This mouse gets around


Every night when I come home, I read fabulously entertaining blogs like D-Listed, Perez Hilton, Pink is the new blog, Gizmodo, Fark, etc., the list goes on and on. So, it was great to see lil’ MouseOver image on D-Listed today: Rawk and Roll, People!



  1. (let’s do the time warp again)

  2. Wow! Before long he’ll be rubbin elbows with the Big Cheesters, like Mickey, Stuart Little, Ralph, Jerry, Chuck E Cheese (oh no..that’s a rat)

  3. To cute!!!

  4. I’m just glad my little man has had his day of fame. And for the doubters – yes, he really IS a mouse, not a hammie, and despite a healthy diet he continued to pile on the grams. Its a gene thing.

  5. Dr Anne– Did you see a few posts back? We all got such a kick out of your little hamster dude. He is cute with his chubby self. Does he gnaw on his furniture? I like the upholstery. You should make him some blue/white stars pillows. That’s assuming he’s American of course!

  6. Hey Carlisa…actually he is a Sydney, Australia resident, but red white n blue are the colours of our flag too. The furniture is actually just there for the benefit of the photo. He lives in a five star luxury appointed Habitrail house and does occasionally take a spin on his wheel. He’s already been on TV twice in Australia!

  7. cfhistorian says:

    He is seriously the cutest mouse I’ve ever seen! I have pet hamsters, and he does resemble a hamster, so I can see how people might make that mistake…but the long tail doesn’t lie!