My deliciousness knows no boundssss

My paw pad ees soooo deeleecious.

Look at eet.

Eet ees an evil temptress paw pad that CALLS ME TO CHEW ON EET FOR HOURS AT A TIME

I taste delish

I think ‘Nawming’ is a theme today… right Emily C.?



  1. T.T.Odden says:

    GAH! oh soooooo cute! this website is seriously the best!!!!!!!

  2. compy-saur says:

    Kitty cat: *gushing* “No, you shouldn’t have!”

  3. Looks like he/she is trying to stifle a snicker

  4. Munch munch munch… I bet she’s making that snorgling sound cats do when they have a face-full of paw pads. 🙂

  5. I will be laughing ALL DAY! The best!

  6. Oh this is TOTALLY a “LOLcat”. Captions! We need CAPTIONS!!!

  7. I don’t know – it looks like the kitty is stifling a yawn. Cute!

  8. Mmm…cute,kissable, pink paw pads!

  9. i’ve never commented before but this is wonderful. it made me make a gutteral “gawg” sort of noise that i have never made before… fantastic!

  10. eeeeyayyyy!! so soft and fluffy and tasty looking!!!

  11. Yes, stifling a yawn…or a giggle.

  12. Cheryl Bailey says:

    “OOPS!, Did I say that?”

  13. Theo your caption is too funny.

    An alternate:

    “I can’t believe she wore THAT on the red carpet!”

  14. Andrea|Nash says:

    teho – I had one but yours is so much better I didn’t try.

    But, then, evryone knows you’re the Big Cat on this site.

  15. Andrea|Nash says:

    um – caption, thatis

  16. Chris B. says:

    This kitty looks more like she is trying not to laugh at something. Or embarrassed about something???? Way too cute!!!!!!

  17. MaggieBelle says:

    This cat thinks you look funny.

    I do too.

  18. Check out the teeny-tiny tufts o’fur between the kittytoes!

  19. Persephone says:

    Those are perhaps the largest muzzlepuffs I have ever seen!

    And Theo, you rock as always.

  20. Andrea N — duplication fixed, and thanks. But go ahead & throw in your own ideas.

  21. ShelleyTambo says:

    Ha! As soon as my cat finishes cleaning her paw pads, I just can’t resist snorgling them all (nawming, I suppose). She just gives me a very irritated (very feline) looks and starts the whole process over again. It’s a good way to keep her occupied for hours if I need some kitty-free time.

  22. “URP”
    “scuse me”

  23. Awww, awesome “caught in the act” shot!! lol! I love it when my cat does the whole paw in the face thing like that 🙂

  24. Save some for me, beeg keeety.

  25. BenPanced says:

    Ze kitteh know whaht ewe har dewink and zinks ewe har tres seelee.


    Three more men were eaten today, along with half the native guides. With provisions and ammunition almost gone, I fear we may never return from The Valley of the Enormous Kitties…

  27. nermalkitty says:

    i think she was teaching her children manners. they were eating supper when mama suddenly belched. outloud. she was horrified; threw her paw over her mouth and said, properly chagrined: “excuse me please!” (remember the pretty mother cat from the aristocats?)

  28. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Quick, outta my way, musta had some tainted catnip…which way to the porcelain pot? (or, more than likely, the most visible and most-likely-to-step-on-in-stocking-feet spot on the carpet…)


  30. “Nyawm nyawm…say..I *do* have meaty feeties!”

  31. kellyfaerie says:

    Heh yeah the I has a flavor. I vote for that one. lolcats is the best.

  32. NebraskaErin says:

    Why is kitty laughing at me?? Do I have something in my teeth? Or hanging out of my nose?

  33. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Blench, If they give me sprout and spam flavour agin, I’m outtah hear.

  34. in cat language, this is probably some obscene gesture about yo’ mama.

  35. Excuse me. I had fish for lunch.

  36. marsheeeee says:

    This is a warning to all of you out there: Don’t read Teho’s caption to this picture while drinking anything. It’s painful when it snorts out your nose. Good one!

  37. this paw is nummies..

  38. Moi: Madame Puss, you really finds ze humans funny, non?

    Cat: “MFFFFT.”

  39. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:


  40. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kitteh looks like she’s saying, “Oh, beg pardon! But these little jellypads are quite the treat!”

  41. Andrea|Nash says:

    Well…scuffles toe in dust…OK…

    “Oh, Mr DrNo-san, you ah sooor lomantic. hehehe!”

  42. OK, this is a first crack at a six-caption compo…
    …if the spirit moves, and time permits, there may be more later. Whee!

  43. SilvorMoon says:

    I love this cat! He looks so soft and smooshy, like a big marshmallow.

  44. KITTEH!

  45. Michelle says:

    “scuse me”

    I was thinking more like:

    I farted”

    Close though.

  46. Michelle says:

    Ha! Teho is the awsum. Good jorb!

  47. EMILY, THE CAT MAY HAVE AN INFECTION IN ITS PAW!!!!!! Take it to a vet, please.

  48. “I have juicy gossip, the BEST gossip, and I was pinky-paw sworn to not tell anyone. I promised not to tell. Oh, this is a GOOD one! But, I can’t tell you. I won’t tell you no matter what. LOL LOL LOL Oh, lordee.”

  49. What a CUTE leettle pink nosie!! I love the almost-closed eye. Serious cuteness here.

  50. Oh CUTE!

    Rarely has a CO pic evoked such a visceral reaction in me (pardon me for going all vocabulary there). Magnificent!

  51. this sooooooooooooo adorable !!!!!!!

  52. I love how the kitteh looks like hes laughing

  53. Wow, you just need to photoshop a few yellow feathers and we’ll have a Sylvester kitty cat moment! Too cute!

  54. Hey suntio…cats do this all the time – no need to go all scary-caps on Emily – I’m sure she’s up on the general health of her precious kitty.

  55. It kind of looks like another kitty is pinching her little kitty cheeks and saying, “Oh aren’t you just so cute?!? You’ve grown up so much! The last time I saw you, you were just *this* big.”

    (“He’s gonna pinch my cheek. I hate it when he does that!”)

  56. hahahah when I saw this, all I could think of was “Ew, I threw up in my mouth a little.”

  57. I love this cat. Kinda reminds me of my beloved Jazz except my cat had two black dots on her nose… I want to snuggle with this baby.. -sigh- Kitty snuggle goodness…

  58. I love this cat. Kinda reminds me of my beloved Jazz except my cat had two black dots on her nose… I want to snuggle with this baby.. -sigh- Kitty snuggle goodness…

  59. I love this cat. Kinda reminds me of my beloved Jazz except my cat had two black dots on her nose… I want to snuggle with this baby.. -sigh- Kitty snuggle goodness…

  60. I love this cat. Kinda reminds me of my beloved Jazz except my cat had two black dots on her nose… I want to snuggle with this baby.. -sigh- Kitty snuggle goodness…

  61. I love this cat. Kinda reminds me of my beloved Jazz except my cat had two black dots on her nose… I want to snuggle with this baby.. -sigh- Kitty snuggle goodness…

  62. I love this cat. Kinda reminds me of my beloved Jazz except my cat had two black dots on her nose… I want to snuggle with this baby.. -sigh- Kitty snuggle goodness…

  63. this kitteh is flossing.

  64. Want some toast with that toe jam, kitteh?

    I love lil cat feetsies..

    I do the same thing, Shelley Tambo. Disgruntled kitty faces are so cute!

  65. Sunito…that’s how a cat cleans it’s back paws. Often accompanied by the delightful sounds of plucking their claws with their teeth and some slurping as they nibble/lick it clean.

    At 3 am.

    On the bed.

    On the pillow.

    By your head.

    (and I sooooo want to kiss that wee pink nose!)

  66. Daisycat says:

    anyone else notice the multicolored ears goin on back there?? Is one dipped in chocolate??? Perfect.

  67. Suntio, please tell me you are imitating a ’nuff.

  68. slurp slurp slurp slurp.

    Also, Teho’s captions rawk. They need to be spread amongst users of LOLcats everywhere.

  69. “Mmmm….yaise….most deeleeshious mousie EVAR.”

  70. “See the leetle keety,
    See her leetle feet!
    See her leetle rosy-nosy,
    Isn’t the keety sweet?”

  71. Dale Syverson says:

    “How do you like my Dinah Shore imitation?”

  72. Forget those feet, I want to ‘naw on that pink nose!

  73. The Cute! *__*

    I think it looks much more like the kitteh is squelching a giggle than being embarrassed…

    I think it’s the way the light catches the muzzlepuff. o_O

  74. Alice Shortcake says:

    I suspect this is the feline equivalent of tittering behind one’s fan.

  75. misscrisp says:

    So little time…so much cute!
    Can only share my own private paw-splosion (Teho liked this one):

  76. I’m with Teri and Robbie. The nose! The nose!

  77. Uhm…. eh…. just give me a moment…I’m sure I’ll remember…. uhhhmm

  78. Once again, CO has done it. Just when I think things can’t possibly get any CUTER.. it happens.. This is by far one of my mostest favoritestest posts EVAR. The paw, the nose, the squishy eyes, the moist noisicle, and my fav caption.. “I has a flavor”… Finally, something so damn cute we can taste it.
    Thank you CO.. Thank you.

  79. Misscrisp your kitteh rocks! What great pics! I heart Russian Blues! She(?) has such puurrrrfect beans on her feets.

  80. kellyfaerie says:

    Teho, I luff teh cat-ptions! had to repost in my LJ.

    In addition to I has a flavor, I also like “oops! teehee!”



  82. Jeanette says:
  83. oaklandcat says:

    um, shelley tambo… “kitty-free time?” are you sure that’s a good idea?

  84. that is the kleenest white kitty i have ever seen! she must spend a lot of time washing. i should invite her over to give my kitties some lessons.

  85. Cheryl was close, but it’s more of a:

    “GASP! Did I say that out loud?” Another kitten victim of Tourette’s.

  86. SeaBreeze says:

    What I want to know is … will kitteh share the very humerous joke?! =)

  87. BUUUURP!! Excuse me.


    Tyra (tearing up): “For anyone who says I’m fat…you can….kiss my fat (bleep)!”

    Cat (in audience): “OOOh no she didn’t girl!”

    Random Cat: I’m a 143!


  90. AuntieMame says:

    “Teho is teh AWSUMMM!!11!”


  91. he’s obviously cleaning the lint between his toes! What a cutie.

  92. he’s obviously cleaning the lint between his toes! What a cutie.

  93. misscrisp, your photos are gorgeous – excellent resolution and contrast! Beautiful cat too!
    Teri – I’m glad I’m not the only one awakened in the wee hours by a cat picking her toes beside my head.
    Meg/Theo – I want a C.O.X.C.U. of that little circle ’round the paw & squinty eyes, encompassing that crinkled-up muzzlepuff. Please and thank you.

  94. Brak_Silverbone says:

    *beeps the oh-so-pink nose*

  95. Cathryn Bauer says:

    I LOVE to see cats that are obviously so well-fed, well-cared for, and so deeply into being cats.

  96. Teri–Us too. We have 3 Kittens of Doom, who will periodically gnaw on their tosies…on a pillow, right by a head, verrry verrry early in the morning.

    I love that sound kitties make as they nyawm on their paws..the purr purr, and then that slight *snerk*. Great stuff.

  97. [sound of kitteh flatuence]

    Oopsie…he he

  98. Might make it an even 100. This is just so incredible. I love it.

  99. And here I thought I was the only one with a cat bizzare enough to clean his toesies on the pillow in the wee sma’s! I’m not alone! YAY!

  100. Can’t you just hear the little sucky noises?? Adorable pic!

  101. Hmm. Should this photo also be in “I shall leeck you”, or does it not count when the critter is licking itself?

  102. Emily C. says:

    Aww… I’m glad you guys like so much! I know… so precious and a great picker-upper – actually went ‘eeee’ when I saw it… although it wasn’t mentioned that I found this (and several other great ones) on an anon. photo journal. But I wish he were mine…. I -do- has a flavor!

  103. Am I the only one who sees how the muzzlepuff gets squished by the nyahming?


  104. (stifles a yawn)

    “Yes, yes, over 100 comments, I’m AbFab, yes – tell me something I don’t know…”

  105. Christy — yeah… that’d have to be “I SHALL LEECK ME”

  106. “Mmmmwaahhh!”

  107. Waaaiiit a second.
    Why is the little extra-thumb-toe-dewclaw on that side? It should be on the other side.
    Is this another cat’s paw???
    “MMM! I prms I wnt tll! I cnt brth!”

  108. Nah Pyrit, it’s her right front paw. It’s just bent around goofy for better access.

  109. “Are ya sure?” j/k

  110. Stephanie S. says:

    OH MY GOD! she looks like she’s stifling some major laugh-action! soooo cute!

  111. Its all about the squishiness of the muzzlepuff.

  112. Sporfle!Cat should totally go on ICanHasACheeseburger.

  113. What a beautiful, beautiful cat. 🙂 Love the pink nose too!

  114. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Ruble Kopeck is a handsome boy/beautifull girl.What great pictures.

  115. nawming…. love it!

  116. I have sensitve nerves in my front paws, you humans and I must keep all my toese clean so that I don’t do any three legged dancing if don’t mind. I do not like being laughed at. Now go away and I’ll fininsh the other toes and pads.

  117. Has anyone noticed that white fur is much softer than fur with color? It is the softest, silkiest fur on any cat!

  118. Very cute… when I was growing up, I had two Siamese cats. One would suck on the paw pad of the other cat while they were curled up together.

  119. holly bees says:

    I can’t believe no one has noted the extreme white of this kitteh. he’s glowing.

  120. TJ – that’s AWESOME!

  121. TJ – Ya, the Yawkshuh lambs. Got trouble ‘t mill. One on’t cross beams gone owt askew on treadle. One on’t cross beams gone owt askew on treadle…

  122. ooops….hairball

  123. “They only told me to come and say that there was trouble at t’mill. I didn’t expect the Lambish Inquisition…”

  124. NO ONE expects the Lambish Inquisition!

  125. Ha! Double trouble. Peeps TJ & Rumi are awake.

  126. and pyrit makes it TRIPLE!

  127. not to be indelicate, but i think she looks like she needs to push away from the li’l friskies a bit more often

    p.s. one o’t flame rods has gone ‘skew at treadle

  128. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    NOBODY expects the lambish Inquisition! Our cheif weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…fear and suprise….Our two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency….our three weapons are fear, surprise and ruthles efficiency…and an almost fanatical devotion to the meat marketing board.

  129. ShelleyTambo says:

    oaklandcat, yes, sometimes I NEED kitty-free time (not kitty free-time, aka free time for kitty). If I don’t find a way to occupy her, she will, on occasion, decide to be fungus. This has resulted in my being trapped on the toilet for 20 minutes, falling out of bed, watching hours of soap operas I didn’t want to see, not finishing projects on time, etc.

  130. The Meat Marketing Board?! Good lord, there’s a blast from the past – does it still exist? I thought they did away with it along with the Min of Ag and toothpaste tubes made from lead (yes, kids, once upon a time that’s what they were made from, back in the good old days when you could drink liquor from an open container while driving your Corvair at any speed you damn’ well chose, with no seatbelt on, a tank full of leaded gasoline that cost a nickel a boatload, and when no-one would have dared suggest that a diet high in red meat, martinis, and Malboros might possibly not be entirely healthy…sighs wistfully).

  131. Check out this example of rule no 6 on the BBC: lambs in raincoats:

  132. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    That’s if you was rich. We was so poor we lived int shoe box int gutter and ate gravel…if we was lucky.

  133. ShelleyTambo says:

    All right, Honourable GA, lets nip this in the bud right now. I had to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, eat a lump of cold poison, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad would kill us, and dance about on our graves singing “Hallelujah.”

  134. …and if you tell that to the youth of today they won’t believe you.

  135. ShelleyTambo says:

    They won’t!

  136. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    If the above is from a far distant memory. Would I be given to understand, that you are both not in the first bloom of youth?

  137. Ahh, yes, who would ha’ thought thirty years ago we’d all be sitting here drinking Chateau de Chassilier wine?

  138. ShelleyTambo says:

    Oh aye, GA, who’d have thought thirty year ago we’d all be sittin’ here drinking Château de Chasselas, eh?

  139. ShelleyTambo says:

    But really, factoring in thirty years ago would make it better: Right. Before I was born, I had to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, eat a lump of cold poison, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad would kill us, and dance about on our graves singing “Hallelujah.”

  140. (waiting for somebody to say “jinx”)
    (besides me)

  141. … one fine day in the middle of the night ….
    *grins* And, going to school, it was uphill in both directions for ten miles, through snow ten feet deep – with no skies?
    That sounds familiar…. Ooh! Kitty!

  142. And when we spoke we had to be sayin’ everything twice’t.
    And eyup, there’s the fine Dr. ‘erriot now. And the reet foin Mrs. Pumphreys and Tricki Woo.

  143. Oh dear. Tricki Woo has gone from cracker-dog straight to flop-bot in ten seconds flat.

    (To be honest, I’m not actually a fan. But I know my roots.)

  144. MMMMM….. Tastes like Chicken!

  145. Thorne – “no skies”?
    Ee bah goom, la’, tha’ wu lucky to be allowed to go to school. I were out harvestin’ an’ reapin’ before I were out of short trousis, and on the rare occasions when I were allowed to go to schoolin’ it were 10 miles oop’ill in both directions, through snow 10 feet deep, no shoes (we were poor, you see), a hair shirt, and a sack of coal on me back fer t’classroom stove.
    No skies…bloody ‘ell, we’d ‘ave been lucky to know what the sky was when I were a la’.

  146. Well. I trow down with a Blackadder reference, and nobody picks it up. But someone just nudges the MPFC button, and we’re off to the races. Well I can play that game too.

    Good! good? What do you know about it? What do you know about getting up at five o’clock in t’morning to fly to Paris… back at the Old Vic for drinks at twelve, sweating the day through press interviews, television interviews and getting back here at ten to wrestle with the problem of a homosexual nymphomaniac drug-addict involved in the ritual murder of a well known Scottish footballer. That’s a full working day, lad, and don’t you forget it!

  147. What in the bleep are you all talking about? Some British in-joke?
    Just a wild stab in the dark, which is incidentally what you’ll be getting if you don’t start talking QTE!!!
    heehee, I wanna play too…

  148. Sorry, Theresa – I hadn’t expected to find the Goblin Song on t’Overload…

  149. Ah Blackadder. I admit, I do think Rowan Atkinson is so good-looking as Balckadder. Thickie, Mr. Thickie thickie.

  150. TJ – NOBODY expects the Goblin Songish Inquisition!
    (heh, gotcha back.)

  151. Just for the record, I’m from Brooklyn. 😉

  152. ShelleyTambo says:

    Sorry, Theresa, my Black Adder education has been sadly spotty. My brother tried to get me into it when I was 10, but I thought it was some boring history thing. I’ve tried to get into it since, but the channels around here (Philly) have been remarkably uncooperative in airing it (and I’m too cheap/lazy to buy/rent it).

  153. But ShelleyT – When you were a lass o’ ten year you were workin’ 29 hour a day. Yer Da’ was so poor his tv only had 2 channels, on & off.

  154. How many times did I look at this kitteh before just now realizing that’s his/her BACK foot she’s nawming on ??

  155. I always wondered what would happen to the comments if no new QTE was posted for about 12 hours…

  156. Bob (= Kate): What think you, my lord, of… love?
    Edmund: You mean rumpy pumpy?

  157. Happens all the time, Noelle.
    Global jitters.

  158. Jesse…they’re taking a few different skits from Monty Python’s Flying Circus (The Spanish Inquisition and the one that I can’t remember the name but where 4 guys sat around and tried to outdo each other in how rough their young life was) and running with the themes.

  159. Noelle – If no Qte is posted every 12 hours, I usually get into my oversized fake fur pink raccoon shoes, play Rammstein and Serge Lopez simultaneously, and end it all by dumping a mixture of talcum powder and green chilli sauce on my head.

  160. Eyup, why I myself were so poor I put free samples on lay away.

  161. ShelleyTambo says:

    pyrit, twenty-nine hour workdays were the EASY ones, when I was just a twinkle in my dad’s eye. By the time I was a lass o’ ten year, we were truly deprived and suffering: the 13-inch telly with knobs (dials), rabbit ears, and no remote!

    Teri, it’s called the Four Yorkshiremen ( ).

  162. iwubkitties says:

    so cute! it looks like he’s looking at a painting and judging it…

    or paint blobs

    “hey! i see my mommy in that one!!”

  163. Yay for Black Adder! Yay for M. Python!

    I wish I could have come in on this sooner, but it’s hard work at mill, cleaning the lake and all that with only a handful of hot gravel for breakfast…

  164. ShelleyTambo says:

    Stupid parenthesis and period attaching to end of link. Here it is:

    That mentions sulphuric acid instead of poison cuz it’s from a live performance, not the show.

  165. Hey, I already fixt’it, ShellyT… just gotta leave a little whitespace at the end…

  166. ShelleyTambo says:

    Thanks, T-O. Didn’t realize I left the space out cuz I was so thrown off by being asked to prove that I was a “human down below.”

  167. Huh.
    So, how’d you do it?

  168. ShelleyTambo says:

    Apparently all you have to do is type some letters and numbers in a box. I don’t know how that proves anything about being human down below.

  169. Depends on how you type ’em, I guess.

  170. ShelleyTambo says:

    That sounds…ticklish.

  171. Auntie Alex says:


  172. BACK paw? Even Qte-er! As if that were possible. SO WHITE. The whitest cute ever.

  173. *is rolling around DED*
    I realised – after I posted of course – that I hadn’t spelled skis right. Which didn’t matter, ’cause at the time, I couldn’t remember how to spell them!
    … Kitty! Kittytoes! …. with unfortunate pointy-bits on the ends. Anyone have any luck with those Softpaws things?

  174. when I’m a havin’ withdrawal from teh QTE, sometimes I lurve the tangents even more:
    “The Dreaded Batter-Pudding Hurler of Bexhill-on-Sea”…anyone?

  175. Hi! This having a Noel and a Noelle in the same place at the same time is really getting me confused. Help?

  176. The First Noel (the one and original Noel) says:

    I guess for clarification and to quit this confusion I am getting, I shall call myself here, from now on, The First Noel.


  177. oaklandcat says:

    shelley tambo, I was just teasing ya 😉
    I, too, have experienced the kitty-as-fungus phemonenon…

  178. oaklandcat says:

    that’s gotta be a front paw. it has the ‘thumb.’

  179. R. Moore says:

    Theo, you don’t love James Herriot? Are you without a heart?


    Actually, I do love his first book, but the one interspersed with war stories seems a little lackluster. And I’m an Anglophile that grew up in a very British region, so I’m biased.

  180. People, the caption says something about CHEWING on its paw for hours, not licking it or cleaning it. Emily can be all over her cat but if the cat’s got a splinter between its toes, how’s she gonna know? And yes, I think it is IMPORTANT that she knows. Excuse me for caring about the cat.

  181. boss2080 says:

    It looks like she is having the same reaction my cat had when we were watching the news about the pet food recall!

    Cat: I think I am going to BARF!!!!

  182. Hmmmm, looks to me like a case of Sylvester an Tweety-bird going on here.
    Kitty trying to hide de evidence from little old lady with big umbrella. See those fat little cheeks?
    Your cuteness kitty will not save you.
    Spit out Tweety-bird this instance or you’ll be making little ole lady very

  183. shelley tambo
    trapped on the toilet for 20 minutes- You mean I’m not the only one!!
    And how about having the cats just about duke it out there in the bathroom over who gets dibs on moms lap. And how about when I pull a ‘supid, selfish, human stunt’ and shut the bathroom door thus leaving them to beat on the door with their tiny tiny paws. Which if I had a heart ( according to them ) would leave me guilt stricken. Now that the truth is out, that I have fellow suffers I shall no longer hang my head in shame over my selfishness
    I have given up on baths. One wants to join me and the other yowls in fear for my very life!!
    I had thought that with my sons getting older it meant no more toddlers in the house.
    Silly feeble minded me. lol
    What’s really funny is how well they have trained our dog Lily. Snoozing by herself-ya right, she makes a good fluffy warm place.
    Naturally her food must first be taste tested by the cats.
    Lily does fights for lap time by backing up and plopping down into my lap.The cats have learned to scoot fast or be plopped on lol.

  184. ssooooo cuteeee!!!!

  185. Aaaaaww, I love his/her pink little nose. Pink noses rule, don’t they?

  186. Sunito: Ummm….the caption on the picture came from Meg’s (the blog owner)imagination. It’s not meant to be taken literally, as you seem to have done.

    It’s meant as nothing more than a silly, humourous caption that has nothing to do with reality. Just like every other caption she’s placed on every other picture in this blog. Something that came to her mind when she looked at the picture.

    That it has to be explained is kinda, well, sad. (just as sad as the explination of message board basics I just had to give someone who claims to be a website designer)

  187. Thread-creep is a mark of a group of first-rate minds. 😛

  188. lauowolf says:


    You seem to be truly worried, and perhaps aren’t familiar with cats (since you are worried).
    Cats do this all the time.
    It is part of their regular grooming.
    A fastidious cat will clean out the fur between each of its toes, licking and chewing to get to the skin as part of their regular grooming cycle.
    And some cats are way fastidious, and will do this for a long time.
    I know I have seen my cat chewing like this on her foot for a good ten minutes.
    True, ten minutes is not “hours.”
    But “hours” is Meg making a “joke”.
    Humor, a difficult concept.

  189. The First Noel says:

    I want to gently pinch those big, fluffy, cute widdle cheekees!

    I want more kitty photos, please!

  190. My cat, Mr. BoJangles, sucks on his paw pad like a kid sucks its thumb. He loves it and purrrs away, even switches between his two front paws to change things up a bit. When he was a kitten he would suck on my fingers but then i tryed to stop him from this habit and then he found his paw pads and has done this ever since. I love it and its the cutest thing!!

  191. Alida — now, to me, that sounds like a cat who may have been weaned too early. Any possibility of that?

  192. Theo- yea, he was a stray some friends found meowing out in the rain all alone and we took him in as part of the family. i have pics of him on my page he is a 1 yr 1/2 old now. Totally my baby! hehe

  193. Nah, Teho, my TK does that (back foot) and I KNOW his momma was done feeding him before I dragged him’s fuzzy widdle butt to live indoors wif us. Nothing like a momcat paw swipe to tell the kittens they’re all done nursing!

  194. Or rather, not necessarily.

    Mr. Bo is way handsome.

  195. lurkertype-Thankyou, i think he is too, hehe 😀

  196. This kittums looks almost exactly like my boy, including the cheekypoofs. I currently get an extreme closeup of them every night when he demands his nighttime schnurgles.

    My boy is also a polydactyl but it’s the front paws which have the thumbs (with two claws on each). He sometimes makes the paw-sucking noise/snort, and somehow he keeps the white part of his fur just glowing. Polydactyl tux boys rule!

  197. VitaminJ says:

    That kitty’s gonna need braces – just like Bucky Katt.

  198. ShelleyTambo says:

    alexa, no you’re not the only one. My last foster cat was worse as lap fungus (esp when I was on the pot), but a lot of kits I know are like this. My problem is that I live in an old Victorian house that is starting to settle, so the floors are uneven and thus many of the doors, including the one to the potty, don’t usually close all the way. Kitty can almost always stick a paw in and yank the door open.