Colby, Swiss and Cheddar! [Z-snap]





[please note tiniest of bite marks!][And please note tiniest of extended foots]



Wanni W., I can see why your hand "becomes a couch" whenever your ham is nearby…



  1. I want some cheese!!!
    gime’ some!

    Super adorable!

  2. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Would you like cheese with your ham(ster)?

  3. le petite overjoyed hammy smile in the second pic keels me

  4. AWW. So cute and teeny and fuzzy!

  5. mejezabel says:

    I always wondered how to spell ‘NAWM’

  6. The teeny hind paw action is too much… first pic, open with anticipation of cheese. Second pic, curled shut with glee. Loves it!

  7. It’s that first pic that gets me. You can just hear him go “Cheese? For me? YAY!” *outstretched feets*

  8. ThreeCatNight says:

    That’s a chubby little hamslet!

  9. The Chipnotizer says:

    Oh! You are keeling me! Just when I theeenk I’ve seen the cutest thing in the world, someone sends something even cuter-like this cheesy hamster! He needs a tiny little Green Bay Packer Cheese Hat!!! And I just happen to have one!!! Queeeek!!! Send me that hammie!!! Right Now!!! I’m getting out some cheese!!! Send Hammie Now!!!

  10. This is one of the best C.O.X.C.U’s I think I’ve seen! You can see the tiny teeth bites in the cheese. And the FOOT in the first pic….I want to squuuuuuuiiiish!

  11. Yitzysmommie says:

    SQUEEEEEEEE#658,059,345!!! Who knew rodents could be SO QTE????

  12. I am keeled…
    from qteness…

  13. ah, the mini toothmarks, THE MINI TOOTHMARKS!!!

  14. oh my gawd!
    the feets! the feets!

  15. Omg, teeny bite marks! Anerable feeties! The roundness!!

  16. Ohmygoodness!! Soooo cuuuuuuute! I always love CO hammies, but this little guy is almost too much for me! 🙂 Totally made my morning — thanks!

  17. HAM & CHEESE!!!!

    (it was obvious, but it still had to be said.)

  18. If bears are “godless killing machines,” Mr. Colbert, then this little monster is “global thermonuclear war.” Additionally, you shall henceforth be known as Stephen Camembert. Seriously, I talked to Jon. He’s cool with it.

  19. Behold the power of even itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bit of cheese.

    BTW, I shall ‘splode now.

  20. I’m in awe! There is drool oozing from my mouth… That hammie- so, so cute- I think I’m gonn-


  21. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    The floofy paws and the poifect bite mark, too much, just too much. THUD!

  22. heidilynn says:

    Must be something about eating pleasure and foot action–my kids would knead their toes and twist their feet (and hands) while they were nursing, it was like a whole body event.

  23. Karen in Toronto says:

    The BEF increases exponentially with the introduction of cheese.

  24. Heart-shaped cheese. Nice.

  25. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    I can’t get over the wee hairy paws in the C.O.X.C.U..It’s just too much qte.. whataminute…there is no such thing!EEEEE!!!

  26. Ham-handed?

    Sorry…couldn’t resist.
    That is one comfy looking hammie!
    He looks like he’s clapping his paws in glee in the first picture; “Yay! Cheese for moi!”

  27. Darn, CB, ya beat me to it.

    This is one sweet handful of ham (and cheese).

  28. Courtney says:

    That hammie is clearly savoring his cheese. 🙂 So cute!!

  29. Okay, I was in love with the mousey yesterday – but now I am in love with happy hammy!!!! I get that excited about food too! Yeah Hammy!

  30. Are we expected to survive this? Too much cuteness!

  31. Did you ever see such teeny tiny bite marks. So cute!!! Itty bitty paws, just want to nibble them!

  32. Ponygirl says:

    I love the picture perfect bite marks! Slaying me slowly with his cheese.


    [says in Wallace voice]


  34. oh the little footies!!!!! i want a hammy!!!!!!!


  35. *squee* So cute.

    Side note: I gave my hamster cheese once, then she immediately went crazy and bit me about 6-7 times and ran off and started jumping around.

  36. Alice Shortcake says:

    Oh, those tiny bites – those tiny feet – I’m suffering from hamster withdrawal symptoms and I’ve never even owned one…

  37. Laugh.


  39. cheeeese, gromit! we’ll go somewhere where there’s cheeeeese!!!

  40. This might even outdo the famous World Peace Hammie!

  41. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWW!!!! The TEENINESS!!!! The FEETAGE!!!!

  42. fluidstatic says:

    OOH! *nawmnawmnawmnawm*
    finkuu. <3"

    It made me splode from teh cute.

  43. OMG – by far cutest thing I have EVA seen, those teeeny feets!

    *fell of chair*

    *reqire resuscitation*

  44. i love teeny-tiny nibble marks! ratties make them too, often on stuff you didn’t intend for them to chew on, but then, every time use that nice rubbery volume button on the remote, you think of your beloved little furry, squishy love lumps!

  45. Canaduck says:

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL. I’ve heard that cheese can cause heart attacks in hamsters, so if you must feed it to them, do so sparingly!

    Adorable picture, but I did have to say something!

  46. mais – what about ze tiny shiny white furs on his leetle fingers? zair are magnifi-que!

  47. Am I tempted to skip dinner at the fancy restaurant tonight in favor of a bit cheese with the hammie? Well NOW..Yes, yes I am.

  48. Oh the tiny-ness of it all! I LURVE the tiny teeth marks…LOVE THEM!

  49. The first picture is called “Praying for cheese”
    Hee hee.
    Sounds like the long awaited sequal to ‘Waiting for Godot”

  50. “Waiting for Gouda” is more like it!

  51. This public service brought to you by CB: making the obvious comments so you don’t have to.

    You’re welcome.

  52. Nice one CB!!!!!

  53. awwww… it’s like he’s saying grace before he partakes of his meal

    gawd is grreat,
    gawd is gooood,
    and i fank him for dis fooood… aaaaaammmen


  54. Jamela – LOL… very cute! C.O. is really breaking me down….I’m seriously considering getting a hammie, and that little ball that they roll around in. It will keep the cats busy for HOURS! And da hammie will be safe! It just makes me sad that they only live like 3 yrs. 😦

  55. I am ded.

    The hammie leeps keeled me.

  56. The shiny happy eyes too.

  57. CB – how dairy you!

  58. That’s a CUTE GRENADE.

    This site makes me want to own a rodent.

  59. Martha in Washington says:

    My son tried feeding some Kraft Singles Cheese to his hammies today. I don’t think they even recognized it as a food product. Maybe we should try some nice Muenster? Limburger? Roquetfort? (I just like saying funny cheese names.)

  60. Hey Aubrey, I am pun-deficient. Can you make up another clever pun about dairy products and pretend I said it to you?

  61. Fred, you might feel that you lack-tose qualities that make for a good punner, but I don’t think so. Just brie-the deeply and give it a try.

  62. Ypur confidence in me is very moo-ving

    I’m a beginner!! – that’s my excuse and I’m cheese-sticking to it.

    No doubt I’ll think of something brilliant in the car on the way home and by the time I get back to a computer on Monday, the moment will be gone.

  63. I love those little tocks spread out and all. Its to bad that he does not like the human chair, he has there. No not one bit comfy.

  64. Hamsters shouldn’t have cheese…

  65. well neither should they be CUTE GRENADES!
    but it’s TOO LATE!

    I wonder if they have Ex-Lax for rodents at PetSmart…

  66. Hélène says:

    Jamel, in this case, it’s “hamen”, not “amen”.


  67. I think that first photo would be a most excellent addition to the CO “YAY!” collage.

    It makes me squeak with joy!

  68. I loff his little excited ham paws in the first picture–I can just imagine him bouncing a little and clapping his paws together in anticipation of cheese!

  69. I’d like some cheese too. Don’t be greedy!!

  70. natalie q says:

    the lil chub!!! *steals him*

  71. Christie says:

    O.M.G. Those tiny bite marks are adorable!

  72. *dead*

    That is all.

  73. eeeeeeeeeeeeee!Eet ees so tii-

  74. Puffy Kat Girl says:

    *twinkly anime eyes, paws clasped together*
    Ohh, thaaaaaaank youuu!!!
    I luuuurve yoooou for evvva

  75. stop posting yourself naked hamster! this is ham-porn!