa”

  13. “Baroooo?”

  14. natalie q says:

    first class pooch pampering= NICE

  15. Michelle says:


    omg just lookit how long a tub they need for that xtra-long weenie!

    Spa for doxies. <3

  16. you guys r silly says:

    Just wanted to mention:
    There’s a SPEED RACER MOVIE in the works, scheduled to be released in 2008!

  17. “I am NOT a fish! Gimmee outta here!!!”

  18. Watch out Chim-Chim, aqua-dachsie is on the way. He’s way cuter and he’s a lean, mean fightin’ machine!

  19. Mmmmmmmmm…. I want cute Japanese girls to wash my hair. Rubba, Rubba!

  20. You know what I want? A job where I get to wear a wetsuit!


    It is of great appreciation of your patronage of the WienerWash. For the safety and work well, please maintain course of operation in correction.

    Figure 1. Lowering the wiener with moderation into cleansing soluble. It would be best for the wash companion to draw on the protect artifice, for fear splashing liquid from wiener.

    Figure 2. Depleting cleansing soluble until wiener arrives on to contact with belt for wiener drying. Your wiener must run for at least 40 minutes or until the wiener runs dry. If wiener will not run, please making it cooperate though it troubles it.


    (with thanks to )

  22. I don’t care which Mike he is… HE WINS

  23. I thank you … my mother thanks you … my wiener thanks you …

  24. Now I’m a little sorry I didn’t write it as “GO WET WEINER, GO”

  25. Well, since you seem be able to (ahem) re-write things around here …

  26. I said I was a *little* sorry. You can have this one.

  27. Oh, yeah, he looks THRILLED, haha.


  29. I had to read it twice before the Speed Racer theme popped into my head. Very cute. The engrish isn’t bad either.

  30. NTMTOM is teh awesome. He is Super Happy Fun Fun!

  31. What does “‘tocks” refer to?

  32. ‘Tocks = But-tocks.

  33. Jennifer says:

    That wiener dog looks HUGE!

  34. that’s just the tenderizing pot

  35. My late doggie Sam (sniffle–I miss you, Sammy-face) had water therapy after recovering from a gunshot wound. He loved it.

  36. Why young madam, you have a lovely weiner! 😉

    (It’s all Mike’s fault, y’know…)


  37. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Theo gets a standing ovation (from me, at least) for the theme song!

  38. Awwww Susan – I’m sorry to hear about your Sammy. I have a Sammy too, a black and tan daschie actually! He looks just like the little spa dude. 😡

  39. constance says:

    …how did your little baby get a gunshot wound susan!?

  40. This makes me wish it was summer so I could go swimming!

  41. Martha in Washington says:

    I wanted to marry Speed Racer when I was little. What a cutie he was!

  42. Martha in Washington says:

    BTW, the pup’s cute too.

  43. OH.

    This post is toooooo moische! Doxies! Swimmin’ Doxies! The place is called El Perro, yet it’s in Japan! The dogs have personal trainers! Engrish! Speed Racer song!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! My head is a-gonna esPLODE!

  44. [grinnin’]
    See? I *can* do a Real Cute Overload Post once in a while.

    (thanks, Mlle. X et al.)

  45. I need one of these swimmy-treadmill things for one of my cats.

    Phoebe’s a fat monster. And she likes to swim. Seriously, I cannot take a bath without Phoebe coming to “help.”

    It’d be perfect.

  46. I know a Wet Dachshund. She loves her family’s pool so much that she is always in and out of it, just as if it were the rest of the backyard. She’s like an otter with a tail tiller.

    Because of knowing her, I now have a long-haired mini dachshund of my own. She doesn’t care for the water, though, which is just as well, because a Wet Dachshund gets right out and tries to distribute very wet cuddles.

  47. Animal testing, light?

    Don’t like this. Wish CO wouldn’t support this stuff.

  48. Kerms — it’s both humorous and sad, to me, just how far off-base you are.
    Try reading one of the articles.

  49. This looks like one of our oldest girls. She herniated 3 discs December 27, 2006 and goes to physical therapy every other week. We tell her that she is going swimming and she beats us to the car most of the time. This from a K-9 that they told us would probally never walk again. Ha, she fooled them! She now runs! 🙂

  50. Aaaahahahahahahahahahaha…

    “You bet your life Wet Dachsie
    Gonna hand yer ‘tocks to you”