Dogs and Cats… Spinning Together…

By now we know that Fridays and weekends get pretty crazy for Meg.
So I’m here to make sure it’s crazy for EVERYBODY!  Buahahahahaaa!!


Happy RCF!  Luv y’all,
  – Theo.

source images are here and here

// UPDATE — stopped the spinning! But you can still see it, if you click the pic. //



  1. Another Angela says:

    It’s a new planet!

  2. SpaceCowGirl says:

    Oh my gosh! That’s giving me a headache! 🙂

  3. my idea! yay!

  4. vivian callowaycandy says:

    oh my so dizzy…

  5. Another Angela says:

    and purrr-st! ;p

  6. KiraKira says:

    Wooooo! *eyes follow cats as they spin around* Wheeeee!

    The only thing that could POSSIBLY make this better would be if the puppies were simultaneously spinning BACKWARDS.


  7. [tiny grumble]

  8. Alice Shortcake says:

    Strangely hypnotic – and try walking in a straight line after watching it for a couple of minutes!

  9. and KiraKira — I didn’t want folks fouling their keyboards.

  10. One Eyed Daruma says:

    As if I weren’t sleepy enough…only now I feel compelled to bawk like a chicken and hop on one foot.

  11. (Uh-oh… Captain Cryptic strikes again?)

  12. Teho control teh magic!

  13. Nice Ghostbusters props, Theo! 🙂

  14. consarnit!

    Theo controls….ah, you get it…


  15. …the horizontal, and the vertical? Do not adjust your set?

  16. thedistractor says:

    This reminds me of the time I was on prescription pain killers (legally), only cuter.

  17. Teho be crazy. Puppycat spinner be funny. Happy Friday!

  18. At this time I will neither confirm nor deny any rumors concerning my state of bleen posser-thneed monkey hork hork hork eggplant souffle’ whip diddly foofoo hassle castle pie chunks.

  19. Don’t spin me too much or I puke!

  20. These kittehs are whirling silently in space…

    “Like the cuteness that you’re shown
    When you find CuteOverload”

  21. ladychroe says:

    ladychroe is unamused.

  22. LadyC — sounds more like a comment for THIS post…

  23. I think it’s been said before, but this is SO not the image to look at when you’ve got a migraine.

    I’d still like to know why those cats are sniffing each other’s rears though…I thought only dogs did that sort of thing.


  25. RCF! Yay!

    This reminds me of the spiral umbrella The Penguin would use to hypnotize people. He’d open it and spin it…

    and spin it..


    Teho is teh awsum!!11!! He can certainly bleen posser-thneed monkey hork hork hork eggplant souffle’ whip diddly foofoo hassle castle pie chunks.

    :: shakes head ::
    I hate it when that happens!

  26. Teho the grate! (I’m sorry, great!!) You are very creative in an idiot-savant-needs-psychiatric-help kind of way! I’m quite envious!!

    Good weekend all!!

  27. shanchan says:

    Cool Teho! (Psst, pass me the dramamine!)

  28. Suda Nim says:



  29. This is tewtally ‘shopped.

    just kidding. 😉

    It’s a lovely whirling mandala of cuteness.

  30. seriously. I just ate lunch…


  31. Yay for RCF! Yay for Teho! Yay for monkey hork horks! Which sounds like what I’m doing after looking at this pic too long! (oh, my head…hork!…)

  32. Courtney says:

    Ah ha ha, you’ve outdone yourself, Theo. 🙂

    Although I can’t stare at it too long… makes the bubble tea I just had slosh around in a bad way.

  33. bumble puppies!


    kudo’s to Tommy Roe 1969

  35. commatose says:

    wow. i have a headache. a lot.

  36. that’s not cute. that’s dizzying.

  37. Andrea|Nash says:

    i dunno – maybe it’s because I’ve been dieting for three weeks – but this makes me REALLY want a bagel…wierd,huh?

    Theo think what you could do if you used your powers for good!

  38. Tay-o [singsong]….mwah!

  39. This is what Peyote must be like. ;p

  40. Cats… pups… spinning.. dizzying… I think you could hypnotize someone with this.

    Must… obey… cute…

  41. Mel beat me to “Mass Hysteria!” 😀

  42. ermm….those cats are 69ing each other. that’s a bit more weird than cute.

  43. boooooh 😦
    NOT cute

  44. LOL!! Don’t the Peeps know that ginger helps prevent motion sickeness! Grab a ginger kitteh and start huffing!!

  45. NielsS — duh, it’s filler; we’re waiting on new Meg material.
    Had to have SOMETHING in the meantime, though.

  46. and PS to WolfWhoCriedBoy — I never needed the drugs. I *was* the drugs.

  47. EVERYBODY ELSE — in the meantime, while we await Meg Moo, feel free to check out the CatCave’s current resident, Kenya:
    There are no kittens yet, but in the comments under the latest update, there’s a pool started as to how many there will be, and when they’ll show up. I’m personally saying five kittens in two weeks (minus one day).

    (FYI, me & my Schmoops foster pregnant & nursing shelter kitties, and it’s KITTEN SEASON!)

  48. CAN’T STAND these spinning, moving, breathing, amalgam mish mash of once cute photos. Nauseating. Can’t I just reflect on the cuteness without the so-called enhancements? Sick of over-mediated experiences.

  49. teho, brilliant as usual.

    thank you for bestowing upon teh qte community this powerful anti-nuff talisman.

    and for those who dislike it? BE GONE!

  50. Love you, Teho, but that is just EVIL. Nasty spinning headache. Need alcohol to make it stop.

  51. Newlee — oh don’t bother to provoke ’em; it *is* filler, after all. But, thanks. Hehe.

  52. Hmm, y’know, I have an idea about the animation… will tinker…

  53. I need a button I can press to stop the spinning and once I press that button, I can get a cat or a dog to love and snuggle with. -sigh- that would be dreamy

  54. You spin me right round kittens right round like some puppies baby right round round round round.

    And so on, and so forth.

  55. megsbetter says:

    I’d rather wait until meg came back personally, or better still can’t Meg hire one of the better known members to fill in the space? Not being funny, but theo your stheriously unfunny 😦 (you try too hard 😉 )

  56. What is this word “hire” that you are using?

  57. LesbianNeoCon says:

    TRIPPY MAN!!!!

  58. To the Royal Complainers: you have time and energy to comment on the quality of the photo/animation? why not use all of that to either click through to another site that you like better or to work on your manners?

    The suggestion to “…hire one of the better known members” is not RCF behaviour!

  59. Maybe the soundtrack should be the dance remix of Turn! Turn! Turn!?

  60. Jenn Jordan says:

    Well I enjoyed it. Hmph.

  61. !!!!!!what in the f**k I NEED WEED!

  62. One biskit makes you larger
    and one treat makes you small,
    And the one your master gives you
    Don’t do anything at all,
    Ask Alice,
    When she’s SPINNING aroundandaroundandaround.

    Are they really spinning, or am I just tired?

  63. Whew. Gonna have a seizure. muh eyeball is twitchin. But in a good way a course! Roundy roundy roundski.

  64. You spin me right round, baby
    Right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round
    You spin me right round, baby
    right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round

  65. acelightning says:

    As it happens, I *am* on prescription painkillers (mmm, Vicodin!), following some dental unpleasantness. And my very first thought was that you need to have the outer ring of dogs spinning in the opposite direction at the same time…

  66. Wheeee, it’s the Time Tunnel!

    Be very grateful the rings are not spinning in opposite directions or we might all be urping.

    Nice work, teho!!!

  67. Am I high? 😉

  68. Andrea|Nash says:

    Oh dear,Theo … I go away to cook dinner, and everyone’s being mean. (How does Meg do this while sipping wine? My typos are outrageous!) Clearly you are using your powers to do good. And I’m awfully glad. Does anyone else have a problem with the comma and apostrophe keys?

  69. R. Moore says:

    Theo hired? As in pay? Man, what a sweet job you got yourself, Theo! 🙂

    Also, today was decidedly reality casual for me, as I came home from an involved Psych course, got out mum’s old Whirl-o-Graph and made pictures with my sister, who is also in college. Then we stole our (much much younger) brother’s finger paints and some paper, put on old shirts, and finger painted in the backyard. All without making any conscious decision to revert back to childhood.

  70. Not cute. Give me cute.

  71. Fatal — that… is… that’s really bizarre. I think I need one for my office.

    Peeney at AOL — yes sir, right away sir!

  72. Suda Nim says:

    ‘scuse me? “one of the better known members”?

    Okay, raise hands, folks — who’s better known than Teho?

    ’nuff said.

    (get it? nuff? anyone?)
    *cricket sounds*

  73. Spin Theo-ry:
    The earth spins faster due to deforestation. Just as a figure skater’s rate of spin increases when the arms are brought in close to the body, the cutting of tall trees causes our planet to spin dangerously fast.

  74. friends, the idle brain is the devil’s playground…

  75. CO has become the addiction of my entire office!

    I liked the spinning, but after coming home after Friday Night margaritas, it’s probably safer without.

    Good night from the Salem, Oregon CO contingent… and hey! Winter is over! Here’s to the end of winter, and soon to the end of cough and flu season!

  76. Ha! Now I’m going to have Bill Murray’s voice in my head all weekend, “Dogs and cats – LIVING TOGETHER!”

  77. whhhoooooaaaaa!! me feeling kinda tipsy looking at this! 😀

    Like a meowteor speeding through space ready to splody our heads!

  78. that was funny Theo HA HA.

  79. T—That’s my son (ElTonio) He wanted to let you know he likes these. Getting better and better! What an imagination! Sorry, Meg, but I don’t miss you that much.

    *waves to jaypo*

  80. Meowteor!


  81. What a wonderful pic, thank god they are all asleep orr there might be a few upset tummies over there. I don’t know how they got that picture but its wonderfully dizzing.

  82. Nice close-up of the planet, URANUS!

  83. These new whirlygig spinning lawn ornaments will be a must-have for every home-owner this summer! Get yours now.

    Carlisa – You are always funny, no buts about it.

  84. Awards pyrit with an @$$teroid

  85. LOL at Carlisa and pyrit.

    All I can come up with is

    Cirpupference equals purr r squared.

  86. Another Angela says:

    Carlisa–you win!

  87. little gator says:

    This is *obviously* *photoshopped*!

    Someone had to say it.

  88. Brilliant work on this, Etho. By the way, I think that “spinkitties_puppystorm” is the name of one of Frank Zappa’s children.

  89. *SNORT* @ Suda Nim! (despite the return of the earworm…)

    *ROFL!* @ Fatal Fluffy!

    *LMAO!* @ NTMTOM!!

    Ouch, this much laughing hurts! *thud!*


  90. Brak_Silverbone says:

    For those of you out there who are MST3K fans: It’s a SOOOOPER FREAK-OUT!

    (Apologies if someone’s already made that joke…)



  92. Dude, that’s trippy. Someone pass the spliff, yo.