Wot up, from P-Dizzawg

Wot up, P-Dawg in the Zizzle (as in, I’m shoutin’ out from the SF ‘Zoo‘, Dudes)

Yep, gettin’ my poe-tay-toe on*. [Furiously eats and shreds]

Gotta go—I gotta hot date with a flamingo—we’re going to the Penguin feeding.


* I think that’s a potato!

Gracias to San Francisco Zoo Peep Kelly W.



  1. More St. Patty’s day poe-tay-toes!

  2. Aww! First the paws-up pup, now this…you’re killin’ me!

  3. Laurie C says:

    He looks like an evil mastermind. Of course, they always get the tall, leggy girlfriends.

  4. gnawm gnawm gnawm gnawm……good tater!!

  5. Tiny, spikey hands and BEF…

    I think there must be some kind of hands-to-head cuteness ratio factor going on here.

  6. He looks like an earless bunny with giant claws. Cute? Scary? I’d be scared if I were a potato.

  7. Andrea|Nash says:


  8. the cutest thing about this post:


  9. This is one of those hoity-toity potato connoisseurs. He’s nibbling, nibbling, now sniffing. “Mmm…yes, this Yukon Gold is a little woody, but crisp.”

  10. The potato is in the shape of a human heart

  11. she needs a manicure

  12. I’m going with the potato/carbs theory.

    So, what about his African cousin, the carbo-hydrax?*


  13. Yo, ‘sup yo’self, mah lil’ bruthuh?

  14. “Carbo-“… oh GROAN…

  15. I think that’s actually a gesture of offering.
    He’s saying, “I geev thees to you – for me, pleese, a latke!”

  16. Aubrey – Hyraxes are relatives of the elephant. Are they related to prairie dogs too?

  17. I live in San Francisco and I absolutely love the zoo! Great source for cuteness.

  18. SubH:

    Hydraxes kind of look like a combination of prairie dog and puppeh…I couldn’t find a good picture; if you click on the link the first pix on the left is a hydrax.

  19. Cat-astrophe says:

    What about the South American relative – the Carby-bara?



  21. ka9q's wife says:

    poe-tay-toe dee-lee-cee-ous
    on the go nutritious
    it’s just so judicious
    not at all pernicious,
    seditious or suspicious,
    superstitious, surreptitious!
    only judicious and Propitious
    this is repetitious
    getting factitious.
    so adieu tasty tater

  22. ka9q's wife says:

    ack meant to add
    *chews furiously and swallows last shred of tasty tater*

  23. [clears throat]
    [squinches up face]

    “Taters? What’s taters, precious?”

  24. ka9q's wife says:

    it’s that thing you bake before bed time, wrap in a clean towel and put in the pockets of your jammies to keep your hands warm then have hash browns for breakfast.

    At least that is how we do it.

  25. T., please – don’t be carbo-hatin’.


  27. Courtney says:

    P-Dizzawg, hee hee!

    I love the shape of prairie dogs, with their little black whiskers/hairs sticking up everywhere. They’re my favorite exhibit at the zoo (unless the zoo has meerkats!).

  28. ka9q’s wife – Whoo oh wow, Hon, you sprained my brain!
    I think you must like potatoes as much as…Winston!

  29. What’s taters is?

    Po-tay-toes po-tay-toes

    Boil ’em mash ’em stick ’em in a stew

    boil ’em boil ’em boil ’em


    I thought I recognized this fella! I allllways visit the prairie folk when I go to the zoo. And of course watch them for hours. 🙂

  30. Cat-astrophe says:

    It’s really arid in the desert – I hope this little guy remembers that it’s important to stay carbo-hydrated!

  31. This reminds me of my favorite ecard EVER.

    I hope this works, enjoy:


  32. Haha! Yes it worked. So flipping funny!

  33. ka9q's wife says:

    Actually pyrit not so much. Every once in a while i will eat potato but i like rice much better. Of course homemade potato soup with onion and cheese and bacon. Now that is to die for.

  34. check out those hands

  35. Ok, here’s my problem. Is the potato tiny or the creature giant? Should I be awwwwing — or shuffling backward nervously ’bout now? I mean, those *claws*! Hooklets or scimitars??

    Good thing I don’t live in SF any more. Don’t know if I could sleep after all this trauma.

  36. Aw, I work there! I’ll have to say hi to the little guy tomorrow.

  37. Yay Amelia! Another San Franciscan. I’m a freak in that I’m 7th-generation native… yeah, nuts.

  38. SeaBreeze says:

    Potato? Hmmm, mebbe. But there seems to be a little root action on whatever is being snarfed upon. Whatever this fella is munching on, he/she is seriously CUTE! =)

    PS: out in the wild, bunbuns will often live in the midst of prairie dog towns. Even though they don’t pay as much attention to the prairie dog early warning radar system as the prairie dogs do.

  39. aww, I took a picture of a prarie dog there too:


  40. @DKN….
    “is our mummy in there?”
    “we gotta eat her out!”

    Am I the only one that noticed that?

  41. Yes liz, I noticed it. but I had to pull my mind out of the gutter for two seconds for the sake of humor and cuteness.

  42. liz & DKN – it’s kind of alarming that nobody caught that…does that mean our minds are in the gutter, or that they left it in to f*** with people?

  43. I think it’s some kind of bulb or an onion…lookit the shredded rings he’s holding. And Seabreeze is right, there are roots or something attached.

  44. Anner I think they left it in to mess with people. That Hoops and Yoyo, they are total pervs. 🙂

    Anyway, that is still the funniest ecard ever, imo.

  45. haha! if you look up but keep you head in the same place, it looks like he’s liking dee po-ta-to! lqtm

  46. hrh.squeak says:

    He looks like he’s solving Rubik’s Root to me.

  47. on second thought, it’s more than likely a potato’s heart

  48. Ummm I’m thinking that looks more like a snail than a potato…