Oh, you’re normal all right

Tewtelly sweet sender-inner-scanner Beth B. Sent this one in, a page right out of APRIL GLAMOUR!

Apparently, when asked how to ‘kick the blues’, one Andrea Myers said ‘Cute Overload’. DOI!


Roger that, People.





  1. AuntieMame says:

    Charlie Uniform Tango Echo Oscar Victor Echo Romeo Lima Oscar Alfa Delta!

    Roger that.

  2. Janice Cliff says:

    -sigh- its so good to know that its legit.
    i gaze at this website both with my 4 year old, and when i need to feel aw fuck when i need to feel like oooooohhhhhhh. by the way, where are the jack russels?

  3. I tewtelly agree with Ms. Myers. I just logged on for a bit of cute cheer after spending a frustrating day of taking care of sick — but still oh-so-cute — kitties. The poor things ate some of that damn recalled food and are now having kidney probs. Grrr…

  4. I’ve had the Mean Reds today.

    CO is just what I needed

  5. Thats how I was introduced to cuteoverload! I was really down and my friend started typing on her computer and turned it around to show me the pic of the bunny stealing the cookie. I instantly felt better and it has been on the top of my daily sites to visit list (as well as putting pics from here as my wall paper). =D

  6. I’m steady and PMS-proof all right. 😡

  7. CO is always a pick-me-up. love it!

  8. misscrisp says:

    Golly wolly Teh Qte™ be infiltrating left and right…world pawmination continues! Hmm- perhaps C.O. shall be heard round the world sooner than we think. Prepare for Cu-tock-alypse!!

  9. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    All the best people, look at Cute Overload.Although I’ve just got me a pair of tux brothers Syd and Stan who make me late for work every day. What with pooh patrol, watch the taps drip jump on the toilet and snorgle time.But its worth it for my own supply of Cute.

  10. yayyyyyyy!

    i found about it in a similar way, via boingboing saying it was like a “happy pill.” i think it was xeni. hey, she should be on cuteoverload too! or maybe hotnessoverload. 😉

  11. Woods Walker says:

    Cuteoverload is a way for me to relax after the stress of working. AuntieMame not that many people are familiar with the International Civil Aviation Organization phonetics used by the military.-Woods Walker

  12. Yeah, I went to see Blood Diamond with some friends and we came out of there a bit shaken, so I told them to go and have a look at cuteoverload before going to bed. now they’re addicted to it! I’ve also addicted 2 roommates over the past 2 years! Go CO!

  13. That’s how I found your site!

  14. Darn! Y’know, I saw that too (bought the magazine), and I was going to send it in, but Beth B. beat me to it! Darn procrastination gene, lol!

    I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again — I found CO because I get panic attacks, and very few things help when in the midst of one; one thing that does is cute animals, so I went a-googling one day for “cute animals” and “cute baby animals”, and voila, Cute Overload! Really a HUGE help, I have to say. 🙂 THANKS MEG!

  15. I so agree, I don’t know how I could agree any more… felt like crying at work last night, for no apparent reason, and as always CO just instanatly made me smile… and made everything better. I do this so often now, it’s probably bordering on obsessive compulsive, but I don’t care!!!

    Thank you, Cute Overload!!!

  16. wow, i thought i was the only one. i put cuteoverload.com pics on my workplace desktop to keep me sane on tough days…*hugs* thank you for being you cute overload!

  17. Well, yeah.
    When work gets nuts, the phones are going bonkers and customers are yelling at me, the first thing I do is kick on my CO for a quick dose of the Qte to calm me down.

    Meg, Theo–you guys rock.

  18. that’s all well and good but some of us look at cuteoverload whether we feel down or not! no excuses needed!

  19. Here is an excerpt from my blog about this very subject:

    “I’m addicted to cuteoverload.com. I just can’t get a way from it. I have to check for new posts like every hour –scratch that – every half hour so I can have a moment of cuteness to douse the flames of my inevitable sour puss attitude that tax season usually puts upon me. It’s therapeutic, really. I read a post there last year that illustrates this point. A woman who is a big fan of cuteoverload.com and suffers from bi-polar disorder wrote in to share that the last time she was in the hospital for her illness, she introduced the site to others getting treatment because she found that looking at the wonderful pictures of cuteness that coincide perfectly with humorous captions would lift her depressed state faster than you can say Prozac. She reported that the other patients also benefited greatly from this discovery. I live with minor chronic depression that I treat in everyway possible and cute therapy has become part of my daily regimen. I wear the badge with pride. Even now my paragraph has been interrupted by 20 phones calls, easily. My job is stressful this time of year. We also just did a merger at the firm last month that doubled my call load. So this tax season will be unlike any other I’ve experienced. I’m bracing myself and letting cutoverload be my moment to stop and smell the roses throughout the day. If holding a dog or cat can lower your blood pressure, then imagine what dozens of pictures of baby otters, pandas, kissing baby alpacas and a goat sticking his tongue out to catch some snowflakes can do for your mental health. Paws up! Check it out.”

  20. Yitzysmommie says:

    When I need to leave the reality of my job as pediatric nurse in a homeless clinic, I log onto Teh Qte. Then later when I’m home, I check it out for pure pleasure.
    Thanks Meg & Theo for a most excellent service to man (and woman)kind.

  21. YitzysMom — whoa. Um.
    [bowing and scraping]
    Not worthy. Not worthy.

  22. The only thing that would make CO better (besides actually being able to reach through the screen and snorgle various animals) would be if there were a little chocolate dispensing chute next to my computer monitor. Chocolate and CO will cure almost any level of crankiness.

  23. Werks fer me.

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    I also need my daily CO fix. What with all the garbage going on in our government, and around the world, it’s a genuine pleasure to still laugh and enjoy some sweetness and innocence still left to us. I lost my dearest father a little over a month ago, and I find that CO gets my mind away from the grieving that I am just can’t do when I’m sitting here in the office. He was a kind and gentle man who liked people, and loved animals, and I know he would have enjoyed a site like this. Thank you, Meg.

  25. Seriously, I’m currently on a stressful phone meeting (my day consists of full days of phone meetings)that I just pop on cuteoverload and smile. I need to open a *NON* PUPPY MILL pet shop, I can see myself playing with cute kitties n puppies all day long. However, I would be so protective I probably wouldn’t sell anything =P

    Yeayea I’m non-trusting….

  26. ThreeCatNight says:

    RE: “am” — sorry for the typo!

  27. rodger dodger badger blogger

  28. Redzilla – I tewtally love the idea of browsing Cute Overload while my monitor dispenses chocolate! But I’d rather it dispense kittens. And puppies. And bunnies. And hammies. And bebeh polar bears. And chinchillas. And-


  29. I think I need my cute in smaller doses distributed throughout the day. I know it is cuteOVERLOAD, so it makes sense to slam me with five adorable posts in the morning to make me squee involuntarily, but now what will I do when the cute wears off around 10AM? There will be no cute refill, no Starbucks of Cute I can visit for my fix. I will have to WAIT.

  30. Meg, honey – yours is the first place I stop everyday. Cute Overload is guaranteed to make me feel better – no matter how bad the day has been or looks to become. So rock on, my friend! Cute Overload is a haven – and you are a goddess for creating it!

  31. I found cuteoverload when I was working the desk at a trendy luxury hotel – when I needed to excape being yelled at and demeaned by people with outrageous demands and too much money, I’d open up cuteoverload and look at kittens. *sigh*

  32. [activating intercom]

    (that’s Panda On Duty, natch)

  33. I saw something in the newspaper about CO , that’s how I found it. Now I am also addicted. After opening PC up on the morning (at work) I stop at the “daily puppy”, then “daily kitten” and best for last, CO. Check out all cute animals and people, imagine snorgling bunny feets or hammy tummies, and check back in throughout the day as needed. It’s really helping me get through my (relatively easy compared to some others I’ve read here) work day. Thanks to Meg and Theo and all who take photos of frogs in flowers and send them in! 🙂

  34. This is how I found that website. I was reading the magazine in a doctor’s office and saw her comment!!! 🙂

  35. Catsquatch says:

    So I read about CuteOverload in a magazine at my doctors office yesterday.

    So I think to myself “Self, you need to visit that site and see what all the hooplas about.”

    So this morning at 7 am I google CuteOverload.

    So now its 11:30 am, and I have tears streaming down my face from laughing for the past 4 and a half hours.

    So now I hafta go to see my shrink, and Im in such a good mood I wont be able to work on anything serious till next week.

    So when I get back home from seeing my shrink and accomplishing nothing more than telling him about CuteOverload, I hafta email EVERYONE I KNOW and give them this link.

    So now CuteOverlod will be one of my “First Thing In The Morning Computer Hangouts” right up there with Cryptozoology.com, EXCEPT on Thursdays when I hafta go see my shrink and actually get some real work done…..

  36. I saw that in Glamour and thats why I came to your website. Since then (2 days ago) I have gone through every single archive till August! Thanks so much I love your site. You are amazing!

  37. oaklandcat says:

    mad props to CO! y’all should get a Nobel peace prize. Seriously, the amount of good this site is doing for peeps all over the world is incalculable.

  38. Catsquatch — [Bruce Willis voice] “WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PAL!”

  39. In my town we always said: Uh-Doi! [with accent on the Doi and some vibrato]. Viva la differance regionale.

    Anywayz, I restrained myself all day today b/c of mega time crunch (Catsquatch, I feel ya) but, oh, the sweetness of the rewards! I had to scroll down to get here. Heheheheheh.

  40. Cassandra says:

    I found out about this site about 6 months ago. At the gym with no music to listen to, I picked up a UK Glamour and they had a hot/not page, featuring CO. Needless to say, CO is muy calliente. Every day I thank my lucky stars that I didn’t bring my iPod to the gym that day.

  41. I don’t get the fricken picture

  42. Baby Seal says:

    Does this website ever stop self-promoting itself?

  43. I discovered CuteOverLoad via a link in a message forum I ‘hang out’ in. It hooked me right off the top.

  44. Baby Seal — do you hear these things that are coming out of your mouth?

  45. Ahh, that’s me! What an honor to have a post on my favorite website! *fans self*

  46. [teh grin.]

  47. I forget how I discovered CO (it was a long time ago), but I too must visit every day now. Whenever anyone at work is having a bad day, I make them look at teh cute until they smile. Best part? We work at a pet supply company, so it’s totally legit! Kind of. …well, not really. But still. We *heart* Cute Overload!

  48. mike van says:

    I too, visit this site when I feel like I need to kick the blues, it helps boost my mood a little, and get my mind off troubling sad things in my life. I love this site!!

  49. Within the year,I’ve gone thru the death of a brother, step-dad and grandmother PLUS losing a job. CO has been a blessing to me. Theo and some of the other Peeps, unknowingly (except for jaypo–love ya!) helped me thru some very rough times—Thanks to all!

  50. [♥s and blue kittens for Carlisa]

  51. {dries tears in blue kitties fur) Thanks, T

  52. Catsquatch says:

    Thank you Theo! Im very happy to be here 🙂

    Great party too, nice people, and AWESOME pics!

    I feel ya back Tor, your kinda soft and silky 😉

    Baby Seal, this is so far the only site Ive found that SHOULD self promote, and other promote, and puppy promote, and….

    If I had a turtle, I would paint the web addy on its shell and let it roam all over the place.

    In a world where so much bad happens, this site helps many many many people, people scarred and sad especially, to have a better outlook on the day.

    So I say, why aren’t you promoting this site? ;D

    Carlisa, sounds like your year heas been like mine.
    My son was shot, my beloved Mom died, her husband died, I had 3 heart attacks, and the list just goes on and on and on…..

    So I feel ya honey, and I am very happy that you find laughter here too 🙂

  53. I read this article and that’s how I found out about cute overload!! (and I’m from Minneapolis, too!)

    [hands in the aiir]
    [like a true player]

    [not easy to type like this]

  55. I found CO after I received a Myspace bulletin with a ton of cute animal pictures, I think it had a link back to CO.

  56. Cute Overload is also cheaper and better for your relationships than two of the other options listed!

    (Retail therapy and taking it out on your spouse.)

  57. Cute Overload works for me too. I can be a bit moody & P-M-essy [sic], plus stress at my old job got pretty bad. It really helps. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than pills!

  58. Catsquatch—–Thanks and a big CO welcome to you! I’m glad you’re looking on “the cuter side”, too. So sorry about your loss! Did your son survive? Are you taking care of your heart condition? I hope the answers are -“Yes”

  59. “When I’m feeling enh and baroo’d
    Cute Overload comfterbuls me-ee
    Speaking words of Snorglish
    Let It Be squee-ee…”
    (Nine dramatic electric organ chords)

  60. Na, na na, na-na-na-naaaa

  61. marsheeeee says:

    Meg and Theo: a huge thanks from me, too. Mom and I were discussing Knute, I was explaining it and CO to her, and we agreed that with all the ugliness in the world we need CO and Knute and Tai Shan and Mei Lan and all those other wonderful life-affirming critters out there. You bring comfort and joy to a great many people around the world, and I thank you. Did somebody mention the Nobel Peace Prize for you guys? Works for me!

  62. Working in the Hospice department certainly is fulfilling, but can be blues-inducing. I was directed to CO by a friend of mine from another addiction (W.o.W. wewt!) and I have been hooked ever since. keep doing that voodoo that you do, cause y’all roxxors!

  63. yeah, I check this page out almost daily. I don’t have a stressful job but i still get to feeling down. Right now I’m recovering from surgery and I have to be careful not to laugh too much…so no cute hammie vids for ME today!

  64. Catsquatch says:

    Hi Carlissa 🙂

    Thanks for the welcome 😀

    Yes, my son survived, but he will never walk again.
    I am on medications for my heart but I will never be able to work again.
    But the answers to both questions are indeed yes 🙂

    Continueing Pyrit and Theo:

    Baa baa baa baa
    Neigh neigh neigh neigh
    Bark bark bar

  65. ***shares a hug and blue kitty with Catsquatch

  66. Catsquatch says:

    **Squeezes Carlisa and snorgles blue kitty, coughs up wet blue hairball.

    Wow, my first usage of local vernacular!


    Thanks Carlisa!

  67. i was just looking at the news on Cnn.com….i came here to see the good.

    🙂 it’s nice to have a site like this, and you speak just like i do about their little noses!! eaty the wittle nosies!

  68. That’s how I found this site!

  69. niice– I own this issue!

  70. Haha, I read that magazine. It was actually what led me here.
    I thought “hmm, cute animals? I must investigate further!”