Let’s check in on Knut the polar bear

What better way to check out Knut the polar bear than the DALLAS THEME SONG and fabulous imagery?Check it:Kelly E., I agree, great editing.



  1. Oh dear LORD is that cute or WHAT?? Just look at the leetle bebeh yawning while getting brushed. Or the leetle tummeh while getting fed. I WANTS ONE!!! NOW!!!

  2. Knut is so anerable. I love his little pink tongue.

    BTW, expect nuffs to howl. An animal activist is criticizing the zoo for hand-raising him instead of letting “Nature take its course” and allowing Knut to die.

    My opinion: As polar bears are beginning to face extinction, it’s better to allow him to live in hopes of him contributing to his species’ population.

    You don’t see nuffs howling about people hand-raising leopard cubs, do you?

  3. oaklandcat says:

    I love his instinctive tongue-action while he’s getting brushed! My kittehs do that.

  4. Look at his paws when he’s getting fed, to cute!

  5. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Cute bear, over extended video, crap soundtrack.

  6. OMG! I want a baby polar bear!!! no fair!!

    he’s the cutest, sweetest little thing I’ve EVAR seen!

  7. I am a huge animal rights activist and i do not understand how they can say that beautiful creature is better off dead then in the loving arms of someone.

    Amazing how beautiful they are.

  8. absolutely amazing video, what a gorgeous creature. love the tongue when he’s getting brushed, and the paws when he’s eating. thank you so much for this.

  9. He’s a cute little tyke. It’s the perfect age to be able to play with a bear. A year from now you wouldn’t want to get too close to it.

    As far as that activist goes, why is he/she still alive? Don’t they realize that every breath they take is another breath of oxygen that another precious animal could be breathing?

  10. *cough* Global warming
    *cough* An Inconvenient Truth

    This adorable little fellow could be a perfect spokesbear for the whole species.

  11. OMG! the tongue! the cute little tongue action! and now, i am dead. coroner’s report: cute overload.

  12. THIS IS THE GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! Bless the internets! Thanks!

  13. Spookymuffins says:

    Oh My God…. I cant decide whats cuter – the fact that they called him ‘Knut’ or the ultra cool soundtrack.

  14. The tongue action during the brushing was my favorite too.

    Btw, the activist story is all over the news. Here’s the most recent article: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21422322-401,00.html

    So sad!

  15. Alice Shortcake says:

    I want Mr Dorflein’s job AND I’LL WORK FOR FREE!

  16. Can I have one for my very own? LOL

  17. No wai! I wanna polar bear!

  18. Knut made the Colbert Report! Not in a good way, the man has a thing about bears.

    I like the “This box is boring. Can I go play??” on teh scale. And teh yawns. And the everything!

    I want to pet him- see how that fur feels!

    *contented sigh of love*

  20. Boo hiss to those so-called animal rights activists. Doesn’t an animal have a right to live regardless of circumstance? We’d certainly never say, “oh, this child has been abandoned and is in an orphanage, he’d be better off dead so let’s kill him”!!

    I want to cuddle heem!

  21. the tongue! the paw pads! the ears!!!eeeEEEEEeep!!

  22. Yeah, that’s utter rubbish, the notion that it’s a violation of animal rights to hand-raise him. Whatever! That keeper has literally lived right there at the zoo since the little guy was born. He’s so dedicated, it gives me the warm-fuzzies just thinking about it.

    As for the video, I think it’d have been perfect with JUST the “Bare Necessities” song. The video clips from the first couple of songs could have replaced the stills at the very end. Good idea, though. Cuteness!

  23. I’d take him in a minute and work for free. I think it’s wonderful that his caretaker is there for him. It just made me sick when I read that he should die because his mother did. What a darling face he has. The clip on here is amazing. I love that he likes getting brushed. Knut is my wall paper on the computer. Cutest ever!

  24. Why not shoot all the animals in the zoo, they’re all fed by humans… I can’t imagine how distorted their minds work to say something like that. “It’s an animals right to be left by it’s mother to die”.
    BTW, I like them big polarbears as much as the small one. Big paws, lose and soft fur. To bad they are so predatory 😛

  25. Are you people trying to kill me?

    A bare-‘tocked barely-a-bear on a bearskin rug, with “Bare Necessities” in the background?

    Farewell, all. I am finished. But what a way to go.

  26. Rosalynde says:

    Holy God!!!! This may actually be THE cutest thing I’ve EVER seen.

  27. OMG You have kilt me.

    Kilt. There’s a thought. Knut in a kilt. No, that would be exploitive. And he’s perfect the way he is. He’s beyond perfect. He’s BLINDING.

  28. semanticantics says:

    Knut even made The Colbert Report last night. Colbert has a running joke about Bears being the #1 threat to America, that they are Godless killing machines. But he kept breaking down during the segment and doing baby talk and saying Knut is so cute. It was great.

    Would an “animal rights activist” suggest killing a baby tiger raised in captivity? I don’t think so. Polar bears are one of the biggest victims of global warming, we should keep all of them we can, at least until they rise up as the Godless killing machines that they are.

    I saw a show on Discovery where a Polar Bear pulled one of those smaller whales (Beluga?) out of the ocean and ate it. Crazy.

  29. MamaDawn says:

    Don’t forget he’s a mighty cute addition to the gene pool (all ’nuffs outa da pool please)!

  30. Margaret says:

    Great. Now I have that song stuck in my head.

  31. What is unnatural is seeing something that small and helpless and deciding it would be better off dead.

  32. Waah! My posting got lost!

    Anyways, this has kilt me. I am dead. I could only be revived by a snorgle from Knut. He is *blinding.*

  33. No one is going to kill Knut. So this one random self-proclaimed “expert” with no influence whatsoever randomly mentions that he’s better of dead, and suddenly it’s all over the news and everyone panics. No one was ever seriously considering killing that guy. Honest. Don’t read German tabloids.

  34. I know it goes without saying but…,

    That baby polar bear is cute.


  35. If I was the foster parent of that baybee poli bear there’s no way I would ever be putting him back in his lil sleeping box – he would stay wif me all the time and swipe at me lovingly wif the big pawsies!

  36. I can’t say the activists calling for Knut’s death are necessarily “correct,” but they make a valid point: how is it fair to the animal or its mother that it is kept alive merely for our own selfishness — because we think it’s “cute?” Polar bears may be slowly dying off because of man’s recklessness, but we will ultimately suffer the same consequences — in the meantime, I agree that it’s wrong to exploit wild animals for our own benefit.

    A previous commenter asked whether you would treat a human baby the same way? I think that’s misleading… more to form to ask, if a human baby were abandoned, would you rather that it be left to die, or raised by polar bears? Would you still think it was “cute” when it savagely devoured a doe-eyed harp seal?

    Just trying to add something to the CuteDialectic, is all.

  37. Uncommon American — interesting points, but completely irrelevant. These are zoo bears we’re talking about. Therefore, by definition, they have human stewards. The bears’ lives are in their hands; it’s the way zoos work.

    If you’re attempting to argue whether or not zoos have a place in the world, well, good luck & bon voyage, ’cause *I’m* not going there.

  38. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I was brought up by rats and I am ,squeek squeek ok. Washes whiskers with back of hand eep.

  39. tie-tie toungue-yawn? check
    bulgy din-din tum-tum? check
    twitchy din-din paw-flapping action? check
    checking out own digital weight measurement? check
    squabbling rellies? check
    lifetime of celebrity? oooooh yeahhhhhh

  40. I don’t think the zoo every had any intention of destroying this bebeh– all blown out of proportion by the press.
    But I don’t think the argument has merit. Zoos and domenstication are facts of our lives. So we are responsible for those animals. If some zoos are bad places, the argument doesn’t follow that all zoos should be as bad as the bad ones. The argument should be that bad zoos need to improve. There is no good argument that a healthy young animal who seems to be thriving without his bear-mom should be destroyed.

  41. AuntieMame says:

    For our own benefit, yes, UA. That’s why crappy little zoos with crappy little exhibits that are nothing like the animals’ natural habitat are…crap.

    But especially in cases where the animal is endangered in the wild, I think it is necessary to preserve as many of the animals as necessary, yes, even in zoos. For the (unlikely) day that we figure out how to make sure the animals don’t go extinct.

    (I’m not sure what a baby raised by polar bears and devouring a harp seal has to do with anything, though…)

    Knut is adorable, and for the record, Herr Dorflein ain’t bad himself.

  42. I say we use Knut to start a race of domesticated polar bears. They’d be like big fuzzy bean-bag chairs. Yay!

  43. Dale-Harriet in WI says:

    Herr Dorflein – it’s a mitzvah! Knut is everything everyone else has said, prosh and anerable and darling and On Behalf of the World – THANK YOU! Knut WILL be able to fit in when he’s bigger. We got two bebeh Pol-i-ar bears some years ago and I got to rub ’em (through the bars). When he’s established, Knut will gain 5 lbs a day and become a Just Fine Big Bear. Believe me, he’s not going to be “tame”, and the tummy rubs will have to stop. But for now – Danke, Herr Dorflein; merci, innernet; Hooray for Knut!!

  44. So adorable! He’s obviously not too keen on weighing or dental exams though :P.

  45. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh, his PAWS! Yes, I saw the claws…but the pawing while eating slayed me.

  46. Oh the pawsitude! Oh the squirmy-ness as he’s glugging his milk!

  47. All animals are putty in the hand when a brush is applied…at least while small.

  48. knut takes my breath away.

    deep breath. i’m an animal rights activist, and i do agree there are times euthanasia is the most compassionate thing we can offer an animal. but knut? he was abandoned by his mother likely due to the stress of living in an unnatural environment. so it’s the humans-who-put-him-there’s responsibility to pick up the slack. i have no doubts he’ll grow up to want to eat Canadian children. just like his wild cousins 🙂 Phew.

    goes back to not breathing at awe of cuteness, and with jealousy of those able to snorgle someone who would normally eat me.

  49. Seriously… where do I sign up to be a Baby Polar Bear Groomer??

  50. Probably the most appealing baby I have EVER seen.
    I hope we humans can get our act together so these magnificent animals can prosper.
    Beautiful video!

  51. tempest67 says:

    ua — since when do humans *not* savagely devour seals? and everything else? we’re animals, too — and our animal instincts tell us to hug the fuzzy-wuzzy-cuddly-luvvy-poo sweetikins-little-bear! he’s such a sweetie-pateetie pie! oops, lost my train of thought…

  52. First: About those who say that Knut is being raised solely for human amusement, bear in mind that modern zoos are *vastly* different places than those of even 30 years ago. The best function more as wildlife preservation houses who just happen to allow humans to view their good works on behalf of the whole animal kingdom than the cruel spectacles of yesteryear. They now have habitats which very closely mirror their natural ones and the concept of bars and fences are no longer even mentioned.

    As for Knut himself, my gawd what a cutie. I don’t think I’ve seen even a cat get such a look of satisfaction from a fur rub lol. Knut’s handler is an incredibly lucky fella.

  53. OMG Tempest, I can’t BELIEVE you misspelled “patootie”!

  54. Hey, Uncommon American. I’ve been reading your comic. Hilarious! Thanks.

  55. As polar bears are beginning to face extinction, it’s better to allow him to live in hopes of him contributing to his species’ population.

    Polar bears aren’t facing extinction at all – their numbers are increasing.

  56. If so many of you think it’s so important for us to keep him alive for the benefit of his own species, why do all the comments here seem to end in “-zy” and “-pie” and “-poo?” Where are the comments such as “My, what a fine addition to the Ursus Maritimus gene pool?”

    We screw up their habitat so we have to put them in artificial environment where, regardless of the quality of the zoo, you still need bars to keep them in there, then they abandon their offspring because they’re so stressed, and we raise the offspring ourselves in hopes they can continue in their mother’s footsteps. It’s not going to get better this way. I don’t think humankind deserves to enjoy Knut’s cuteosity. We already killed him. Now he’s just a stuffed toy.

  57. My, what a fine addition to the Ursus Maritimus gene pool!

    Shame about those Homo Sapiens, though.

  58. You can’t disregard someone’s argument just because they think the bear is cute. That’s unrelated. And for the record, it is super cute.

    My question is, why should we kill him? The burden falls on those who would kill a perfectly healthy little cub. I can see why some people doubt various arguments for keeping him alive, but last I checked, killing wasn’t the default decision in ethically unclear areas.

    Who said the polar bear population is increasing? They’re significantly endangered even if that is true; which it’s not last I checked.

    The idea that he’s only a shallow husk of a bear is speculation on the part of those who have no contact with him. Until I see evidence that he seems to want to die, I just can’t understand this call to kill him.



    *I die*

  60. >> If so many of you think it’s so important for us to keep him alive for the benefit of his own species, why do all the comments here seem to end in “-zy” and “-pie” and “-poo?” Where are the comments such as “My, what a fine addition to the Ursus Maritimus gene pool?”


    This is **CUTE OVERLOAD**!

    you want debate? Go to DailyKos or freerepublic.

  61. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying how cute a bear cub is! We can, after reasoned thought, believe that we have a responsibility to care for animals born in captivity and still think they’re adorable. This isn’t the forum for arguing for or against zoos – they’re a fact of the world we live in and now one man is devoting his time to ensuring the survival of one member of an endangered species. At least he’s doing something.

  62. I don’t want to kill him and I don’t think he should be killed. I just think we should ask ourselves if we kept him alive in the first place for his own benefit, or our’s.

    And that people think he is cute does enter into the argument — it’s the only thing keeping him alive. His cuteitiousness has brought more attention to the Berlin Zoo than they could have gotten otherwise. If he looked like the crypt keeper, we’d be BEGGING them to put him down.

    Polar bears live in the arctic. This is a teddy bear, or at best, a circus bear.

  63. AuntieMame says:

    UA, the Berlin Zoo is full of ugly animals, too. I don’t hear anybody begging to have them put down. Your arguments are specious.

  64. Your FACE is specious!

  65. Hmm, if I simplify this argument to the side of “Zoos Bad”, I come up with: Humans should be able to live wherever and however we can. If we destroy habitats, migratory patterns and ecological cycles, then tough luck for the creatures who have no such control over the environment. Let’s kill them all and not try to provide safe havens and refuge for the continuation of species.

    All animals deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. Perhaps our zoos and other sanctuaries need to continue upgrading facilities, but they serve a greater need than entertainment. Education, awareness and advocacy are the roles they need to play in our current society.

  66. UA, even if the primary reason that Knut was kept alive was for human benefit, he is still deriving substantial benefit from the decision. And I don’t think you’re giving his caretakers enough credit if you think that they see him simply as a drawcard. People don’t spend years of their lives and vast sums of money studying animals if they don’t care deeply for their welfare. And NOT just cute animals – there are people trying to save specific breeds of insect and though they tend not to make the pages of cuteoverload, they remain vital to our planet.

  67. UA – Methinks “Uncommon” may mean, endangered, in your case at least. So, you and Knut have something in common. But that’s about where the likeness stops.

  68. Thanks for putting this up today – that cutie pie is worth it. BTW: Did anyone notice his foster father has a fur face too?!? 😉

  69. I LOVE it.

    But that paw action is kneading–done to stimulate milk flow in the mother. The baby would be more comfortable if Daddy would feed it in a posture that would allow it to lie down and knead on something with its paws. He was slipping off the daddy’s lap because the posture wasn’t comfortable for nursing. Of course, that could have just been done on this particular occasion to enable the camera to get adorable baby pictures.

    BTW, the animals that bears are most closely related to are dogs. It is obvious, isn’t it, that Knut is a puppy?

  70. Great…my biological clock just started up again. Thought I’d taken the batteries out of that thing. But who’s a cute polar bear? Yes, he is!

  71. That Herr Doerflein is the luckiest bastard on the planet. And I love how Knut has pics of the fam up in his box. The adorability of baby bears is astonishing to me.

  72. If you love animals and want to protect their habitats, then you need to start killing humans because there’s already more than the planet can support without our encroaching somewhere. The zoos just relieve our cognitive dissonance over what we do to the planet. We destroy whole ecosystems, then put whatever’s left in a tank and call ourselves good people. If you’re committed to driving that Escalade XL and eating monocultured corn, at least let the animals die with their dignity left.

    Oh, and pyrit, you nailed it. I’m really just jealous of Knut because he’s such a cutie and I’m a big ugmo. I take my latent hostility out on Cute Overload visitors.

  73. this little guy is so cute! it is a shame some people want to put him down, because his mama doent want nothing to do with him. i say let him live!

  74. UA – RE: too many people. I can’t say I disagree, although while I can’t condone killing all of us off, I do wish we would be aware of how are choices affect the planet. The population is booming and we are not being responsible stewards of our world. Everyone wants big houses in pretty places (at least in the States), thereby destroying the pretty place they wanted to live in. From paving over the water table in the Great Lakes region to bulldozing great swaths of desert in the Southwest, we are disrupting ecosystems to our own peril.

    When we can figure out a way to get people to understand, care and take action, then we and the wild animals may have some hope. And let’s all try to do it without resorting to ugliness.

  75. uncommon american, you rock, and i love your attitude. but despite your petratude, i have to disagree with your pessimism re zoos. don’t most animals live longer in them? isn’t it less stressful for most animals to not be flea-bitten, chased by predators, and hounded by starvation? isn’t it anthropomorphic silliness to impose our notions of “dignity,” “humiliation,” etc. on them?

    as far as your general critique of diminishing wildness in the world — i tend to agree with you. but i also think that valorizing “nature” is a bit pie-eyed — and, frankly, unnatural. lotta suffering goes on there.

    well, this unreferenced superficial paragraph should clear up any disagreements on that score, so let’s get back to teh cute!! xoxoxoxoxo

    p.s. to theo — i did not misspell patootie — my version is just “ee”-ier than usual.

  76. UA – I think the polar bear’s chances for survival are better than yours. And, on behalf of our concern for polar bears, and all life on Earth, that is encouraging.

  77. Eeeeeasy there, Pyrit… UA’s got some tongue-in-cheek going on, no worries…

  78. Yay, it’s Knut again!!!

    Uncommon American – where were you when a certain “designer” breed of cat was introduced at a time when so many shelter animals are being euthanized? (If you really are an animal-rights activist, you’ll know which one I’m referring to.) There are so many animals being kept as pets illegaly. You think making efforts to raise an abandoned polar bear cub in as natural an environment as possible is cruel, but creating a whole new designer breed of cats to satisfy stupid people’s whims isn’t?

    I’m sure the zoo is doing a much better job than most people would care to, or be capable of. Have some faith in them.

  79. Tempest67, you’re not going to like this analogy, but it is apt. You said:

    “don’t most animals live longer in [zoos]? isn’t it less stressful for most animals to not be flea-bitten, chased by predators, and hounded by starvation?”

    150 years ago, people said the same thing about West African slaves kept on southern plantations in the US. They said “aren’t they better off than in the savagery of the jungle? We feed them and clothe them…they should be HAPPY!” Then thousands of well-to-do southern ladies were shocked when their trusted servants disappeared en masse after the Emancipation Proclamation.

    Polar bears are best off living as polar bears. It’s not up to us to decide what is “best” for them in the long run. Freedom at its worst is always better than slavery at its best (unless they forced me to breed in captivity with the entire Victoria’s Secret team. That would be slightly better than what I do now — breed with the entire Sports Illustrated Swimsuit team.)

  80. Behold the power of cheese.

    And by “cheese” I mean the power of internet forums to spin threads out of control.

  81. Subhangi: uh….are you talking about the Toyger? You assume that because I didn’t comment on that thread I support the creation of the Toyger? By that logic I also support euthanisation for human babies born on months that end in “Y” just because I didn’t comment on the subject. Well, I DO support that. Your logic is bulletproof.

  82. … sorry, I was a bit rude. But my point is, lets be grateful to the folks who are keeping him alive. Who’s to say he doesn’t have a chance when he returns to the wild?

  83. “Baaack to life, back to real-ay-day…”

  84. lauowolf says:

    A slightly unruly crowd here today at this week’s meeting of the Knut the Polar Cub Fan Club.
    Following today’s debate: Is it better to kill the cub or just some random humans, we will continue with the regular “Awwwwwww the Cutie” portion of the meeting, to be followed by puddin out by the gene pool for all.

  85. Martha in Washington says:

    The Bare Necessities-A warm lap, a nice hair-brushing, a bottle o’milk, a snuggly pup and pictures of Mom on your bedroom wall…what else could he possible need?

    Oh, and is it wrong to now want a *live* bear skin rug?

  86. Theo – Thanks, can I have a kitteh to huff now? I needs one.

    UA – I think Theo is being generous to you. Do not take advantage of it.

  87. UA – Yes, the toygers. I wasn’t talking about the post, I was talking about them in general, and thought it odd that you didn’t talk about them, given your opinion on Knut. But I’ll drop the subject now – I’ve had enough offence being taken and slathered in sarcasm for today.

  88. Pamela E. Hodgkins says:

    Talk about warm & fuzzy, he’s beautiful!!
    How could any person on this earth put that adorable little bear down; I think the zoo is doing a terrific job… yeah for Knut!!

  89. It’s a shame that there are so many preachers in the world.
    Herr Dorflein clearly loves that bear cub. I have to watch the video again now so I can clear my mind of all the preaching.

  90. i can think of worse things that could could happen to a little polar bear,he looks happy enough. Can i have one????pleeeaaase?

  91. Knut is alive, his tummy is full, he’s loved and that made my day better. That’s all I haveta say.

  92. It is hard to believe that animal activists should even suggest that Knut be left to die. It is sad enough that his brother didn’t make it. He will make wonderfull addition to some zoo where he can be studied so we can learn more about his species.

  93. Golden – wise words. Let’s all squee at cute baby Knut as much as possible before he grows up and becomes the fearsome Arctic predator …

    It’s midnight, I’m up late and I’m on Cute Overload. I’m Teh Brainfrizz.

  94. Let him die?that’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard, i don’t understand the thinking behind it.It’s because of humains that there are so few of these animals left in the first place, so why is it so wrong for a humain to contribute to its survival? Never satisfied these activists!!!

  95. Patricia says:

    Anyone who has ever been around an animal or human who is dying would know there is no such thing as dying with dignity, there is only death. That thought is both stupid and dangerous, and speaks of someone one trying to make death sound more palatable.

    If we stopped doing all the horrible stuff we do to the enviroment today it would not bounce back tomorrow. What do we do with the species that would go extinct while we wait for the enviroment to start getting better? Let them die? What if then we don’t have enough of the right species to get the ecosystems going again? We do need to get our over producting over consuming populations to wake up and realize we are doing and what we need to start doing. On that note however I have always thought that animal rights fanatics (not activists or people who care about animals but full blow fanatics) are fanatics because they are unable to form bonds and relationsips with other humans. This however does not give them insight into the animal mind, or for that fact make them right. Being so blinded to other points of view by your fanatisim, may be justified in your view, but it still makes you blind.

  96. I can’t fight the mob (of awwwwws) but I don’t think it’s off-topic or “out of control” to be discussing the Ethics of Knut.

    Nevertheless, I’ll step aside and leave more comment space for the “pawsitude” crowd and the “bear’tocks” people. I’m sure it’s more important to restate the obvious using clever spelling errors than whatever it is I’m doing.

  97. Well, Knut’s ears may be burning from all the discussion, but they are still completely chompable!!!

  98. Jeez, UA. More than one person disagrees with you and now we’re an irrational ‘mob’? Gotcha.

  99. tempest67 says:

    UA, i think your analogy is well-put (especially when you look at the history of zoos in the west — first ones often had “natives” going about their “daily business” in little displays, as well as animals!), but basically off the mark — animals simply don’t have the same conception of “dignified life” that we do. (at least the squirrel that bangs on my door in the morning for nuts if i forget to put them out doesn’t seem to.) i agree with you about slavery vs. freedom — for human beings.

  100. Cheryl: you weren’t irrational. I thought it was a good discussion, but I’ve been on enough message boards to know when the tide is turning, and my snappy opinions become a nuisance to the majority. Better to leave before someone actually gets pissed.

    Maybe we’ll pick up the discussion at the next Knut posting.

  101. Let him die?that’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard, i don’t understand the thinking behind it.It’s because of humains that there are so few of these animals left in the first place, so why is it so wrong for a humain to contribute to its survival? Never satisfied these activists!!!

  102. I can’t remember, which is the lowest form of humor? Is it sarcasm? (Gasp – no don’t, don’t tell me it’s…puns!)
    I need a Bear aspirin. And a glass of Cabearnet.

  103. not sure if that was for me?i’ve just re-read myself and realised that it could be seen as sarcasm.oops.not my intention at all! i was quite serious.

  104. Tiredangrykitten says:

    I thought his show was called Knut’s Landing!

  105. Another Angela says:

    Knut is sweet (now) and won’t likely contribute one iota to our understanding of polar bears because of his artificial situation, but my feeling is that any individual, whether animal or person, baby or death-bed resident, that brings out feelings of love and compassion in humans, or makes one more person aware of the beauty of our planet and how much we have to lose by raping it, is worthy of life.

  106. [drops in to check the bearometric pressure]
    Pyrit — huffs are here:

    UA — re: “snappy opinions” — OK, if you say so. FYI, though, I can’t hear that word without thinking of Fred Rogers (singing the “We’ll Start the Day Tomorrow” song).

    And, bit of advice, you can save yourself some sanity by NOT counting on us to be terribly rational here. It’s called “Cute Overload” fer crysakes. Reason & logic aren’t in the charter.

    (…which, to be perfectly frank, I think you understand quite well.)

  107. Another Angela — I really like the word “iota”. Gold star for you, Greek style!

  108. Since no one else did mention it (how couldn’t you), Knut has his very own blog:


  109. Sons — good link.
    Here’s the Google auto-translated version, which is fun to read not only for the Knus (that’d be “Knut news”) but also the stilted awkward robot English…

  110. The PAWZ!!!

    Poor Herr D — how sad is he going to be when he has to quit taking care of Knut? Weeks and months of all the cuuute fuzzy wuzzy feeding and brushing but Knut will eventually be too big for that. You can’t snorgle a Godless killing machine. He’s going to miss that.

  111. jess – No, my quip about sarcasm was not aimed at you, at all. You are fine. So very fine.

  112. I love Knut’s blog! ‘specially the nonsensical translations.

  113. The bear is adorable and his foster father is so gentle and loving. That little bear seems very happy to be alive so to whoever is boo hooing about it being better off dead is just A__ _____!!! Maybe they would be better off that way too. So shut the _ _ _ _ up. That bear and his care taker are doing wonderfully.

  114. Here’s the link to the Colbert report video: http://www.comedycentral.com/motherload/index.jhtml?ml_video=84023

    I thought of C.O. immediately when I saw it; I’m glad the bear got posted. 🙂

  115. Here’s an article about a lioness in the Serengeti who adopts antelope babies of her own accord:


    (Hopefully things will turn out better for Knut than they did for her first antelope cub, but male lions will be…male lions, I guess.)

    But my point is that the “animal rights” activists who think that Knut shouldn’t be fostered by humans should head out right now to kill our Serengeti Lioness. Cross-species adoption is nothing new (although it is, apparently, exceptionally cute). But I’ve found that extreme a.r. activists often apply a different standard to humans than they do to other animals, forgetting that, in the end, we are all animals, with our attendant instincts.

  116. OMG that article is so sad. This is not a cute story about interpecies adoption out of necessity–this is a lioness who effectively kidnaps these behbeh oryxes, apparently before they are weaned, when she has the means to neither protect nor feed them. :*( I wonder what’s wrong with her, if she lost one of her own cubs or something, that prompts this behaviour.

  117. Arvay: That is your interpretation, not that of the actual conservationists involved.

    Add that disclaimer, next time.

  118. UA – I sincerely doubt that someone in the Berlin Zoo decided that Knut should be kept alive simply because he was cute. I’m pretty sure that I can say with great confidence that not a single person on this site would demand an animal be killed simply because it was ugly. Yes, the Berlin Zoo will reap the benefits of all the attention. But you couldn’t even really make the argument that they’re keeping him alive for the money, because the zoo’s already a top attraction in Berlin. I think it’s safe to say that the zoo was just looking out for what’s best for the baby bear…

    That being said, Knut the ‘Eisbaerbaby” is ADORABLE. I needed some cheering up (heinous week!) and this certainly did the trick.
    (I hope my explosion over the cute doesn’t discount my earlier remarks…)

  119. i am sad. i can’t even finish watching.

  120. smokeyJoe says:

    we watched grizzly man last night, now that is interfering with nature!

    i hate that we have to imprison rare animals. i hate zoos. killing knut at this point is absurd.

    i’m not sure what difference we can make at this point unless humans begin to make some serious sacrifices.

  121. knut need to be a live! just because his mom didn’t want him does not mean he need to be dead. he been giving other chances to be a live! thanks to the zoo!

  122. Knut is alive, his tummy is full, he’s loved and that made my day better. That’s all I haveta say.
    Posted by: Golden | Mar 21, 2007 at 11:15 AM

    Me too, Golden, me too.

  123. Another Angela says:

    S.R., as a biologist, I don’t think Arvay was making a huge leap from that story to her wondering aloud why the lioness would display such strange behavior. I doubt you’ll begin seeing disclaimers on every commenter’s opinions here 😉

    SmokeyJoe, please don’t start the Grizzly Man commentroversy here!! ack.

  124. This is very weird but, My father’s name is Knut. My Grandmother’s name is Tosca. They are from Berlin. Knut live/love on

  125. The brush ‘n yawn action is tooo moishe!!!!

  126. AliceTanzer says:

    I really like Steven Colbert’s “ZOMG! His eyes look like buttons!”

  127. did i meantion i can. not. take. it. anymore!!! the fuzzy ears, the can’t. quite. get. up. ah, i admit defeat.

  128. clarissa says:

    Rumors about Knut’s certain death have been greatly exaggerated.

    The whole issue has been blown out of proportion by the biggest German yellow-press rag (BILD) and was then picket up by a crapload of people.

    As far as I can tell the animal activist who proposed that Knut should be killed was trying make a statement about a similar case where a bear cub was abandoned by its mother in a zoo in Leipzig and the cub was killed because the director of that zoo argued that it wouldn’t be ethical to let humans raise a bear…

    So, this is more of a “WTF Leipzig Zoo?” than a “kill the baby-bear now!” situation.

    For those of you who read German:

  129. fawn lust says:

    aww, his eyes really do look like buttons! cutie.

    i think somebody already mentioned this, but his handler should really hold him so knut can knead while he’s nursing. although i imagine those godless killing-machine claws are sort of prickly.

  130. buttercup says:

    OMG! I need to rub this little bears tum-a-tums and kiss its little face. I can’t stand it. That fat little tummy! OMG.

  131. I foresee this hitting Fandom Wank in 1…2…3…

  132. I don’t know if the issue is as simple as everyone says it is. True, we should allow nature to take it’s course, BUT if we had done that in the first place then the polar bears would have a place to live and wouldn’t NEED to be hand-raised. But then again, he wouldn’t be able to survive on his own afterwards. It’s so hard to tell at this point if we’re helping or hurting…so much damage has already been done.

  133. GUYS at work are squealing that Knut is so cute. Behold the power of Knut.

  134. i am another guy who is squealing over the cuteness of Knut.

    to all the nuffs, i must quote the immortal words of the dead kennedys: http://preview.tinyurl.com/ahplp .

  135. I’m not sure if I see the controversy here.

    It’s a baby. An abandoned baby. What do you do with an abandoned baby? You take care of it.

    If we want to look at it the other way – feral children raised by dogs or wolves – would you argue the child would be better off starving or freezing to death rather than kept alive by an animal family? I don’t think I would.

    And even then the analogy isn’t right, because a dog just doesn’t have the training a handler does. I’m sure the zoo knows what it’s doing.

  136. darkshines says:

    Polar bears are an endangered secies. Keeping Knut alive is important for breeding and conservation. It doesn’t matter if he is tame or not, he can still make babies with other polar bears when he is old enough to. Killing off a healthy specimen is madness!

  137. Uncommon American, I prefer an animal alive ANY day! Here in Denmark, we have a TV program, who bought an infant tiger on the black market, and smuggled him to Denmark, where they then let the authorities have him. He now safely resides in Knuthenborg Safari park with other tigers, and he is healthy again after a long period of suffering from Salmonella. (and on that note I am pleased to add, that I am his Godmother) So many animals outside the zoos are stolen from their mothers, raised in horrible conditions, and then killed for their skin, organs and bones to be sold as “religious medicine”.

    I don’t think its so horrible that they try and save Knuts life. They don’t do it for the sake of cuteness (though the video had me squealing), but for the sake of saving his life, preserving the species, and trying to help what animal life there is on the planet. Its not the first time I’ve seen this either. They ran a documentary some time ago of a baby polarbear in Japan, who’s mother didn’t die, but abandoned her. Her caretaker took her in, raising her in her apartment and having to get up at the most ghastly hours of the night to feed and clean her. I think its a wonderful job that people make such an effort, because its not as easy as it seems, and its a big sacrifice on their part to help with it.

    Love the video, love the content, love the music, and LOVE for Knut and his caretaker. *thumbs up*

  138. Jean Walsh says:

    I hope Knut likes Maitland, Florida when he comes to live with me. He’s the cutest thing ever!!! Many kisses and hugs for him.

  139. OMG that is so adorable!!
    That is the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard on a YouTube video! Awesome!!

  140. If that’s not the best little tummy ever! I can’t help it, I’m addicted to cute bellies 🙂

  141. Is it possible to die of cuteness? ‘cuz I am =)

  142. omfg! polar bears are my faves animal ever! and usually i don’t think baby versions of animals are that cute (except kittens), but i sooo want a babeh pb now! so i could brush him while he sprawls on my lap *swoon*

  143. Knut you are a miracle in this world .Thanks Mr.Thomas Doerflein for bringing us this pleasure to watch this cute bear.Mother Nature will bless you.

  144. maybe if the mother was raising her infant in a wild, natural environment–she would not have turned her back on him..Also like the national symbolic animal of germany is the bear!!!

  145. That isn’t the Dallas theme song is it? It must be The Flying Doctors! Right?

  146. The song is – The Bare Necessities by Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman.

    I love the dixieland jazz

  147. Spikedcolor says:

    Just wondering if all the people objecting to killing an animal “not just because it’s cute, but because killing animals is bad” are vegetarians and refuse to wear leather.

    Just something to think about…

  148. Knut should have a puppy sibling to keep him company. Can you imagine how cute it would be to see him and a yellow lab play? Until he got too big…

  149. Oh my god, the belly rubs!

  150. And the tox!

  151. He’s sooo cute.