All his songs are in ‘F’

[Ferret voice] Let me show you the right key, Little lady.

Like this [strummm!]


Rock and roll, Susan S. Rockin’.



  1. Rock on Bruce Ferretsteen!

  2. I’ve got a ferret sticking up my nose.
    He’s got a ferret sticking up his nose.
    How it got there I can’t tell,
    but now it’s there it hurts like hell,
    And what is more it radically affects
    my sense of smell.His sense of smell.

  3. caerulius says:

    Yeah, my cat likes the guitar, too. When my BF plays, she comes and sits near him, and when he puts the guitar down, she tries to climb inside. Except she is a full-grown Maine Coon, so she is ginormous, and couldn’t fit her head in even if the strings weren’t in the way.

  4. OMG! Ferrets-N-Fretboards™!

  5. In ferret Dana Carvey voice:

    She’s choppin’ broccoli
    Choppin’ broccoli, choppin’ broccoli,
    She’s choooopin’ broccoli!

  6. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    I’m on ur floor, strummin’ ur guitar.

  7. OMG, we can hook him up with Nora the Piano Cat– then all we need to find is a drumming puppy, and a bass-playing hedgehog!!!

  8. zeldapie says:

    He’s a folk singer, I can tell. He needs a leetle black beret.
    Meester Ferret:
    Lay down your head Tom Dooley
    Laydown your head an’ cry!

  9. “nooooobody knoooows the trouble i’ve seeen…”

  10. Theresa, sure the hedgehog shouldn’t be the drummer? He could get that nice brush effect going…

  11. Where’s the hat where I throw some money in?

  12. “Ferret voice”? Pray, elaborate…?

  13. Gaaah! They are TOO CUTE!!!!!

  14. tempest67 says:

    w00t — Illinois ferretz representin’ with teh cute!! take that, coastal peeps!!!

  15. I’m reminded of a song by the Dead Milkmen –
    Hey kitten, whatcha doing?
    Wanna play the guitar.

    You say “What’s that sound,
    coming out of the hole in the wood?”

    You say “What’s that sound,
    coming out of the hole in the wood?”

    It’s the guitar!

  16. andrea l nash says:

    That so reminds me of my daughter’s tiny Fer-Fer..I have a picture of her peeking out from behind the strings. In fact, I believe I read in “Modern Ferret” that that’s a pretty common category of picture.

    It also reminds me of the Kliban folk-singin’cat:

    “Love to eat them mousies;
    Mousies what I love to eat.
    Love to bite they heads off.
    Love to nibble on they tiny feet.”

  17. I bet that ferret’s trying to find a way past the strings and into the sweet smelling comfy innards of the guitar. “let’s see here, my tubular body would certainly curve nicely in this contraption. Now if only I can bend these strings a little and squeeeeze in thar.”

  18. I’ll give your love a cherry.
    [shakes little ferret fist threateningly]

  19. andrea:
    omg I had that poster!

  20. Andrea Nash – OH MY GAWWWD!!!

    Freaking awesome reference! My mom had that song on an apron with the Kliban cat strummin’ and singin’ away. She used to dance around the kitchen singing it for me with her own bluesy melody to it.

  21. Lori – “ferret voice” I would suppose would be something in a medium to high range, but not squeaky. And being from the U of I, without Dana Carvey’s fake British accent.

  22. Illini Ferret! Now we have someone “acceptable” to war dance at half-time!

  23. I got those dookin’ blues…

  24. Deb M – I say we dress him up in the Chief outfit…at the very least the headdress. 😛

  25. First!
    A ferret and its cute pet. Thats the ticket.

    [EDIT — Twenty-fifth, actually.]

  26. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Bryan Ferret and Roxy music.

  27. AAAAAIIII! My all-time favorite critter!! *sigh* Now I’m missing my eight carpet-sharks again…

    *does the Weasel Dance* Dook dook! 🙂


  28. I was just skimming, and saw someone suggesting the “Chief” outfit. I hadn’t got the whole Illini reference, and my train of thought went– “and the Motorcycle Cop and the Cowboy, and the Construction Worker . . . Ladies and Gentlemen, the Village Weasels!”

  29. This reminds me of my sister’s cat who likes to play the piano.

    DKN, I bet you’re right. Ferret is trying to plot how he can squeeeeeze past those strings to get inside that nice dark cave.

    Either that, or simply wondering, “Where’s that sound coming from?”

  30. Ferret proof (HA!!) chains on the hutch? Nice attempt though.

  31. heh…Village Weasels…

    Let’s go to the S-P-C-A

  32. Evangeline says:

    Does anyone else think that ferrets are not cute?

  33. Verrrry cute. Now let me check on the ferret.

  34. Hey, me too! Teach me too, lil’ dude!

  35. Laurie C says:

    Ferretpants is all “Who put this fence up over such a nice hidey-hole?”

  36. BrianMPLS says:

    I want a ferret. And a home capable of holding a ferret.

    Hey here’s a thought: to balance Cats ‘n’ Racks(tm), you could have Ferrets ‘n’ Slacks!

    To Lone and JTE: Heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  37. andrea l nash says:

    Am I your mother? Well,no; I guess you’d know your mother’s name. Wierd coincidence, though.

  38. andrea – i forgot all about that cat and his song! my brother had him on a beach towel. i bet my mom still has it somewhere.

    hooray for musical aminals.

  39. gaah! just got home from a truly crappy day teaching elementary-school music, and what do i see? a guitar-playin’ ferret! that’s what the preK kids look like when I let them strum the guitar (but i think the ferret’s a teensy bit cuter.)

  40. This could only be more awesome if the ferret were holding a little, ferret-sized guitar!

  41. chelonianmobile says:


    Well, I read a story somewhere on the net which features a lute-playing weasel. Guess a guitar-playing ferret is pretty close.

  42. Andrea you’re not my mom but you seem just as cool as my mom 🙂

    Anner – *jealous* i want a kliban cat beach towel!

    And yes let’s hear it for musical animals! Maybe this should be a new category…Theo? Arguably this could also be rule #6 (mimicking humans) but the whole musical element makes it more special, imo.

  43. RevWaldo says:

    Ferret: “Get away from my house!!”

  44. RevWaldo says:

    Ferret (inside guitar): “I can barely move…it’s perfect!!”

  45. The ferret’s cute… but my fave thing about the pic is def. the Illinois sweatshirt! Goooo Illini!

  46. Meg, I love how so many of the critters you post are smoooove-talkin’ ladies men. Or French. Or both.

    …I need to learn to play guitar. And get a fewwit.

  47. Cute ferret.

    Cute chick.

  48. ooh, is that Liz Phair-et??

  49. Chick? Where? Dang it, I bet that girl’s in the way…

    (yeah har har)

  50. omg…. hey, anyone remember the book by Beverly Cleary: “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” ?? good ol’ Ralph….
    and did anyone read the name of the pic? “ferret elvis…” hehehe

  51. Rachel – that is a total riot! Thanks for sharing!

  52. sinecurea says:

    Cute girl 🙂

  53. andrea l nash says:

    YES! YES! YES!
    This what ferrets are all about – Thank goodness someone got it on video…we were always having too much fun watching to go get the camera! They’re great kissers, too, if you can stand their soft tickley little noses in your ear.

    DKN and Anner – I still have that towel, but it’s become so ragged, it’s now used only to dry the dog!

  54. Threadjack alert and I’m soooo sorry about this…

    Some idiot German animal rights activist says Knut the Cute should have been euthanized after his mother abandoned him. The story and subsequent uproar can be found here:

    On an up note, Knut got his pic taken by Annie Liebowitz…how cool is that?

    Okay…back to the furry ferret frenzy.

  55. That’s a great video. I’ve GOT to get my li’l guys some dryer tubing now.

    Evangeline, I’m sure that some CO regulars don’t think ferrets are cute, but in the presence of so much overwhelming evidence to the contrary, why harsh our buzz?

  56. Ferrets are personable, lovable, and just fall over on your ass laughing, hysterically funny. And what on earth could be cuter that that?

  57. (uh: ‘than’, duh)

  58. And here I thought I was the only one in Illinois addicted to CO. I may not have ferrets at UofI, but I do have kitties, bunnies, and hamsters at EIU. 😀

  59. Somehow I think the Ferret would sound like Barry Manilow….

  60. Yitzysmommie says:

    Rachel – thanks for the ferret video. They are cute but the funniest thing is the family howling in laughter – made me crack up!

  61. cute and musical. if only we could all be so lucky…

  62. I smell a new CO category…

    Ferrets & Folksingers!


  63. Oooh, two cutenesses in this photo.

  64. a musical ferret would make a great companion

  65. hahaha I LOVE the redneck laugh track in the first half of the ferret video XD

  66. FOR THE LAST TIME, ferrets are DISGUSTING.
    they REEK.

  67. If that’s a dorm room I went to the wrong college.

  68. Laura, I bet any animal would say the same about you. Or ANY human being in general, for that matter.

    But at least they’re nice enough to keep their mouths shut, most of the time.

    Oh, and I’d rank catbox or wet dog much higher on the stink scale than your average healthy ferret.


  69. That little ferret is so cute–reminds me of my friend’s little two-year-old son, who’s just fascinated by that hole in his Dad’s guitar–he’ll peer into it, coo at it; put his snacks into it if Dad’s not careful. And he loves to “help” him play. So cute!

  70. Laura — I’m sure you reek too, sometimes. Except, your peeps are probably too POLITE (hint!) to mention it (hint!) because they’re willing to cut you a little slack (hint!) since THEY probably like you.

  71. Ooh, I love hints! Can I play? Umm, I know, I know! If you don’t have anything nice to say, oh, I need another hint.

  72. …save nine?
    …spoil the broth?
    …that’s all you have to say about that?


  73. Ah, if only it WERE the last time a Nuff had to pop in and have its say…