Mini bear Threat Down!

One of our favorites; the second member of the Hour of Power (The Daily Show + The Colbert Reporrrr), Stephen Colbert, is reporting a mini threat down. The topic? KNUT the Polar bear!




  1. I love Stephen’s baby talk. Even he’s reduced to nothing but a quivering mass of glee in the face of Knut :)

  2. two of my favorite things, stephen colbert and cute baby animals!

  3. i was reduced to squealing things like “omgz, is teh bear!!!!!!” by this clip.

    do we have any images of knut w/ his paws up? or did they make the camera a splode? wouldn’t be surprised if they did :-D

  4. Jenny: “Even he’s reduced to nothing but a quivering mass of glee in the face of Knut”

    Colbert: “Who’s a cute widdle killing machine? WHO’S a cutie-wootie, itty-bitty, Godwess killing machine? Yes, you ARE! Yes, you ARE!”

  5. eikoleigh says:


  6. oop, found ‘em! and his blog! . lol, is teh polar blog! (adds to rss)

  7. Jimmie Robinson says:

    I’m not fooled by that vile, bloody, evil killing machine. It’s a horror to mankind, it must be ki…

    OH MY GOD, it’s SO cute!

  8. At the risk of taking this whole thread down a sad, dark road, I really have to say something: These animal-rights activists REALLY need to pick their battles more wisely. Maybe some audience testing is in order; I’m pretty sure that “you must keeeeel zee cute polar bear” probably wouldn’t have survived a focus group. Just a suggestion.


  10. Michelle says:

    Hahah Colbert.


  11. Adam; here’s the paws up action, cropped from the video. Handle with care!×41

  12. I don’t know who is cuter, Stephen or teh bear.

  13. THIS my friends is why I LOVE Steven Colbert.

    He should do a piece on CO and all us freaks and geeks that can’t get enuf of it.


  14. Not that other Mike – there is no darkness in what you’ve brought up, only truth. Bravo.

  15. the colbert report could ONLY have been made better by baby polar bears. ONLY.

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    Didya’ll know I snort when I laff? Well, those who are listening know now!
    hee hee hee, snicker, giggle, snort snort. Thanks Monsieur Col-BERR for your most excellent BEAR coverage.

  17. AuntieMame says:

    Note to Stephen: Your mini threatdown would be a lot more credible if you didn’t burst into giggles immediately after announcing it.

    Just sayin’.

  18. omg I hadn’t seen this and snorted coffee out my nose — THREATDOWN .5!!!

  19. This was GREAT. I saw it on the show, and did actually think of CuteOverload as he was doin’ his baby talk about how cute the bear is. Everything about this segment cracked me up! The “mini threat down” siren was so funny…even Colbert couldn’t help but laugh! :)

  20. Oh. AuntieMame – well, if you actually watch the show, you’d understand it. The “Threat Down” (in its full scale ;) ) typically has a much more…powerful…siren sound. I get the feeling that Stephen hadn’t heard the “mini threat down” siren prior to recording. :)

  21. I was waiting for a Colbert/”cold bear” joke.
    It never came.
    I sad.

  22. Courtney says:

    I love how he read the quotes in an Arnold-inspired german accent.

    Even Stephen Colbert cannot resist the cuteness of Knut. :)


    (THEO steps from computer and addresses camera)

    THEO: You know, after a hard day of working with The Cute, a man can work up a powerful thirst. That’s when I like to reach for a nice cold Bear.

    (CUT TO: Hand takes can from ice chest)

    THEO: Bear Beer is brewed extra slow to make it extra cute, using only the choicest hops, moonbeams and rainbows. So your next Bear tastes as good as your first.

    (CUT TO: Hand places can in foreground)

    THEO: Try a nice cold Bear today, in six-packs or the new extra fluffy 20-ounce can.

  24. To: “Not That Mike The Other Mike” – I did a little digging yesterday – it wasn’t “animal rights activists” plural, it was ONE GUY! How on earth one nut job complaining to a zoo caused such world wide coverage can only be explained thusly – slow newsday. Oh, and it gets better – turns out, that ONE GUY was even misquoted in the German news. His real quote, he told the AP, was that the cub should have been euthanized immediately when the mother rejected it, but now that he has survived, killing it would be wrong. [sigh] Really. Slow.News.Day.

  25. Nonie: Thanks so much for the information. I’m glad it’s just one guy that went a little nuts, and not a group.

    You know what would mellow that guy out? A nice cold Bear(tm).

  26. Cold Bear! I’m THERE.
    Here, you can have one too. (Can I see some ID?)

  27. I read this story yesterday, and then when it came on the Colbert report I was delighted (with the squealing and the jumping up and down), because that fanatic german jerk definitely deserved a good comedic spanking. Colbert getting owned by a baby bear was just the giggling icing on the cake. Eyes like buttons indeed!

  28. I heart Stephen Colbert! And I heart knute. They both are too cute. So glad to see that even Stephen is not immune to the cute. We already saw how sleepy kittens soften him up, not Knute may even dint his hatred of the bear.

  29. beenclawed says:

    LOVE The Colbert Report!
    BEARS! Mini siren sound and .5 on the scale – way too funny! Knut is the cutest widdle white beary bear captured on film!!!

  30. I LOVE SC. I loved him cracking up to the minithreatdown toot!

    I love Knut and I love that the ars$hol@s in the media took what one guy said, got it WRONG and it’s been BIG news for a week.

    Holy crap on a cracker.

  31. tiny buttonz for eyes omg!! love colbert

  32. Colbert + CO? Can life get any better? <3333

  33. PurpleBelt says:

    I ADORE Stephen Colbert. His unrelenting hatred of bears makes me giggle, but it’s good to see that even HE has a breaking point. ; )

  34. Peg of Tilling says:

    Is teh pwecious’s name pronounced Nut or Kah-nut? When I ask for a six-pack of cold furry bear at the likker store I’ll need to say it right.

    I tried asking for Godless Killing Machine Pale Ale but the store only had Killingham’s Red.

  35. LOL I tried to find info on this guy calling for the death of this bear too. EVEN if he was trying to say it should be euthanized upon rejection, such an idea is NOT based on any good science about animal behavior. Suggesting that the baby should be considered “unfit” somehow because of this is such utter tripe it’s galling. You’re right, he never should have gotten the press in the first place; the guy is a nut-bar and the only good that came from his comments is that it generated this bit of comic GOLD. ;)

    When I saw this on Colbert the other night and I just about peed myself. I lubs teh Colbert AND the Cold-bear. ;) When SC started to loose it just a little bit at the beginning of the segment I knew we were in for something REALLY good. Normally he’s able to control himself so well.

  36. I hope Steven Colbert knows about “Cute Overload”! :) I’m more and more impressed with his comedy and acting abilities. He’s going up-up-up!!!! Oh yeah, da bear’s cute too. You could hear the smile in SC’s voice.

  37. Cassandra says:

    I think it’s pronounced more like Newt. I watched this on my computer at work and just about died laughing. Good thing my boss like CO as much as I do, or he would have thought I was a complete nutter (which I’m sure I am anyways)

  38. Totally MariaS. Has anyone seen that episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that Steven Colbert did? Whoo! Creepy! He is a very good actor.

  39. Knut is my Cute Overlord.

  40. Jenn Jordan says:

    I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

  41. Sunny V. says:

    On their own, Stephen and Knut would be too cute anyway … but to put them *together* … it really is an overload! *dies*

  42. I love the laffing for the .5 intro…even Stephen could keep his persona going in the face of such Qte–the button eyes! What a glorious convergence!!

  43. Yes, Knut is pronounced like Newt. Rhymes with cute.

  44. “Oh, he’s swimming!!” My God, even after seeing it twice on regular tv and now for the third time here on CO, I can’t get enough of this damn “mini threat down.” :)

  45. Stephen is too damn funny! As a loyal viewer I especially enjoy his ongoing bit with his “son” Stephen, Jr. the eagle. They’ve shown him raised from the egg to his ultimate release in the wild. Daddy Stephen pines for his return one day and keeps a nest by his desk just in case. It really is too CUTE!

  46. So I say kill this bear cub OH MY GOD HE’S SO ADORABLE.

    I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Yay for Stephen Colbert.

  47. Colbert squeals for sleepy kittens? Must see! Anybody got a link?

  48. Too funny! And Stephen almost losing it there…. what a riot! I don’t normally watch Jon and Stephen but maybe I’m gonna have to now… Thanks for the video, Meggers!

  49. Laura M. says:

    i didn’t think it was possible to love stephen colbert MORE!

  50. Yeah, i’ve been waiting a loooong time for Stephen Colbert to make an appearance on CO. I’ve been in a wicked swoon over him ever since i heard him sing “I write the songs” when Barry Manilow was a guest…*faints*

  51. Haha! That’s funny and adorable!

  52. umm, is this the same polar bear cub that the Germans think should be killed because it’s too dependent on humans and rejected by its mom?

  53. Yes, it’s the same polar bear cub. The comment by Frank Albrecht was met with quite some outrage in the German public and media. And since Knut is covered everwhere in the news, TV, Radio whatever and really everyone here in Germany swoons about the cutie little babybear nothing like that is going to happen. This ist just “Animal Rights Activism” gone totally wrong.
    P.S.: Knut had his first public appearance today – 500 international Journalists and 100 TV-Teams were allowed to “meet” him. So you can expect a LOT more Knut in the next days.

  54. DKN—I think that was Bob Saget. I remember my roommate and I argued over if it was Colbert or Saget, and it was Bob Saget as the hubby that killed his wife’s lover’s wife. (That was confusing)

    I looked for a clip of COlbert showing the sleepy kitten and I couldn’t find it. But, I think the sleepy kitty was featured on CO.

  55. I’m just waiting for Meg to show up on The Colbert Repor’.

    Still waiting.

    (PS — dibs on The Daily Show!)

  56. oh! we seriously shoul’ post on [i think tha's the righ' URL] how many times he’s been on here, we could on tha telly!

  57. i ha’ tah gigggle, he’s funny, i don’ watch it as much as i used to, too many reruns, i watch i’ eve’y now an again for tha word of tha day, my fav’rite part.

  58. natalie q says:

    MINI threat down. hahahaha! that is just too funny

  59. The “K” in Knut *is* pronounced in German – “newt” is the “Knut Rockne All American” pronunciation. (Ronald Reagan movie. Watch it. On second thought, don’t.) Check out the first few seconds of this German news report to hear an expert pronounce the name:
    It’s sort of like “kuhNOOT” or “k’NOOT.”

  60. Candace – Wrong Criminal Intent. I remember the Saget one dealt with dancing or some such; Colbert was the world’s greatest forger who was using his forgery skills to rip off the televangelist who his mom donated all her money to.

  61. Thx, Marc. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a re-run of that one. Now that I think of it, the episode I was thinking of was SVU. So many Law and Orders.

  62. samiam cape canav.fla says:

    unbelievable. you had to add politics to a perfect website. the colbert report is your favorite show. well… liberals want to kill the bear liberals want to save the bear. it fits the liberal agenda. …if a kid puts a gun in your face. its ok because societal pressure caused it bo hooo. leave your politics out because i love this site but not if its gonna start claiming bush eats puppies kittens and babies before he plans world domination!!!!

  63. “I do not like green eggs and spam.”

  64. Samiam — are you one of those folks who don’t understand that Colbert and Stewart are professional comedians, first and foremost, above all?

  65. Jennifer says:

    This had me laughing out loud. Too funny!

  66. This is, as usual, hilarious. But it kinda pains me that a wrong quoted headline of a tabloid spreads so far. The activist was quoted grossly out of context: In another zoo there was a sloth bear cub who also was rejected by his mother euthanized at the end of the year with that reasoning (handfeeding is not species appropriate, etc., etc.) and the activist just contrasted that case against Knut’s, saying that with this logic, Knut would have to be killed, too.

    So even if this is a hilarious piece of comedy, I wince when I see how that guy gets bashed because a German tabloid wrote crap ^^

  67. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Doesn’t Knut have his own Coca Cola commercial YET?