“So Cute you might Kill Yourself!!”

Best Week Ever is running another Knut clip. We cant git enough of this little dude.


Thanks for the shout out, BWE ;)


  1. Knut-mania!
    (Bleen posser-thneed monkey hork hork hork eggplant souffle’ whip diddly foofoo hassle castle pie chunks?)

  2. squeeee! cutest puppy-bear ever! we’re talking Butterstick-level cuteness here, maybe even beyond. i am in love. knut knut knut! qte! qte! qte! the waddle! the blankie! the paws! those eyes! and again with that tongue! i am kaput, dead, finito. a puddle. sigh.

  3. i’m koo-koo for k-k-knut!

  4. OK, i kicked myself for not getting a CO world-peace-hamster T-shirt. can we PLEASE get a CO Knut T-shirt? please?? pretty please?

  5. I demand a “Polar Bear” category. JUST FOR KNUT.

  6. misscrisp says:

    …the cute of knut ~ an ahnbearably prosh intarwebs polarstar ~ who knuw it?…

  7. darkshines says:

    I want a polar bear as a pet SO. BAD.

  8. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Wow vot a veek for vunderfull posts ve are havink. Meg and Theo you are spoilink us rotten. A second Knut post is the icink on zer cake. I am goink Knuts.

  9. Knut is the cutest ever! They’d better increase the security at the zoo, because I feel a bear-napping plot hatching…. No, wait – anyone up for a road trip to the North Pole? We could pick up a 4-5 baby polar bears, keep a couple for ourselves, and make a mint selling the rest on eBay!

  10. AAARGH! He’s such a cute little rascal. =3 His fur looks so soft, too!

  11. I WANT THE SAME !!!!!!! right now !!! it’s soooo cute

  12. That is too cute, Bossy cannot contain herself. She would like to go to the SPCA and adopt one for her very own family. She’d like to make it a little sleeping mat in the family room and serve it cooked chicken. And then when it mauls her to death, Bossy would like to be buried under a bearskin rug.

  13. sharonoverdrive says:

    Yeah, those animal activists who say Knut is better off dead rather than be raised by humans are MEANIES!!!!

    Is there any chance that he may grow up to be sweet and cuddly, if sometimes a little rough with his human handlers when he gets big?
    And how can you say that about a widdle cub, who gots such cute lickable ears? Sheesh!

  14. What, no brushing segment? A CRIME.

  15. Argh! I have to wait until I leave work to see more Knut?
    It’ll be worth it though. I do loves that widdle man!

  16. So adorable!!

  17. Okay, the tacked-up pics of the family are killing me. Kill.ing.me. <3

  18. Ok, I give. I surrender.

    I’m now convinced Knut is the cutest animal to ever live.

    The scene with them skritching his head while he does PAWS UP is redonk squared.

    *hug Knut*

  19. gravyboat says:

    EEEEEK!!! I’m gonna e-sploooooode!!!

  20. Holy schmoly, I did almost keel over and die. The feeding, with the paws out and the nawm nawm….like I said, holy schmoly. I think that may be the cutest thing I have ever seen on here!

  21. Hey Knut Lovers
    You so have to check out this recent video of KNUT on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys7iaMJLDsU

    its from the new in germany where they keep the people up to date with Knut stories every week. Its in german and he is mostly talking about knut growing up. But you gotta pay attention to Knuts noise when he is hungry sooooo adorable.

  22. TanksMom says:

    Knut needs his own reality show. I cant take the cuteness….seriously….itis so CUTE it hurts!!!! It makes me cry!!!

  23. I

    W A N T

    O N E !

    That little baby is just too damned cute.

    Why any idiot would suggest he should have been left to die is beyond my comprehension! Some folks just take things too far.

  24. has anyone found any clips of Knut without a soundtrack? my husband was saying that it would be really great to hear what kind of sounds he’s making.

  25. PS — Good morning, Other Mike. How’s the head?

  26. AuntieMame says:

    Anner, the links in ally’s posts above have Knut sounds that you can hear behind the speaking voice.

    The only words I understood were klein freund Knut. And I love that the German word for polar bear is Eisbär. Sounds like a fuzzy popsicle.

  27. The latest update: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1fgHN-mtXw (video in German, but the poster added descriptions in English). Wie süß!


    (NOT THAT MIKE THE OTHER MIKE steps away from computer and addresses camera)

    NTMTOM: You know, after a hard day of looking at The Cute, a man can work up a powerful thirst. That’s when I like to reach for a nice Bleen posser-thneed monkey hork hork hork eggplant souffle’ whip diddly foofoo hassle castle pie chunk.

    (CUT TO: Hand takes can from ice chest)

    NTMTOM: Bleen posser-thneed monkey hork hork hork eggplant souffle’ whip diddly foofoo hassle castle pie chunk is brewed extra schlonk to make it extra greeble, using only the yorpest nik-niks, frabbles and sneeeeeds. So your next Bleen posser-thneed monkey hork hork hork eggplant souffle’ whip diddly foofoo hassle castle pie chunk tastes as good as your first.

    (BLORP TO: Hand fnorphs can in gooberbaby)

    NTMTOM: Try a nice cold Bleen posser-thneed monkey hork hork hork eggplant souffle’ whip diddly foofoo hassle castle pie chunk today, in snork-packs or the new extra moop-moop wiki-wacky woo.

  29. [tears-in-my-eyes-LOL'ing-at-work]
    [for reals]

  30. OMG … so … cute …


    [lip quivers]


  31. i so want one of those little guys! knut is the cutest thing ever!!!!!

  32. AliceTanzer says:

    I like learning that his name is pronounces K-noot not K-nut. Makes it just that much cuter ^^

  33. Knut does not need to worry about BECOMING a killing machine when he grows up, he will just KEEL you with his cuteness RIGHT NOW!!

  34. Courtney says:

    NTMTOM, that was awesome. :)

    sharonoverdrive, unfortunately at a certain point, Knut’s not going to be able to be around humans all that much. I saw a great Nature episode about two baby polar bears at a zoo, and once they reach a certain size, they’re just too dangerous (even though they still like the company of their former handlers, they really don’t know their own strength).

    Lesson learned: we all gotta get our snorgling in when we can!

  35. zosterops says:

    the problem with knut is – there will obviously never be another living things as supercute. I mean it. How could this bear ever be topped? is this a sign the worlds going to end!? how can mankind be expected to exist without the hope of this cute level ever being reached again???

  36. Watch this video almost to the end and you will hear Knut squawking loudly for his bottle! Daddy is holding him on his lap and reaching for the bottle, and Knut starts squirming, reaching, and squealing that he wants his numnums NOW!


    That video is on a page with many, many irresistible videos of our fluffy bebeh:

  37. Knooooot icebear! w00t!

    The walkingk alongk on the wobbly paws to sniff at the camera lens.

    oooo, hims a cuuuute godless killing machine.

    Also +100 to NTMTOM.

  38. Ok…this little fellow looks JUST LIKE a teddy bear! He simply cannot be real! He’s just tooooooo plump and prosh and wobbly and totally kissable.

  39. Penny Ward says:

    I think the caption to this video should be changed. There are organizations who have made it quite clear that this precious cub should be euthenized because it is not natural to hand feed a polar bear. Knut is adorable and precious and has brought such happiness to so many. He certainly has a place in this world. Please change the caption.

  40. Penny, maybe Theo will change the caption later. He seems to have the ability to alter text around here. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he swooped in at some point and changed something in this post!


    Ahem, I **SAID** “It wouldn’t surprise me if he swooped in at some point and changed something in this post!”

  41. Oh, also, I think someone was asking in one of the Knut posts – Knut seems to be pronounced “ka-noot”, rhyming with loot.

  42. OMG!!!!! I got a heart attack the first time I saw him, he keeps barfing rainbows in my head over and over again!!!! I almost die here, Meg, what were you thinking?? I’m at the office fer cryin’ ou lou!!!!!

  43. awww!!!!! the polar bears sooo cute!! its really sad at the end where hes crying to the pictures of the other polar bearS!!! hes soo cute though

  44. Today I wish it said “So cute you might NOT kill yourself” or “So cute you’ve got a reason to live.” [/personal drama]

    I’m against breeding in general but I wouldn’t mind if some scientists somewhere were working on a bebeh polar bear pet that would stay teeny and awkward forever.

  45. sockmonstersarai says:

    Thank you. Seriously needed some Qte today. Hell week. Just hellish. Keep tossin’ Qte at me and I’ll stay away from strong drink.

  46. NTMTOM–Holy Crap…I mean…dude…any room in that padded cell for me?

    Thanks to the mini-threatdown from the Colbert Repor, I now have my husband laughing and cooing at schweet widdle Knut!

    I loves me that widdle bear man!

  47. NTMTOM – Um…. HUH??? I don’ get it!
    And Knute? SOOOOOO adorable!!! I wanna snuggle heem and lub heem and play patty cake wif his big feeties. : ~ )

  48. MC2 — Other Mike got an UBER bleen this morning… this was him running with it.
    Stheriously, I bout died.


    My apologies for the strangeness. That post was an inside joke aimed at the person (and I *think* I know who it is, but I’m not sure) who altered my “first post” message at the top of this thread. It’s also a spoof of a similar post I made in the “Mini Bear Threat Down” thread just to the left of this one.

    I figured that I’d leave a lot of you scratching your heads over that post, but rest assured that the intended recipient had a good time with it. :-)

  50. Anybody know what this guy’s talking about?
    (not that guy, the other guy)

    Bwa ha.

  51. NTMTOM – Wow. If you don’t wear a cool mask and super hero cape, you should.

  52. pyrit: NTMTOM – Wow. If you don’t wear a cool mask and super hero cape, you should.

    The Adventures of CAPTAIN CRYPTIC!

    Wearing his cool mask and super hero cape, the mysterious CAPTAIN CRYPTIC casts his watchful gaze upon the city streets below, ever vigilant for situations that make too much sense.

  53. Okay Theo AND, Y’know the ‘other’ Mike. Just so you know:

    I’m not in on ALL of the ‘in’ jokes but I’m still LMAO over here! :p

    *** KNUT FOR PRESIDENT *** :-p

  54. housecat says:

    I hope my neighbor across the hall can’t hear my insane squealing. Seriously. These Knut videos are gonna make me keel over. I can’t stop making stoopid noises. Must….hold….Knut….

  55. Kendally says:


  56. OMG. I saw this on like, the Colbert report or something the other day, and it was so cute, I burst into tears.

    And my parents stared at me like I had something growing out of my face.

  57. jackie31337 says:

    Teri: I have a big teddy bear that looks just like Knut that I got when I was a kid. Some department store (Hecht’s? Macy’s?) had them as Christmas promos the year Klondike and Snow were born. It came with a matching hat and scarf, which I took off the better to snorgle it, and I named it Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear came to college with me, but when I moved to Finland he stayed behind at my parents’ house. I’m thinking about brining him back with me on my next trip.

    NTMTOM: If you’re Captain Cryptic, I guess that makes me your arch-nemesis, because I’m Captain Obvious.

  58. Well, of COURSE you’re Captain Obvious — I could see that right away. It’s so … so … ummm …

  59. Hey! This turf is MINE!

  60. Huh?
    C’mon guys, tell me,

  61. OK, *ONE* more. This is a Knut update (and perhaps CNN atoning for a bit of sensationalism)…

  62. Dawn M Colf says:

    I want to squish it!!

  63. (Scream) Captain Cryptic’s comments are obvious to me! Quick, I need Krypticonite!

  64. Wasn’t that a Neal Stephenson book?

  65. See now, Theo, this here, this!
    This is why your career designing paper towel prints never took off!

  66. Knut made his public debut today – with crowds of journalists. The Spiegel (German magazine) posted amazing photos:

  67. fat tabby says:

    I can’t take this anymore, I feel like someone is squeezing my heart to near bursting cuz of the vulnerable cuteness. And the pictures that he’s reaching up for at the end.. I had to hold my breath for awhile to keep from bawling my eyes out. hehe

  68. Pyrit — OK, it’s working. You’re safe.

  69. Martha in Washington says:

    Merry Knut Day everyone!!! Parades? Parties? Pinatas?

  70. BLANKIE!?!?!?!?!????!!!!12@1!

    *’splodes as well*

    And yes, I firmly believe the title needs to be changed. I am alive today thanks in large part to Knut. “So cute you have a reason to live.”


  72. It’s cute that he is already strong enough to be giving his daddy some bruises. That’s funny. It’s a bit sad, too, though, because it means that very soon they will have to not cuddle and play together any more.

  73. Who is this wacko “environmentalist” who wants to kill this sweet baby bear and has anyone slapped him upside his head for even suggesting that this darling does not deserve to live?

  74. What about the horrible horrible music? I could hardly think about anything less fitting..

  75. That 45 Minutes long german TV-Special about the first weeks in Knuts life is going to be released on DVD soon ^^.
    Yay ^^
    Next week i’m going to the berlin zoo to see this little cutie^^
    Yay for living in Germany ^^

  76. Spikedcolor says:

    I agree with ansgar:
    Best Week Ever
    Best Cub Ever
    Worst Soundtrack Ever

  77. Istn’t he the sweetest?
    A little info on the “They’ll kill Knut!!!!!” frenzy: no animal rights activist has ever demanded that Knut should be killed.
    That is a fabricated story by “Bild”, the worst newsrag in Germany.
    The fact of the matter is that Mr. Albrecht had sued the Leipzig zoo, where a similar case took place with a different outcome: a sloth bear cub that had been rejected by its mother was put down. The public prosecuters didn’t accept his proceedings, saying that raising a bear cub by hand was unnatural and cruel, and Mr. Albrecht merely quoted this remark and said, according to this logic, the hand raising of Knut would also be an example of cruelty to an animal. He never demanded for any bear to be killed in the first place, though.
    That is all there is to it.
    There is an article in the FAZ newspaper (in German) under the date of March 21 (www.faz.net). Search for Knut and read all about it.

  78. Please, could someone, anyone register knutoverload.com and stop calling him an unusual animal and just devote an entire subsite to him?

  79. knut has driven me insane, all i do is watch videos of him and talk about him all day long. his little noises! and he is so naughty/good. i love knut, i love his name and i love his face and body <3

  80. francesca says:

    I can’t stop watching this video! he is a little heartbreaker, I want a polar bear! ok, know its not possible, but he is so darn cute, I think my head just exploded!